Easy Approaches of Including Personalized Icons to Elementor

Icons have turn into an integral way of communicating and providing information and facts. There are so a lot of of them for pretty much any celebration, from exhibiting social one-way links and cart buttons to marking the most critical sections of content, producing icon lists, and using them in lots of other blocks.

In this report, we will overview various methods for building and introducing custom icons to Elementor.

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What Are WordPress Icons?

It could audio a bit odd simply because, nicely, icons are icons, appropriate? But not genuinely, and the format truly defines the way they are utilised, behave, and can be extra to the website. 

There are a few icon formats for sites:

  1. Icon fonts (Font Wonderful, Content Style and design, and many others.) are basically fonts, but instead of letters, you have symbols. It signifies you can apply the exact qualities as for any other font: color, textual content-align, or a font-sizing house. On the other hand, they are not so versatile (as opposed to SVG) when it arrives to animation.
  2. SVG icons. SVG stands for “scalable vector graphics,” which implies that it is the lightest doable format for any graphics. Most likely, your website designer will use this format in the types.
    Nevertheless, many WordPress themes and Elementor do not allow uploading SVGs by default for the reason that, thanks to its precise structure, it can perhaps have destructive scripts. To make it possible for uploading them to Elementor, go to Elementor > Settings > State-of-the-art and look at Unfiltered Uploads. If your topic has this challenge, both uncheck this restriction in the concept configurations or put in the SVG Support plugin. Just make certain you don’t add SVGs from not known resources, and you will be protected. 
  3. PNG icons. They can be useful only for intricate graphics because PNG is a raster structure, which implies the file sizing is a lot bigger than SVG, and it can not be scaled without the need of getting rid of high quality. So, it is not a great observe to use PNG icons where they can be changed by SVG. 

After all has been reported, there are two key candidates for staying an icon source on your web site: Icon fonts and SVG visuals. So which a person is the most effective?

I would say the two, as extended as they are stored regionally, for overall performance good reasons simply because, even if it does not audio like a hefty anything, icon fonts or any other 3rd-party libraries are blocking the major thread.

SVG Icons vs. Icon Fonts

It utilised to be a topic of discussion for a although: which a single is the best? SVG icons are regarded as to be a preferable process, but there is no important big difference involving these two strategies, and in most cases, you can use the two. 

But let’s compare them in accordance to the a number of indicators underneath. 


This quite important issue is not so unique if you look at each of our contestants. Only if the Web is very bad, SVG could give far better outcomes, just due to the fact they develop a bit much less requests and are a very little bit lighter. 


In this classification, SVGs are distinct winners. They are WAI-friendly many thanks to their image character and can not be puzzled with normal text fonts by display screen viewers (not like icon fonts).

Displaying and animations

SVGs are photos, which usually means they usually continue to be as they are, even though icon fonts are just fonts for browsers, like the usual types, so anti-aliasing can be applied to them, dependent on the consumer configurations. In other text, they can be slightly blurred. This strategy is good for other fonts to enhance readability, while it is not a fantastic idea for icon fonts. 

So, from this viewpoint, SVGs are far better. 

But if you want to alter color, you can do it only with fonts or inline SVGs (which you seldom use in authentic lifetime as icons). 

However, for most animations, SVGs are greater since they can use a superior selection of animations. 

📢 SVG and font icons are really interchangeable in lots of approaches. Themes largely use icon fonts, significantly Font Great, as icons. I guess you have seen this widget panel that Elementor gives, where by “icons” essentially necessarily mean Font Brilliant icons. 

Elementor icon widget

That is why it’s time to see how to include custom icons of both of those types to your website without the need of messing up the efficiency

Chatting about functionality, Elementor designed a terrific advancement not long ago, exhibiting Font Magnificent as inline SVGs. To activate it, go to Elementor > Options > Functions. 

Incorporating Icon Fonts to Elementor

Web page icons are ordinarily topic to the site style, so there are not many instances when you would need to have to increase 500+ unique icons. Having said that, custom made icons are required, as the default WordPress icon established, Dashicons, is restricted and is utilised generally for the dashboard. The rest is up to your concept and your individual customization. 

There are two key approaches to include custom icons to Elementor: working with Elementor Professional or a 3rd-celebration plugin. But right before, you need to generate these personalized icons. It can be carried out with the most preferred icon font companies, this kind of as Fontello or IcoMoon.

Generating a custom font

1st, you have to have to crank out a custom made font, and it is simpler than it seems. I will present it making use of a Fontello example. Very first, go to the web-site and find the icons you will use. There is a big option, and you can also incorporate your tailor made SVGs there. Only simply click on the icons you want, and they will be included to your assortment. 

adding custom icons WP

You can edit their codes or names, if you want, in the committed tabs. Just after that, click the “Download webfont” button, and your tailor made icon font is ready. 

Adding custom made icons employing Elementor Professional

If you are an Elementor Pro person, it’s the simplest way to do it. Go to Elementor > Tailor made Icons and add the ZIP file you have just generated. Which is it now, they will become accessible in Elementor widgets

custom icons Elementor

Making use of an icon plugin

If you desire a no cost variation of Elementor, the Tailor made Icons for Elementor no cost plugin will be a superior asset, as you can do the exact same, uploading your created file. 

Adding SVG Icons to Elementor

SVGs are just a structure of picture information, so there is no want to use any unique code or plugins to add them to the web-site. Basically upload them making use of the widget dialog window and appreciate making use of it. But recall that it need to be the correct shade for your layout. The only way to transform it slightly is by utilizing CSS filters. 

Alternatively, you can use an inline SVG widget, exactly where you can modify colour it’s obtainable, along with a ton of other great widgets, with the JetElements plugin. 


How do you make custom made icon fonts for WordPress?

Use free of charge solutions like Fontello or IcoMoon.

Can I insert personalized icons to Elementor (cost-free)?

Yes, just use the devoted free of charge plugins from the WordPress plugin directory.

How a lot of icons do you will need for the site?

Just about every case is individual, but you absolutely really don’t need to have hundreds of icons, especially when they are included as an exterior library they can have an affect on your web site overall performance in a extremely unfavorable way. That’s why it’s a right exercise to retailer them locally.


Most internet sites need to have tailor made icons that are aligned with the special layout of a certain venture. Present day icon formats are SVG and icon fonts nonetheless, SVG is a lot more preferable. It is really straightforward to incorporate customized icons to Elementor, both by applying Elementor Pro functionality or a totally free plugin.