Inquire AI

Question AI, produced by Sindre Sorhus, is an software that enables you to use ChatGPT immediately on your Apple Observe. It is intended to act as a private assistant, capable of answering concerns, conveying sophisticated matters, translating languages, and additional.


The application leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to provide responses. Notably, Inquire AI is a a single-time acquire application, not a subscription support.

Inquire AI is an application for Apple Observe that gives multilingual help, making it possible for buyers to interact in different languages these as English, Spanish, and French, among the some others. It makes use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT for answering queries, but given that it contains details only up till 2022, it are unable to give information on current happenings.

The app, created by Sindre Sorhus, incurs a price tag for every query, but is available as a one-time purchase with out recurring subscription costs.

While Request AI is distinctive to Apple Check out, macOS buyers have an alternative referred to as QuickGPT. However, it really is not at this time supported on iOS or macOS.

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