5 Best WooCommerce Min/Max Quantity Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you searching for the best WordPress plugin to enable min and max quantities in WooCommerce?

We have developed a list of the best WordPress plugins impactful for the WooCommerce Min and Max Quantity to assist you. Our plugins are easy to use, deliver excellent performance, and help you level up your site. Finally, we guarantee compatibility with all the latest WordPress themes.

For WooCommerce Min and Max Quantity sites, I designed the following plugins. WordPress plugins from this collection also contain Set Minimum and Maximum Quantity for WooCommerce, WooCommerce Minimum Quantity Per Category, WooCommerce Quantity Manager, Limit Number of Items in Cart, and a range of other related plugins.

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Our recommendations for the best WordPress WooCommerce Min and Max Quantity plugins in 2022 are as follows:

WooCommerce Min Max Quantities Plugin

Specify Minimum & Maximum Allowed Product Quantities for Orders

The WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities plugin is the most powerful WooCommerce plugin for minimizing order quantities.

If a customer uses WooCommerce Min and Max Quantities plugin, they can set minimum and maximum quantities for products of WooCommerce to be purchased within a specified price range.

As part of the plugin, you will find ten powerful modules that will enhance your WordPress store and a module that allows you to determine minimum and maximum product quantities.

There is much more functionality available through the Min/Max Quantities module. Specifying specific order quantities and price limits for product variation categories is possible.

In WooCommerce, you can specify quantities and prices based on various criteria with the WooCommerce min and max quantity feature.

As a result of this WooCommerce quantity manager plugin, customers are only permitted to purchase goods up to the maximum/minimum thresholds stipulated.

💵 The Lite version of the WooCommerce Min Max Quantities plugin is free. The Premium version is priced at $30.

Key Features:

  • Assign user roles to specific order rules
  • Specify minimums, maximums, and quantities
  • Add order increments to all or specific products
  • Limit the number of items in the cart to a minimum and maximum
  • Set WooCommerce minimum quantity per category
  • Step count of selling products in the group
  • Dynamically sets the minimum and maximum quantities based on custom rules

Random Reviews:

  • My script is much easier than writing my own. It saved me a lot of time and helped me finish the work more quickly. There is still some refinement to be done (Or I need to understand the plugin better.)

    vikashmohantyAug 2022

  • I want to thank the developers of this excellent plugin that defines the minimum and maximum number of products that can be added to the cart—my congratulations and respect to them. I wish you continued success.

    exniusApr 2022

WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity Plugin

Set Minimum & Maximum Quantities, Spending Rules, and Defaults

A WooCommerce plugin, Minimum/Maximum Quantity, allows you to set minimum and maximum quantity restrictions for WooCommerce products and variations.

In addition to setting minimum and maximum thresholds for many products and multiple/group quantities, including variants, the number of products that can be purchased at a given time may also be limited.

The Min/Max Quantities plugin allows you to set quantity restrictions during checkout. By setting minimums and maximums according to certain criteria, you can control what is purchased.

You will be notified via your cart page when your customers do not meet your requirements and will be unable to check out until they do.

You may be able to customize the user experience by using multiple rules. For example, you may be able to set up a rule for business-to-business and a rule for business-to-consumer interactions.

💵 This is an advanced plugin that charges a fee of $4.9/M.

Key Features:

  • Set quantity defaults on a global or product level
  • A maximum order value or a minimum order value can be set
  • Create order increments on all or selected products
  • Set a minimum order for consumers
  • Allows you to set minimum or maximum quantity rules

WooCommerce Product Quantity Dropdown Plugin

Display Product Quantity As A Dropdown

The WooCommerce Product Quantity Dropdown Plugin facilitates the purchase process for your customers and encourages them to purchase more items.

The quantity can be selected on both the product and shop pages through a dropdown box.

In addition, you can limit the number of products that can be purchased and sold by a single individual during a particular period.

Several steps can be taken in defining order quantities, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. The shop and product pages of your website feature a dropdown menu that allows customers to select the quantity of the product they wish to purchase.

To display how much inventory is available for certain categories or products, a dropdown menu can be displayed.

Setting a minimum and maximum number of items for each order will encourage your customers to order the desired products.

💵 It is possible to buy the WooCommerce Product Quantity Dropdown plugin with $19.

Key Features:

  • WPML Support is available
  • For specific products, select multiple products
  • The number of products in a particular series can be displayed
  • Enable disable plugin features
  • Enable Quantity Dropdown on Specific Products or Categories
  • Specify Steps between Specific Quantity Range
  • Set Min & Max Product Quantity for Each Order
  • Quantity dropdown label available
  • Step for increase quantity

Random Reviews:

  • Adding a product quantity drop-down to your online store is a great idea with this plugin. It is easy to use, works as described, and you can customize it for product categories and individual products. The extension support team fixed a minor issue I was experiencing with my theme the same day I submitted it! Excellent plugin and fantastic support. I’m thrilled!

    halkideosOct 2021

  • The customer support was outstanding. They answered 37 emails to resolve the problem and were very patient with us. We are delighted with their work.

    cpulcinelliSep 2021

ELEX Minimum Order Amount Plugin

Configure Minimum & Maximum Order Amount

The ELEX Minimum Order Amount plugin for WooCommerce, allows you to set a minimum order amount based on the roles of WordPress users.

With this plugin, you can prevent your users from making purchases on your store unless they add to their cart products that are more expensive than the set minimum purchase price.

With it, you can specify the minimum and maximum quantities for each role on your WordPress website, making it one of the best free minimum order quantity plugins on the market today.

The subtotal value of each user role on your store can be configured with a minimum and maximum value. Additionally, you can display a custom warning message if these specifications are not satisfied for each role.

Moreover, the plugin provides an easy method for adjusting the restrictions to satisfy the requirements of each role by providing a simple toggle switch.

💵 It is now available for download and installation for FREE.

Key Features:

  • Easily enable or disable restrictions for individual roles
  • Define minimum and maximum amounts to impose amount constraints
  • Customize the message that appears to users
  • Configure cost restrictions for each role in your WooCommerce store
  • Easily configure the subtotal value of each user role
  • Toggle on/off the desired amount of limitations

Berocket WooCommerce Min/Max Quantity Plugin

Define Quantity Rules for Orders, Products & Variations

Using the Berocket WooCommerce Min/Max Quantity plugin, you can limit the number of product variations and orders on your website in order to increase conversions.

Compared to WooCommerce’s free version, this plugin provides superior functionality in terms of setting up quantity limits on product listings.

Using the plugin, you can also group products together and apply restrictions to them simultaneously. A cost limit can also be set for each order if you enable the plugin.

It is possible to set minimum and maximum quantities for individual products, product variations, the cart total, and products that are currently on sale with the help of this plugin.

Upon activation of this plugin, a hidden checkout button is displayed on the cart page, and specific product error messages are displayed.

In addition, users can customize error messages and receive a text message informing them that quantity rules apply.

💵 This plugin includes 12 months of support and updates. The price is $34.

Key Features:

  • Restrict quantities and costs based on the type of user
  • Set minimum and maximum quantity limit
  • Display custom messages for each condition
  • Configure cost and quantity limits for products
  • Limitations excluded for specific products
  • Set up limits based on categories
  • Create a custom error message

In conclusion,

We presented you with a complete guide to the best WordPress WooCommerce Min and Max Quantity plugins. Keep in mind that these plugins will assist you in improving your website.

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