Is This Website Generator Any Good

Curious to read a no-nonsense 10Web AI Builder review to see if it’s worth using?

We understand where you’re coming from. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are everywhere in WordPress nowadays. There are AI plugins to generate content, images, layouts, and more. So you might be wondering if the 10Web AI Builder is simply yet another AI tool.

In this 10Web AI Builder review, we’ll help you answer that by taking a closer look at it and what it offers. That way, you’ll know if it’s worth using and if it’s a good fit for your projects. 🚧

👉 This review will go over different aspects of using the 10Web AI Builder to see how it fares in action.

Let’s get to it!

10Web AI Builder review: An introduction

10Web AI Builder review.

The goal of the 10Web AI Builder is to make building a website as easy as possible (and it’s not the only AI tool for building websites). This works by asking you a series of questions about your business and then using those to generate a full website, including content and images.

In practice, this is similar to importing a demo website. However, instead of selecting from a library of pre-built templates, the 10Web AI Builder puts together several layouts for you.

You can also use the builder to add pages beyond the ones it sets up for you initially. The tool enables you to choose from pre-built layouts, or it can analyze existing pages and recreate their design.

The 10Web AI Builder is powered by Elementor. If you’re familiar with that page builder, using this tool will be very straightforward.

Their plans also include hosting, which means you’re “locked” into their platform. The platform uses WordPress, but you don’t get access to the full WordPress dashboard, which might be a deal breaker.

💳 Price: 10Web AI Builder plans start at $10 per month, which includes hosting.

10Web AI Builder Review (3 key aspects)

Throughout this section, we’ll explore how 10Web’s AI Builder works and discuss whether it’s worth using. To do that, we’ll focus on three key aspects of using the builder.

  1. Generating an entire site using AI
  2. Adding new pages with AI
  3. Generate content and images

1. Generating an entire site using AI

10Web’s AI Builder’s main selling point is its ability to generate entire websites. They claim to do this using AI, which means you should get a unique site depending on the answers you give during the setup process.

The AI Builder is a premium tool, but you can test it thanks to 10Web’s free trial. When you launch the builder, it’ll ask if you want to create a new website using AI or convert a site to WordPress. The latter option will seek to recreate an existing site’s design using AI:

10Web AI Builder asking the user "what do you want to do?" with two distinct choices: create a new website with AI or convert a website to WordPress with AI.

If you select the option to create a new site, you can choose between an informational site or an online store. Then you can choose from a list of types of businesses, which will determine the style and content of the site:

Being prompted to select your business type while testing the 10Web AI Builder.

Next up, the builder will ask for your company name and a description. This part of the site generator includes an AI tool that can write a full description of your business based on the keywords you input:

The 10Web AI Builder asking the user to input a company name and a description of the company.

The AI builder will take that information and try to determine your main point of interest. These are the points it will try to highlight with the site’s copy.

Once you fill out all the information the builder needs, it’ll generate a full site for you. The process can take a few minutes, and here is our initial result:

AI-generated website created by 10Web AI Builder after going through the tool's setup process.

The full site includes a homepage, services, About, Contact, and even Sign Up pages. The design is perfectly ordinary, and it’s definitely the kind of website you can imagine having if you run a small business:

AI-generated testimonials.

You can edit any of the pages the builder sets up using Elementor. All of this happens from the 10Web dashboard, and the page builder works just as it does on any regular WordPress site, though 10Web has rebranded certain areas (such as changing the title of the sidebar from “Elementor” to “10Web Builder”).

The 10Web AI Builder interface.

The page builder includes AI tools for text and image widgets. That means you can add AI-generated content anywhere on the site without leaving Elementor.

Overall, using the builder is easy. However, there’s little to separate the experience from importing a demo site and then editing its content.

All the text and images that 10Web AI Builder generates for you need to be replaced. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a working site, but one that’s overwhelmingly generic.

2. Adding new pages with AI

Adding new pages using the 10Web AI Builder is identical to using any page builder. The tool will ask if you want to recreate an existing page using AI, start from scratch, or choose from a collection of premade templates.

Adding pages to your AI-generated website.

The only AI option here is the one to recreate a page. Ideally, the builder would be able to add new pages that fit the initial style of the website it generates for you.

If you pick from one of the builder’s pre-made pages, keep in mind it won’t incorporate the same style as the rest of the site. You’ll need to edit the page manually using Elementor, so it doesn’t look out of place.

Overall, this is disappointing, since any website you generate using AI will probably need at least one custom page. If you’re using an AI site builder because you don’t have experience creating sites or designing pages, you’ll need to learn how to use Elementor to do this.

3. Generate content and images

This last part of our 10Web AI Builder review will focus on using the tool to generate AI text and images. The process is fairly straightforward, as it all happens inside Elementor.

When you edit a page from the 10Web dashboard, it’ll launch Elementor (a white-labeled version). Once you’re in, you can select any text module and use the Write with AI option to launch a small window with an AI generator:

Generating text using AI as part of our 10Web AI Builder review.

If you’ve ever used an AI writing tool such as ChatGPT, this feature will be easy to leverage. All you have to do is enter a prompt and click on GENERATE TEXT. The generator also includes options for simplifying, shortening, lengthening, and correcting the text it generates.

One big missing feature from 10Web’s AI Builder is the option to generate images. That’s one of the main selling points of the AI builder, but the feature is not available yet. However, this isn’t clear until you actually start using the editor.

Final thoughts on our 10Web AI Builder review 💡

Overall, there’s little reason to use 10Web’s AI Builder unless you want to create a very simple WordPress website without having to use the traditional dashboard. The tool is helpful in setting up initial pages, but you still need to edit them.

Moreover, any new pages you add will need a lot of work to adapt to the same style as the rest of the site.

Elementor is at the core of the 10Web AI Builder experience. You can install Elementor on a self-hosted WordPress site and leverage its AI tools, which will give you much more control over your site than using the hosted 10Web platform.

Or, you could simply import a pre-made starter website that uses Elementor, such as any one of the dozens available in the Neve theme. While this approach skips AI entirely, you’ll likely be happier with the out-of-the-box design of your site. 🎨🎨🎨

Do you have any questions about our 10Web AI Builder review? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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