8 Modern Property Management Website Templates for 2023

Are you looking for property management website templates? They can help fast-track the website creation process by providing you with the core pages, structure, and functionality your site needs. These in turn, make up for a perfect foundation to customize, include your rental listings, and reflect your company’s brand. 💼

👉 In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of creating a property management website and what to consider before you choose your template.

Why you need an effective property management website

Before we share some of the best property management website templates, let’s discuss why you might need one.

In a nutshell, a property management website can help you streamline and improve your business. That’s because a real estate website can provide you with a space to advertise your services and list properties.

What’s more, your property management site could serve as a hub for current tenants. For instance, you could post essential resources, like maintenance request forms, on it.

You might even use your site to offer a tenant portal or a chatbot. This way, you can improve the user experience for your clients. 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️

What to consider before you choose a property management website template

Now that you know the basic benefits of creating a site for your property management business, let’s dive a little deeper into website templates.

As you may already know, a website template enables you to use a pre-made design for your site. These website templates can include core pages, a navigation menu, essential forms, and more.

When it comes to property management website templates, these are geared toward this specific use-case. So, they might include a special page to list properties or your services.

When choosing a website template, you’ll want to consider your businesses’ unique needs. Furthermore, your template will need to be compatible with your website builder or content management system (CMS).

As an example, WordPress website “templates” are actually referred to as themes. However, each theme can have different “starter sites” which are templates. Meanwhile, website builders like Squarespace and Wix also use templates (not called themes).

Although these themes and templates essentially offer the same thing (a pre-made website design), you won’t be able to use them on other builders or CMSs without the right tools.

However, if you’d like to use a template (and not a standard theme) for your WordPress site, you can easily use Templates Cloud to import them. 📥

Best property management website templates in 2023

As we’ve discussed, there are plenty of benefits to creating a property management website. However, if you don’t have experience with web design, this could prove challenging. With that in mind, here are the best property management website templates to help you build something of your own.

  1. Hendon – Single Property Theme
  2. Wilmër – Construction Theme
  3. Real Estate – Residential Real Estate Website Template
  4. Real Estate Agency (Astra)
  5. Divi Plus Realestate
  6. Real Estate Agency (Neve)
  7. Real Estate Firm (Wix)
  8. Leasio Template (Squarespace)

1. Hendon – Single Property Theme

Hendon is one of the best property management website templates.

First on our list is Hendon – Single Property Theme. This is a highly practical property management template, which works best for showcasing individual properties.

Hendon is designed for WordPress and is also compatible with Elementor. That means you can use the page builder to customize almost any aspect of this theme. Additionally, Hendon includes plenty of dark and light templates that feature elegant typography and professional-looking pages.

Plus, Hendon offers tons of practical features for real estate and property management. As an example, it offers floor plans and maps.

💳 Price: $85

2. Wilmër – Construction Theme

Wilmër is a construction theme that can be used as a property management website template.

Next up, let’s check out Wilmër. This is technically a WordPress theme geared toward construction companies. However, it can offer you an excellent foundation for a property management site.

It includes a large collection of templates with engaging visuals like parallax scrolling. It even offers a real estate template which you can customize to your property management needs.

Wilmër also integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, and includes essential pages for user profiles. So, it can provide you with the basics you need to create a tenant portal. Additionally, Wilmër is compatible with popular page builder plugins, including WP Bakery.

💳 Price: $75

3. Real Estate – Residential Real Estate Website Template

Residential real estate template for a property management site.

If you’re looking for a robust and versatile solution, you may be interested in Real Estate. This is a multipurpose HTML template that can be used on a variety of different platforms.

Although Real Estate can function as a traditional agency website, it offers some characteristics and features that make it one of the best property management website templates.

For example, it comes with three different home page designs, all of which feature properties and an advanced search tool. This way, potential tenants can more easily browse your rental properties.

💳 Price: $39 for the standard HTML template and a personal license. You can also pay an additional $369 to make this template compatible with WordPress.

4. Real Estate Agency (Astra)

A real estate template for the Astra theme.

Now, let’s take a look at the Real Estate Agency template for the Astra theme. Although some placeholder text for this template is meant for a “full service” real estate agency, it’s still a great option for a property management business.

This sleek design offers plenty of white space, straightforward navigation, and room to feature properties. Additionally, since it’s built on the Astra theme, it’s compatible with page builders like Elementor.

💳 Price: This is a premium Astra template, so you’ll need the Astra Essential Bundle to get it, which costs $137.

5. Divi Plus Realestate

Divi Plus offers one of the best property management website templates.

Divi Plus Realestate is another excellent choice if you’re looking for a quality website template. That’s because it includes everything you require for a property management business.

It gives you essential sections to highlight your services, properties, managers, and more. Plus, there’s space to include customer testimonials, which can boost credibility and encourage potential tenants to get in touch.

It’s important to note, though, that this template is meant to work with the Divi Builder, and comes included in Divi Plus. In addition to this real estate template, the tool also comes with 50+ starter templates and 250+ section blocks.

💳 Price: This template is meant to be used with the Divi Builder. So, after you purchase an Elegant Themes plan ($89), you can sign up for Divi Plus ($79) to get it.

6. Real Estate Agency (Neve)

A real estate agency template for the Neve theme.

If you want to ensure a positive user experience for your potential customers, you might consider the Real Estate Agency template for Neve. This WordPress theme is super fast and lightweight. It’s also responsive, so you can rest assured it will run smoothly on mobile devices.

Similar to some other property management website templates on this list, it’s technically meant for traditional real estate sites. However, it has all the core qualities you’ll need for property management.

Its Directory page is perfect for listing your rental properties. Even better, it includes a property search page to help users find their dream home.

💳 Price: To get this template, you’ll need one of the Neve Pro plans, which start at $69 per year.

7. Real Estate Firm (Wix)

A property management website template for Wix.

So far, we’ve covered a lot of template options for WordPress. However, the Real Estate Firm template is specifically designed for Wix, which is a popular real estate website builder.

Once again, you may need to remove some features here geared toward selling real estate, but that shouldn’t deter you. This sleek website design has a page for properties and another to highlight your company’s team members.

It even includes social media icons that you can connect to your preferred platforms. This way, customers can get in touch with you using their preferred method.

💳 Price: To use this website template, you’ll need to sign up for Wix. Plans start at $16 per month.

8. Leasio Template (Squarespace)

Leasio is one of the best property management website templates for Squarespace.

Lastly, let’s look at a property management template that’s specifically designed for Squarespace. Leasio comes with five complete pages, including one for rental properties.

Its bright and modern design also incorporates several sign-up forms to help you collect leads. Furthermore, it features various prominent buttons that are perfect for call to actions (CTAs).

Leasio’s amenities page makes it an excellent option for luxury apartment buildings as opposed to standalone homes.

💳 Price: You can buy the Leasio template for $99.

Conclusion 🧐

If you run a property management business, a professional website can serve as a hub for your rental listings, tenant resources, and more. However, if you can’t hire a developer and you’re not familiar with web design, creating a business website can be challenging.

That’s where property management website templates can be a lifesaver. If you’re using WordPress, you can choose a theme like Neve, which includes a property management layout. Alternatively, you’re able to import any design into WordPress using Templates Cloud. Or, if you use Wix or Squarespace, you can try one of their native or premium options.

Do you have any questions about the property management website templates on this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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