4 Best WordPress Progress Bar Plugins ⏳ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Do you want to find the best Progress Bar WordPress plugins?

As a first step, you need to have a site that implements an advanced WordPress plugin. Therefore, we have listed the top Progress Bar WordPress plugins for 2022. This list of WordPress plugins will assist you in selecting the plugin for your requirements. As an additional benefit, the plugins work with any WordPress theme.

The plugins listed below are likewise all for the Progress Bar. However, this stack of WordPress plugins also contained plugins that can be used for Dynamic Progress Bar, Circle Progress Bar, Add Progress Bar In WordPress, Vertical Progress Bar, Themes with Progress Bar, Skill Bars, or Animated Progress Bar.

Would you like to find the perfect plugin for Progress Bar in 2022? Take a look at these options:

It is the purpose of this article to introduce the WordPress Progress Bar & Skill Bar. This plugin displays skills as a progress bar on any website or blog page.

This plugin can be used by authors and writers whose websites need to show mastery. It uses a shortcode to demonstrate progress meters and bars on website pages.

The Progress Bar and Skill Bars plugin allows you to display all of the progress information you require in percentage format, using two different animated progress bars and designs. Simply add relevant values and select the design that you find most appealing.

In this plugin, a drag-and-drop builder lets you create a variety of progress bars. With its shortcodes, you can add a progress bar virtually anywhere on your site. Its bars display vibrant colors to help visitors focus their attention on the project.

The plugin enables you to show progress bars on your blog or website. This is an essential tool for displaying fragment progress on a website.

πŸ’΅ It is free to download but there is a premium version for $49.

Key Features:

  • The ability to use any WordPress themes with a progress bar
  • Ability to Add Progress Bar In WordPress or remove it
  • Allowing you to build using Bootstrap
  • Contains two awesome animated designs
  • The ability to create a variety of advanced custom fields
  • Supports HTML and Custom CSS as one of its features

Random Reviews:

  • If guests/users could change the progress bar like the ratings, this would make it much better.

    roko123Sep 2021

  • Exactly like a previous reviewer, I found that this plugin wrecked the layout of my Bootstrap 4-based WP theme just by activating it (no use of the plugin). Navigation links were off, spacing was off, and it added too much white space between the navigation bar and content. I deleted the plugin and I still have the issue. Wouldn’t recommend it.

    hayleystgermainApr 2021

  • This plugin is beautiful, simple, and suits my needs very well.

    maiqueltApr 2021

The Zoom Progress Bars plugin on WordPress allows you to customize the progress bar based on your requirements. You can choose a specific skin to suit your needs in the skin builder.

With Zoom Progress Bars and a Progress Bar & Skill Bar WordPress plugin, which supports HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, you can create bars on your website.

It supports several different progress bars, including a vertical progress bar, a horizontal progress bar, a circle progress bar, and dual-color support. The plugin also supports Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android platforms and is compatible with all major browsers.

With the help of SVG icons and vectors, this dynamic progress bar plugin provides a high-quality progress bar on retina displays.

The product enables you to create a progress bar specifically designed to meet your needs within a brief period. It is equally effective on desktops and mobile devices.

πŸ’΅ You can purchase it for $16. It’s produced with auto-updates and 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Allows developers to customize SCSS Powered
  • Capable of developing mobile apps that are optimized for Apple touch devices
  • Consider adding two colors to your progress bar to increase its effectiveness
  • Support for Internet Explorer 9 through Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • Possible to construct progress bars in a matter of minutes

Random Reviews:

  • I appreciate your quick response in fixing my issuesbr>

    DanPryorMar 2017

  • Despite the lack of how-to documentation, this tool works exceptionally well.

    drakcoreJul 2019

  • A user-unfriendly plugin. I do not recommend it!

    BuzzsukaAug 2016

Ultimate Blocks is one of the best Gutenberg blocks adding plugins that allows you to add Gutenberg blocks to any part of your website. You can also customize their appearance and functions to fit your requirements. Alternatively, you may use any block plugin to add alliances to your site.

You can choose between linear and circular progress bars with the Ultimate Blocks. Your choice of color and thickness ensures you have an easy way to visualize your data.

With this plugin, you can create the best posts with Gutenberg ever! It is the premier Gutenberg block creation plugin designed to please both bloggers and marketers.

These bars’ layout is much simpler, as it only requires data input, color, style, and text fields. Each bar is animated, with the colors filling the circle/line as you move your cursor down the page.

Two WordPress plugins, Ultimate Blocks, and Zoom Progress Bars provide real-time animations for both bars and you can use animated design for your websites.

In contrast to Zoom Progress Bars WordPress Plugin, this plugin does not provide support for other browsers than Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

πŸ’΅ 0 cents. It’s Free.

Key Features:

  • The ability to provide the data for presenting the percentages
  • Possible to create both horizontal and circular progress bars in WordPress
  • The ability to customize the color and thickness of the displayed bars
  • Perfect solution for non-programmers
  • Enables the use of 18 different kinds of blocks

Random Reviews:

  • My favorite tool. This topic was modified 5 days, 18 hours ago by

    macmikkApr 2022

  • An excellent plugin with lots of useful features!br>

    foobartApr 2022

  • With Ultimate Blocks, you can design a website with useful tools, and I used its blocks while designing my own website. I recommend it.

    hakantorontoApr 2022

The PageLoader plugin delivers a stunningly designed, elegant preloader for WordPress that will leave your visitors impressed with cutting-edge design images. It is compatible with all themes and devices.

Furthermore, you may specify a timeout or the length of the loading time for the preloader In addition, you may customize the progress bar plugin’s background, icon, and images If desired, you may customize the loading text

Progress bars can be placed anywhere on the screen and can take up the entire screen. Their colors and thickness can be changed, and the animations and transitions are both visually appealing.

Additionally, this plugin offers a real-time editing function, which gives you a real-time view of how the progress bar is being updated as you use it.

Preloader allows visitors to view a more extensive selection of content as soon as they arrive at your website.

πŸ’΅ The price of the plugin is $26 for purchase. You will receive 12 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Ability to make a website anonymous by hiding particular posts and/or pages
  • Changing the background of a landing page is possible
  • Using Animation effects commonly to load images or icons
  • The possibility to exclude the bar from all other elements
  • The ability to upload or enter a URL to access an image

Random Reviews:

  • It’s great that Bonfire Themes has some cool plugins for what they do. If you need something more, they can do custom work for you. I recommend them.

    charlesanthonyApr 2019

  • They have been great in supporting us; thank you for taking the time for us this time around.

    taranalexDec 2018

  • The plugin is great! I wish, though, that it could be deactivated by default and then enabled separately for each web page.

    storeofideasMar 2018

Not last but not least

This was the top ten list of WordPress plugins for you in 2022. Choose a plugin and improve your website. These plugins are great.

We hope this article helped you choose the best WordPress plugin for your Progress Bar website.

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