10 Best Marketing Widgets for Elementor

Are you a marketer? You are right on time, as I am about to cover the best marketing widgets for Elementor by Crocoblock. Using these widgets, you will be able to:

  • promote seasonal deals;
  • launch discounts and promo offers;
  • show clients’ testimonials and boost social proof;
  • implement a compare and wishlist functionality;
  • promote WooCommerce products and more.

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Since the Internet community turned its back to lengthy articles and selling propositions, present-day marketing tends to become more and more visual. It takes the human brain 13 milliseconds to process a single image, meaning one should get creative to be able to advertise right and sell for sure. 

Crocoblock boasts decent functionality, equally suitable for enhancing user experience and achieving visual marketing objectives. The list below comprises ten JetPlugins widgets, which are most likely to hook a potential customer and boost sales.

Pricing table

🏆 Best for presenting pricing plans in a concise and intuitive manner.

How to present pricing details at once? It’s easy – build a table. There is no better way to showcase how much products and services cost, what is included in a certain subscription package, and what is the best value. The Pricing Table widget is a #1 buy for marketers looking to create a responsive pricing section and help customers pick the necessary plan.

Key features:

  • building a 100% responsive pricing table;
  • three layouts to choose from – Column, Table, and Grid;
  • column zoom option;
  • adding SVG icons to the header;
  • the ability to set pictures as a background;
  • liners serving as separators;
  • customization options for excluded features;
  • the ability to apply solid and gradient colors in the background;
  • featured ribbons, badges, and price tags.

Pro tip

Don’t be shy to get creative when using the Pricing Table. It can be teamed up with other JetPlugins widgets, e.g., Image, Tooltip, Carousel, Unfold, Switcher, etc., to give the boring table a fresh look.


The widget belongs to the JetElements family, so its price is $43/year for one website and $88/year for unlimited.


🏆 Best for highlighting and bringing focus to noteworthy information.

Hotspots can show contextual information about objects, people, locations, eCommerce products, and many more. They are good at delivering information in a compact format and highlighting the object’s selling points. Another point in favor: hotspots don’t interrupt the user journey.

Key features:

  • complete customization freedom – one can decide which image to take, how many hotspots to place on it, adjust their positions, provide custom texts, and add links if necessary;
  • the ability to make images responsive;
  • it’s possible to add tooltips to the image;
  • six animation types are available;
  • multiple stylish settings letting you customize fonts, background colors, arrows, paddings, and more.


The widget belongs to the JetTricks family and is priced at $23/year for one website and $47/year for unlimited.


🏆 Best for creating a FOMO and driving more sales.

countdown widget for elementor

Now it’s all about human psychology. Countdown creates a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind as the final time is getting closer. If you put it next to the price, it motivates the customers to buy a product at that particular price within a specified period. Countdown timers can bring good results, but you should always remember to be honest about the time left.

Key features:

  • the ability to create fixed, endless, and evergreen timers;
  • a custom blocks separator;
  • choosing from three actions after the timer expires;
  • put the items in whatever order you want;
  • editable labels of time units;
  • adjustable items’ size and spacing;
  • different style settings.

Pricing: $43/year for one website and $88/year for unlimited.


🏆 Best for showcasing customer feedback and getting higher social proof.

elementor testimonials widget

Modern surveys report that 97% of customers rely on online reviews when making a purchasing decision. Besides, 84% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. If you want people to buy from you, you have to build and sustain a positive brand image. Favorable reviews are likely to drive more attention to your business, increase the number of loyal customers, and positively impact your income. And the Testimonials widget will have you covered. 

Key features:

  • three layouts to choose from;
  • arrows and dots navigation;
  • autoplay mode with adjustable speed;
  • customizable animation and motion effects;
  • enable dynamic content use if necessary;
  • support for SVG icons;
  • the ability to show ratings and choose stars styles;
  • provide the testimonial’s title, the date it was left, and the actual text;
  • showcase the author’s name and position, and add links to their social media; 
  • extensive style settings.

Pricing: from $43 to $88, billed annually.

🏆 Best for putting products/services and promo offers into the spotlight.

banner widget for elementor

What is the best way to draw someone’s attention to a specific website spot? Place a banner there. Banners are excellent when you want to showcase a promo offer, suggest a quick download, and advertise something you sell. Just take a preferred image, add some text/animation, throw in a button, and a catchy banner is ready.

Key features:

  • the ability to place a background image and adjust its size; 
  • provide a title and a description to be placed over the image;
  • making the image clickable and providing a link it should open;
  • 11 animation effects to choose from;
  • stylization opportunities.

Pricing: from $43 to $88, billed annually.

Download button

🏆 Best for letting clients download the materials they need in a flash.

The Download Button widget is indispensable when you want to provide a quick and convenient way to save something from the website to the PC. A menu, a corporate policy, a book, a template, etc. – you can make anything downloadable and improve visitor engagement.

Key features:

  • customizable download link text and subtext;
  • macros supported;
  • the ability to add a no-follow attribute to the link;
  • set a download link icon;
  • style settings for texts, icons, and the button itself.

Pricing: the annual price is $43 for one project and $88 for multiple projects.

Compare and Wishlist

🏆 Best for letting users compare several items from their wishlists.

Most of the best online stores have the compare and wishlist functionality, allowing them to deliver meaningful user experiences and increase sales. Just think of it. If your customer adds something to a wishlist, they can come back later and buy it right away. It’s handy. 

What if a customer has a hard time deciding between two or more products? It’s not a problem, as they can be easily compared. The Compare widget will include all the products’ details and highlight the selling points.   

Key features:

  • provide empty wishlist/compare texts;
  • the adjustable number of columns for the wishlist;
  • three data types for the comparison table;
  • showcase the product’s title, price, description, SKU, category, and more;
  • make the comparison table scrollable and choose on what devices;
  • adjustable product image size and image overlay feature;
  • show the product’s rating;
  • multiple style settings.


The widgets belong to the JetCompare&Wishlist family, whose price is $15/year for one project and $29/year for unlimited.

Image comparison

🏆 Best for highlighting the differences between two media files.

elementor before after slider

Before and after images demonstrate the total transformation, which is possible thanks to you and the services you provide. These types of visuals increase the customers’ faith in the work you do.  

Use the Image Comparison widget to show the difference between two cases: the first involves your products/services, and the second does not. In this way, people will be able to see how you can make their life better.

Key features:

  • custom labels for before and after images;
  • the ability to set a divider starting position;
  • navigation arrows and dots;
  • setting the previous and next arrow icons;
  • the autoplay mode;
  • Slide and Fade animation effects for the image change in the carousel;
  • pause the autoplay when hovering over the picture;
  • set the autoplay speed;
  • tap into multiple stylization settings.

Pricing: $43-$88 yearly.

Product badge

🏆 Best for indicating the best sellers, featured, and products on sale.

custom product badges

For eCommerce shop owners, it’s practical to indicate which products are featured, best-selling, new, etc. There is no better way to do it than using badges. Crocoblock has got four dedicated widgets – Sale Badge, Best Sellers, Featured Products, and Sale Products – allowing you to do the following:

  • Sale Badge can mark the items at a discount; 
  • Best Sellers can be used to display popular items so more people see them and would want to buy them; 
  • Sale Products lets you show all the products on sale in one place;   
  • Featured Products will promote the products you specified. 

Key features:

  • output the desired number of products per page;
  • custom number of columns;
  • order the products by date, title, ID, and more;
  • choose between descending and ascending order;
  • the ability to show sale products pagination.


The widgets belong to the JetWooBuilder and JetElements families, both priced at $43-$88 per year.

Elementor Marketing Widgets FAQ

What are marketing widgets?

These are regular widgets meant for marketing use. They can leverage marketing efforts, drive more sales, and increase user engagement.

Which widgets are the best fit for marketers?

It all depends on the business. There are universal widgets like Pricing Table, Testimonials, Banner, Download Button, etc. On the other hand, a marketer could use Hotspots, Countdown, Image Comparison, and Product Badge depending on the season, niche, and many other factors.

Can I purchase a single widget?

Widgets are a part of plugins, so, technically, you buy the whole package, not just a single item you need. It’s a money-saver since plugins have more widgets, and you might need them sometime.


Marketing widgets are the marketer’s best friends, and here is why:

  • Countdown timers help to stimulate customers to buy more;
  • Product badges indicate the most-wanted and discounted products;
  • Testimonials make others believe your brand is trustworthy;
  • Hotspots reveal the little things about your products and services;
  • Compare and wishlist widgets make it easy to save and compare the liked items.

There are much more widgets having to do with marketing purposes and tricks. Check out all widgets to find the functionality you need. And feel welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below. 🙌

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