8 Best WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments Plugins 🤑 2022 (Free & Pro)

How can you find the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce Conditional Shipping?

Here are the best WordPress plugins to help you with WooCommerce Conditional Shipping. You will see that some are excellent for newbie visitors, and others are easy to use. You remain right on top of things! Additionally, all the top WordPress themes are powered by these plugins.

The plugins we picked are the best settings for WooCommerce Conditional Shipping. Are you searching for a WooCommerce Conditional Shipping plugin that isn’t the same as the exact WooCommerce Conditional Shipping plugin? Those plugins can also be used for WooCommerce Conditional Payments and Conditional Shipping Methods. Choose the WordPress plugin that best fits your website.

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Take a look at these 2022 WooCommerce Conditional Shipping WordPress plugins:

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping Plugin

Unlimited Shipping Methods for WooCommerce Plugin

In WooCommerce Conditional Shipping Plugin, you can create multiple shipping methods and restrict their availability based on several factors in your store. This plugin allows you to create multiple shipping methods for sale and limit their availability based on numerous factors.

Moreover, this plugin allows you to set up additional charges based on different classes of deliveries, as well as being able to provide free shipping to sure customers and to provide discounted shipping to specific groups of customers.

This software provides a very intuitive user interface that allows you to set up complex conditions tailored to your needs quickly. The software offers 20 different states for you to choose from.

💵 You can get 12 months of free support with this plugin for $49.00.

Key Features:

  • Calculate your taxes in an effortless manner
  • Apply different shipping methods based on rules
  • Simple interface for setting up rules
  • Unlimited shipping methods and zones
  • Charges based on products and shipping classes
  • Allow customers to choose shipping methods

Random Reviews:

  • You’ve been accommodating in building custom software. I give this plugin more than five stars.

    ales85Mar 2022

  • In addition, WooShip’s customer support is excellent, responding within a day and fixing issues

    styvasilakakisMay 2018

WooCommerce Conditional Payments Pro Plugin

Plugin for Adjusting WooCommerce Payments Methods

In the WooCommerce Conditional Payments Pro plugin, you can restrict payment methods by setting conditions. You can also charge conditional fees based on your needs. You can limit payment methods with several different conditions by almost any logic you choose.

Furthermore, this plugin can give you control over the choice of any payment method you wish to use, whether it is from the WooCommerce package or one you have set up with a third-party plugin.

Limiting access to specific payment options is also possible depending on the user’s role. In addition, the plugin allows you to choose which payment method your customers should be utilizing.

💵 Authored by a professional author, this plugin costs $47.89.

Key Features:

  • WPML and Polylang compatible
  • Charging fees for payments
  • Payment methods can be restricted based on conditions
  • Order subtotal, shipping methods, user roles, purchase history, etc

Conditional Shipping and Payments Plugin

WooCommerce Shipping and Payment Conditional Logic Plugin

With Conditional Shipping and Payments, you can limit delivery and payment options on your website in response to the user’s selections during the checkout process.

So, the organization can ensure that only specific customers have access to a particular payment gateway. As a result of this plugin, you can restrict specific items from being included in your inventory based on your location.

The plugin can also be configured so that specific customers or roles within an organization can access a particular payment gateway, depending on the product type and the shipping class the order falls under.

Furthermore, you can receive membership fees through a specific payment channel, thereby assisting you in organizing your workflow when you have an extensive product catalog and multiple shipping options.

💵 If you purchase this plugin at $79.00, you will receive 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Shows or hides shipping methods based on different factors
  • Shipping internationally is easy when you use location-specific criteria
  • Enable/disable payment gateways based on your needs
  • Delivery methods can be controlled with coupon activation

ELEX Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods Plugin

Conditionally Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods

ELEX Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods can be used to hide both the default and third-party shipping methods provided by WooCommerce. This plugin is a comprehensive solution for anyone who needs to limit delivery methods based on different factors.

You will have to consider several factors when hiding shipping options, such as the product category, the shipping class, the location, order weight, and any additional shipping methods available to you.

Additionally, this plugin provides the ability to hide delivery methods based on your plans and conceal shipping companies’ services. You can also hide shipping methods based on the responsibilities of your users.

💵 The plugin has a 12-month support period if you only purchase it for $79.00.

Key Features:

  • Shipping methods based on product categories
  • Hide WooCommerce shipping methods in desired countries and states
  • Using total order weight to hide shipping methods
  • Select multiple postal/zip codes by commas to hide shipping methods
  • Class-based hiding of shipping methods
  • Hiding shipping methods using WooCommerce product SKUs

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping Plugin

Set Up Virtually Any Shipping Scenario for WooCommerce Plugin

When you have a variety of delivery options available to users on your website and wish to maximize the use of your website’s delivery options over an extensive period, you may want to consider the WooCommerce Conditional Shipping plugin.

It is also possible to charge an additional fee for different shipping classifications if you wish to offer free shipping to some customers or if you wish to reduce the shipping charges for other customers using different shipping classifications.

The plugin’s user interface allows you to use several criteria to create a complex scenario for conditional shipping methods that can be managed easily. The results can be viewed instantly and modified instantly by changing the parameters.

💵 A robust author created this plugin and made it fully documented. You can get it for $49.00 right now.

Key Features:

  • Shipping zones and methods are unlimited.
  • A simple way to calculate taxes is to use a calculator
  • The customer might have to choose a delivery method
  • Customize shipping charges for products and classes
  • Identify delivery methods and create guidelines
  • Setup of rules is easy with the user-friendly UI

Conditional Shipping and Payments by WooSuite Plugin

Conditional Shipping and Payment System Set Up Plugin

The Conditional Shipping and Payments plugin by WooSuite is easy to use and allows you to set up simple or complex rules. You can hide courier options for specific categories while showing others that are equally useful for the product line.

As another feature of this plugin, you will be able to hide specific payment options depending on parameters such as the location type and the exact location of the product, as well as the type of payment method.

Due to the plugin’s conditional logic, this plugin can be used by just about any business, such as wholesalers and bulk purchasers. Because the PayPal option is automatically hidden when a wholesale or bulk purchase is made, the PayPal option will not appear on invoices.

💵 Purchasing the Conditional Shipping and Payments by WooSuite plugin will give you access to a wealth of additional features for $7/m.

Key Features:

  • User roles and users may be limited.
  • Creating import restrictions and limiting shipments
  • Specific courier options can be concealed based on products’ weight and dimensions.
  • Choose from free shipping, shipping discounts, and so forth
  • Payment options vary depending on the customer type Retailers, wholesalers, and individuals

Hide Shipping Methods for WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce shipping methods Hiding easily based on conditions

Using the Hide Shipping Methods for WooCommerce plugin, you can hide shipping methods in the cart and checkout pages and use them in an assortment of ways to narrow down the delivery options available to your customers.

In addition, shipping methods can also be concealed by using descriptions of products’ shipping categories, order weights, a customer’s user role, and other options available from the merchant.

This type of plugin may also be used to conceal the services of shipping companies that are not directly related to FedEx UPS and USPS, as well as to disable delivery methods created by plugins linked to prominent shipping companies such as FedEx UPS and USPS.

💵 You can get a free plugin and 12 months of support with $79.00.

Key Features:

  • Categories of products available on WooCommerce
  • Shipping classes for WooCommerce
  • Plugins and shipping methods from third parties are hidden
  • Use criteria to hide delivery methods
  • Manage your store’s rules easily

Active Payments WooCommerce by WPDesk Plugin

Pay On Delivery By Conditionally Hiding Upfront Methods Plugin

WPDesk’s Active Payments WooCommerce plugin allows you to provide your customers with different payment options for various delivery methods depending on what they select when completing their order.

In addition, customers can learn about the types of payment options available for the different delivery methods by using a plugin that provides a simple user interface for each payment method they choose.

As well as disable specific payment methods based on your basket total, the plugin allows you to display all available payment options for each delivery method you select. In addition, the plugin will enable you to collect fees for specific payment methods.

💵 This plugin’s price is $49.00.

Key Features:

  • WPML support is included
  • Payment options may be limited based on order value
  • Preset amounts or percentage fees for payment options
  • Payment options are displayed based on specified parameters

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