7 Best WordPress Multilingual & Translation Plugins 🌐 2022 (Free & Paid)

Do you wish to get one of the best multilingual WordPress plugins for your site?

Our list of the top Multilingual WordPress plugins is compiled with the most popular plugins. These plugins are feature-rich, user-friendly, and work well with any WordPress theme.

Several multilingual plugin choices are available, so we decided on the best. You might also be interested in the following options for Multi-Language, Translation, Bilingual, Google Translate, or Auto Translate.

Check out the examined and ranked top WordPress plugins for Multilingual in 2022:

Using the TranslatePress Multilingual WordPress Plugin, it is possible to translate your entire website from the front end.

In this auto-translate plugin, translators can view on-the-fly translations as they are being transcribed. It is possible to translate both mechanically and through manual entry.

Live previews switch languages automatically as they are made. To switch languages while translation is in progress, simply click on the language icon on the page.

With the TranslatePress multilingual plugin, not only do post and pages get translated, but shortcodes, WooCommerce plugins, and the majority of themes as well.

In addition, this multi-language plugin will allow you to translate your website’s content, templates, plugins, and even meta-data without altering the look and feel of the site.

💵 Pro: $. Lite: Free.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Translation is integrated with Google Translate using Google’s API key
  • Place language switchers anywhere using shortcode
  • Exclude content from translation and translate only certain paths
  • Browse any website in your own language with the plugin’s free website translation tool
  • Merge strings into translation blocks to translate larger HTML blocks
  • Conditional display content shortcode based on language
  • Out of the box WooCommerce compatibility
  • Translate images, sliders, and other media with image translation support
  • Your language can only be published when all translations are completed
  • View your edited translations live

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks a lot, Nice app!
    This topic was modified 13 hours, 18 minutes ago by

    ruslanuzunovApr 2022

  • Simple and effective translation, as it should be. You can even translate images
    This topic was modified 23 hours, 47 minutes ago by

    gmelendezApr 2022

  • It is a great tool for translating multilingual websites. Definitely a must-have!

    yellowclipApr 2022

WPML Multilingual WordPress Plugin is the oldest and most popular translation plugin that facilitates the translation of your articles, contents, and custom post types into other languages.

As opposed to the majority of other translation plugins, WPML works with virtually every major WordPress theme and plugin.

For the WPML plugin, there are two types of licensing available: Multilingual blog and Multilingual CMS, the latter of which supports eCommerce and WordPress page builders integration, as well as custom fields.

You may take advantage of WPML’s leading translation services to obtain professional human translations. The straightforward interface of this application makes it easy for you to add or manage translations for your website in multiple languages.

WPML manages all the multilingual SEO, and it is fully compatible with popular SEO plugins.

Unfortunately, interested parties must purchase this plugin in order to test it, so anyone interested in doing so should make a purchase.

💵 The price is $39, and you will get updates forever. You will also get 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Fully optimize your site for SEO in multiple languages
  • Sitemaps include the correct pages and pass Google Webmasters validation
  • Search engines understand your site’s structure and drive the right traffic to the right languages
  • Full control over how URLs look
  • Stable, Reliable, and Secure
  • Translations are linked together

Weglot Plugin

Translate your WordPress Website and go Multilingual

By using the Weglot Bilingual plugin, you are able to translate content automatically and have access to professional translators if necessary.

With this multilingual plugin, you will be able to translate your website from or into any language. It can be used on multiple platforms, including WordPress, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

You can control your translation tasks, deploy them live, and translate all of your content using Weglot’s website.

Once Weglot has been installed, it not only scans your website for content and media, but it also automatically translates them into the language of your choice.

Besides providing product pages for WooCommerce, this plugin is also able to provide checkout functions.

Aside from providing SEO-friendly URLs, the plugin also provides a switcher for switching languages and integration with third-party translation services.

However, the drawback of this auto-translation plugin is that you can only manually translate content after it has been scanned.

💵 Download the Lite version for free and purchase the Pro version for a small fee.

Key Features:

  • Multilingual plugins like Polylang or WPML can be replaced
  • Translate directly within the webpage
  • Team members and trusted translators are directly involved in the translation
  • Automate the process of serving visitors in their preferred language
  • Your landing page, email confirmation, and all key conversions are translated
  • Multiple design options are available for the multilingual language switcher

Random Reviews:

  • Great product. We faced a few advanced requests and support was really great – they responded quickly and most importantly it helped us solve all our problems.

    matijagudlinApr 2022

  • Having a problem with integration, Christophe was of great assistance.

    boudewijngrinwisApr 2022

  • It’s extremely rare to find dedicated and efficient customer service. Thank you Guillaume !! !
    Weglot, despite the fact that it’s a bit expensive, is the most effective plugin for WordPress today. It’s a huge time saver for developers.

    LeDukeBxApr 2022

Polylang Multilingual WordPress plugin is another useful tool that enables the creation of multilingual and dual-language websites.

The free WordPress plugin allows you to select the translation you wish to use directly from your user profile, and it will automatically download the translation that corresponds to that selection.

In addition to hreflang and open graph tags, it also supports other SEO aspects. There is a language switcher in the navigation menu, as well as several localized versions of your site that can be displayed under different subdomains.

Adding a language switcher to your website’s sidebar allows you to select a language. In this open-source plugin, up to as many languages are supported as your site requires, and custom taxonomies can be added if required.

In spite of the fact that this plugin provides many advantages, Polylang does not come with translation support for WordPress themes and plugins.

💵 The Lite version is free, and the Premium version is chargeable.

Key Features:

  • Lingotek Translation can be used with this plugin
  • The post categories and tags of a new post or page are automatically copied
  • WordPress languages packs are automatically downloaded and updated
  • Sticky posts and RSS feeds
  • RTL language scripts are supported
  • Translate posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, menus, widgets

Random Reviews:

  • Event Calendar breaks in Polylang Pro, but the free version works just fine (but it does not have the option to copy content between languages).

    nouteroApr 2022

  • A machine translation won’t suffice, so Polylang can be put to work

    zantafioApr 2022

  • Easy to use and very friendly

    tossiaApr 2022

Even though it is not an official extension, the Google Language Translator plugin gives you the ability to display translations from Google Translate on your website.

This Multilingual Plugin for WordPress allows you to create multilingual websites with ease, as well as being one of the most lightweight plugins available.

You have the ability to change the language of your website at any time through this plugin. Making use of Google Language Translator, you have the option of choosing from more than 80 different languages.

You can check whether the plugin is active by clicking the checkbox on the plugin’s settings page after activating it. Managing translations and performing multilingual search engine optimization is only available as part of a paid subscription.

The plugin can be displayed as a widget on your main website, so your users may select the language of their choice.

💵 While the Lite version is free, the Pro version is priced at .95.

Key Features:

  • Free Google automatic machine translation
  • Multilingual SEO – Enable search engine indexing
  • Right to left language support
  • Translate posts and pages
  • Translate the site on the fly
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Human-level translations with a neural machine translation
  • Translate categories and tags
  • Language bar with flags in menu
  • Translate menus and widgets

Random Reviews:

  • I have only translated into Spanish and German, but the translations were exceptional.

    patriotas1600Apr 2022

  • Site admins should be able to alter the country flag image as desired. Since Bangla is spoken both in India and Bangladesh, why show only the Bangladesh flag? I would rather show the Indian flag since my target audience is Indian and not Bangladeshi.

    manojsrivastavaApr 2022

  • It is simple, effective, and works very quickly. I highly recommend it.

    joaquimleaoApr 2022

MultilingualPress WordPress premium plugin is able to translate your WordPress website into more than 800 languages and it can easily be integrated into your site.

The plugin does not utilize a standard WordPress installation, but instead, it makes use of the multisite network that comes with WordPress.

It is possible to translate your articles, WordPress website, categories, tags, and custom post types through this plugin.

In addition, a noteworthy feature of this plugin is its excellent fault tolerance, which prevents data loss. Users can erase previous versions of their posts without losing them.

The management of all translations can be accomplished in a single dashboard that is easily navigable.

Additionally, the plugin has been designed to be compatible with popular SEO plugins, such as WooCommerce and WordPress Multisite.

💵 You can get this good-looking plugin for a reasonable price.

Key Features:

  • Inline docs & developer support
  • Automatic hreflang support for language sites
  • WordPress Page builders are compatible
  • Advanced custom fields compatibility
  • Automatic language redirection
  • Translate default WordPress content
  • Performance benchmarks you’ll love
  • Easily manage the cache system
  • A WordPress core-based architecture
  • Quicklinks available

Using the Lingotek Translation plugin, you are able to hire a translator from Lingotek’s community of translators for your translation needs.

Through the use of Microsoft Translator API, this plugin is capable of automating the translation process of your website.

Transparency is maintained throughout all stages of your translation project, so you can view the progress at any time.

This free translation plugin facilitates the creation and maintenance of multilingual WordPress websites.

In addition to Lingotek’s free offering, users can upload up to 20,000 processed words, and by using the Lingotek Workbench, they can edit them as needed.

💵 Free plugin Lingotek Translation is available for download.

Key Features:

  • Posts, WordPress website, documents, categories, post tags can be translated
  • Increased involvement and loyalty
  • Multilingual admin interface
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Use as many languages as you want
  • In-context review
  • Eliminate the copy/paste method of translating
  • A customizable language switcher is provided as a widget or in the nav menu

Random Reviews:

  • After it started working with Polylang, it stopped working because I needed to upgrade. I inquired about pricing, and was given a price of over 7000 USD (crazy). I had to uninstall and do everything myself.

    scuolamodacesenaMay 2021

  • I only waste my time*br

    adileFeb 2021

  • Only a few small articles can be translated automatically, and then the program stops working. In addition, I had to create a lingotek account, which I was unable to delete.

    horomoanaJan 2021

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