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Choosing a WordPress theme is a big task, as it can influence almost every other decision you make for your site. GeneratePress is one of the best themes available, as it offers lots of customization options, editing flexibility, and adaptability to different niches. However, a GeneratePress alternative might suit your needs better. This could be due to the interface, feature set, and much more.

For this roundup, we’ll look at 🔎 choosing a GeneratePress alternative. First, we’ll explain why you might want another option besides using GeneratePress, then we’ll round up a few of the leading candidates for your consideration.

Why choose a GeneratePress alternative?

GeneratePress homepage.

Right off the bat, it’s worth pointing out that GeneratePress is a fantastic theme. In fact, it’s featured right across the Themeisle blog in roundups for the most popular themes, fastest themes, and others. Its quality isn’t in doubt, but it isn’t a jack-of-all-trades.

Here are a three specific elements of GeneratePress that you might butt heads with:

  • If you don’t like the Block Editor or the Elementor page builder, GeneratePress might not be the best. Other themes will support Beaver Builder, Brizy, and more. Some alternatives even bundle their own proprietary page builder with the theme, and these are generally excellent.
  • You may not like the site templates on offer. This will be a subjective decision, of course. It’s always good to start from a template that offers almost everything you need, then tweak. However, if you find another theme has a template that gets closer to your vision, that’s going to be more suitable.
  • It could be that another theme has a feature set that better aligns with your wants and needs. For instance, it could be that the theme offers greater customization within its control panel. In these cases, you’ll likely gravitate towards that theme.

One recurring motif here is subjectiveness. There’s no right or wrong answer about what theme you should choose. As such, if you want a GeneratePress alternative, there are plenty available.

Six best GeneratePress alternative WordPress themes

Once you understand what a GeneratePress alternative can help you achieve, you can find the right solutions to suit your needs. We’re going to look at a few different alternatives to GeneratePress, and here’s the list in brief:

The list we present isn’t in any order. Regardless, each of these alternatives to GeneratePress offer something unique. As such, take a look at them all, and even use different options based on your project.

1. Kadence

The Kadence WP home page.

Our sister site CodeinWP includes the Kadence theme on its best WordPress themes list. This is a well-deserved tag, as it’s definitely a superstar theme, and a frontrunner as a GeneratePress alternative.

Here’s a general overview of what it offers:

  • Complete control over many aspects of your site, such as color schemes, typography, header and footer layouts, and more.
  • The demo templates are stunning, and you’ll often find something suitable for your site.
  • With the companion Kadence Blocks plugin, you’ll have almost no need to look for additional Block collections.
  • Special integrations with the LearnDash online course plugin (including many starter sites powered by LearnDash), which comes from the same developer.

One area where the Kadence theme stands out from GeneratePress is in its Customizer options, as you generally get more control over your site and the interface is a little more user-friendly.

If you like GeneratePress but feel it’s missing something, Kadence could be the best alternative on this list. Many users agree, as it has an average rating of close to five stars for the free version on WordPress.org [1].

The essential premium bundle for the Kadence theme is a good value too, at $129 per year. It gives you Kadence Blocks Pro, a wealth of starter templates, the Kadence Custom Fonts plugin, and the ability to use the theme on as many sites as you need.

Alternatively, you can purchase the standalone Kadence Theme Pro for $59, though the standalone theme does not include the Pro Kadence Theme starter templates.

2. Neve Pro

The Neve Pro GeneratePress alternative theme.

Neve Pro is a theme that makes the grade in all manner of different niches. As a GeneratePress alternative, it’s also a top-notch solution.

Neve uses a similar approach to GeneratePress in that it’s a lightweight, multipurpose theme that you can use for any type of site. However, it gives you a little more flexibility in the Customizer, along with some unique features and integrations.

The free version of the theme has a close-to-perfect five star rating on WordPress.org, but the premium version expands the feature set in a number of ways [2].

Here are some of the key features that you get with Neve:

  • Neve is very lightweight and performance-friendly, which makes it easy to create a fast-loading website.
  • You get all the settings and options within the native WordPress Customizer. This helps keep the interface familiar and means you can work quicker.
  • Despite how the theme looks on the front-end, you won’t need any code to create your site. Neve gives you customization options that don’t require technical knowledge.
  • There’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to designing a layout. You can use the Block Editor, Elementor, Beaver Builder, the Divi Builder, and almost any other page builder you wish.
  • You’ll get over 100 starter sites, too. Each one offers full customization, and the range spans across a variety of different and popular niches.

A single-site Neve license is $69 per year, but you can get even more value with the Business plan at $149 per year.

3. Astra

A collection of Astra starter site templates.

Astra is another theme that you’ll find mentioned all over our website. It’s on our most popular themes list, but you’ll also see it among the best free blog themes, and countless others. In fact, we compare it to Neve in another post on the blog.

The free version has an amazing, near-perfect average rating on WordPress.org. The premium version builds upon the fantastic quality at its core [3]:

  • It offers a lightweight foundation, which helps you create a fast-loading website.
  • The starter sites are some of the best around. This is one of the drawbacks of GeneratePress for some users (although we think that theme’s demo layouts are superb).
  • You get a ton of customization options in the native WordPress Customizer. In addition, you have a choice of page builder plugins to use alongside Astra. The choice mirrors that of Neve, which means the theme will slot into your current workflow.

The price of Astra is also one of its strongest points. For $44 per year you can grab a single-site license and a wealth of advanced functionality. All in all, Astra is one of the best themes in any niche.

4. Divi

The Divi interface.

Divi is the elder statesperson of WordPress themes. It lead the field with regards to page builder functionality and design options. While many other themes now offer a similar feature set, Divi can still sit at the top table, especially as a GeneratePress alternative.

While it’s important to consider all of the alternatives for every theme – no theme is perfect – Divi offers plenty to help sway your decision:

  • The big draw for Divi is with its proprietary Divi Builder. This gives you tremendous scope to design and customize your site – all without code. You can even decouple it from Divi and use it with other themes.
  • There’s a staggering number of template sites in the box – we’re talking thousands of options (literally). If you can’t find at least one design that fits your needs, it would be a surprise.
  • It likely offers more customization scope than GeneratePress and the Block Editor. With GeneratePress and Elementor, the battle is more even.

While Divi unlocks more flexible design control than you get with GeneratePress, one downside is that you won’t get the same lightweight performance foundation that GeneratePress offers. While you can build fast-loading sites with Divi and Divi has improved its performance footprint a lot, it’s still heavier than GeneratePress.

Divi comes as a bundle with a number of other excellent plugins, such as the Bloom newsletter plugin and the Monarch social sharing plugin. Annual access is $89, while a lifetime license costs $249.

5. Avada

The Avada GeneratePress alternative interface.

Another longstanding WordPress theme that comes with its own dedicated page builder is Avada. It’s one of the most popular themes around, with hundreds and thousands of happy customers. The theme has a 4.8 out of five star rating on ThemeForest.

Part of why Avada endures is due to its fantastic scope for building a site:

  • The bundled Avada Builder is one of the best page editors on the market. For some users, it could be more intuitive than competitors such as Elementor and the Divi Builder.
  • The starter sites are excellent, and cover a range of niches. We’d bet you could use one of these without any customizations at all if the stars align.
  • We also like the Avada Performance Wizard. This helps you turn off features you don’t use, scan your site for unused assets, manage fonts, and optimize your media. It’s a thoughtful touch that other themes don’t provide.

However, like the Divi theme above, one tradeoff is that Avada is not as performance-friendly as GeneratePress is, so you might need to put in some extra effort to make sure your site loads quickly.

Avada only comes in a premium version. It costs $69, which gives you lifetime updates for a single site.

6. Genesis Pro

Genesis Pro homepage.

Genesis Pro is another well-established WordPress theme that makes a great GeneratePress alternative. Unlike the other alternatives on this list, Genesis is more like a framework that you can extend with your own Genesis child theme.

This makes it more suited to developers or other advanced users.

Using Genesis Pro in the WordPress Block Editor.

While it does have its drawbacks for typical site owners, there’s a unique set of functionality in the box:

  • You’ll use individual child themes on top of Genesis, rather than have a collection of different starter templates.
  • Customization options can be basic, but you’ll have plenty to make your site your own. The typical approach with Genesis child themes is to start with a near-perfect design, then tweak.
  • Developers will love the hooks and filters Genesis offers. It’s a powerful way to create your own custom theme.

For $360 per year, you’ll get the Genesis Framework and a collection of all StudioPress child themes. If you’re a WP Engine or Flywheel customer, you can get a selection of themes without spending another penny too.

Try a GeneratePress alternative today 🚀

GeneratePress is one of the top WordPress themes around. We love how adaptable it is to different types of sites, and how you don’t need anything other than the Block Editor to use it.

However, despite it being a flexible, adaptable theme, GeneratePress won’t be suitable for every site.

Instead, you might consider a GeneratePress alternative, such as Kadence or Neve Pro. It’s a testament to GeneratePress that it can also hang with the likes of Astra, Divi, and Avada. Even developers have a formidable GeneratePress alternative in Genesis Pro. Each theme offers something unique, so you’ll likely add to your candidate list, rather than replace GeneratePress outright!

Which GeneratePress alternative do you like for your next project? Let us know in the comments section below!

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