8 Best WordPress Star Rating Plugins ⭐ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Earlier this month, one of our readers asked if we knew which is the best WordPress star rating plugin?

Throughout this post, you will discover the best WordPress Star Rating plugins and suggestions for different contexts. Furthermore, each of these WordPress plugins is discussed for usability and dedicated purposes. We have included screenshots and videos to make the evaluation process as seamless as possible. We also ensure that these plugins work with all WordPress themes.

Moreover, all of these plugins help for Star Rating. But you are not looking for an exact Star Rating plugin? These plugins are also functional for Star Rating Custom Post Type, Elementor Star Rating, Rating Review, Schema Star Rating, and Star Review System. Pick the WordPress plugin that you think suits you and levels up your site.

In addition, you may wish to look at our article on the top WordPress product review plugins that will enable you to add more review features to your website. Our article on the WordPress affiliate marketing themes may also be of use to you.

The following are the best Star Rating WordPress plugins for 2022:

The Site Reviews plugin allows you to gather user reviews and ratings directly from your website. In this plugin, data can be backed up if it is lost.

The free version of the product does not permit users to attach photos to their reviews. Users may submit reviews with a star rating of 1-5 on your website.

This rating review plugin includes a simple settings page that allows you to customize how reviews are collected and shown on your website. This form can be customized and placed anywhere on your website.

Review orders are displayed by default in this plugin, but you can customize it by adding one or more of the best reviews to the top. Therefore, the site review plugin is worth considering if you prefer a neat look with standard review formatting.

However, this plugin doesn’t allow you to only display reviews that are above a certain number of stars. It means that you must display negative reviews as well.

💵 A free version is integrated for download, but the paid version costs a fee.

Key Features:

  • Organizes your reviews according to their rating
  • The ability to assign your own categories to reviews
  • Provide feedback on your responses
  • Sending notifications when new reviews are submitted in SlackGet
  • Offers a variety of free and premium form extensions
  • Provides you remote access to your reviews through APIs on remote websites and applications
  • Ratings and stars will be displayed in search engine results
  • Custom blocks are supported by Gutenberg’s editor
  • The ability to import CSV from an integrated CSV importer

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin is free and has a rich set of features.
    Awesome. I’m very happy with this plugin.

    blezaxf44Apr 2022

  • Great settings and features, even better support!

    George IlidisApr 2022

  • This is a great plugin that is constantly being updated. I was stunned by how fast and effective the support was.

    julius0407Apr 2022

Easy Testimonials is one of the most popular testimonial plugins available for WordPress. It is fully compatible with WordPress 5 and the Gutenberg editor as well.

In addition to the many customization options provided by this schema star rating plugin, you can customize pagination dots and navigation arrows down to the most minute detail.

Suppose you upload images to the testimonials section in the star review system. In that case, the author’s picture will be displayed within search results, increasing the visibility of your products.

It is also possible to purchase a pro version if you want a more comprehensive selection of fonts, template styles, and/or collect testimonials.

However, new users cannot modify the HTML of a template or upload their own testimonial template.

Unlike the Easy Testimonials plugin, the Site Reviews plugin supports remote access to reviews through APIs on your websites.

💵 It comes in a free Lite version and a $99 Pro version.

Key Features:

  • The testimonials can be viewed by scrolling, tiling, and flipping
  • The ability to develop a testimonial form with as many fields as you need
  • Incorporates testimonials into your existing website as a test
  • SEO Boost optimizes testimonials to be found by search engines

Random Reviews:

  • Insufficient support even in the paid version is for me a KO criteria.
    After no response from support I will need to request a charge back.
    This topic was modified 10 months, 2 weeks ago by Ken.

    alvaromsJun 2021

  • I wish I had read the reviews before buying this!, the author has disappeared, the plugin doesn’t work and I can’t get my money back.

    morktronApr 2021

  • Review read too late.
    Pro Upgrade does not work
    Wasted two days in work
    No contact from support
    WordPress should remove this scamming plugin and all the other plugins from Gold Plugins
    This topic was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by Dan Morrison.

    brendanroachJul 2020

A WordPress plugin called Rate My Post allows your visitors to rate each of your blog posts and pages, which helps you improve them.

The WordPress star rating plugin can be used to add reviews using shortcodes to your posts and pages.

When you install the lightweight script onto your website, it automatically adds stars to your website. You will see how many votes were cast and their average rating.

This plugin receives new updates very often, and its average rating on WordPress.org is 5 stars. Its ease of use and functionality are its most vital points.

Rating plugins can be customized following your preferences since they can be integrated with all WordPress cache plugins.

The most popular posts can be displayed on your sidebar and a detailed description of why they are popular.

💵 For Lite, it is free. For Premium, there is a cost.

Key Features:

  • Each post can be preceded by a rating
  • Structured data is supported in rich snippets according to Google’s latest guidelines
  • Enables you to automate your website’s rating by adding a shortcode
  • Customized templates can be created based on your specific requirements
  • Following or sharing button for social networks is available after a positive rating is left
  • Provides information about the number of votes/ratings each post/page has received
  • Gives information about each rating, including time, IP (optional), etc

Random Reviews:

  • There may not be a plugin error, but for me the icons do not display, they appear broken. I’ve tried support and haven’t received a response, so my opinion remains the same. I will modify my review when support contacts me.

    deepeeFeb 2022

  • Plugin that can be configured and used for SEO purposes. Easy to install and adaptable.

    hoakinn25Feb 2022

  • It isn’t possible to rate this topic from only one side

    Cujo11Jan 2022

The WP Product Review Lite plugin is primarily designed for those who have an e-commerce website and a business website powered by WordPress. This plugin allows your visitors to provide reviews immediately on your website, increasing your sales.

The WP Product Review Lite plugin lets you not only create a review website but also enable your users to leave feedback on customers’ ratings of your site.

With the WP Product Review Lite plugin, you are able to add product review controls to your WordPress website, including the capability to assign star rating custom post types to individual products.

Moreover, since the plugin changes the default settings of the comment box, you may not encounter compatibility issues. Also, you can test the plugin for free.

You can communicate better with your users, display reviews easily to navigate, and generate income from your posts through an easy-to-navigate buy now button. Rich snippets will be displayed, too, for an enhanced user experience.

💵 It is free to download this plugin.

Key Features:

  • The ability to modify the colors, enable affiliate links or disable them
  • Provides information on reviews and star ratings for your products
  • The ability to display the latest and greatest reviews anywhere on the site using custom widgets
  • The ability to rate comments is possible
  • The ability to choose the product review option and fill out the review setting
  • The capability to change icons and ask your customers to rate your brand

Random Reviews:

  • A third party informed us that this plugin, which we have on all of our sites as part of a paid subscription, had been discontinued. I think that is the worst treatment one can think of for existing customers of ThemeIsle.

    AlexAug 2021

  • This a href=”https://betterstudio.com/wordpress-plugins/best-wordpress-seo-plugins/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>SEO plugin/a> is easy to use and does exactly what it says. I’ve been using it at onlinesitebuilders for more than a year and it’s worked well.

    andrewmgriffApr 2021

  • Does exactly what it promises, is easy to use and is very fast to load!

    jwales2112Mar 2021

In addition to enhancing WooCommerce’s existing Reviews feature, YiTH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews extends the functionality.

This plugin allows you to establish an Amazon-like review section for your WooCommerce products. Customers can add their own reviews, attach files, and rate your products.

This plugin also allows customers to sort them by the most valuable reviews. This is an excellent plugin for displaying reviews based on star ratings and allowing customers to vote for the best judgments.

The best way to increase sales and build customer loyalty on your eCommerce website is to obtain reviews, regardless of how large or small your business is.

In addition, you can include rich snippets to product reviews, allow your customers to add images and titles, and integrate rating or review statistics.

Unlike the WP Product Review Lite plugin, the YiTH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews plugin supports modifying the colors, enabling affiliate links, or disabling them.

💵 A Lite (Free) and Pro (for a fee) version are available.

Key Features:

  • Sending automated or manual reminders via email after orders have been reviewed is possible
  • The ability to import and export CSV files easily
  • The ability to Add Google Shopping to your website
  • Customer reviews, ratings, comments, and product images are available
  • Customers can ask questions through Star Rating Shortcode
  • The offer of discounts on shopping can be exchanged for reviews
  • the ability to mark inappropriate comments, find and remove them

Random Reviews:

  • This kind of plugin is not suitable for the free version and the paid version is far too expansive.

    PertiesSep 2021


    bargabJul 2021

  • Hi The Plugin is breaking the site after todays update and shows the below message
    wp-content/plugins/yith-woocommerce-advanced-reviews/plugin-fw/yit-plugin.php. Error message: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘includes/class-yit-help-desk.php’

    Shoyeb ShaikhJul 2021

A significant difference between GD Rating System and the old GD Star Rating plugin is that GD Rating System has been built on a modular structure with most features divided into addons and rating methods.

You can rate any post with this Star Review feature – be it a custom post, a comment, or a user. It can even be used to sort categories. The feature applies to comments, posts, and rich snippets.

This will allow you to integrate the GD Rating System plugin into your website to allow users to rate an item on the site. Thus, you can enable multiple entities and ratings on your website.

The only disadvantage of this plugin is that it does not support integration. A primary feature of this plugin is the star rating. With add-ons such as posts and comments integration, this number can be further enhanced.

💵 The Premium version of the GD Rating System plugin costs $price, and the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Receiving instant emails when the voting process is complete
  • The capability to use a voting system with a variety of options, or the Emotion vote to combine emotions
  • Ratings can be assigned to comments by clicking the rating button
  • The ability to rate the site according to each factor
  • Adding add-ons enhances the functionality of custom post types

Random Reviews:

  • It seems like this might be an insanely powerful plugin, however the setup process is quite complicated and there is no good user guide to walk you through it.

    gauravkeerthiJul 2020

  • It worked very well for me. Thank you. I searched for hours and this plugin has excellent options and works very well.

    herculesjgMay 2020

  • There is only one thing I can say about this plugin… I have everything I need in one plugin.. thanks,

    dadosFeb 2019

WP Customer Reviews plugins allow people to rate businesses or products on WordPress websites. These plugins are open-source, accessible, and not challenging to install.

WordPress Customer Reviews is a free plugin that facilitates collecting, editing, and publishing customer reviews on your WordPress website.

In the individual post settings, you will see a box entitled Enable WordPress Customer Reviews. By clicking the button, you will enable customer reviews for the specified post or page.

In addition to the ability to leave a review on your product, moderate comments, include images, customize widgets, and block spam, reviewers and users will have access to these features.

As a result of its lightweight, this plugin takes up little space on your website. Its lightweight does not contribute to any loading delays.

💵 Free download of this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Provides support for the addition of custom fields
  • Provides multiple anti-spam measuresto prevent spambots from submitting reviews
  • Reviewing shortcodes enable you to include review forms and reviews in any widget or page
  • A stylesheet is provided for the customization of themes
  • Administrators can edit the content and the date of a review
  • The service supports caching plugins and custom themes

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent plugin (free one)… Trying it on my site [link removed by moderator].. Will update you how it goes…
    This topic was modified 2 weeks, 1 day ago by CemFan.

    Chris ClarkApr 2022

  • There is no way of just displaying the rating. I have not found any way to show the rating and hide the review.
    This severely limits the amount of use cases you can have. Hope this feature gets added soon! Apart from that, a simple and tidy review plugin that is not bloated and easy to use!

    just0nequestionMar 2022

  • Thank you for this. It’s very good and easy to use.

    lrhoadsDec 2021

Taqyeem is a WordPress product review plugin that enables you to add excellent ratings to your posts and pages to receive reviews.

This plugin generates microdata snippets that can be displayed as part of search engine results and translated and localized to work with languages with Right-to-Left characters.

Additionally, Taqyeem offers widgets that show the most recent and most favorable customer reviews, as well as three different types of customer reviews, such as stars, points, and percentages.

In this plugin, various color schemes, typographic elements, and rating systems can be chosen to match your brand.

The plugin for WordPress allows the user to display only the comments that are the best, only those that are latest or randomize the order of the words.

This plugin has installation issues that affect customers’ star rating system and purchasing the plugin.

💵 With all the features and options above, it costs $29, and if that’s not enough for you, you will get 12 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Ability to support popular WordPress themes, such as Sahifa, Jarida, and Gameleon
  • Displaying widgets that indicate the best, most recent, and random reviews
  • Provides support for localization
  • Provides support for various types of posts, pages, and even custom post types
  • Allows users to customize fonts, images, colors, and styles of the site
  • Captivating buttons to enhance your reviews

Random Reviews:

  • It is of great design quality and looks modern and stylish while doing its job efficiently.

    paulchrislukeFeb 2018

  • An outstanding plugin in its category – hands down. Definitely recommended.

    Yimbo83Apr 2021

  • I find it to be one of the best plugins for ratings in WordPress.

    mezosFeb 2019

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