Best AI Tools for Music & Audio 🎵 2023 (Free, Cheap & Pro)

Do you want to integrate AI technology into your music or audio production work? Discover how artificial intelligence can help you boost the quality of your audio and music productions with our ultimate guide to artificial intelligence tools.

Music creation has become more accessible, efficient, and innovative thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence. With modern AI technology, music creation has never been easier, more efficient, or more innovative.

As we present you in this article, we have included all the information you need regarding how to embark on your AI-powered journey into the music and audio industries, by highlighting some of the most advanced artificial intelligence tools that are available at present.

You’ll learn how to integrate AI into your music and audio workflows with this article, from mixing and mastering tools powered by AI to virtual instruments and intelligent composition tools. 

Here we go AI-powered music and audio production!

Best Music & Audio Tools for AI

Currently, the music industry is experiencing rapid changes, and AI technology plays a pivotal part in shaping the way it evolves. If you’re looking for the best AI tools to take your music and audio production to the next level, be sure to give our top picks in this article section a look.

A music generator powered by artificial intelligence is Amper Music, which simplifies the creation of music tracks by using pre-recorded samples as the basis. You can generate awesome audio with no music theory or composition knowledge because it’s easy to use.

A unique feature of this platform is that users are able to modify and finetune their music tracks effortlessly with its features including individual instruments, tempo, music keys, and more to create an individualized sound that suits their project’s desired mood or vibe.

This cloud-based platform is good for content creators, game developers, podcasters, and everyone else who wants to make customized soundtracks. Users can save, organize, and share their projects without jumping between platforms, and they get exclusive tracks created by the software.

As one of the high-traffic AI tools for music & audio, you can search for assets alphabetically or by date, filter by asset type, status, or license, and even add images, videos, or music tracks to collections with the software.

There are a lot of different AI music generator programs out there, but the program stands out due to its ease of use and impressive features. Whether you’re an experienced musician or just starting out when it comes to music creation, Amper Music has everything you need.

Key Features:

  • Easy music creation with pre-recorded samples
  • Modify and fine-tune tracks
  • A platform for creators, game developers, and podcasters
  • Save, organize, and share projects without switching platforms
  • Type, status, or license asset types to search
  • Add images, videos, or music tracks to collections


an Impressive Ai Music Generator

Since its development in 2016, AIVA is one of the most popular AI music generator tools on the market. It is a free tool for game developers, composers, and novice users to create soundtracks for various projects easily with its AI technology.

Users are able to create music from scratch or generate variations of existing songs without worrying about licensing issues thanks to the software’s unique features. Music of different genres and styles can be created by choosing preset styles.

A software program that composes music for ads, video games, movies, and more has been released already. It was first published under the title ‘Opus 1 For Piano Solo,’ and the software has also released an album and composed music for a video game.

As one of the best AI tools for music & audio, it is also possible for users who subscribe to the Pro Plan to receive full ownership of any composition created with the software, forever, as long as they subscribe to the Plan.

Whether you’re a professional composer or a complete novice in music, AIVA assists you in your creative process and helps you create compelling themes for your projects faster than ever before by leveraging the power of AI-generated music.

Key Features:

  • Creates music from scratch or variations of existing songs
  • Unique preset styles for different genres and styles
  • Composes music for ads, video games, and movies
  • Offers full ownership of compositions
  • Uses AI technology to generate music faster
  • Eliminates licensing issues for generated music

A service called Soundful creates high-quality and royalty-free background music for videos, streams, podcasts, and more using artificial intelligence. It requires just a few clicks to get started, as well as users can customize the inputs to create tracks customized to their needs.

The platform offers over 50 templates from different genres, allowing producers to never get stuck creatively again. The AI’s music theory-trained one-shot samples ensure that the software will never replicate a song that already exists, giving creators peace of mind when it comes to copyright strikes.

There are many features that make the software stand out from other music licensing services, including its ability to tailor studio-quality music to a brand’s specific needs in order to make it a cost-effective alternative to the over-priced licensing options competitors offer.

In addition to searching for the perfect track in Soundful, you can render it up and download the stems at the same time. Soundful has something for everyone, whether you are a brand, a producer, or a creator of any kind (or all three).

Key Features:

  • Create high-quality and royalty-free background music
  • Customizable inputs to create tracks tailored to user’s needs
  • Offers over 50 templates from different genres
  • Tailors studio-quality music to a brand’s specific needs
  • A cost-effective alternative to over-priced licensing options
  • Ability to render and download stems at the same time

You can make your own music with Ecrett Music’s AI-powered music generator. It’s simple to use, and there are lots of scenes, moods, and genres – making it a great tool for beginners and professionals.

As one of the cheap AI tools for music & audio, its music generator is able to let you create royalty-free music, so you no longer need to worry about license issues when it comes to the use of the music you’ve created since you’ll be able to use a royalty-free version of the music you’ve created.

To get started, you simply select at least one option from Scene, Mood, and Genre before clicking “Create Music.” The tool then creates music based on your choices, and you get different music every time even when using the same settings.

A second outstanding feature of this software is its substantial customizability. With only a few clicks, you can modify some of the instruments and structures, and even build your own. It offers customizable instruments like Melody, Backing, Bass, and Drum.

With this software, you’ll make your own royalty-free music, and manage it with Favorites, Download History, Video Upload, and lots more. Moreover, this is a great tool for anyone who wants to make their own royalty-free music fast.

The fact that it has such a wide variety of scenes and genres, customizable instruments, and a simple user interface definitely makes it worth checking out if you are looking for some original music anytime for any of your projects.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered music generator
  • Wide variety of scenes, moods, and genres
  • Royalty-free music creation
  • Customizable instruments: Melody, Backing, Bass, Drum
  • Modifiable instruments and structures
  • Favorites and Download History Management


Enables You to Customize a Song With AI-created Phrases

It uses artificial intelligence as well as manual tools, to give a user the freedom to write and create their own music. The platform combines AI and manual tools to provide you with the ability to create 100% original music effortlessly.

It is unique among other software apps thanks to the fact that it gives users the ability to customize files, so they can improvise and tweak compositions as they go on, which makes it very easy to use among other software apps.

As one of the free AI tools for music & audio, while free users can use the music generator to create music, subscribing for unlimited downloads is necessary to take full advantage of the tool’s capabilities.

With the software, users can create beautiful music just by selecting the mood, genre, and length, and the AI generates a whole new track. They can even shorten the intro and change their video.

Our team of experts believes Soundraw is an excellent choice for those who want to create customized music with the assistance of artificial intelligence as an alternative to traditional methods.

Key Features:

  • Create original music with AI and manual tools
  • Customize files for improvisation and tweaking
  • Easy to use; suitable for beginners
  • Select mood, genre, and length, and generate a track
  • Shorten the intro and change the video
  • The AI-powered tool creates beautiful music effortlessly

Frequently Asked Questions

What are AI tools for music and audio?

The world of music has a wide range of products to meet your needs. From simple voice assistants to complex software that autotunes, masters, and synthesizes sounds based on your preferences, the choice is yours.

How can AI tools benefit music producers and creators?

A wide variety of artificial intelligence tools are available in the market today that can provide producers and musicians with time and effort-saving opportunities by automating repetitive tasks such as mixing, mastering, and sampling in order to save time and effort.

They can also assist in the creation of new and original content by generating melodic and rhythmic ideas based on user input or analyzing existing music to identify patterns and structures.

Are there any drawbacks to using AI tools for music and audio?

A user’s expectations may not always be met when using AI tools. Furthermore, some users may feel AI diminishes the creative process and takes away from the human component of music production. The user ultimately decides whether to use AI tools.


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