5 Best WordPress Hosting Providers In India (2023)

Since I started using WordPress over a decade ago, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various hosting companies. After much trial and error, I eventually settled with Kinsta

If you’re in India, finding a quality Indian web hosting provider that strikes a balance between performance, cost, and quality customer support can be tough. 

While some web hosts may offer attractive prices, more than often they fall short when it comes to performance or support.

After testing a bunch of WordPress hosting providers for Indians, I finally narrowed down my list to the seven best web hosting services that I believe are a good fit for Indian users.

I especially concentrated on aspects like:

  • Speed
  • Web hosting technology
  • Uptime and reliability
  • Server location
  • Security
  • Customer support
  • Cost and value

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the best WordPress hosting providers in India and see how they measure up.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service Provider in India?

You’ll find plenty of resources on the best WordPress web hosting services in India, so what makes this different?

I have been a WordPress user for over a decade now during which time I’ve used and tested a plethora of web hosting services. 

This extensive experience has equipped me with a deep understanding of what truly makes a top-tier WordPress hosting provider, especially in the Indian market.

I even went the extra mile by setting up a demo website and meticulously assessing the response times of various contenders, allowing me to gauge their performance firsthand.

So when choosing a web hosting company in India consider the following:

Website Type and Size

Your choice of an Indian hosting company should be tailored to the type of website you’re building:

  • Blogs: For simple websites like blogs, consider options like Bluehost.
  • WooCommerce/Online Courses: Robust platforms like Kinsta hosting are ideal for e-commerce or online course websites.
  • High-Traffic Startups: If your startup anticipates monthly traffic exceeding 1 million visitors, Kinsta or Cloudways are recommended choice.
  • Technical Proficiency: If you or a team member possess technical skills, explore self-managed options like Digital Ocean, which can reduce costs but require server management expertise. Refer to our guide on the best cloud server.  


Look for a WordPress hosting company that optimizes its tech stack, using the latest PHP and server infrastructure, built-in caching, free CDN, or Cloudflare integration to ensure swift loading times. We’ve selected companies known for high-speed hosting.

India Data Center (Server location)

Opt for a hosting provider that offers an Indian data center or servers close to India. Additionally, having access to international data centers allows you to host sub-domains on global servers when necessary.

Quality WordPress Support

Choose for a web hosting provider with a support team a solid WordPress experience and can help you resolve WordPress-related issues. Though, do remember that hosting companies will not help with other WordPress issues which are unrelated to hosting. Stuff like speed, security and technical glitches related to database and server are typical issues that a server support helps with. You should always keep a few developers or WordPress agencies on your speed dial, if you are running a high traffic WordPress site.

A Value for Money 

Balancing quality and affordability is key. Look for a hosting that provides the best features and performance for your budget. It is world known that Indian customers are cost sensitive, and you should pay for the services that you need. This is one smart way to keep your cost low.

A lot of users when starting a business, they look for monthly payment option which is important, and just to let you know, not a lot of web-hosting companies offer monthly payment option.

UPI Payments 

Many Indian users prefer UPI payments. Choose a hosting provider that supports UPI payments to simplify transactions for Indian customers. However, this need is mostly for the retail users. For businesses, it may not be the biggest factor.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers in India (Comparison Table)

Hosting Company Pricing/mon Free Domain? Customer Support Monthly Payment
Bluehost India $5.95 – $15.95 Phone, live chat, ticket, and knowledge base resources.
A2 Hosting $2.99 – $41.99 Phone, livechat, ticket, and knowledge base resources.
Kinsta $35 – $450 Live chat and knowledge base resources
Hostinger India ₹149 – ₹699 Live chat, ticketing, and detailed knowledge base resources.
Cloudways $14 – $241 Uptime Guarantee

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies In India

  • Bluehost India
  • A2 Hosting 
  • Kinsta 
  • Hostinger India
  • Cloudways

1. Bluehost India

Best for Beginners Due to Its Affordability and Ease of Use

Bluehost is an International brand, and it first entered into the Indian market by acquiring one of the Indian companies. 

Initially, their Indian hosting service didn’t meet the standards of their international offerings, leading to criticism from Indian bloggers. However, Bluehost responded positively to this feedback and relaunched with an improved infrastructure that matched their global services.

But does Bluehost India live up to its parent company’s reputation? Let’s find out.

When you sign up for Bluehost, you’ll notice that it has a user-friendly interface designed for beginners. 

The hosting provider also makes installing WordPress a breeze using it’s setup wizard (check our guide on how to install WordPress in Bluehost).

As a new Bluehost India customer, you get a free domain for the first year of hosting. Unlike some other hosts that charge for this, Bluehost includes it in their package. They also offer valuable features like a free SSL certificate, generous storage (starting at 50GB), unlimited bandwidth, and seamless CDN integration through Cloudflare.

In terms of hosting technology, Bluehost uses SSD storage and Apache 4.0. You also have the flexibility to choose your data center, whether in India or the US, based on where most of your audience is located.

When it comes to customer support, Bluehost offers help through phone and live chat.

Indian customers can connect with a local support team for effective problem-solving. If you prefer to solve issues on your own, Bluehost provides a comprehensive knowledge base with resources to guide you.

Bluehost India Pricing

The pricing starts at ₹279 per month for a one-year contract. Here’s more about their hosting plans:

  • Basic: ₹279 per month
  • Plus: ₹429 per month
  • Choice Plus: ₹429 per month
  • Online Store: ₹699 per month

Bluehost India Pros and Cons

✅ Pros ❌ Cons
One-click WordPress installation Higher renewal prices
24/7 customer support Limited features on the basic plan
Excellent uptime
Competitive pricing and pay in INR
Free domain name

2. A2 Hosting

Best for Fast Shared Hosting Plans

If you’re looking for a hosting provider in India that provides fast shared hosting services without breaking the bank— look no further than A2 Hosting. With as low as $2.99 per month (for its annual plans) you get access to premium web hosting service that will put most overpriced web hosts to shame.

To begin with, its two low-priced plans come packed with exciting features like RAID-10 SSD (of not less than 100GB storage) which are known for their high redundancy, fault tolerance, and improved read and write performance than typical SSDs and HDDs. 

High-tiered plans come with NVMes storage and Turbo Servers to ensure high response times hence a high loading speed for your website.

Like Bluehost India, A2 Hosting also offers a free CDN in all its WordPress hosting plans. It also guarantees a 99.9% uptime—should your website experience downtime exceeding 0.1%, you’ll receive compensation.

A2 Hosting doesn’t stop there. They also offer other compelling features, such as unlimited email accounts, automatic backups, free site migration, support for the latest PHP versions, and a staging environment where you can safely test WordPress changes before deploying them.

A2 Hosting Pricing

A2 hosting offers affordable WordPress hosting plans coupled with an impressive hosting stack solution for your site. You also get a 75% in your first year of hosting. Here’s a breakdown of A2 Hosting pricing.

  • Startup: $2.99 per month
  • Drive: $5.99 per month
  • Turbo Boost: $6.99 per month
  • Turbo Max: $14.99 per month

A2 Hosting Pros and Cons

✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Uptime guarantee of up to 99.9% No free domain name
Speed optimized hosting solution Turbo Server only available high-tiered plans
WordPress staging environment
Free SSL certificate and site migration
Competitive pricing with huge discounts

3. Kinsta

Best for Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta is fast, reliable, secure, and worth the extra cost if you want the best WordPress hosting experience for your website. 

They use the Google Cloud Platform—one of the most reliable and performant cloud computing platforms online. They also have data centers present in Mumbai and New Delhi allowing your Indian audience to enjoy exceptional speed performances for your website.

Kinsta uses a Nginx web server, which is known for its speed and efficiency over Apache. Each WordPress site is also isolated in its own LXD where your site is privately allocated server resources. 

The web host also comes with CloudFlare integration for an extra layer of security and performance and implements server-level caching coupled with its proprietary caching plugin Kinsta MU plugin to cut down on load times. 

But, how reliable is Kinsta?

Well, Kinsta boasts of an uptime of 99.9% using GCP. They also have staff monitoring the servers to detect and solve any problems quickly, reducing downtime. Even better, in case your website gets hacked, their staff will fix the issues immediately all for free.

You’ll also get staging environment for testing changes to your site before pushing them live and free site migration from your existing provider to Kinsta. 

Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta plans are priced on the number of WordPress installs and monthly visits to your website. Here’s a breakdown of Kinsta pricing.

  • Starter: $35 per month for 1 WordPress install and 25k visits.
  • Pro: $70 per month for 2 WordPress installs and 50k visits
  • Business 1: $115 per month for 5 WordPress installs and 100k visits
  • Business 2: $225 per month for 10 WordPress installs and 250k visits
  • Business 3: $340 per month for 20 WordPress installs and 400k visits
  • Business 4: $450 per month for 40 WordPress installs and 600k visits

 Kinsta Pros and Cons

✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Fast and reliable hosting speeds Can be expensive for new websites
Managed WordPress hosting Restrictions on certain plugins
WordPress staging environment
25+ center locations worldwide 
A-tier technical support

4. Hostinger India

Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses in India

Hostinger India offers affordable web hosting services with generous resources to help small businesses grow. For as little as ₹149.00 per month, the hosting company delivers a comprehensive package featuring unlimited bandwidth, substantial storage space, a free domain, email hosting, and an SSL certificate.

But don’t let the pricing fool you—because Hostinger has one of the best web hosting technology you’ll ever need for your website to ensure high performance. 

To start with, Hostinger has data centres in Aamchi Mumbai and in other locations including Europe, the USA, and Brazil for optimized performance. The web host uses NVMe storage, which is up to 10 times faster than traditional HDD storage, and LiteSpeed web servers which are known for their superior performance over Apache.

Regarding uptime, Hostinger India guarantees an impressive 99.9% uptime, providing you with added security and performance benefits, such as daily backups, real-time anti-DDoS protection, a malware scanner, and a complimentary CDN.

I also admired how Hostinger has gone the extra mile to ensure a seamless experience for its users. Instead of relying on the conventional cPanel, Hostinger has developed a custom hPanel that combines elegance with user-friendliness. It offers all the essential functions expected in any cPanel, including DNS Zone Editor, File Manager, Backups, App Installer, and more. 

You also get access to its website builder which comes with over 150+ website templates that are elegantly designed and fully customizable. Overall, I found Hostinger India an excellent WordPress hosting solution for small businesses in India due to its value for money, impressive performance, and intuitive user interface.

Hostinger India Pricing

Hostinger offers more value in each of their plans as you scale upwards. High-priced plans get more storage, more websites, a dedicated IP address, better speed optimization tools and priority support. Here’s a breakdown of Hostinger India pricing.

  • Premium: ₹149 per month
  • Business: ₹269 per month
  • Cloud startup: ₹699 per month

Hostinger India Pros and Cons

✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Free website migration No free domain in the basic plan
Simple interface that’s easy to navigate No on-demand backup in the basic plan
Great customer support
Great website builder with over 150 templates
Free domain for your first year

5. Cloudways

Best Manage Cloud Hosting Provider With the Flexibility to Choose From 3 Cloud Platforms

Cloudways is packed with features that make it easier for you to manage your WordPress website. In fact, it’s one of the best-managed cloud hosting providers we highly recommend.

What sets Cloudways apart from other cloud hosting providers is the freedom it offers you. Within this platform, you can select from various cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and DigitalOcean. This flexibility enables you to pinpoint the hosting solution that best aligns with your specific needs and budget.

Furthermore, every Cloudways plan includes a Cloudflare add-on, HTTP/2 Enabled Servers, Free Object Cache, and a staging environment to test new functionalities before deploying them.

To ensure a secure environment for your website, Cloudways issues a free certificate in every plan, regular security updates, comprehensive malware scanning, dedicated firewalls, and integrated DDoS protection.

Well, I have to admit that Cloudways is not the cheapest web hosting, especially for a new website. But considering its remarkable performance, robust security measures, and unmatched flexibility is clear that it’s worth the investment.

Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways hosting varies depending on the cloud platform you choose and also the type of plan ( Standard or Premium) you choose. Here’s a breakdown of Cloudways pricing.

  • DigitalOcean: $11 – $88 per month for Standard plans and $14 – $99 per month for Premium plans 
  • AWS: $38.56 – $$ 285.21 per month
  • Google Cloud: $37.45 – $241.62 per month

Cloudways Pros and Cons

✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Blazingly fast loading speeds Can be expensive for new websites
Multiple cloud hosting providers to choose from No email hosting
Simple dashboard for easy management Requires a separate domain registration
Strong security measures for website protection
Scalable server resources 

Best Web Hosting Companies in India: FAQ

How much does WordPress hosting cost in India?

Anywhere from ₹100 to ₹800 monthly, depending on your service provider and the resources you need. For a small website, you can get a basic plan at around ₹100 – ₹200 monthly. But if you have a larger or more complex business website, you’ll need a more powerful plan costing ₹500 or more monthly.

Which Indian host should I use for WordPress?

It depends on your website needs and budget. For instance, do you need pre-installed WordPress, automated updates, a free SSL certificate, or any other specific features? Also, how much are you willing to spend on WordPress hosting? These questions will help you find the best host because each provider is different from the next.

Which Indian hosting is best for 1 million traffic?

Kinsta is the best option if your website receives 1 million or more visitors monthly. The host’s infrastructure is designed to scale easily so that you can handle sudden traffic spikes without issues. Kinsta also uses the latest hardware and software for fast and reliable performance and takes security seriously.

Which Indian hosting company are you using for your WordPress website? What do you like about it and are you planning to change your hosting company?

Note: If you are an Indian hosting provider and you feel that you deserve to be here. Write to us at hello(at)shoutmeloud.com and let me know.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas in the comment section below.