4 Best Blockquote WordPress Plugins 💬 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you searching for the Best WordPress Blockquote plugins?

To help you choose the right plugin that suits all your needs, we present you with the best Blockquote WordPress plugins. They assist you in establishing your online presence by providing features and aesthetics. We also ensured that the WordPress plugins worked with all WordPress themes.

These WordPress Blockquote plugins we curated are also helpful for people searching for Blockquote Shortcode, Quotation, Blockquote Style, Tips Plugin, Daily Quote, etc.

Also, Utilizing WordPress blog plugins will assist you in improving many aspects of your blog’s performance, increasing your search engine ranking, and improving your site’s accessibility for your visitors.

For those who do not require a blockquote block, but would rather have a quote request functionality, please see our article regarding WordPress request quote plugins.

Listed below are the top tested and ranked blockquote WordPress plugins for 2022:

Qi Addons for Elementor holds the top position on our most valuable free WordPress widget collections list. It is an ideal addition to Elementor’s already impressive features. Furthermore, the included widgets have been developed to maximize flexibility and ease of use and are compatible with Elementor themes.

If you install the latest version of the plugin, sixty additional widgets will appear on the left-hand side of your page the next time you edit it. The plugin is also compatible with Elementor’s free version, so you will not have to worry about spending any money.

With this plugin, you can create totally bespoke quotations, set them apart from your other content, and make them elegant. Using the new Qi Addon, you will be able to edit whatever you want in real-time, further enhancing your editing experience.

A light blockquote shortcode coupled with an excellent design on your website enables fast loading times, regardless of the type of website you have. You can adjust your daily quotes to your preferences, irrespective of your website.

Though it offers a variety of benefits, the QI Addons only support Elementor; hence, it does not support any other WordPress page builders; as a consequence, it has the main disadvantage of not being able to support other page builders.

💵 Download and install the plugin for Free and get free updates for a lifetime.

Key Features:

  • The quote can either be boxed or integrated into the text
  • Professional support will be available to you
  • Blockquotes can be paired with images or icons that illustrate the quote
  • The font can be changed so that the quote stands out clearly
  • Different backgrounds and colors can be added
  • Adding even more features to your QI install will be possible using a premium QI addon

Random Reviews:

  • I’ve only used the free version and can recommend it highly.
    An excellent collection of widgets, many unique. They work well and have not caused any conflicts – I’ve crashed several sites while playing with plugins!

    dilodealwisApr 2022

  • a href=”https://betterstudio.com/wordpress-plugins/best-table-of-contents-wordpress-plugins/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Tables of contents/a> are my favorite, which are necessary for long posts.

    John M PoltrackApr 2022

  • My favorite aspects of the support and documentation are

    caractereagencyApr 2022

Master Addons for Elementor is a tremendous addition to Elementor in terms of the wide range of elements it adds to your site. It can dramatically improve your site’s usability, aesthetic appeal, and interactive aspects (as does QI Addons for Elementor).

Both free and paid versions of the plugin are available from the WordPress repository and CodeCanyon. They have also included a blockquote widget, which allows you to easily create quotations within your posts and pages.

There are several features included in the free version, including particles, mega menus, background sliders, custom CSS, extras, and positioning. The premium version includes animated gradients, transitions, transforms, reflow, and reveal.

There are several extensions, however, that are available only to Pro subscribers, such as News Ticker, Image Hotspot, Restrict Content, Domain Checker, and Contact Forms.

💵 Pro Version is $price, Lite Version is free.

Key Features:

  • Using the tabs add-on, you can customize tab colors, font sizes, icon images, and where they are positioned vertically or horizontally
  • You can use it to create attention-grabbing headlines
  • You can use multiple colors in your headline to draw attention to specific words
  • Highlights the various products and services you provide and demonstrates your expertise in various areas
  • The same headlines can be displayed in dual fonts to emphasize specific words or phrases

Random Reviews:

  • I just need it.

    veronicadiazhungApr 2022

  • It is one of the best elementsor addons I’ve ever installed. The latest version improves in a lot of ways and cured all of my issues.
    Thanks to the Master Addons team.

    Akbar Babu (bigpsfan)Apr 2022

  • Adding this to a site built with Elementor is simply awesome. Had a few issues and they responded very quickly, making me feel important. Kudos for a great product!

    The PunisherApr 2022

Gutenberg Blocks is one of the best plugins available for creating compelling content. You can add, rearrange, and style multimedia content without technical expertise. The plugin also allows you to enhance the design of your pages without modifying any coding.

Instead of using conventional content editors, this plugin offers a whole editing experience, allowing you to compose complex layouts. For example, custom blockquote styles and group multiple blocks together so that all your content has a cohesive appearance.

The plugin enables you to display your quotes in colorful boxes or sections with various colored borders, depending on your branding needs.

Furthermore, you can also include the name of the quote’s author or even an image of it. Additionally, you can use the ‘Click to Tweet‘ button to enable the user to easily share the quote on Twitter.

💵 A premium version and a free version are available.

Key Features:

  • Allows faster loading of a design than a design built with a page builder. (Similar to QI Addons for Elementor.)
  • Its output code will be lighter and cleaner since it is the core of WordPress
  • Creates a unified block structure
  • Creates very visually pleasing background designs
  • The compatibility will not be an issue

Random Reviews:

  • Due to your nag-at-every-refresh behavior, I am leaving a review. Your plugin is fine, but it causes bloat by putting JavaScript on every page, rather than only the pages that use the plugin. So stop bothering me.

    Duke TaberApr 2022

  • Having it on my website is really helpful for me, I’m glad I installed it.br>

    2d2dspumaApr 2022

  • A simple yet complete web page builder with all the options you need. Use the default settings for a quick build or dive deep into the details. An equally good Blocks editor!

    Cindy BarnardApr 2022

Using Quotes and Tips by BestWebSoft, you can provide your visitors with daily featured content and relevant posts customized to your site. Additionally, you can customize how the quotes appear on your site and their position.

Using this Tips Plugin, it is possible to display quotes on different site pages in other sections. From your home page to your blog posts, quotations can be displayed anywhere.

Also, you can customize the background color, font, and background image and add the author of the quote or a statement about their point of view. This way, you give the quote even greater significance.

💵 Plugin Quotes and Tips by BestWebSoft is ultimate Free.

Key Features:

  • Offers multiple languages and RTL Language Styles
  • Search results are enriched with quotes and tips using Custom Search
  • Automatically sends out quotes and tips when a new sender is published
  • The latest version of WordPress is compatible with this plugin

Random Reviews:

  • It’s not the most elegant, but it works if you want something that’s fast, easy and looks good.

    halfbaddudeOct 2020

  • Plugin helps a lot, but I wish it had:
    1. Ability to display advice, quotes, or both in the same panel
    2. Option to configure CSS theme parameters for installing font plug-ins.

    MILMar 2017

  • This is a fantastically useful plugin, that adds a little bit of ‘flavour’ to your pages.

    AncolelDec 2013


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