Top 9 Elementor Blog Templates (2023)

As the king in chess is the most critical piece, representing the core and purpose of the game, the blog content is undeniably the heart and soul of a blog. Itโ€™s the information and message that you aim to convey to your audience.

On the other hand, the queen in chess is the most versatile and powerful piece, capable of dynamic moves in many directions.

In this analogy, just as the queen complements and protects the king, an aesthetically pleasing and well-structured blog design complements and enhances the impact of your blog content. It draws readers in, guides them through the content, and ensures the audience receives valuable information.

When creating a blog design that effectively balances form and function, Elementor website templates are an unparalleled solution. This article explores the brightest and most modern blog templates to kickstart a full-scale website.

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How to Choose the Best Blog Templates

WordPress design templates offer a ready-made solution for building your blog from scratch. Usually, they are designed to control the layout and look of every piece of your content, unlike themes that you can tune in to create different-looking websites.ย 

A good WordPress blogging template should incorporate several essential features to provide an engaging and user-friendly experience for both content creators and readers:

  • Easy navigation. An intuitive and well-structured menu system ensures visitors can find the content they want. The template should offer a user-friendly header and informative footer sections. The ability to travel between blog posts using links without going to a parent page is a bonus.
  • Different post list layouts. The template should offer many list layouts for posts (e.g., grid, list, masonry) to provide a visual variety and cater to different content types.
  • Contact and sign-up forms. An integrated contact form makes it convenient for readers to contact the blogger, fostering user engagement. Newsletter sign-up forms can increase audience retention and outreach to grow the subscriber base.
  • Modern design. An eye-pleasing and modern design with a responsive layout and high-quality images enhances the overall user experience and provides a professional look for the blog.
  • Featured articles on a home page. The template should provide the ability to showcase selected or latest blog posts on the homepage. Such blog articles can attract immediate attention from visitors and help them discover your best content.
  • Commenting system. A robust commenting system allows readers to engage with the content and each other, providing a sense of community and trust.

9 Best Elementor Templates for Blogging Websites

To select the best blog templates for Elementor, I assessed not only their suitability for blogs with the specific features discussed above but also their responsiveness, loading speed, and credibility as products from well-established agencies.

Food Plaza by ThemeHunk

๐Ÿ† Best for posting food recipes.

food plaza blog template for elementor

The Food Plaza is a paid Elementor template by the ThemeHunk agency. It is perfect for cooking professionals and amateurs who want to post their recipes and pictures online. The template allows the creation of product categories and the presentation of different foods in grid lists on different pages. Besides, each new item is displayed on a single product page with a navigation bar, informative footer, and links to other product pages.

Overall, this is one of the best blog templates, with easy navigation and enough functionalities for a food blog or a chefโ€™s portfolio.

Main features:

  • sticky header to simplify navigation;
  • large footer with many valuable links;
  • well-designed single pages;
  • different ways to find required posts;
  • user-friendly interface.

Pricing: the yearly subscription costs $89.

Journyssimo by Crocoblock

๐Ÿ† Best for an adventure blog.

journyssimo elementor blog template

Just as the most exciting adventures happen on your way in unexpected places, the content in this template pops out peculiarly โ€“ it slides in from the sides or rolls in from the bottom. The visual effects make the website enjoyable to browse, engaging the visitor to scroll each page to the bottom. And the โ€œPreviousโ€ and โ€œNextโ€ buttons under each post allow readers to travel through content without exiting to a home page.ย 

Journyssimo features a library of retina-ready images from around the world. So, if you have your written content ready, youโ€™re all set to start blogging with this template.

Main features:

  • full-screen background image on the home page;
  • screen-wide images for single blog post templates;
  • engaging scrolling effects;
  • built-in commenting system for site visitors to share their thoughts;
  • easy navigation between blog posts.

Pricing: free with the Crocoblock All-Inclusive subscription.

Katelyn โ€“ Modern Blog Template Kit by Envato Elements

๐Ÿ† Best for setting up blog sites for various niches.

katelyn blog wordpress template

Katelyn is one of the Elementor blog template kits offered by Envato Elements. It comprises 15+ premade demos featuring the same functionalities but with different images and headings. Each templateโ€™s content is optimized for bloggers working in specific niches โ€“ fashion blogs, food, news, etc.ย 

Users can use many retina-ready images under a license from Envato Elements or substitute with their own. The blog post templates include many pre-made pages: About Us, Blog, Articles, Contacts, Projects, and more. The pages are easily accessible from anywhere on the site using a navigation bar with several drop-down menus.ย 

Main features:

  • many pre-made pages;
  • advanced navigation bar;
  • loading animation for most content elements on pages;
  • lazy-loading feature;
  • a variety of post layouts;
  • simple but stylish footer.

Pricing: $16.50 per month.

Blog Magazine by WP Royal

๐Ÿ† Best for building a magazine-style blog site.

blog magazine elementor template by wp royal

This Elementor template offers a blog website that looks like a magazine. The homepage displays many posts in different layouts simultaneously, creating the look of a highly content-rich website. Viewers can also find the posts by going to theme-dedicated pages or using a filtering tool in the navigation bar.

Main features:ย 

  • ability to display posts on the front page in different lists: Latest Posts, Popular Posts, and more;
  • darkening hover effect for all images;
  • filter and search tools in the navigation bar;
  • social media buttons;
  • a top bar with circulating blog post titles.

Pricing: free.

Travel Blogger & Influencer by Astra

๐Ÿ† Best for travel influencers who like to post videos.

outdoor adventure blog template for elementor

Designed by Astra, this Elementor blog template is for those who want to share their experiences gained on the road. The minimalist design features light colors, predominantly pink and white, but you can try ten color palettes right in the demo. The images on every page are in masonry grids, adding to the feeling of lightness.

The template is optimized for uploading and sharing video content. Users can access it on a dedicated page in the grid layout sorted by the posting time or on the homepageโ€™s Latest Videos section.ย 

Main features:

  • optimized for video content;
  • provides integration with the Instagram feed;
  • a contact page with a simple form;
  • CTA buttons in every content block on the main page;
  • social media buttons.

Pricing: $59 per year.

Burger Grill by The Landing Factory

๐Ÿ† Best for restaurants that want to engage visitors via their websites.ย 

burger grill wordpress blog template

Burger Grill is a template kit for building a content-rich restaurant site. Besides the Menu, Contact Us pages, and booking functionality, it includes an archive and single pages for blog posts, which also appear on the homepage. Combining such functionalities provides unique opportunities for food and drink businesses to showcase their expertise, promote their product, and create an online presence.

Main features:

  • hamburger menu turning into full-screen menu with contact information;
  • booking functionality;
  • customer testimonials displayed in the carousel layout;
  • massive footer block with a built-in Google map, social media buttons, links, and a CTA.ย 

Pricing: $99.

Digital Marketing Agency Website Kit by Elementor

๐Ÿ† Best for web agencies to present their use cases and news in the digital world.

digital marketing agency wordpress elementor blog template

Digital Marketing Agency Website Kit by Elementor is a ready-made template for a web development agency. This responsive WordPress template offers a modern design, user-friendly navigation, and customizable blocks for showcasing use cases, services, and client testimonials. Users can access all essential parts of the website via a simple navigation bar or the listings displayed on the home page.ย 

Main features:

  • sleek design;
  • many call-to-action buttons;
  • testimonials section;
  • posts hover animations.

Pricing: $9.99 per month.

Besoul Fashion Blog Template by Crocoblock

๐Ÿ† Best for creative fashion websites.

besoul wordpress blog template

Crocoblock developers made this Elementor blog template specifically for influencers working in the fashion industry. They can help users build their perfect closet by posting content in the Fashion, News, Lifestyle, and Clothes post categories. Website visitors can access the content on pages devoted to a specific theme or straight on the homepage, where posts are displayed in various lists, such as Newest Posts and Trending News.

Besoul offers a light and modern design. All the buttons and links are interactive, and the articlesโ€™ thumbnails feature hover effects, resulting in enhanced user experience. This WordPress blog template is the best option for showcasing beautiful products using a top-notch design.

Main features:

  • a variety of listing layouts, including grid, slider, and masonry;
  • motion effects that make the website interactive;
  • hover effects and lightbox feature for displaying images;
  • informative footer section with links, a sign-up form, social media buttons, and a CTA button.

Pricing: free with the Crocoblock subscription.

Creative Blog by Astra

๐Ÿ† Best for digital agencies.

creative blog elementor blog template by astra

This template provides a clean, simplistic design, straightforward navigation, and much white space. It has many pre-built pages for different types of content: Film, Advertising, Podcasts, and more. The single post pages allow the users to upload information about their products, blog posts, and use cases, making this platform an ideal blog template for a digital agency that needs an Internet presence.

Main features:

  • pre-built functionality for podcasts;
  • calm colors for light and friendly design;
  • Contact page with a form for messaging and a short subscription form;
  • many pre-built pages for different types of content.

Pricing: $59 per year.


What is the difference between WordPress themes and templates?

WordPress themes encompass the overall design and functionality of your website. Templates, on the other hand, provide specific layouts and page designs optimized for particular types of websites.

Can I customize WordPress templates?

Yes, WordPress templates, including those used for blogs, are customizable. You can change colors, fonts, and layouts using WordPress Customizer, Elementor, and plugins used for building a specific template.

Do I need to know coding to use Elementor templates for building a blog site?

No, you donโ€™t need coding skills to use Elementor templates. They are designed with a user-friendly Elementor page builder to provide a straightforward site-building experience.


If you dream of becoming a blogger or want to be a professional influencer, WordPress blog templates can help you create an efficient and professionally-looking website. Hereโ€™s a quick summary of the best Elementor blog templates discussed in this article:

  • Food Plaza is an excellent template for bloggers who want to post food recipes with pictures.
  • Journyssimo is the best Elementor template for building engaging blogging sites about adventures.
  • Katelyn is the blog template kit for blogging in various niches.
  • Blog Magazine is an optimal option for creating content-rich magazine-style blogs.
  • Travel Blogger & Influencer is optimized for content creators who need to upload videos.
  • Burger Grill is a WordPress blog template that can help restaurants improve their online presence.
  • Digital Marketing Agency Website Kit is a solution for web agencies to present their use cases.
  • Besoul Fashion Blog offers a stylish design and functionality for influencers working in the fashion industry.
  • Creative Blog is one of the best blog templates for presenting use cases by digital agencies.