7 Best WordPress Radio Plugins 📻 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best WordPress radio plugins?

You will find the best WordPress Radio plugins in this article and recommendations for specific usage scenarios. All the WordPress plugins discussed here are feature-rich, easy to install, support great support, and work well with all WordPress themes.

I designed the following WordPress plugins uniquely for Radio websites. It comes up with several categories of plugins, including Music Streaming, FM Radio, Metaradio, Audio Player, Online Radio, Radio Station, Radio Broadcast, and Icecast Player.

We suggest you review our article on WordPress podcast themes before considering the following plugins since they have features that are exclusive to creating an online radio streaming website.

Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins for Radio in 2022:

With WP Radio you can listen to radio places uncovered around the globe through this plugin. Free and paid performances are available.

WordPress plugin permits you to stream your favorite radio groups to computers and tablets and implant them into mobile applications and web pages.

The number of radio stations added to Icecast player, Shoutcast, radiology, radio jar, radio, M3U8. It is up to you. Also, this plugin includes shortcodes that allow you to display the radio music streaming on any of your pages or posts.

One of the advantages of this plugin is that a sticky player emerges at the bottom of your website pages in full width in WordPress radio. A significant positive benefit of this plugin is that the WP Radio plugin is disconnected from any other plugins or themes and applies to any piece.

The most crucial weakness is that the plugin does not support iOS and Android devices, so volume controls are not advocated. You must use the material buttons on your device to modify the volume.

💵 In the premium version, $120 is charged, while the free/lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • The ability to search and filter stations in an advanced manner
  • Ability to create a streaming player that you like
  • Designed to be fully compatible with touch screens
  • Supports social sharing for Facebook and Twitter,

Random Reviews:

  • There is no free version of this plugin. In the free version you cannot even filter by country and genre even if you add them manually. This is a very basic functionality but I hope you make it free!

    sinical1Dec 2021

  • Make a ticket every time.
    Then send an email and they reply.
    But after that it is silent, over and over again.
    And then they react…but no response back.
    This app seems good, but it also makes the server go down.
    So I would not recommend using this.
    You be noticed!!!!!!!!

    TesselDec 2021

  • However, I had earlier purchased another radio plugin, so I requested a refund. I know that Cold Feed buyers do not get money back, but in my case, I made the wrong choice. I hate to be ignored.

    cbm webdesignOct 2021

The Radio Player plugin aims to enable you to stream your radio station without any complications. As its name suggests, it helps both Shoutcast and Icecast.

Merging the plugin allows you to stream live radio over your WordPress website’s audio player. Counting a live audio stream is simple; the player automatically notices the artist’s name, variety, song name, and image of the artist.

This WordPress plugin connects the sharing abilities of social networking with music sharing, so you can transfer music tracks with your friends.

In addition to the option to add multiple radio stations, the site allows users to add a title, URL, and thumbnail for each station. Users must click on the next/previous buttons to play the radio station.

Adding more than one radio player to a single page is possible. The player will pull in the radio station’s metadata as it plays the song. As many radio players as you wish can be added to a single page.

💵 The Radio Player Lite plugin is free. The premium version costs $39.99.

Key Features:

  • Having the ability to share the radio playlist on social media to reach a wider audience
  • Allows you to place many radio playlists on your site or even on the same page
  • Supporting both the AAC and MP3 audio formats
  • Assigning a capability to radio and giving it a category name
  • Includes using the playlist search feature with this plugin

Random Reviews:

  • Perfect! The pro version enabled me to solve some connection problems and now everyone can hear my broadcasts!

    pkswedeApr 2022

  • Me ah gustado mucho este plugins de reproductor, llena todas las expectativas que necesitaba, tiene una arquitectura muy limpia y futurista. Lo recomiendo Gracias.

    joset08Apr 2022

  • Very good player, I chose the PRO option and it works well.

    centrowebsMar 2022

A Radio Station can build and manage a show schedule using the Radio Station plugin for their website, whether it is a radio station or an online broadcasting service.

The plugin allows you to advertise your schedule on your website, for example, if you are a podcaster announcing new episodes or a moderator on a Clubhouse application.

The Radio Station plugin will introduce a new show type in the WordPress admin area and a new block of time with a description, a shift repeater field, assignable images, and other metadata regarding shows.

It is also possible to create playlists related to your favorite television shows or to assign standard blog posts to these shows.

As a result, it will be possible for you to add users who have the title of ‘Host’ or ‘Producer’ to your ‘Shows’ section so that they can be displayed on your website. This will be all you will need to organize and display your radio shows.

💵 The Radio Station Lite plugin is free. The premium version costs $199.

Key Features:

  • Enhances show management by including roles such as show editor and producer
  • Provides information on current shows, upcoming shows, playlists, and radio clocks for widgets
  • The ability to post playlists with song titles, artists, and albums to shows
  • The ability to upload images to your presentations

Random Reviews:

  • A robust solution for building and managing show schedules for Internet broadcasters or radio stations, this is the plugin you need!

    midwestbroadcastingMar 2022

  • Perfect solution for creating a radio type setup. Just add a short-code to display show information, including playing time, date, DJ, avatar, etc.
    [current-show show_avatar=’1′ avatar_width=’80’ show_schedule=’1′ show_desc=’1′]
    Support is great too, thank you for this plugin

    EMar SoundsMar 2022

  • Thanks to the community of developers for the support of the Radio Station Plugin on GitHub, all WordPress Radio Stations now have an easy-to-use plugin! Special thanks go out to Tony Zeoli and Tony Hayes!

    kairandlesglobalMar 2021

You can use the StreamCast WordPress plugin to set a default mix for your website and to decide whether the mix should begin automatically after all of the tracks have loaded in the player or not.

Using the plugins, you can stream any icecast player or Shoutcast live directly to your WordPress website using the shortcodes below.

There is the possibility of translating ‘StreamCast and Radio Player for WordPress’ into any language that admins can use.

As a result, Chrome now allows mixed content to be played. However, if the stream has SSL, but the website does not, the stream will not run. The solution to this is to set the stream to SSL; as a result, Google no longer supports mixed content.

You can embed Radio Player and two custom radio player components into your WordPress website using this shortcode. And also Streams such as Shoutcast, Radionomy, Radiojar, and Radio can be embedded easily on WordPress websites using shortcodes.

💵 There is no charge for the download and future updates.

Key Features:

  • Provides support for online radio stations such as Icecast and Shoutcast
  • The ability to use color names or color codes between double quotation marks
  • The ability to provide a single block
  • The ability for WordPress users to fully customize the radio player

Random Reviews:

  • Very useful and adaptable tool to use with your radio website

    flashconnectFeb 2021

  • The Tsikoubali Woukaya Yinoundjema Swafi Swafi
    yemaana Yemaana Yini Sayidiya Tsifagna Yizo Mahandza
    Yavo is a long time coming and a very promising one for the future.

    norberdNov 2020

  • It’s best radio player, so many features. can put player anywhere by short code.
    I recommended

    ketankpboradaNov 2020

MP3 Audio Player is an audio player for WordPress that is convenient and has features tailored to music producers, beatmakers, and podcasters.

Thi plugin supports Elementor widgets, Gutenburg block editors, and native shortcodes allowing you to easily add playlists, albums, and podcasts to posts, WooCommerce products, and custom posts.

It is an excellent expansion to your WooCommerce store if you plan to sell beats and music on your site. We recommend that you check out the new podcast plugin for WordPress.

This Player includes a large number of features. There are several styles of graphs and progress bars that can be selected. The Player can be customized in various ways in response to the graphic design you prefer.

The MP3 files can be uploaded directly from a page, post, WC product, custom post, or now from the page editor.

An effective WordPress podcast plugin such as this one is the best choice. It offers all the features you’ll need to create the next-generation podcast website.

💵 While the Lite version is free, the Pro version is priced at #49

Key Features:

  • Changes your podcast player’s appearance, functionality, and behavior based on your preferences
  • Importing any podcast from any podcast distributor with one click
  • Supports a variety of downloads, songs, and call-to-action buttons
  • The ability to sell music files, beats, and sample packs on your website

Random Reviews:

  • How can I add more than 55 songs to Soonar MP3?

    yutepApr 2022

  • The free version is very limited, but I recommend you use this plugin.

    pcmdocvilaApr 2022

  • I use it with Elementor. It works well, looks and sounds good.

    makarootiMar 2022

A free version of AudioIgniter Music Player includes a professional-looking music player that provides volume control, loops, and playlists. The free version of the application also includes navigation, search, and pagination for websites.

There are several exciting playlists in the plugin. In addition to that, you can also customize the style and add tracks directly via the backend. Also beneficial is the fact that the plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of playlists.

Furthermore, the plugin offers a variety of premium features, including bulk uploads, Visual Composer Widget, WordPress widget support, and the ability to customize colors.

Several players can play together at the same time. Track skipping across players by adjusting the number of seconds each player plays files at different rates (1 time, 15 times, 2 times) is possible.

You can change the color of players per user by using the Customizer Block, a block developed especially for the Gutenberg editor.

It is possible to add an unlimited number of playlists, tracks, and podcasts to any post using AudioIgniter Music Player and MP3 Audio Player.

💵 Premium: $49, Lite: Free

Key Features:

  • Using customization tools for dimensions, track numbers, listings, and more
  • Uploading dozens of songs or audio clips in seconds on the backend
  • Provides unlimited playlists and tracks for you to post
  • Offering premium features such as bulk uploads, visual composer, and widgets
  • The ability to embed playlists using a shortcode

Random Reviews:

  • This is the best player for the Oxygen Builder.

    froekjaerMar 2022

  • A great plugin with great support

    mstudioILNov 2021

  • In addition to the ease of use, I appreciated the excellent support provided.

    discsoxNov 2021

Luna Web Radio Player Plugin, an HTML5 player and radio broadcast, includes media players that can play MPEG-Audio files and AAC-Audio files online whether they are streaming or not.

This plugin is made of JavaScript, and JavaScript is available for iOS and Android and all the major web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Using the application, users can embed cross-platform audio streams into their web pages quickly and easily.

Using HTML5, FM Radio, and MP3 Stream Player in this plugin is beneficial. You can show information about the streaming song as a StreamTitle on the player’s title for Shoutcast 2, Icecast 2, and Pandora.

Moreover, the plugin is also equipped with an audio player that allows you to stream live audio from your site. Indeed, you can display multiple streams simultaneously on your page.

The web server must be authorized to use the streaming server, for example, by using CORS-Policy or PHP.

💵 It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a developer. The Luna Web Radio Player Plugin plugin is inclusive for you. You can purchase it for $29.

Key Features:

  • Having the ability to access the streaming server
  • Supports both Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems
  • Providing both small and large layouts with different user interfaces
  • The ability to mix colors and animation effects to design your audio player however you like

Conclusion: The Best WordPress Radio Streaming Plugins

Thanks for joining us. In this article, we reviewed the best WordPress Radio plugins. If you are an impactful web administrator, you can use these plugins. These plugins will improve your site design and possibilities.

We hope that this article has helped you in your quest to pick out the best WordPress plugin for your Radio website.

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