12 Best AI Rewriter Tools for Easy Content Transformation

Are you tired of looking for the best AI rewriter tools? Do you want an extra hand to help you automatically rewrite content for you? Then don’t worry, stay with us.

With time, there has been a demand for AI rewriter tools. This AI-driven software has become essential for content creators and writers, transforming the way we craft and optimize content.

If you’re an experienced content marketer or a newbie, AI rewriter tools provide a wide array of choices to consider. These tools offer versatile solutions for various content needs and skill levels.

In this article, we’ll explore the best AI rewriter tools that are reshaping content transformation. These tools empower users to effortlessly improve their articles, blog posts, and other written materials.

Let’s begin!

How Do AI Rewriter Tools Help in Content Creation?

AI content rewriter tools are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that automatically rewrite text while preserving the original meaning. These software applications provide efficient content transformation.

AI rewriter tools are essential for content creation, using advanced AI algorithms to help writers. They analyze and rephrase existing text, providing several benefits for better content.

AI rewriter tools offer content variation by producing multiple text versions, which prevents duplication and maintains content freshness. This is particularly beneficial for bloggers, and website owners, requiring a consistent flow of new and engaging content.

Additionally, these tools enhance time efficiency by swiftly transforming text. This useful feature lets writers have extra time for other content tasks or manage bigger workloads efficiently.

Furthermore, it enhances readability by suggesting improved sentence structures and word choices. This leads to more engaging and reader-friendly content that effectively captures and maintains the audience’s attention.

Lastly, AI rewriter tools are essential for content creators, marketers, and writers. They streamline content creation, enhance readability, prevent plagiarism, and optimize for SEO.

Summary of Best AI Rewriter Tools 2023

AI Rewriter Tools Is it Free? Pricing Best Features Recommendation
Semrush 100% free to use Free Generates 1-3 ideas of paraphrase paragraphs 4.9 out of 5
Jasper 7-day free trial $49/mo Allows you to choose a voice tone for your content 3.5 out of 5
Quillbot Free $9.95/mo Lets you shorten and expand the size/length of your content as per your requirements 4.7 out of 5
Ahrefs Free for life Free You can custom-create the writing tone to match your brand and needs 4.5 out of 5
Copy.ai Free Plan $49/mo Provides a diverse selection of content templates and tools 4 out of 5
WordAI 3-day free trial $57/mo Can create up to 1,000 rewrites per original article 3.5 out of 5

12 Best AI Rewriter Tools for Easy Content Transformation

If you create content, then you’re likely interested in making it high-quality and unique with efficiency. Article rewriter tools can assist by turning existing content into new, fresh articles.

Here, we’ll look into the best 12 article rewriter tools for 2023 that can improve your content creation.

1. Semrush – Free AI Paragraph Rewriter

Semrush is a well-known SEO marketing tool that also comes with a free AI paragraph rewriter. You can use it to quickly make your paragraphs better to read and get unique, plagiarism-free text.

Semrush - Free AI Paragraph Rewriter

Additionally, it works by refining your paragraphs to provide better structure and improve clarity. It helps to generate and optimize copy for various platforms: SEO copywriting, blog posts, social media, and more.

We really liked how it lets you select the optimal readability and tone of voice. Also, it generates 1-3 ideas of paraphrase paragraphs to choose from.

This smart AI tool helps anyone looking to polish and strengthen their content. Further, it helps with avoiding plagiarism and adjusts your copy for various platforms and formats.

Key Features:

  • Use it without limits and integrate it into your daily writing routine.
  • Create and reword content 10x faster by automating your writing tasks.
  • Helps you optimize the structure and length of your paragraphs.
  • Displays the readability score for each copy piece and helps you choose the optimal version.
  • Also, suggest several alternative versions of your paragraphs.


  • The tool is completely free to use.
  • Generates unique yet plagiarism-free content each time you hit the “Rewrite” button.
  • Suitable for non-native English speakers looking to improve their writing process.


  • Sometimes it’s slow to load.


Here’s some good news! Semrush’s paragraph rewriter tool is completely free to use. Anyone can use it anytime without having to pay a single money.

2. Jasper

Jasper is a popular AI content marketing tool that helps you automate various content tasks. Indeed, it offers the best AI rewriter tool to rephrase and rewrite paragraphs with a click of a button.

Jasper – Best AI Rewriter Tool

Moreover, using it improves your writing style and grammar to ensure your content is error-free. Additionally, it includes a plagiarism checker to ensure the article’s originality.

However, as we’re writing this article, we did manage to use this tool for our benefit. We used it to change one of the boring sentences into something interesting, creative, and engaging.

As we were using it, it allowed us to set the tone of voice for the sentence to be rephrased. For instance, it lets us change the tone from formal, and casual to bold and wild.

Likewise, once you click on the ‘Generate’ button, it’ll immediately give you the result in a second. And this is not even an amazing thing! Indeed, it suggests the three best outputs to choose from for your content. Isn’t it wonderful?

Key Features:

  • Rearrange words or sentences in a paragraph for more readability and structure.
  • Rewrite content in more interesting, creative, and engaging ways.
  • It can take user prompts to create new content.
  • Smartly swap words for synonyms.
  • Also, it supports over 29+ languages.


  • Allows you to choose a voice tone for your content.
  • Generates plagiarism-free content.


  • Doesn’t come with a free plan.
  • Expensive plans.


Jasper offers a 7-day free trial on the Creator or Teams plan All you’ve to do is create your free account and see for yourself how Jasper is the better AI for business.

As for its premium plan, it comes in three different plans – Creator, Teams, and Business.

  • Creator – $49/mo when billed monthly and $39/mo when billed yearly. Includes 1 seat, 1 brand voice, 50 knowledge assets, 50+ templates, and more.
  • Teams – $125/mo when billed monthly and $99/mo when billed yearly. Includes 3 seats, 3 brand voices, 150 knowledge assets, create your own templates, and more.
  • Business – For tailored plans, contact their sales operators. Offers no limits on features, API access, advanced admin analytics, custom templates, and more.

3. Quillbot

Quillbot can rewrite sentences, paragraphs, or entire articles while preserving the original meaning.

This free online tool offers versatile text rewriting capabilities. It can alter word order, replace words with synonyms, adjust clauses, vary sentence structure, and modify writing tone as needed.

Quillbot – Best AI Rewriter Tool

We at SiteSaga are using this tool to help rewrite our content to generate more creative and engaging content. Don’t overlook its features because it’s free. We can guarantee that its automation can amaze you all.

Further, it lets you choose the mode of tone for your content. You can choose from standard and formal to academic and creative.

Indeed, it lets you shorten and expand the size/length of your content as per your requirements. Also, it features a thesaurus function to suggest synonyms for specific words.

Key Features:

  • Has built-in grammar and spell-check capabilities to improve the overall quality of the content.
  • Allows users to change words within a sentence to find alternative word choices.
  • Provides word and character count statistics to help users track their writing progress.
  • Helps to detect potential plagiarism by comparing your text to a vast database of existing content.
  • It supports multiple languages beyond just English.


  • Easy-to-use.
  • Use it for free without creating an account.
  • Lets you choose from a range of writing styles and tones.


  • Its free version only lets you rewrite and paraphrase up to 120 words at a time.


To your surprise, Quillbot is a free AI rewriter tool that allows 125 words to be paraphrased at a time. Indeed, it comes with standard and fluent modes, 1200 words in Summarizer, and 1 Freeze Word.

However, if you want unlimited words to be paraphrased at a time, then you need to upgrade to its premium version. The price for the premium version is $9.95/month and $4.17/month for monthly and annual billing. Also, it offers 6,000 words in Summarizer, compare modes, recommended rewrites, and more.

4. Ahrefs – AI Paragraph Rewriter

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset that also has dedicated tools for content creation. Among them is their very best AI paragraph rewriter tool. It gives your writing process a great start by generating fully coherent, compelling paragraphs.

Ahrefs - AI Paragraph Rewriter

For content creators like us, this tool is quite beneficial for content editing and revision. Just input a paragraph into the tool, then you’ll receive a rewritten version that offers improved clarity, structure, and overall quality. Is it simple and quick?

Moreover, it allows you to rewrite your content in the size of the word you want it to be. Also, lets you set the writing tone of your content with a variety of modes to choose from. In fact, you can custom-create the writing tone to match your brand and needs.

Not only English speakers but also non-native speakers can leverage it to enhance their writing skills.

Key Features:

  • Automate the process of rewriting paragraphs for various purposes.
  • Streamline tasks that involve rewriting content, such as content spinning for SEO purposes.
  • Generates human-like text based on a given prompt or input.
  • It can be integrated into your workflows to automatically generate alternative versions of paragraphs.


  • Users can save time and effort in the manual editing process.
  • Best for content creators, editors, or writers who need to enhance or refine their written content.


  • Sometimes the tool doesn’t work or gets stuck.


Ahrefs paragraph rewriter is free for life with no limit on the number of words you can input.

5. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a versatile platform that assists with various content-related tasks. While many use it to create AI-generated articles, it’s also valuable for rewriting various types of content.


In our experience with this tool, we discovered its value for marketers, freelancers, and business owners. It provides a diverse selection of content templates and tools, serving as a valuable asset for crafting different content types.

We also found out that when you enter characters fewer than 40, it displays an alert. That says, ‘Short input. Try to provide more details for better copy results.’

Similarly, it generated around ten (or more) suggestions based on our inputs and tone. Likewise, it helps you generate new paragraphs that align with the tone you’ve selected.

At the same time, if you don’t like the results, then you can change your tone and generate new options. Cool right!

Key Features:

  • Uses AI algorithms to generate various types of content, including blog posts, social media captions, product descriptions, and more.
  • Can generate catchy headlines and titles for articles, blog posts, or marketing materials.
  • Allows users to choose from different writing styles, tones, and voices to suit their specific content needs.
  • Helps with creating website copy, such as landing page descriptions and about page content.
  • It can generate content optimized for search engines with relevant keywords and phrases.


  • Allows you to input your own tone or choose from a list of predetermined ones.
  • All of the copy generated is unique and uses proper sentence structure.


  • You can input only up to 1,000 characters in its free version.
  • Limited advanced features.


Copy.ai comes in both free and premium versions. Its free plan lets you input only up to 1,000 characters at a time.

For unlimited words and property email support, get its pro plan. It starts at $49/month and $36/month (billed annually).

6. WordAi

WordAi is another AI-powered writing tool that offers a wide range of features, including an AI rewriter tool. This tool will help you redefine how you rewrite your content.

WordAi – Best AI Rewriter Tool

When testing this tool, we found that it works for only English texts of any kind. It currently doesn’t support code or foreign languages. Hence, many non-English speaking users might get disappointed with that.

Likewise, we even test whether the generated content is AI-generated or human-written. Thus, it helps to humanize your content, improving its quality while allowing it to pass as human in AI detectors.

WordAI provides various content-spinning options, including synonym generation, sentence restructuring, and paragraph paraphrasing. These features simplify the creation of unique and engaging content.

Hence, it’s ideal for content marketers, bloggers, and SEO experts, it streamlines content production for a competitive edge. The user-friendly, customizable software adapts to your specific requirements, enhancing efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Can create up to 1,000 rewrites per original article to get the most value out of each piece of content you create.
  • Allows you to input your own tone or choose from a list of predetermined ones.
  • It lets you bulk article rewriting by uploading .csv or .zip files.
  • Using API, you can add article rewriting directly into any workflow.
  • Allows you to view and edit your rewrites in HTML and rich text.


  • Supports HTML content.
  • Offers a 3-day free trial.
  • Helps you create content that is optimized for search engines.


  • No free plan is available. 
  • Among other tools, it’s quite expensive in pricing.


WordAI offers two pricing options: $57 per month or $27 per month billed annually. Enterprises can request custom pricing.

To try the software, there’s a free 3-day trial, but you’ll need to provide your credit card details first. If you decide to cancel after purchasing a plan, then you’ve got a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. Frase

Frase.io is the best AI content rewriter tool for writers and content creators. It helps you produce high-quality, plagiarism-free content, finely tuned for search engines. 


The AI rewriter tool is really good at revising paragraphs and sentences while keeping the main message intact. This process significantly enhances both readability and uniqueness.

The cool thing that we loved about Frase is that it uses its own proprietary AI model instead of using ChatGPT. This allows them to provide more flexibility, custom features, and competitive pricing.

Even more, it lets you choose between 1-5 for how creative you want your content to be generated. Not just that, you can create your own customized tone for your rewritten content.

Moreover, the rewriter ensures that the revised content remains contextually consistent and coherent with the original text. 

Hence, Frase.io empowers content creators with advanced AI rewriter features to craft top-notch, SEO-friendly, and coherent content.

Key Features:

  • Rewrite your headings to help readers quickly find the information they need.
  • Comes with some custom AI templates that will translate paragraphs into lists.
  • Helps you rewrite your LinkedIn headline or summary and rewrite tweets and Instagram captions.
  • Can rewrite and concise the multiple sentences in a paragraph into more concise, clearer sentences.


  • You can rewrite paragraphs with up to 400 words.
  • A complete content creation tool.


  • Limited free trial.
  • Need to pay $25 extra each time you add a user for more than 3 users.


Of course, Frase is free to use with certain limitations. It sets a limit of only a few usages per day if you’re using it for free.

If you want an uninterrupted rewriting feature, then you must get off its premium plan. Its premium plans are designed for agencies, marketing teams, and SEO experts.

  • Solo – $14.99/mo and $12.66/mo if billed annually with 4 articles per month.
  • Basic – $44.99/mo and $38.25/mo if billed annually with 30 articles per month.
  • Team – $114.99/mo and $97.75/mo if billed annually with unlimited articles per month.

8. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is a rewriting tool powered by AI. It quickly creates unique content from your existing material while preserving your brand’s style.

Chimp Rewriter

Further, it uses smart computer programs to look at your writing and suggest new ways to make it more interesting. Also, this tool prevents plagiarism by identifying sections that resemble other people’s work.

After that, it replaces those parts with fresh, new words to make your content original.

Chimp Rewriter helps you save time and effort by automating content creation. It generates multiple articles from a single source, enabling regular content updates to engage your audience effectively.

Besides, it features a user-friendly and straightforward design that simplifies the start-up process. 

You’ve got the flexibility to customize the rewriting level to match your preferences. This can range from light editing to a complete rewrite, depending on your unique requirements.

Hence, Chimp Rewriter is a powerful tool for those who want to efficiently produce high-quality content effectively.

Key Features:

  • Generates fresh, unique content that is free from plagiarism.
  • Comes with Chimp Rewriter API that easily integrates with major content creation tools.
  • Provides multilingual support including German, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish, etc.
  • Offers both manual and automatic spinning options, allowing users to choose the level of control they want over their content.


  • Comes with a downloadable tool for your Windows desktop device.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Chat GPT API.
  • Offers a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Comes with a steep learning curve.
  • Overwhelming user interface.


Buy ChimpRewriter for either $15 per month or $99 per year, and you’ll receive two licenses for use on different devices. Upon downloading the software, you’ll receive a free 14-day trial.

Additionally, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind after purchasing.

9. Wordtune

Wordtune is a popular article rewriter tool that has garnered immense popularity among writers, students, and professionals. Its advanced AI technology enables content rewriting while preserving the original meaning and appeal.


Furthermore, Wordtune provides various rephrasing options for your content. You can select the most suitable alternative that aligns with your writing style and purpose.

Among all the tools in the list, Wordtune has one of the most user-friendly interfaces. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert writer, anyone can use their tool with ease. Here’s a PLUS point for that! 

Likewise, it allows you to adapt between casual and formal tones depending on your target audience. This ensures effective communication of your message.

While Wordtune has impressive rewriting capabilities, it can sometimes provide unusual suggestions. It emphasizes grammar and style but lacks a comprehensive content review, potentially viewed as a limitation by some users.

Key Features:

  • Comes with Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions.
  • Automatically checks grammar and spelling to improve clarity, fluency, and more.
  • Provides options to either shorten or expand the rewritten sentence as per your liking.
  • It has an in-built editor for a direct writing experience.
  • Enterprise-level security takes privacy and security seriously.


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Provides real-time optimization suggestions.


  • Its free version lets you only 10 rewrites daily.
  • Limited customization options in the editor.


Yes, you heard it RIGHT! Wordtune is obviously free to use; all you need is to create a free Wordtune account. However, it’ll only offer 10 rewrites per day and 3 summaries a day.

For more intuitive features, you must purchase one of its premium plans.

  • Plus – $9.99/mo on the annual bill and $24.99 monthly. Includes 30 rewrites per day, 5 AI prompts, and unlimited text recommendations.
  • Unlimited – $14.99/mo on the annual bill and $37.50 monthly with unlimited rewrites, AI prompts, summaries, and more.
  • Business – For enterprises with a huge team, you can contact their sales team and customize the plan. The perks would be unlimited rewrites and summaries, dedicated support, and traceless security mode.

10. Simplified

Simplified is the best AI rewriter tool designed for rewriting text. Its “AI Content Rewriter” tool can rewrite text to enhance originality, adjust tone, and improve clarity and conciseness.

Simplified – Best AI Rewriter Tool

The tool allows you to quickly update ads, phrases, taglines, bios, and more with AI-powered rewriting. It can comprehend the original text’s meaning and rewrite it using user prompts or built-in features.

This helps in improving readability and grammar. It achieves this by substituting words with suitable synonyms and reordering the text to enhance overall quality.

We really liked how it can rewrite short paragraphs to long-form content in a minute. While we used its free plan, it gave us 2000 AI Assistant credits. For more credits, you need to purchase its pro version.

Similarly, it comes with advanced options where you can set creativity level, number of outputs, language preference, and tone. Isn’t it amazing?

For writers and marketers, it enhances content in various tones and languages, engaging diverse audiences while ensuring proper grammar.

Key Features:

  • Generates smart, engaging copy in a click and boosts your brand’s message.
  • Allows you to select from 30+ global languages and market your brand anywhere.
  • Smart AI helps to rewrite text to improve the readability and effectiveness of your written content.
  • Choose from 10+ writing tones in different languages to match your brand voice and audience.


  • Intuitive interface and is easy to use.
  • Supports 20+ languages.
  • Offers a Free Forever plan.


  • Doesn’t offer refunds. If you’re unsatisfied with your plan, then you can downgrade your plan to avoid future charges.
  • Some beginners might be quite intimidated by its overcrowded features.


Simplified AI Content Rewriter Tool comes with a forever-free plan with limitations. However, based on your words and users, its pro plan starts at $18/month (monthly) and $12/month (yearly) for 35,000 words and 1 seat.

11. Paraphraser.io

Paraphraser.io is one of the best AI rewriter tools available currently in the market. It uses advanced technology to create top-notch rewrites of your original content. 


Furthermore, it uses machine learning and algorithms for a quick transformation of your content. This results in unique and engaging text that is ready for publication.

Additionally, the tool conducts an analysis of your content. It identifies phrases and sentences that can be rephrased without altering the original meaning.

When we first tried this tool we didn’t have high hopes. But what changed our view is that it generates high-quality, plagiarism-free, and unique content that Google demands. So BIG thumbs up to this tool!!

Paraphraser.io is a time-saving solution for bloggers, marketers, and content creators, offering publication-ready rewrites. Its user-friendly interface and robust AI simplify content creation, enabling efficient production of high-quality material in less time.

Key Features:

  • Generates creative, more readable, sensible, and plagiarism-free content.
  • It can rewrite sentences and complete articles in seconds.
  • Schools and universities can integrate their rephrasing using paraphrasing APIs.
  • Comes with dedicated customer support via chat or open ticket.


  • 100% secure and reliably generates genuine and precise results.
  • User-friendly interface and powerful AI.


  • Limited advanced features.
  • Only 500 words can be rewritten at a time in its free version.


While you can access Paraphraser.io for free without the need for sign-up, its capabilities are restricted. To gain full access to the tool, you can opt for an annual billing plan at $150 or a monthly plan at $20.

12. Rewriter AI

Rewriter AI is one of the best AI rewriter tools. It provides a variety of functions, such as rewriting, spinning, grammar checking, and summarizing. 

Rewriter AI

Indeed, it can support over a hundred languages like English, Chinese, German, Russian, and Polish. Also, it harnesses AI to comprehend original text and offers rewriting based on user prompts or built-in features. 

This versatile tool not only enhances and refines content but also handles tasks like paraphrasing and summarizing.

Similarly, it ensures accessibility, making it user-friendly. Additionally, it excels in delivering rapid results without sacrificing quality, even when handling extensive texts within seconds.

So, it’s a good fit for content creators, writers, and marketers looking to improve and diversify their content effectively. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking to improve their content and make it more diverse.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to enable deep AI synonym analysis.
  • Its free version allows you to paraphrase words up to 250 words for free.
  • Can generate text results without plagiarism and bypass AI detection.


  • Free-to-use.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Generate the fastest results by keeping the best quality.


  • One can find it challenging to properly rephrase content in specialized industries or niches.


Rewriter AI is a 100% free-to-use tool that allows you to rewrite 150 words at a time for free. For unlimited use, you can purchase their premium plans.

  • Starter – $17/month on monthly billing, $6.4/month on the yearly bill, and $137 for a lifetime. Includes rewriting up to 50,000 words/month, web version, one-click writing, API access, and more.
  • Business – $47/month on monthly billing, $16.4/month on yearly bills, and $397 for a lifetime. Includes Starter Plan features, rewrite up to 3,500,000 words/month (contains 700,000 non-English words), and keyword analysis.
  • Enterprise – Based on your volume, you can customize your plan. For that, you must connect with their sales team. Offers all standard features along with high volume usage, white label integration, customized rewrites, and more.


That’s all. Here, we enlisted the best AI rewriter tools in 2023. So, we hope that you get to select the best content rewriter tool that simplifies your writing experience.

All of these AI rewriter tools are great for content creation. However, if you want us to recommend it, then we’ll say Semrush – Free AI Paragraph Rewriter. Since it’s free and lets you rewrite unlimited words without any limitation.

Please feel free to comment below if you’ve any further queries about the best AI rewriter tool. We’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can.

Also, let us know which best AI rewriter tool are you going to choose from the list. In fact, you can share your top favorite pick in the comments section below

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