7 Best AI Photo Enhancers for Remarkable Results!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023 By: Dessign Team

Best AI Photo Enhancers

In today’s digital age, high-quality images are in high demand, and AI photo enhancers have become indispensable tools for photographers, graphic designers, and digital artists alike.

These powerful software solutions utilize advanced AI algorithms to analyze and process images, enabling users to achieve remarkable results in their photo editing endeavors.

Whether it’s improving image quality, reducing noise, sharpening details, upscaling resolution, removing backgrounds, or enhancing overall aesthetics, AI photo enhancers offer a wide range of features and functionalities.

Best AI Photo Enhancers in 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized photo editing and enhancement. AI-powered tools can automatically improve image quality, fix flaws, and apply stylized effects with just a few clicks. Here is an overview of the top AI photo enhancers in 2023:

Topez labs

Topaz Photo AI is a versatile AI-powered plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom that can drastically improve photos with just one click. It leverages machine learning algorithms to perform complex enhancement tasks like increasing resolution, reducing noise, sharpening details, and more. Topaz upsizing can enlarge small images by up to 600% while maintaining clean edges.

The noise reduction feature effectively eliminates ugly grain and color speckling with advanced AI denoising. For portraits, the face smoothing tool subtly evens skin tones and textures while retaining natural facial details. The dedicated sky enhancer adds vivid color and contrast to lackluster skies in landscape shots.

Topaz offers an impressive array of automatic presets, like overall photo enhancement, JPEG artifact removal, creative effects, and others. It’s extremely useful for optimizing low quality images from mobile cameras or the web. However, Topaz can be slow when processing high-res photos and tends to oversaturate some colors. But overall, its intelligent algorithms can save huge amounts of time by automating complex editing tasks.

Key Features

  • AI Upscaling – Enlarges images up to 600% while preserving clean edges and details.
  • AI Denoise – Removes noise and grain from images. Great for low-light photos.
  • AI Sharpen – Intelligently sharpens blurred edges while avoiding oversharpening artifacts.
  • Face Smoothing – Subtly smooths skin tones while retaining facial details and texture.
  • Sky Enhancement – Makes skies pop with vivid color and contrast.


  • Impressive upscaling ability, even for very small images.
  • Cleans up JPEG artifacts and compression noise effectively.
  • Retains natural skin texture when smoothing portraits.
  • Easy to use, with automatic 1-click presets.


  • Can be slow to process large/high-res images.
  • Tend to oversaturate some colors, requiring manual tweaking.
  • Upscaled images may look artificially smoothed in some cases.
  • No batch processing mode.
Adobe firefly

Adobe Photoshop’s Firefly leverages AI and machine learning to revolutionize selection and masking. It generates highly accurate selections with just one click, even around the trickiest subjects against busy backgrounds. The selection masks tightly cling to the edges of subjects like fur, hair, glass, foliage, while ignoring irrelevant background elements.

Firefly also enables AI-powered object removal by seamlessly filling selected areas with surrounding content to make unwanted objects vanish. Old photo restoration is also automated, with AI filling in missing or damaged sections by synthesizing surrounding image data. The smart selection technology detects main subjects and makes initial selections automatically. Firefly yields more precision and speed than manual techniques like lassoing.

However, it can struggle with extremely fine details like wispy hair strands. The AI-powered tools greatly accelerate workflow, but provide less control than meticulous manual selection. Overall, Firefly brings the power of artificial intelligence to streamline complex photo manipulation tasks.

Key Features

  • Selection Masking – Automatically generates selections around subjects, even against complex backgrounds.
  • Object Removal – Easily removes unwanted objects from images by filling the selected area with surrounding content.
  • Photo Restoration – Automatically fills damaged/missing parts of old photos by synthesizing surrounding image content.
  • Automatic Subject Selection – Detects the main subject in a photo and creates a selection with one click.
  • Hair Selection – Accurately selects and masks fine details like hair, fur, and feathers.


  • Incredibly fast and easy to make detailed selections.
  • Automatically fills removed objects with natural-looking image content.
  • Handy for quick photo retouching and manipulating objects.
  • Good for selecting intricate elements like hair and glass.


  • Tendency to miss thin/wispy elements like strands of hair.
  • Inconsistent performance on low-contrast and blurry images.
  • Photo restoration results may look artificial at times.
  • Limited control compared to manual selection techniques.
Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo makes AI-enhanced photo editing easy and accessible. It features one-click tools powered by artificial intelligence algorithms to fix common photo problems. The AI Sky Enhancer adds depth, detail, and color to dull skies with just one click. Similarly, the AI Structure tool instantly sharpens details while preserving natural texture.

For portraits, the AI Skin Enhancer subtly evens and smooths skin tones while retaining pores, wrinkles, and flaws that define facial texture. Creative AI filters are also available like sun rays, Orton effects, and radial filters to add artful flair. Luminar Neo makes amazing one-click transformations possible.

However, it provides fewer overall editing tools compared to rivals like Adobe Lightroom. The filters also tend to produce overprocessed, Instagram-esque effects. Expert photographers may be frustrated by the lack of finer controls when applying the AI effects. Yet, Luminar Neo still delivers great automatic enhancement for those seeking a quick and easy way to make their photos pop.

Key Features

  • AI Sky Enhancer – Adds depth, detail, and color to lackluster skies with one click.
  • AI Structure – Sharpen details and add texture for more dynamic images.
  • AI Skin Enhancer – Subtly smooths and evens skin tones while retaining texture.
  • AI Portrait Bokeh – Artistically blurs the background to make subjects pop.
  • Automatic Orton Effects – Adds dreamy glows with AI-powered Orton effects.


  • Effective one-click enhancements for common photo issues.
  • Impressive filter effects like Orton photography.
  • Fast rendering speeds and easy to use tools.
  • Skin enhancer provides a natural, soft touch.


  • Has fewer overall editing tools compared to offerings like Lightroom.
  • Presets tend to have an overly processed, Instagram-esque look.
  • AI tools lack finer controls offered by manual editing.
  • No batch editing features.
HitPaw Photo Enhancer

HitPaw Photo Enhancer uses AI to automatically improve image quality with a single click. It has preset enhancement features to fix underexposure, white balance, and colors. The noise reduction removes unwanted grain and speckling for cleaner shots. For portraits, the face optimization provides subtle skin smoothing while enhancing features. Teeth whitening and blemish removal complete the retouching toolkit.

The AI sky enhancement adds vibrancy and detail to lackluster skies. An HDR effect amps up the vibrancy for intense colors and contrast. HitPaw makes getting great-looking photos easy for anyone. However, it lacks finer controls over the enhancement effects. The AI tends to overprocess images, leading to oversaturated, artificial-looking results in some cases.

Overall, HitPaw delivers worthwhile automatic optimization to improve photos quickly, especially for social media. But pro photographers may want more granular editing capabilities.

Key Features

  • Photo Enhancement – One-click enhancement fixes underexposure, white balance, and color issues.
  • Noise Reduction – Removes unwanted grain and speckling.
  • Face Optimization – Automatically smooths skin, whitens teeth, and enhances facial features.
  • Sky Enhancement – Makes skies bluer, with more contrast and detail.
  • HDR Effect – Applies a stylized HDR look to increase vibrancy.


  • Extremely easy to use, with fully automated enhancement.
  • Face optimization yields natural retouching for portraits.
  • Effective at improving lackluster photos quickly.
  • Affordable pricing compared to similar tools.


  • Limited control over the enhancement effects.
  • Tends to oversaturate and oversharpen images.
  • Minimal manual editing capabilities.
  • Batch processing requires paid version.

VanceAI utilizes artificial intelligence to power automatic photo retouching and manipulation. It can realistically remove distracting objects from images by filling the area with naturally-synthesized content via AI. For old photo restoration, VanceAI repairs damage and missing sections by generating content based on the surrounding image.

The photo retouching algorithms let you subtly enhance facial features, smooth skin, whiten teeth, adjust makeup, and more with customizable settings. Image upscaling is another handy feature, using AI to enlarge photos up to 600% for printing or digital display. Fun creative filters are available too, like black and white, vintage, HDR, and others.

VanceAI makes complex photo editing accessible, though it lacks batch processing and the mobile app has fewer features. The restoration can appear artificial if overdone. But overall, VanceAI delivers excellent AI-enhanced editing tools.

Key Features

  • Photo Restoration – Repairs old/damaged photos by filling missing areas and reducing scratches/noise.
  • Object Removal – Removes unwanted objects and fills the area naturally.
  • Photo Retouching – Smooths skin, whitens teeth, enhances facial features, and more.
  • Image Resizing – Upscales images by up to 600% using AI.
  • Creative Effects – Stylized filters like HDR, black & white, vintage, etc.


  • Effective old photo restoration and object removal.
  • Offers granular control over retouching effects.
  • Upscaling works well for increasing image size.
  • Fun creative filters available.


  • Photo restoration can appear artificial if improperly used.
  • Results are inconsistent for low-quality images.
  • No ability to batch process multiple photos.
  • Mobile app lacks some features from the desktop version.
Canva AI

Canva provides easy drag-and-drop graphic design along with handy AI photo enhancement capabilities. It has filters, textures, blurs, frames, and shapes to stylize images. The one-click photo enhancement tunes exposure, contrast, sharpness, and color balance. For portraits, the blemish remover and teeth whitener yield subtle, natural looking touch-ups.

Unwanted objects can also be easily removed from photos using the AI-powered object removal tool. Canva is user-friendly for non-designers, with numerous templates for social media posts, ads, logos, posters, and more. However, the enhancement tools are relatively limited compared to advanced photo editors.

The image results tend to have a heavily filtered, overedited look. Canva offers a solid entry-level option for simple graphic design and AI photo editing.

Key Features

  • Photo Effects – Filters, textures, blurs, backgrounds, frames, and shapes.
  • Photo Enhance – One-click tuning for exposure, contrast, sharpness, etc.
  • Blemish Remover – Helps cover up imperfections on faces.
  • Teeth Whitener – Automatically whitens teeth in photos.
  • Object Removal – Removes unwanted objects and fills background naturally.


  • Very easy to use even for non-designers.
  • Includes full graphic design application.
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Numerous templates for social media, ads, posters and more.


  • Enhancement tools are relatively basic and limited.
  • End results can appear overfiltered/overedited.
  • Minimal control over AI editing effects.
  • Requires monthly subscription for full access to features.
upscale media

Upscale.media is an innovative AI-powered platform for generating high-quality media content including images, videos, audio, and text. The platform utilizes advanced generative AI models like DALL-E 2, GPT-3, and Whisper to allow users to easily create professional media assets in just a few clicks. With an intuitive interface and customizable outputs, upscale.media makes it simple for anyone to produce engaging media content without needing advanced technical skills.

Key Features

  • AI-powered media generation – The platform uses advanced AI models like DALL-E 2, GPT-3, and Whisper to create media assets like images, videos, audio, and text.
  • Easy-to-use interface – Upscale.media has an intuitive interface that allows users to generate media content in just a few clicks. No technical skills needed.
  • Customizable outputs – Users can customize aspects like image sizes and styles, video lengths and formats, audio voices and more.
  • Collaboration tools – The platform enables teams to collaborate on media projects with features like sharing, commenting and version history.
  • Content analytics – Upscale.media provides insights into content performance with metrics like views, engagement and more.


  • Saves time and money on media creation.
  • Provides high-quality, customized media assets on demand.
  • Easy for anyone to create professional media content.


  • AI-generated content lacks human touch and nuance.
  • Possibility for AI bias and inaccuracies.
  • Requires subscription fees for full access to features.

The Power of AI in Photo Enhancement

AI photo enhancers leverage advanced algorithms to intelligently analyze and enhance images, resulting in stunning visual transformations. Through the use of AI-based image enhancement techniques, these tools are able to improve various aspects of a photograph, including noise reduction, sharpening, upscaling, and background removal.

One of the key advantages of AI photo enhancement algorithms is their ability to analyze large amounts of data and learn patterns, allowing them to make intelligent decisions about how to enhance an image. By understanding the context and content of the photo, these algorithms can make adjustments that bring out the best in the image, creating a more vibrant and visually appealing final result.

AI-powered photo enhancers offer a wide range of features and capabilities that can take photo editing to the next level. Whether you’re a professional photographer, graphic designer, or digital artist, these tools provide the tools and functionality needed to achieve remarkable results. From removing unwanted background elements to enhancing details and colors, AI photo enhancers offer a level of precision and control that was once only possible through manual editing.

Overall, AI photo enhancers have revolutionized the way we approach photo editing. With their advanced algorithms and AI-based image enhancement techniques, these tools allow us to transform ordinary images into extraordinary works of art. Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your personal photos or take your professional work to new heights, AI photo enhancers are an essential tool in today’s digital age.

AI photo enhancers provide transformative tools to improve all types of images with minimal effort. Options like Topaz Photo AI and Luminar Neo offer powerful automatic enhancement capabilities powered by artificial intelligence. For straightforward one-click fixes, applications such as HitPaw Photo Enhancer provide effective automatic optimization.

Overall, AI has opened up sophisticated photo retouching and manipulation to novice users and experts alike. The continuing advancements in AI will only further revolutionize digital photo editing in the years to come.


What are AI photo enhancers?

AI photo enhancers are software tools that use artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and improve the quality of images. They offer features like noise reduction, sharpening, upscaling, background removal, and overall image enhancement.

Why should I use AI photo enhancers?

AI photo enhancers can elevate ordinary images into extraordinary works of art. They can enhance the quality, sharpness, and colors of your photos, making them more visually appealing and professional-looking.

Which are the best AI photo enhancers?

Some of the best AI photo enhancers include Topaz Photo AI, Adobe Photoshop (Firefly), Luminar Neo, HitPaw Photo Enhancer, Remove.bg, Fotor, and VanceAI. Each tool has its own unique features and capabilities, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Are AI photo enhancers suitable for professionals?

Absolutely! AI photo enhancers are used by photographers, graphic designers, and digital artists who want to take their photo editing to the next level. These tools offer advanced features and functionalities that can help professionals achieve remarkable results.

How much do AI photo enhancers cost?

The pricing of AI photo enhancers varies depending on the tool and its subscription plans. Some tools offer free versions with limited features, while others require a monthly or annual subscription. You can choose the pricing option that fits your budget and needs.

Can I use AI photo enhancers on my mobile device?

Yes! Many AI photo enhancers offer mobile apps that allow you to edit your photos on the go. This gives you the flexibility to enhance and transform your images anytime, anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet.

Do AI photo enhancers work on all types of images?

AI photo enhancers are designed to work with various types of images, including JPEG, PNG, and RAW formats. They can enhance both landscape and portrait photos, as well as images taken in different lighting conditions.

Can AI photo enhancers remove backgrounds from images?

Yes! Some AI photo enhancers, like Remove.bg and Fotor, specialize in background removal. They use AI-powered algorithms to accurately detect and remove the background from your images, allowing you to change or replace the background with ease.

Can AI photo enhancers upscale low-resolution images?

Yes! AI photo enhancers like VanceAI have advanced upscaling algorithms that can enhance low-resolution images and increase their size without significant loss of quality. This is especially useful when working with images for printing or enlarging.

Can AI photo enhancers be used by beginners?

Absolutely! Many AI photo enhancers are designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, making them suitable for beginners. They offer presets and automatic enhancement options that simplify the editing process, allowing users to achieve great results with minimal effort.

Are AI photo enhancers only for professional photographers?

No! While AI photo enhancers are popular among professional photographers, they can also be used by hobbyists, social media enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to enhance their photos and make them look more visually appealing. These tools are accessible to users at different skill levels.