25 Best Number Fonts 1️⃣ (Free & Pro)

In case you have ever found yourself searching for the perfect number font? It makes no difference if it’s for a project or just to enhance your design, finding the perfect one can be quite a challenge. How do you know which font is the best for your needs?

The 25 Best Number Fonts (Free & Premium) offers an amazing selection of fonts for any design project. This blog post covers all the bases; from classic numbers to modern and decorative fonts, all designed to inspire creativity.

We have carefully selected a selection of free and premium fonts that have been vetted, with a focus on both usability and quality. Each font selection has been tested for compatibility when it comes to differentms and devices.

You can find the perfect font for your projects whether you are a graphic designer looking for the right number font or a business owner trying to add a touch of flair to their branding. Check out our collection of free and premium fonts that are sure to make your designs stand out!

Best Premium Number Fonts

Number Fonts is the perfect solution for graphic designers who want to add a retro touch to their designs. The font, called Summer of ’76, was created with the 70’s aesthetic in mind, making it great for headers, as well as text blocks.

I love the way this font looks, and I think it is clear that so much work has been put into creating it, including attention to detail such as its multi-line design and unique characteristics. And best of all, it is easy to use, with a simple installation process that only takes a few minutes to completeutes.

The font comes with the Hot Summer of 1976 vector graphic pack, however it can be used separately as well. No matter what kind of project you’re working on, this font will help you create an eye-catching design that stands out from the crowd.

‘Didone Room Numbers’ is a stylish and modern serif font that focuses on numerical symbols. It’s part of the Didone typeface family, which is perfect for display purposes. The font has a unique feel inspired by handwritten hotel room numbers from Vienna, Austria.

This font is suitable for a wide variety of design projects, including logos, titles, labels, greeting cards, and so on, which can all be used successfully in this font.

Providing a powerful presence through its bold style while maintaining class, the One-Step Text Block provides an easy way to create eye-catching designs. Moreover, its clean, crisp edges make it very legible, which allows for an easy reading experience.

The ‘Not My Type’ typewriter font was created from an Oliver courier typewriter that was bought at an antique market and that has 3 possible alternatives for each character; it’s one of the most detailed typewriter fonts you can find here on Creative Market.

There is no doubt that this font will be a perfect option for any designer who aims to create typewriter-like designs in their next project. It has an old fashioned and retro feel which is combined with just a hint of grunginess in it.

In addition to the uppercase & lowercase letters with three alternatives, numbers with three alternatives, basic punctuation & symbols, the font comes with a lot of details, such as contextual alternatives, that will assist you in achieving the look of a real impact typewriter.

‘Vonique 43’ is a unique and glamorous font that will make any logo instantly stand out. It’s the third installment of the Vonique family, featuring numerous legacy characters in a sleek, sexy style.

Its lowercase letters are elegantly curved, with descenders almost non-existent to match the capital letter height. While it’s not designed for everyday text use, this font is great for luxury brands, clothing lines, or boutiques. It includes Basic Latin, Extended Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, punctuation, alternates, and kerning.

Amongst the many reasons why this font stands out is its attention to detail. Each and every character has been carefully crafted so that it is both eye-catching and stylish. There are no descenters at all and the curves are smooth.

It comes together to create a truly stunning font that will add a luxurious touch to any logo.

‘Clement Numbers’ is a unique type specimen book published by Fonderie Clement in 1838. The set includes 10 beautiful, vintage number fonts each with its own individual style and personality.

Number 5 has a particularly attractive upper portion that is sure to stand out from the crowd, while number 2 boasts a delightful spiral swirl. Number 4 is pure class, while number 8 is a touch wider than the others, with larger counters.

Also included in the font are punctuation marks such as dots, semicolons, commas, hyphens, dashes, pluses and more, and the font is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

This set of numbers was designed by Ignacio Giri and is sure to be appreciated by graphic designers who are in the market for a font which differentiates itself from the rest.

Math and Risk is a modern brush calligraphy font that is perfect for any design needs. From logos and branding to posters and book titles, this font is sure to make any project look amazing.

As a consequence, this font features uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, numerals and other glyphs with the advantage of OpenType features such as standard ligatures, stylistic alternates, and stylistic sets. Additionally, the font has PUA-encoded characters and is compatible with a range of multilingual languages.

The Math and Risk font is easy to use and offers great versatility for designers. With its clean brush calligraphy style, it can easily be used for logos, branding, modern advertising designs, posters, quotes, book and cover titles, editorial designs, websites, cards, custom mugs, pillows, t-shirts, and any hand-lettered needs. The font is sure to give any project an elegant, modern and personal touch.

Party Down Geometric is a hand-drawn geometric font that comes with a variety of options. It includes both an OTF fill regular style and an OTF stroke bold and thin style, as well as vector shapes for the regular and stroke styles.

The characters in the font include uppercase A-Z, small caps for lowercase A-Z, numbers 0-9, and special characters !?,.:;/”

A great choice if you are looking for a simple design that is easy to create and looks exquisite in any size with its simple fonts, easy to read and customizable vector shapes that allow you to achieve whatever look you desire. Party Down Geometric can be used anywhere, from small cards to large banners.

Although Northden has a masculine appearance, it is a modern industrial font that will fit any type of design, no matter what its purpose may be. The Northden design process helps you create that classic vintage look while staying up-to-date with whatever type of design you are doing, from logos and posters to product labels and more.

The font comes in two styles, Clean and Rough, and features all uppercase characters, punctuation, numbers, and 15+ ligatures. It’s also supported in both Mac and Windows operating systems, making it easy to use and featuring multilingual support.

There has never been a font that has been as versatile as Northden. It is perfectly suitable for a wide range of design projects requiring a touch of tradition mixed with a dash of modern flourishes, whether a logo or a poster. Its two styles are suitable for a wide range of design projects requiring a touch of tradition mixed with a dash of modern charm.!

It comes with three styles of handmade vintage numerals – Fill, Outline, and Line Fill. The Vintage Number Pack includes 3 different styles of handmade vintage numerals. You will also find an old number symbol (No.), a basic number symbol (#), a period, and colon in the package. For maximum flexibility, it is available in both .ttf and .otf formatsty.

In addition, this pack can be used with any project that needs a touch of vintage flair due to its unique handwritten design, giving the numbers a unique look that you will not find anywhere else.

With the additional symbols and characters, you can truly make your projects stand out from the crowd. The Fill style is especially eye-catching, with its bold look that will draw attention to any project it is’s used in.

Morning Glory is a beautiful font that honors the Victorian era with intricate details and sophisticated looks that make it a perfect choice for any logo, label, clothing company, band, or any idea that needs to be interpreted as vintage or retro in nature.

The font is highly versatile and perfect for adding a classic touch to any design. It features a wide variety of characters, from upper and lowercase letters to numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks.

There are a lot of different combinations that can be made with Morning Glory due to the fact that each letter has a high level of complexity. If used with other fonts, Morning Glory also looks great when combined. It can also be used in combination with other fonts. Overall, Morning Glory is an excellent font to add to any project.

Graphic designers have been able to create text with unique 7-segment display styles by saving OTF, TTF, EOT, and WOFF font files that can be used in digital design and print projects. The 7 Segment Display Font includes OTF, TTF, EOT, and WOFF files allowing designers flexibility in creating text.

With its futuristic feel, this font can provide impactful visuals to be used for a variety of projects, as well as adding a modern twist to existing designs or creating something that stands out from the crowd when used as a title, headline or a heading.

‘Colorblind OTF Colorful’ is a set of trendy fancy OpenType Fonts with symbols, numbers, upper-case and lower-case letters. It also comes with four additional backgrounds and their respective PNG files with transparency in big sizes.

The pack contains all the necessary components to create beautiful typography designs. The characters come in different formats so you can easily use them in your favorite design software. They also come with three EPS files that include all the characters, numbers, symbols and backgrounds, as well as seven JPG files.

Leah Gaviota Script is an amazing font that is perfect for anyone looking to create a casual, artisan style.

With its 6 different looks, this font family has something for everyone. From signature work to logo creation to web design and text, Leah Gaviota offers the perfect blend of script, bold, outline, serif and sans-serif fonts. Plus, it comes with a range of accents for international languages and includes over 100 illustrations for added flair.

The possibilities are endless when you have Leah Gaviota Script in your font arsenal. Whether you’re creating a greeting card, badge, sticker, logo, return address or cover design, Leah Gaviota Script has you covered. It’s easy to use and gives you the flexibility to create whatever you envision.

Retrowave is a new and exciting typeface that brings together Vaporwave, Synthwave, and Retrowave styles under one roof. The font includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, punctuation marks, numbers, and symbols- everything you need to make your designs stand out. With Retrowave, creating beautiful, vintage-inspired text is easier than ever!

The font comes in OTF format and is compatible with Adobe Illustrator 2018 or later. This means it’s easy to use and install- no time spent fussing around with file types. Once installed, the font looks great no matter what size you’re working in. It has bold, striking visual elements that bring your designs to life.

Thrifty Numerals is a feature-rich set of numerals and symbols that have been inspired by the classic hand-lettered grocery signage. It has a wide range of OpenType features, such as decimal ligatures, fractions, foreign currency symbols, and math operators. It’s an incredibly comprehensive package and perfect for those who need a lot of number options in their design work.

The OpenType features are incredibly useful—the decimal ligatures are especially handy for creating numbers in an attractive way. They also make it super easy to add fractions to your designs. Plus, Thrifty Numerals includes currency symbols and math operators, making it a great choice for more technical projects.

Rodetta Rossie is the perfect font duo for anyone looking to add a touch of stylish elegance and modernity to their designs. This font was designed with OpenType features, including ligatures, alternates, ending swashes, numbers, punctuation, and support for other languages – all matched up and ready to go.

The Rodetta Rossie Serif Font gives you a classic, timeless look with its elegant curves. The Script Font adds a modern flair and reads beautifully on any design. Both are available in OTF and TTF files, as well as web font file (.WOFF).

Whether you’re looking for font pairings for invitations, logos, or business cards, Rodetta Rossie offers the perfect combination of elegance and modernity.

SEA SPRAY is an incredibly versatile font perfect for modern, minimalist design. Its letterforms are simple and clean, making it ideal for minimal wordmark logos. It’s also great for fashion, architecture, or any other kind of creative logo.

A unique aspect of the SEA SPRAY font is that there are no fully formed letterforms required to create words – its unique design lets your brain fill in the gaps with its own creative imagination. Whether you’re creating an original logo, a poster or just a fun graphic, the SEA SPRAY font will help you communicate with style and minimalismle.

As a highly versatile sans serif typeface, Los Angeles Press covers a wide range of uses. It features extended characters and can be used for logos, branding, packaging design as well as a lot more.

This font has a modern and sophisticated look that will complement any design project. The characters are well-spaced, providing clarity and readability.

As well as the ligatures and alternate glyphs, it also provides a wide range of other options to you in order to add a touch of personality to your text. Los Angeles Press is a great font for anyone who is looking for something stylish yet professional in appearance.

Love You is a stylish and modern handwritten font that can add a luxurious touch to any project. Its light and airy lines make it perfect for all sorts of designs, from logos and branding to book covers and food packaging.

In addition to the PUA encoding, you will be able to access the entire set of glyphs and swashes on your computer, making it ideal for creative projects like magazine columns, headers, videos, and much more. This quite versatile font will certainly give your project a unique look.

‘Agresion’ is an amazing vintage font that’s perfect for creating stylish badges, labels, logos, branding, magazine covers, and posters. It comes with uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals and punctuation, multilingual support and OpenType features, allowing you to mix and match it with other fonts for a truly unique design. Whether you’re a professional designer or a casual creative, Agresion has got you covered.

As well as its great typographic features, this font also comes with ligatures, stylistic alternates, fractions, and swirls. This makes it perfect for creating logos, branding designs, as well as elegant typography pieces. And it comes with multilingual support so that you can use it in any language you choose.!

Best Free Number Fonts

Crash Numbering is a two-font set from Philip Krayna and RXC. It’s the perfect tool for adding a bureaucratic feel to any project—from invoices to gift certificates, work orders and more. The best part about Crash Numbering is that it’s digital, not mechanical, so you can go as high as you like—infinite possibilities await!

For graphic designers who are looking to add a professional touch to their work, this font set is ideal. Its sharp aesthetics will make your designs stand out while still remaining clean and easily legible, while its digital nature will ensure you always have enough numbers when you create large projects.

Capture Smallz is an amazing free font created by Magique Fonts. With two different font files, plus a bold style, this army stencil font is perfect for any graphic designer looking for a stylish yet professional font for their designs. From titles and headers to logos, Capture Smallz has you covered.

TS Block is a bold and ultra-condensed sans serif number font created by Steve Ferrera. With only capital letters, it’s perfect for designing signs, banners, titles, packaging and more.

TS Block stands out among the other similar fonts, thanks to its sleek and modern design that really makes it stand out, perfect for projects that need a font that is bold and eye-catching.

The use of the font doesn’t stop there however. The bold and condensed design makes it perfect for using in packaging, signs, banners and other designs where a unique look is needed. The font looks equally great when used in both digital and print projects as well.

Shoot to Kill is a font created by Vladimir Nikolic, a designer who has created a lot of fun and romantic fonts. This font comes in two weights, so your artwork can look exactly the way you want it tont.

You can use this font in your artwork to give it an elegant, distinctive feel since it is bold, strong, and beautifully designed. For graphic designers who are searching for a clean design that will make their artwork stand out, Shot to Kill is the font for you. The font is sure to make an impression on your audience thanks to its graceful curves and sharp edges.

There’s nothing like a fun and stylish cartoon font often created by Khurasan. Nikolas & Pine comes with two font files, uppercase letters, numbers, and basic punctuation. It’s free for personal use only, so feel free to use it in any project you are working on, so long as it won’t be shared commercially.

There’s no doubt that this font will add a personal touch to your work with its bubbly letterforms which will decorate any design and be sure to make a good impression. The letterforms are large enough to be easily readable, while still keeping the font small enough to insert into a design successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the perfect number font for my project?

In order to find the right font for your project, you should take some time to explore different fonts and experiment with different styles – see what works best for your project. I highly recommend trying out several different fonts and observing which fonts best suit the overall aesthetic you desire.

How do I choose the right number font?

There are various options when it comes to finding the right number font. When choosing one, consider the style and tone of the project. Think about the message you’re trying to convey here, and choose a font that fits the style.

Finally, when designing a font, you should take into consideration the font’s weight and shape, and make sure that the font is readable when rescaled for electronic or print applications.

Are there any special considerations when using number fonts?

If you are going to use number fonts, you must consider factors such as readability, legibility as well as the overall look and feel of the text. Additionally, you must ensure that the font you use is compatible with the design software you are using.


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