10 Best News Portal WordPress Themes 📰 2023

Suppose you are looking for the best news portal WordPress themes to help you create a stunning website for your company. In that case, you need some help deciding which will best fit your website. There are many options, and determining which will perform best can be challenging.

⚡️ Need an answer quickly? The Publisher theme is an excellent solution that is both quick and easy to use. It offered more than 100 unique demos and was designed to be highly customizable and scalable.

Finding the perfect WordPress theme, whether looking for something simple or more complex and customizable, can be difficult. Choose suitable WordPress themes for news portals, and you can display your news content professionally.

It has long been believed that the best WordPress themes are an excellent choice for developing a website as they offer a wide range of features as well as functionalities that are capable of enhancing your website and making it stand out, regardless if it is for a blog, magazine, online newspaper or any other type of publication.

Furthermore, this news portal WordPress theme allows you to integrate a wide range of social media networks, improve your site’s SEO, and attract new visitors with its easy-to-use features. Establish your presence on the web with this news portal WordPress theme and start making an impact now.

There are three different homepage layouts available in the Discussion theme, along with a shortcode specifically designed to be used on news-related pages. As a result, you can easily create your own news portal based on the three homepage layouts offered by the Discussion theme.

A wide variety of layouts and post types are available through the WordPress dashboard, so you can quickly build well-organized news and magazine websites.

The theme allows you to personalize your website by adding a variety of widgets and changing the format of your posts according to your needs.

Key Features:

  • Admin interface with extensive functionality
  • Import demo content with a single click
  • A variety of layout options are available
  • A collection of 9 shortcodes for post layouts
  • A group of seven shortcodes for content blocks
  • A powerful tool for the design of your posts

You will be able to connect with a sizable audience on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with Herald’s online newspaper, magazine, and news portal features.

The system also offers the user an extensive selection of layout options, with more than 500 layouts available for listing articles within the site.

Additionally, this theme has several other valuable features, like sticky sidebars, branded options, pagination options, custom widgets, and many others, that are all easy to use without any coding knowledge or experience on your part.

Key Features:

  •  A simple and easy way to manage ads
  •  Control panel for theme options in an advanced manner
  •  Adding custom widgets to your website
  •  The number of posts viewed is supported
  • An individual post can be presented in multiple layouts
  •  Modules that support custom post types are available

The Gridlove design is perfect for news and magazine websites that want to stand out and attract visitors’ attention. Using grid and masonry layouts and templates, it is possible to create a stunning website without having any coding knowledge.

With Gridlove’s sophisticated filter options for Entry Views, which display statistical information about your favorite posts, it’s simple to exclude content you don’t really care about.

Key Features:

  • Options panel for advanced theme settings
  • Adding custom content to post modules is easy to do
  • Sidebars are unlimited on the site
  • Scrolling infinitely on single posts is not possible
  • Posts with multiple pages or paginated posts
  • The ability to update in just a few clicks

NewsHub provides a wide range of flexible homepages for your online publication, with 72 different homepage designs that are simple to modify to meet your unique requirements.

With a variety of layout options for magazines, blogs, and other news sources, NewsHub is a useful tool not only for bloggers but also for anyone with an interest in blogs, magazines, and news.

Those without programming knowledge can easily and quickly create news websites using its numerous useful plugins and shortcodes.

Key Features:

  • A selection of over 600 fonts from Google
  • Detailed control over the typography of the document
  • Several layout options are available for your posts
  • A shortcode library with six post layouts to choose from
  • A total of 3 types of header behavior are available
  • A variety of layout options are available

Newspaper websites would benefit significantly from using The Voice as their theme because it is responsive and Retina-ready.

The theme features WooCommerce integration, which makes it easy for users to create robust social networks or communities using WordPress. A number of these integrations include BBPress and WooCommerce.

There are many ways to customize the user experience on a WordPress website, including adding colors and fonts through the Advanced Theme Options Panel of the site. 

Key Features:

  • Several header layouts and a sticky header
  • A total of 150 post-listing combinations are available
  • Modules for smart post listings
  • Filtering & post-selection in an advanced manner
  • Theme options panel with advanced features
  • Posts with multiple pages or pagination

The Vlog WordPress theme can be very useful if you want to create a beautiful news and video magazine website quickly, especially if you are interested in video journalism.

Videos can be uploaded to Vimeo, YouTube, and other video-sharing sites easily, and once they’re uploaded they show up automatically on those sites.

With Vlog, you really can create podcasts, video blogging websites, video coaching programs, portfolios, and even viral video-sharing websites in a matter of minutes, as it is compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many other well-known video hosting services.

Key Features:

  • Auto-import of videos from YouTube & Vimeo
  • Auto-detect thumbnails for videos
  • Make playlists of your videos and group them together
  • The possibility of watching later as well as the cinema mode
  • Hundreds of combinations of post-layouts to choose from
  • Several layouts are available for headers.

Creating digital magazines for users is Henrik’s passion. He creates magazines that are both slick and alluring as well as highly effective within their genre, and he uses the latest technologies to create these magazines.

You should have a blog layout and template in your toolbox in the event that you are going to create news portals, video blogs, online fashion magazines, etc., that require a specialized blog format like news portals.

There is nothing Henrik can’t do for you, whether there is an editorial share video you’d prefer to publish or your first lifestyle blog that you’d like to write.

Key Features:

  • Simple yet powerful admin interface
  • Import of a demo site with just a single click
  • Eight predesigned homepages to choose from
  • Contains practical inner pages that are easy to use
  • The most extensive collection of shortcodes
  • The functionality of social sharing on your website

With its creative magazine look, Elipsa is perfect for news websites that publish stories that matter.

In addition to being a blogging tool, it offers a wide variety of layout options so that you can display posts on blogs and news sites in a variety of formats. It is also a tool that can be used to create articles that can then be published on culture, lifestyle, or news blogs across a variety of platforms.

There are also a number of useful features that come with the agreement, such as predesigned inner pages and the ability for your staff to upload editorial content to your website on their own.

Key Features:

  • Admin interface that is easy to use and powerful
  • Importing a demo site with one click is very simple
  • Homepages are predesigned in 5 different styles
  • Page interiors with practical information
  • An extensive collection of custom shortcodes for your website
  • An easy way to display Featured Posts in a carousel

Those who use the Buzzy WordPress theme are able to create a new blog, news website, or viral publication for personal or commercial use. They only have to make a few mouse clicks in order to get started.

There is a wide variety of post blocks and layouts to choose from, as well as a drag-and-drop page builder, so that starting a blog and becoming a major player in the publishing and blogging industries is as easy as dropping a few lines of code.

Key Features:

  • A collection of more than 800 Google Fonts
  • Extensive control over typography
  • A widget that displays Twitter feeds
  • Adding sticky sidebar functionality to the site
  • Types of headers in 3 different formats
  • A total of three header behavior types are available.

The reader will quickly learn that Magazine Vibe is an exceptionally versatile WordPress theme that can be used for various online publications. This theme is among the most stylish and exciting WordPress themes currently available regarding style, functionality, and ease of use.

Your visitors will be impressed by Magazine Vibe’s 12 gorgeous homepage templates, post-list layout slideshow examples, and content block templates.

I am sure that you will find that this theme is a great choice for news portals, newspapers, magazines, and various digital publications: because it has many free and premium plugins packed inside.

Key Features:

  • Import the demo site with just one click
  • Contains a lot of inside and outside pages
  • A variety of header types are available
  • Various header behavior options for headers
  • Examples of 12 different kinds of homes
  • A list of 11 samples of single posts

Questions and Answers About WordPress News Portal Themes.

These are the most frequently asked questions about WordPress News Portal themes.

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In 2023, which WordPress theme is best for News Portal sites?

These are the best News Portal templates for your WordPress site.

We recommend the Publisher theme for creating a news portal website. Astra is another good theme.

What is the best WordPress hosting for news portals?

Choose a trustworthy hosting provider for your News Portal website to make sure it runs smoothly. Our recommendation for website hosting is Bluehost. You can see our Bluehost review to find out all the pros and cons of this host.


In this article, we discussed some of the best WordPress news portal themes that are available in terms of their functionality, look and feel, so you can make the best choice for your site.

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