Experience the Magic of Neve 3.7 Sighisoara: What’s New and Exciting!

🎉 🎉 We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to something special – Neve 3.7 ‘Sighisoara.’ This latest release takes its name and inspiration from the enchanting town of Sighisoara in Romania, a place known for its timeless beauty and rich heritage.

Just like Sighisoara, Neve 3.7 represents a unique blend of history and modernity. It’s designed to make website building an experience that’s not only efficient, but also visually engaging. 🏰💫

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a tour of what’s new in Neve 3.7 ‘Sighisoara’ and show you how it can enhance your website-building journey. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on this exciting journey into the world of Neve’s latest release.

🌟 Introducing the game-changing onboarding process

We understand how important it is to make the website-building journey as seamless as possible, especially for beginners. That’s why we’ve revamped our starter site onboarding process to help you get your dream site up and running in no time!

🌈 Customize Your Color Palette: Choose from a stunning array of colors to make your site uniquely yours. Say goodbye to boring, default designs!

📚 Select Fonts with Ease: Picking the perfect fonts for your website has never been simpler. Explore the font pairings that make your content pop!

✏️ Craft Your Site Name: Give your website an identity that truly represents you. Personalize your site name effortlessly.

🖼️ Logo Magic: Easily upload your logo and see it seamlessly integrated into your website. Branding made simple!

🛠 Font size control for your site title

In the ever-evolving world of web design, the right font size can make all the difference. It’s that sweet spot where readability meets aesthetics. But let’s be honest, diving into code to tweak font sizes isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s where Neve 3.7 ‘Sighisoara’ steps in with its new feature – Font Size Control.

Before we get into how Font Size Control works, let’s talk about why font size matters. Font size doesn’t just impact how your content looks; it also affects how people see it. If it’s too small, visitors might have trouble reading, and if it’s too big, it might not look professional.

Think of it like adjusting the font size on your phone – easy and straightforward. No tech jargon or coding is required.

Want your site title to pop or keep it subtle?

Simply slide to your preference in the customization settings. It’s about giving you the power to make your site look just right without the fuss. Start fine-tuning your website’s style with Neve’s Font Size Control today!

Discover it here: Appearance → Customize → Header → Logo & Site Identity

Site title size control in Neve 3.7

✨ Improved user experience

In the world of web design, every click, scroll, and interaction matters. That’s why in Neve 3.7 ‘Sighisoara,’ we’ve gone the extra mile to enhance your editing experience.

This update is all about making your website editing experience better and clearer. Let’s explore one of the much needed improvements – the ‘Disable Title’ feature.

Once you activate the ‘Disable Title’ feature, there’s no more guesswork involved. We’ve introduced a subtle yet effective touch – your title gracefully fades to a lower opacity. Now, you can witness your actions in real-time!

Discover it here: Go to Page/Post → Edit → Neve Options → Disable Header Toggle

Disabled title feature in Neve 3.7

💼 Introducing the new Web Developer starter site

Say hello to our Web Developer starter site – it’s your go-to for building awesome websites effortlessly. Everything’s straightforward here. You’ve got static layouts that you can easily replace with your own stuff.

Need to tweak your site’s style?

Neve’s Customizer has your back. And if you’re up for it, you can even dabble in custom post types and a bit of CSS magic. Neve 3.7 is all about keeping web design fun and accessible!

It’s an ideal solution for web developers or any other type of freelancer who wants a portfolio site for their services. With a contemporary design style, monotypography, and rich customization options, it comes in both Gutenberg and Elementor versions.

Developer starter site in Neve 3.7 Sighisoara

In the dynamic world of web design, one size doesn’t fit all. Your website visitors are diverse, and they access your content on various devices – from desktops to smartphones. That’s where Neve 3.7 ‘Sighisoara’ steps in to ensure your content shines on any screen.

Picture this: a visitor with a large desktop monitor and another with a smartphone. Both want to explore related posts on your website. Traditionally, you’d display a fixed number of related posts per row, hoping it works well for everyone. But in reality, it often doesn’t.

Thanks to a brilliant user suggestion, you can now fine-tune the number of related posts displayed per row based on your visitors’ devices. The end result is that your site shines on any size screen!

Related posts responsive controls in Neve Sighisoara

🔍 Custom taxonomies in post meta

Custom taxonomies are powerful tools for categorizing and organizing your content. They help readers find what they’re looking for and enhance the overall user experience. However, integrating them seamlessly into post-meta has been a complex task, typically requiring technical expertise.

Those roadblocks are now history!

Neve now seamlessly supports custom taxonomies in post-meta, simplifying the process of displaying them in the customizer. No more technical hurdles – just straightforward functionality!

Meet David, an avid travel blogger. He loves sharing his adventures from around the world but has always struggled with categorizing his posts by destination. Before Neve 3.7 ‘Sighisoara,’ David found it challenging to effortlessly integrate custom location tags into his post meta.

But with this update, David’s travel blog has transformed.

Now, he easily showcases his posts by destination, making it a breeze for readers to explore his journeys – from the busy streets of New York to the peaceful beaches of Bali.

Thanks to Neve, David’s travel blog is now a top choice for fellow adventurers, making his stories shine even more.

Custom taxonomy in Neve Sighisoara

If you’re not using Neve yet, you’re missing out! Take a look at Neve and discover how it can transform your website.

Neve theme.

Let’s wrap it up 🥳

In conclusion, Neve 3.7 ‘Sighisoara’ is not just a release; it’s a journey through the intersection of innovation and tradition. With features like Font Size Control, the ‘Disable Title‘ enhancement, and seamless support for custom taxonomies, we’ve put the power of efficient website building in your hands. And as we’ve seen through the experiences of our users, it makes your online presence brighter and more accessible.

If you are interested in exploring the new Neve Pro features with a lot more existing pro options, do consider upgrading to Neve Pro. To sweeten the pot, it comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy, so you don’t have to worry if it doesn’t meet your needs – but we’re sure it will.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Neve 3.7 ‘Sighisoara,’ and we hope that you’ll enjoy using these features as much as we enjoyed creating them!

What’s next for Neve after Sighisoara? 🤔

The Neve story continues with thrilling chapters yet to be written. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of WordPress website building, and there’s so much more to come. Make sure to stay tuned by following our blog and social media platforms, where we’ll unveil exciting updates and features as they unfold.

To motivate our dedicated team 🤼 and inspire them to bring even more magic to the next release, click to tweet. With your support, we’ll continue to innovate, empower, and shape the future of website creation.

P.S. If you want a closer look at Sighisoara, the town that inspired the name of this release, check out this YouTube video.

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