4 Best WordPress E-Signature Plugins ✍️ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best & most popular WordPress plugins for E-Signatures?

We have compiled a list of all WordPress plugins perfect for the E-Signature process, adding many features to help you transform your WordPress website into a wonderland. We make sure these plugins are supporting all WordPress themes.

Lastly, we created this list of WordPress plugins for E-Signatures. You are looking for an E-Signature plugin, but it’s not the same as the exact E-Signature plugin? Those plugins are also functional for Digital Signature For WooCommerce, Contract Management, and Elementor Digital Signature. Select the WordPress plugin that fits your site and level it up.

Below you can find our top listings for the best E-Signature WordPress plugins in 2022:

WP E-Signature Plugin

An Easy-to-use, Reliable WordPress Plugin That Gives You The Esignature Automation Tools

The WP E-Signature plugin provides businesses with a comprehensive set of tools allowing them to automate their electronic signature process, while also helping them save time and money by eliminating the need to create signatures manually.

Over 1 million professionals have the opportunity to sign documents electronically through WP E-Signature. The WP E-Signature is an electronic signature plugin that allows agencies, freelancers, and businesses to manage electronic signatures or digital signatures based on their own preferences.

In addition to being compliant with UETA/ESIGN, this plugin allows you to create custom workflows, control your data securely, and ensure your information is protected.

WP E-Signature streamlines the paperwork process so that you can concentrate on your business. Your e-signature workflow is as unique as you are.

💵 Buy this premium plugin for $199.

Key Features:

  • Reminders about signing are available
  • A sender role may have an unlimited number of recipients
  • Your signature will be automatically added
  • The ultimate workflow can be created with features tailored to your needs
  • Works with the WordPress Multi-Site platform and makes an Elementor digital signature
  • Other users may be able to view and use your Templat

Occasionally, your customers need to sign an agreement before purchasing or downloading your WooCommerce products, and the WooCommerce Digital Signature plugin can handle this automatically when someone purchases or downloads – without taking any action on your part.

Using WP E-Signature (Elite or Plus license) together with the WooCommerce Digital Signature plugin will allow your WooCommerce online store to automatically obtain customer signatures during the purchasing process and makes digital signature for WooCommerce possible.

As a result of this digital signature add-on, your WooCommerce store becomes an official document signing system without any subscription fees.

As well as automating the collection of signatures for service agreements, new client contracts, waiver forms, etc. This plugin is an ideal solution for those who wish to automate the collection of signatures and contract management.

💵 You can download this plugin for free. It is integrated for download for free.

Key Features:

  • Signed documents do not require customers to register on an external site (they are signed without leaving your website)
  • The legal standing of the ‘I agree to terms’ checkbox is equal to that of a limp handshake
  • After customers have signed, you and the customers will both receive a PDF copy of their signed contract
  • Upon receiving a customer’s signature, you will have their 100% legal signature on file for your copyright protection and for theirs
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Random Reviews:

  • For some time I used services like DocuSign, but the users were always billed separately and it was not integrated into WooCommerce. After discovering this plugin, I changed completely and have never looked back. Additionally, each time I wrote support, I received a quick response.

    andrespiSep 2019

  • *Amazing plug-in! Works incredibly well!

    paradis450Sep 2018

  • The prices of packages are very high, and this is not clearly stated in the plugin information. From that price, I would never buy a plugin unless I could make sure it works correctly and functions as expected.

    therealnvJan 2018

Using the Electronic Signature plugin, you can create an electronic signature that appears as a shortcode. This way, the document will appear to have your logo, colors, and even a domain map, but the actual signature will happen on our server via JS/CSS obfuscation.

This plugin manages e-signature configuration, user thanks on confirmation pages, and reporting. The actual e-signature generation is performed off-domain in order to comply with security regulations.

Furthermore, it may also be more advisable for your security concerns to have an independent third party hold your signed documents in order to prevent potential modification attacks, so keeping your own signed copies is not necessarily advisable.

Along with sales contracts, liability waivers, permission slips, and other activities, the plugin is suitable for a wide range of purposes.

💵 The Lite Version is free & the Premium Version is available for a $(Needs Quote).

Key Features:

  • Documents are archived and held in trust if litigation should be necessary
  • A single-page mode is available for forms and electronic signatures to be displayed on one page
  • Incorporated into a multi-step process, such as where the input form is followed by payment and then the signature
  • There are electronic signatures that are time-stamped with audit trails for judicial verification
  • Optional notifications and automation are available
  • Multi-Party Consecutive or Concurrent is possible
  • The multi-page mode is available
  • There are several options for sales flow sessions

Random Reviews:

  • I highly recommend this software to all of my clients, especially in the merchant cash advance industry. They got more sales and leads. It’s easy to use, user-friendly even someone who is not a techy person can navigate this plugin in no time. This plugin is 100% good for waivers, sales contracts, CRM, etc. Give it a try!
    This topic was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by

    clarencegilJan 2020

  • A wonderful plugin from Swiftcloud provides me with the ability to have clients sign waivers online right away. The plugin is easy to use, and the developer is always on hand to help me if I ever need it. I highly recommend it.

    celineremyJul 2017

  • Hi, I think this is an excellent plugin for digital signing.
    It’s extremely easy to use and adds easily via a shortcode.

    Tejas HapaniJan 2016

With the Signature With Contact Form 7 plugin, users can attach handwritten digital signatures to Contact Form 7 (The most popular WordPress contact form plugin). It is a very well-rounded plugin that offers many features.

It allows us to configure a field within Contact Form 7 in accordance with another area within Contact Form 7.

This plugin can be used to add digital signatures to forms. For example, if you are utilizing the Signature Addon for Contact Form 7 plugin to build a student application and wish to obtain each student’s digital signature, you may use the plugin.

The signature image can be set up in emails to make them easier to spot. This plugin can also be used with many other forms, such as the Register Form, Contact Form, and Inquiry Form.

💵 Currently, the free version is available for download, and the pro version costs $price

Key Features:

  • Color customization for signatures and boards
  • Support for extension in signatures
  • Providing multiple signature options in one form
  • Sending an email attachment for obtaining a signature
  • You can customize the height and width of your display
  • Integration is simple and straightforward
  • Adaptable to mobile devices

Random Reviews:

  • Support answered a question about configuring the signature so it appears in attachments in 10 minutes. Without a doubt, great support. I recommend it highly
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    Luis FMApr 2022

  • Excellent plug-in that can run on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. Very prompt and efficient technical support.

    marcologradoFeb 2022

  • Thanks for providing this plugin with such great, responsive support.

    onestopcheckinJan 2022

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