40 Best Elementor Websites Examples Created With JetPlugins

“I will create an excellent website, and it will immediately bring me millions.”

Often such thoughts crash against the wall of reality. You could have missed something, didn’t add the necessary functionality or feature somewhere, and the visitors would flow away from your resource like water running through fingers.

But the only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible to create a successful website.

In this article, I have collected some great examples of websites made with Elementor and JetPlugins for different niches.

Prepare your notebooks, as you will likely find many interesting ideas for yourself. 😇

Table of Contents

Top 9 Photography Elementor Websites

One of the most popular categories for Elementor sites is business card websites advertising photo and video services. Because Elementor allows you to beautifully and concisely show creative work on the site and add all the essential information.


The first site is dedicated to photos in a flying dress in the Dubai desert—every second person who comes to Dubai dreams of such a photo shoot. Therefore, the task of the site is to show the work of photographers and dresses, convey the atmosphere and tell all the information necessary for booking.

This site uses the JetElements plugin and parallax layout. For example, here is this section with the work of a photographer made using JetElements:

Dreamshoots photos example

Developer, Theme & Template: Bydoweb
Plugins: JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Misha Obradovic

The following site is a portfolio of fashion photographer Misha Obradovic. To showcase his work, he created a dynamic website where his works are presented in a masonry grid where each item shifts a bit after you hover over it. It certainly draws attention. The effect used is parallax; when you don’t move the mouse, the grid moves up and down. 

Clicking on a photo takes you to a page created with JetEngine. And here, you can find an infinite scroll: moving images keep loading up as you scroll down the page.

masonry grid layout created with JetEngine

Developer, Theme & Template: General Condition
Plugins: JetEngine, JetTabs, JetTricks

🔗 Check out the live site


A web designer’s website should look vibrant, reflect their personality style, and showcase their work. A great example would be the J.Blackeye website. It looks very professional:

J.Blackeye website homepage

Some photographers and designers prefer to post on social media, then integrate their Instagram page into their website. In this variation, the Instagram page is added using JetElements.

Developer, Theme & Template: J.Blackeye
Plugins: JetElements, JetTricks

🔗 Check out the live site

Portraits Made in Germany

The website is dedicated to portraits and atmospheric photography. Portraits Made in Germany look very aesthetic, thanks to photographers’ exceptional skills and creative web design. On the website, you will find not just photos but also valuable materials such as location overviews, books, magazines, and podcasts about photography.

For the visitor to smoothly move from category to category, the site has a parallax effect, and there is also a Listing Grid with the latest events made using JetEngine.

Listing Grid made with JetEngine

Developer, Theme & Template: luckyCONCEPT
Plugins: JetElements, JetTricks, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Beyond Destiny

This Elementor website dedicated to beautiful wedding photography will satisfy you thanks to aesthetic photos, functionality, and convenient design. You can see the works on the site, find helpful information, and book a photographer.

The use of JetPlugins played a significant role in the site’s aesthetics. With their help, it became possible to create a Listing Grid in a slider format and apply a parallax effect to it. 

listing grid in a slider

Developer, Theme & Template: Inside Space
Plugins: JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site


The following website made with Elementor website builder is the one of a wedding videographer, where you can see her many works. The hero section contains a short video sequence, so the site looks alive and dynamic. The developers used the Listing Grid, made with JetEngine, to create easy-to-update content.

Hero image slider example

Developer, Theme & Template: Wzór Agencję UX
Plugins: JetEngine, JetElements

🔗 Check out the live site


The following site in my selection is also dedicated to the work of a Polish photographer. You can see many engaging elements added using JetPlugins, including a menu on the main screen made with JetMenu and a search bar added with JetSearch.

example of the menu made with JetPlugins

The photographer offers various photo formats as indicated in the Listing Grid right after the header section. Further, you can find her portfolio and a contact form – everything you need to start cooperation.

Developer, Theme & Template: Thomas Anderson
Plugins: JetBlocks, JetBlog, JetElements, JetMenu, JetSearch, JetTabs, JetTricks

🔗 Check out the live site

Hallie Golden

Hallie Golden is a journalist and photographer with a website dedicated to her work. It uses a large number of JetPlugins that complement the functionality of Elementor. Here you can see publications that Hallie writes, journals with which she works, a photo gallery, and a testimonial section made with JetElements.

testimonials block made with JetPlugins

The Elementor website design has soothing colors and everything you need to get familiar with the author’s work.

Developer, Theme & Template: Papersky
Plugins: JetPopup, JetBlog, JetElements, JetEngine, JetReviews, JetSearch, JetSmartFilters, JetTabs, JetTricks

🔗 Check out the live site

Ombres et Lumières

For many sites and businesses, the ability to create user profiles and various forms is essential. JetPlugins also help with this. On this photography website, you can find a handy user login form made with JetFormBuilder.

registration form made with jetformbuilder

Developer, Theme & Template: Eric Wayaffe
Plugins: JetFormBuilder

🔗 Check out the live site

Top 10 Elementor Portfolio Websites

Elementor and JetPlugins help you create more than just photography websites. Let’s look at some attention-worthy portfolio websites.


The first on the list is a site offering apartments and furniture selection. It lets users order various services, from creating a room plan and 3D furniture model to a special visualization for selling real estate.

This Elementor website involves a lot of different JetPlugins. So at the top, you can see the Auth Links widget from JetBlocks, which allows users to register or log into their account using simple and noticeable details.

The second interesting element is the Image Comparison from JetElements. It helps site visitors spot changes in a single image by dragging a slider left and right.

Image comparison made with JetPlugins

Developer, Theme & Template: Skaneando Studio
Plugins: JetAppointment, JetBlocks, JetElements, JetEngine, JetFormBuilder, JetMenu, JetSearch, JetTabs, JetThemeCore, JetTricks

🔗 Check out the live site


On the following website, UXD, you can find many ideas on using concise animation elements to make the website look attractive and informative.

Dynamic elements made with JetPlugins

The first thing to notice here is the Inline SVG widget. The developers used it to present the logos of client companies in a concise grid. When hovering, the logos move behind the cursor. It is made with JetElements’ parallax section.

Additionally, you can notice here the following: 

  • Animated Text at the top of the screen. It brings the site to life and makes it dynamic without video or special effects.
  • Scroll Navigation, created with JetElements. It lets you quickly navigate the site section using the dots on the side or simply scrolling. 

Developer, Theme & Template: Urban Experience
Plugins: JetElements, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Eli Kony

This interesting Elementor site received the Site of the Year award from Crocoblock, and I’m sure it deserves special attention.

You can find many inspirational ideas on the Eli Cony website. It sports a dark color scheme and many dynamic elements. Non-standard elements make the site lively, attracting attention and making you want to study every detail more.

For example, a Listing Grid made with JetEngine might present dynamic posts like this:

Listing grid with dynamic posts

All “Go to Project” buttons are added using the JetElements plugin widget.

Developer, Theme & Template: Eli Kony
Plugins: JetElements, JetEngine, JetBlocks

🔗 Check out the live site


The following elegant website is dedicated to psychology and coaching. It employs soothing colors and the parallax effect.

Navigation is convenient; users can find all the necessary information in minutes.

You can find a listing slider made with JetEngine on the main page. When you click the picture/title on the tile, you’ll be taken to helpful posts.

JetEngine Listing Slider example

Developer, Theme & Template: WEB 22MW
Plugins: JetElements, JetEngine, JetBlocks

🔗 Check out the live site


The following website is dedicated to youth culture and learning. Here users can find a lot of valuable materials about the collaboration of brands with Generation Z.

You can find various elements made with JetEngine and JetElements on the website.

For example, here is this Listing Grid with the latest news. It is very convenient that the Listing Grid collects the necessary dynamic data and displays it in a suitable format.

listing grid with the latest news

Developer, Theme & Template: Beatfreeks 
Plugins: JetElements, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

SEO Agentuur

It is a two-page site dedicated to one SEO studio. On it, you can get to know the studio’s specialty and read valuable SEO materials.

Considering JetPlugins’ usage, there is a navigation menu from JetBlocks at the top of the web page. It looks neat and helps to navigate the website quickly.

navigation menu example

Developer, Theme & Template: Kristjan Sepp
Plugins: JetBlocks, JetBlog, JetElements, JetTabs, JetThemeCore

🔗 Check out the live site

Devitus Digital

Devitus Digital is a web studio site where you can find their works and enjoyable information about their creation.

Here are some JetPlugins-built elements you might like. Firstly, the site is designed with a parallax effect, so the navigation looks smooth. You can also see the testimonials section added using JetElements.

testimonials section example

Developer, Theme & Template: Devitus Digital
Plugins: JetElements, JetTricks, JetTabs

🔗 Check out the live site

Isiah Obera

Developers and designers try to show their work from different angles and stand out from the crowd. Therefore, the same elements made with the exact tools can look so different. On Isiah Obera’s website, you can see another way to implement the parallax effect, listing grid, and various buttons.

Listing grid usage example

Developer, Theme & Template: Isiah Obera
Plugins: JetElements, JetThemeCore, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Ursuta and Asociatii

All websites on the list showcase creative ways to mix and match JetPlugins and Elementor widgets. But that’s not all one can do with these tools. This legal agency website, for instance, has a team members section added with JetElements.

A headshot, a name, and a short bio allow for getting acquainted with each team member. However, the widget does not limit you and makes it possible to add more information about each employee if needed.

team members' widget usage example

Developer, Theme & Template: CIPRIAN PENTELESCU
Plugins: JetElements, JetMenu, JetBlocks, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

On The House Digital

Another studio’s website completes my list of Elementor portfolio sites. It is built with several JetPlugins, too. Listing Grid is one of the most popular elements it features. It helps to show all the necessary information compactly so that users can quickly read everything they need.

tlisting grid usage example

Developer, Theme & Template: ISL DESIGN
Plugins: JetSmartFilters, JetMenu, JetTabs, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Top 11 Marketing and Ecommerce Elementor Websites

Elementor and JetPlugins are great when you need to show some visual information or when you need to create a website for selling products and services, including marketplaces. In this section, you will see some exciting website examples developed for eCommerce and marketing niches.

Arjan Hofmann

The Arjan Hofmann website presents a marketing agency with many services. It contains many noteworthy elements, including parallax, vibrant images, and animations.

The site looks professional and attractive. Some elements are made using JetPlugins. For example, they used JetElements to build the following section containing brand logos:

logo section made with JetElements

The logos are placed neatly so the site visitor can easily read them.

Developer, Theme & Template: Arjan Hofmann
Plugins: JetElements, JetBlocks

🔗 Check out the live site

Dias Handmade

The main thing for marketplaces and product websites is beautifully displaying products. It is easy to do with JetWooBuilder. It allows you to set all product parameters and prices in the console and display them conveniently.

Look how it was done on this Elementor website.

JetWooBuilder usage example

Developer, Theme & Template: Chris
Plugins: JetElements, JetWooBuilder

🔗 Check out the live site

Pure Essence

The Pure Essence site demonstrates that you only have to use JetWooBuillder or JetElemens to create a beautiful store. Other JetPlugins are also very helpful.

For example, you can see how the JetThemeCore plugin creates a unique webpage layout. This plugin allows you to create a custom page structure, making the finished site look the way you imagined it.

JetThemeCore usage example

Developer, Theme & Template: DS Enterprise
Plugins: JetElements, JetWooBuilder, JetSmartFilters, JetProductGallery, JetSearch, JetEngine, JetThemeCore

🔗 Check out the live site


Watches have always been considered luxury items, so the site where they are sold should look elegant. A great example would be Timedriven.

On a white background, it is very convenient to read the information and examine the watch closely before choosing it. Some website elements employ JetPlugins; for example, navigation links in the website’s header and a Product listing grid.

listing grid with watches

Developer, Theme & Template: The Weather
Plugins: JetEngine, JetElements, JetSmartFilters, JetAppointment

🔗 Check out the live site

Pretty Casual

One of the most valuable features for any store or marketplace is the ability to filter the product range by specific parameters. This feature improves the user experience and helps visitors find exactly what they need.

The Pretty Casual website implements this feature using the JetSmartFilters plugin. Products can be filtered by price, category, size, and color, which is very convenient.

JetSmartFilters usage example

Developer, Theme & Template: Woww Digital
Plugins: JetBlocks, JetElements, JetReviews, JetTabs, JetTricks, JetWooBuilder

🔗 Check out the live site

The Mumma Secret

What could be cuter than a homemade candy store? A homemade candy store built with JetWooBuilder. Meet The Mumma Secret, where product pages, including images and descriptions, categories, and a sorting tool, are built entirely with JetPlugins.

product archive page made with JetWooBuilder

Developer, Theme & Template: Thor Solutions
Plugins: JetWooBuilder, JetTabs, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Wood Water

The following Elementor website is an online liquor store. It is made in black and white, making the spirits really stand out. For users’ convenience, the site has a search made using JetSearch. It allows you to find the right product or brand in a few seconds.

example of the nav menu

Developer, Theme & Template: Thomas Anderson
Plugins: JetElements, JetWooBuilder, JetProductGallery, JetBlocks

🔗 Check out the live site

Daily Diva

A convenient and beautiful menu is another vital element for most sites, not just eСommerce. Users often use this section to find the desired information quickly.

On Daily Diva, you can spot an example of a smart-looking navigation menu built with  JetMenu. It looks simple, elegant, and clear.

jetmenu navigation menu example

Developer, Theme & Template: Luan Digital
Plugins: JetElements, JetWooBuilder, JetSmartFilters, JetBlog, JetTricks, JetMenu, JetPopup, JetTabs, JetBlocks, JetSearch, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site


Another vital element for WooCommerce projects is a shopping cart. The user should see what they added to the cart, how many items are there, and what they still need to pay for. If you need to create a cart, look at the MiOrganics example. Using JetBlocks, the developers added a cart image and a counter. The cart page layout was created with JetWooBuilder.  

shopping cart example on the website

Developer, Theme & Template: Mircea Solomeia
Plugins:  JetBlocks, JetCompareWishlist, JetThemeCore, JetWooBuilder

🔗 Check out the live site


Browboss is a site dedicated to selling eyebrow care products. When you enter the site, you immediately see a listing grid showing current news and promotions. This method could be very convenient if you are looking for a solution to present the same data to your site visitors.

latest news in the listing grid

Developer, Theme & Template: Wilson Wings
Plugins: JetElements, JetSmartFilters, JetWooBuilder

🔗 Check out the live site


The closing-up website in this category is dedicated to beds. Here you can find many noteworthy elements made with JetElements – for example, navigation links and parallax effects. Also, note the mega menu made with JetMenu and the filtering tool built with JetSmartFilters.

mega menu example

Developer, Theme & Template: Jupiker Internet and Software Services
Plugins: JetEngine, JetElements, JetBlocks, JetSmartFilters, JetCompareWishlist, JetMenu, JetReviews, JetWooBuilder, JetTricks, JetThemeCore, JetProductGallery, JetFormBuilder

🔗 Check out the live site

Top 5 Travel Elementor Websites

The next category we will take a look at is travel websites. It is another trendy niche which has its must-haves. Let’s get down to it.

Crown Delta 

The main task of any tourism website is to help you choose the best option for travel: suitable dates, directions, and conditions.

On the Crown Delta website’s welcome screen, you see a quick search tool for selecting suitable dates, created using JetSmartFilters. It is the first thing you pay attention to and the first step to ordering travel.

date rang example

Developer, Theme & Template: Studio peer
Plugins: JetSmartFilters, JetPopup, JetEngine, JetBooking, JetReviews

🔗 Check out the live site

Dia Diem Bao Loc

The following site is dedicated to traveling around the Bao Loc region. Here you can find information about where to go, what to see, and try. Many elements added to the site involve JetPlugins.

For example, the header is made using JetBlocks and the Sticky Section feature. It contains navigation links that help to arrange the content compactly. Next, you see a search bar added with JetSearch. Below the hero section are several listing grids with the most essential travel information.

Sticky header example

Developer, Theme & Template: Vinh XD
Plugins: JetSmartFilters, JetBlocks, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

My Blue 4 You

The My Blue 4 You website offers yacht chartering services and plunges you into the vacay-and-relax atmosphere at first glance. Right at the entrance, you will see a JetSearch-added quick search, where you can enter the desired destination and find the tour. If you scroll down the page, you will see a listing grid housing the most popular destinations.

quick search section on a travel website

Developer, Theme & Template: Andrea Sorrentino
Plugins: JetElements, JetSmartFilters, JetTabs, JetBlocks, JetSearch, JetEngine, JetReviews

🔗 Check out the live site

Pointe de Sel

When a website covers traveling around one country/region, it often allows you to book a few travel options. And then, it is very convenient to use a dropdown list where all the choices will be. It is precisely what is done on the Pointe de Sel website, offering travel destinations in the Alps.

The main page has a dropdown from JetSmartFilters, and users can easily select the appropriate option.

JetSmartFilters usage example

Developer, Theme & Template: Julien Deret
Plugins: JetElements, JetSmartFilters, JetBlog, JetTricks, JetEngine, JetBooking

🔗 Check out the live site

Viaja y Estudia

The following site is a travel booking and education site. Thematic trips and various offers are placed using the JetEngine listing grid. Users can click on the picture to get more information about each offer.

listing grid with travel destinations

Developer, Theme & Template: Renzo Salvador
Plugins: JetElements, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Top 5 Educational Elementor Websites

Libro Game Live

The Libro Game Live project is dedicated to exploring and preserving nature. People are supposed to take proposed routes and gain new knowledge about wildlife and environmental protection. The website uses many different JetPlugins, but I want to show you what JetElements buttons can look like. 

different shapes of jetelements buttons

Developer, Theme & Template: Cristina Villani
Plugins: JetElements, JetSmartFilters, JetTricks, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

Next on the list is the Academy website owned by the world-famous host Oprah Winfrey. It looks down-to-earth, inspiring, and stylish. The developers used the parallax effect to ensure smooth browsing. At the top, there is a handy menu by JetMenu. It allows you to fit a lot of information into a smaller section and help users quickly find the needed page.

menu made with JetMenu

Developer, Theme & Template: Lethabo Mashike
Plugins: JetElements, JetSmartFilters, JetTabs, JetSearch, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Commons and Communities

A JetEngine listing grid can be implemented for different website types, including educational projects. It allows you to output the necessary information compactly. A great example can be seen on the following Elementor website. It has collected and presented events and exhibitions worth visiting to enjoy contemporary art.

listing grid on the educational website

Developer, Theme & Template: Paulo Fehlauer
Plugins: JetSmartFilters, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site


Educational tours are popular all over the globe. And if you need to display several similar destinations, you could use JetTabs to fit all the information into convenient tabs. Inside them, you can find multiple listing items with dynamically changing data. 

listing grid in the tabs created with jetplugins

Developer, Theme & Template: Revved Digital
Plugins: JetElements, JetBlog, JetMenu, JetTabs, JetSearch, JetEngine, JetFormBuilder

🔗 Check out the live site

Academia Chilena

Some features of educational sites may not be entirely prominent. For example, if you have many scientific materials, users need to find what they need quickly, so it is convenient to use the filtering system. A good use case is on the Academia Chilena website. In the library section, site visitors can find the needed book using the JetSmartFilters-built sorting tool.

example of filter usage

Developer, Theme & Template: Gonzalo Suez
Plugins: JetSmartFilters, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site


What is the best JetPlugin for a photographer’s website?

The answer depends on the end result you want to see. If it is crucial for you to show dynamic content, choose JetEngine. If you wish to add individual stylish elements, JetElements will help. And if you want to help users navigate your website, use JetSmartFilters and JetSearch. It will let them find the information they need quickly.

What websites is Elementor suitable for?

Elementor can help you build absolutely any website. And JetPlugins will help you expand its functionality, add more feature-rich elements, and make your site more powerful.

How does using Elementor affect user experience and SEO?

It helps to improve it because the site looks professional, people find what they need quickly, and search engines see that your website attracts organic traffic.

Last Words

Well, now you see that Elementor allows you to create any website. And it doesn’t matter what task you want to use it for. Extending Elementor functionality with JetPlugins gives you limitless opportunities.

As you can see, the most popular elements created with JetPlugins are:

  • parallax;
  • listing grid;
  • navigation links;
  • filters.

But Crocoblock plugins are so functional that you can create virtually anything and bring your most daring ideas to life.

I showed you only 40 sites, and I hope they will help you find inspiration for your future projects. Save the article so you don’t lose it when you need new ideas. 😉