CGDream AI

CGDream is an progressive AI software launched by CGTrader that revolutionizes the development of 2D visuals by integrating Generative AI with 3D types. This distinctive mixture provides people with unparalleled manage around picture composition, permitting for precise execution of artistic visions.


Consumers can outline the composition of their pictures, manipulate views, and even benefit from their have 3D designs to produce a broad vary of visuals​​​​.

Crucial Attributes of CGDream include:

CGDream introduces a new era of design by building 3D product-based mostly 2D impression creation available to a broader viewers, together with creators lacking specialized 3D expertise, marketers, artists, and hobbyists. This tactic not only simplifies the structure procedure but also opens up new prospects for 3D designers to monetize their products and get to new person bases​​.