10 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins πŸ”” 2022 (Free & Paid)

Would you like to find the best WordPress Push Notifications plugin?

The following selection of Push Notifications WordPress plugins will help you choose the best WordPress plugin that fits your requirements. All of the plugins in this selection of Push Notifications WordPress plugins have all the features you need and are user-friendly, fast, and have adequate support. In other words, you can use them with all modern WordPress themes.

Final thoughts, all of these plugins help with Push Notifications. These WordPress plugins are also functional for people looking for Update Notification, Notification API, Firebase Push Notification, Web Push Notifications, Smart Notifications, Send Notification On Post Publish, Cart Abandonment, and much more relevant.

Best Push Notification Plugins for WordPress πŸ””

Now let’s take a look at the top WordPress Push Notification plugins in 2022:

PushEngage Plugin

Automated Push Notifications Sender Plugin

Approximately ten thousand companies send and receive push notifications through PushEngage, a push notification platform that provides a comprehensive push notification service.

In order to keep up with the increasing demands on its services, more than nine billion push notifications are sent and received every month through this platform.

If certain websites decide to eliminate certain notifications from their websites in the future to address new needs their websites.

For example to increase sales by letting customers know about new products, to prevent revenue losses due to the cart abandonment caused by users without notifications.

Also, empowering customers with knowledge about new products may lead some websites to disable certain notifications.

Its PushEngage service is a complete standalone solution for sending push notifications. Furthermore, it offers a WordPress notification plugin that makes it extremely simple for users of WordPress to implement this service.

In order to bring websites up to full functionality, PushEngage can be used on top of various platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Wix, etc.

Furthermore, the platform will be fully compatible with all of these platforms. Additionally, it will be seamless enough to work with any popular web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and even Netscape Navigator.

In using this software, you can set up push notifications for mobile devices, which for a business can serve as a powerful tool to increase engagement with your website in addition to bringing in new visitors.

As an open-source push notification solution, PushEngage is one of the most popular solutions available. It offers a number of additional features which make it one of the best options around.

The only disadvantage of PushEngage in comparison with Wonderpush Plugin is that when your ads are duplicated, the geo field does not duplicate, which results in errors and makes it more challenging to find traffic sources that convert into sales.

πŸ’΅ When you use $9.00, you can get the PushEngage plugin.

Key Features:

  • Messages that are sent in response to user actions
  • By utilizing the A/B testing feature, you can determine what type of notification is most effective for your audience
  • Subscribers can see their message immediately once they connect to the Internet if they use Offline Notification
  • Through the use of an automated drip campaign service, you will be able to send customized messages in a sequence
  • Segment your subscribers based on a number of factors to ensure they receive the appropriate communications

WonderPush Plugin

Unlimited Web Push Notifications Sending Plugin For WordPress

If you enable web push notifications on your website, you will receive an email notification as soon as a new article has been published using WonderPush’s web push notifications functionality.

It has more advantages, as well, since the plugin is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox, which means that it will be able to reach a wide range of users without any difficulty.

One of the biggest selling points of WonderPush is not just the functionality that’s built-in, in but also its ability to target a specific group of customers based on the locale, the language, the tags, and the events in which they participate.

It is not just that WonderPush will help you recover abandoned carts, but it will also stop a big waste of resources caused by the spending on resources that are not required.

With WonderPush’s dashboard, you can view and manage all of your campaigns and segments, control access to your staff, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns to let your subscribers know they have forgotten something in their cart.

Furthermore, WonderPush can also be used to monitor the actions taken by your subscribers when a push notification is sent over to them.

In addition, because WonderPush’s service is a premium service (prices start at 1E per month), they offer a 14-day free trial, as well as compliance with the GDPR (ensuring that your customers and your own information are being handled appropriately).

Keeping that in mind, we recommend that you check it out for free and see if you can increase your traffic and revenues through it.

πŸ’΅ Free plugin. It does not charge for it.

Key Features:

  • Automate your push notifications with a single click
  • Your subscribers will receive notifications every time a new post is published
  • Specify how and when to make browser notifications available to your visitors
  • Send automated cart reminders to customers who leave without buying
  • Notifications can be customized by language, tags, and events
  • Delivery tracking and conversion into visits are both done in real-time

Random Reviews:

  • They provide a comprehensive, simple, and GDPR-compliant service. I have used their services frequently, and I was happy with the results. Although sometimes I faced issues, these got resolved immediately by their customer support.

    bobsmiFeb 2022

  • I am very satisfied with wonder push company. Its push notification service is excellent in customer retention with over 99% uptime.

    emmaremyJan 2022

OneSignal Plugin

Visitors Targeted Push Notifications For WordPress

A lot of WordPress plugins have been developed to provide push notifications. OneSignal provides a plug-and-play solution; after it has been installed, you don’t need to do anything. The plugin will perform its duties silently.

Every single day, OneSignal distributes more than 2.5 billion notifications. Once you have completed the installation and set up your OneSignal account, your users will be able to sign up for push notifications for your website immediately after visiting it.

A number of browser plugins, such as those for Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox, will automatically notify users when new content is published. You can also choose to be reminded when this occurs.

Depending on your location, you can customize the time at which you receive your notifications, and you can receive notifications every time you update an older post.

It is important to mention that, in addition to its appearance and functionality, this plugin emulates popular authority websites on the web through its opt-in functionality.

OneSignal can assist you in determining which type of content is most effective by providing the opportunity for A/B testing during the development of your notification.

As soon as the plugin has been installed, you will see a new notification option on your site’s admin dashboard. The plugin provides a comprehensive settings interface where you can modify notifications as required.

πŸ’΅ Free plugin without Pro or Premium version.

Key Features:

  • In real time, you can track the conversion of your notifications into visitors
  • Configure notification scheduling based on a user’s time zone
  • User notifications can be customized based on specific visitor attributes, such as language and the number of visitors
  • Keep followers updated with each new post you publish
  • Experiment with smaller groups of visitors to learn which messages are effective
  • Decide when and how you would like your visitors to be notified of website updates

Random Reviews:

  • Please let me know whether your WordPress plugin supports OneSignal Journeys. If not, what must I do to make it work?

    galatanuadrian27Apr 2022

  • Good, but recently is not delivering again

    nsisongeyoApr 2022

  • The plugin for push notifications is great.

    impizaMar 2022

Gravitec.net Plugin

Smart Web Push Service Plugin for WordPress

The following method provides a simple and straightforward method for setting up push notifications on WordPress websites using a web-based service like Gravitec.net, which provides a WordPress smart notifications plugin that takes only five minutes to install.

The platform is probably one of the best applications for entrepreneurs and small businesses as it offers free service for up to ten thousand subscribers, which makes it a good choice for both new and established companies.

By using Gravitec.net’s quick web browser notifications you can increase the number of people who visit your website. These notifications are delivered to a wide variety of computing devices, each running a different type of web browser.

A short time after having installed the plugin and activated it, you will be able to send push notifications to your customers. When you share your push notifications with your customers, they will be asked to approve the notifications before they are given out.

As you have completed all the previous steps, and you have recruited highly targeted traffic to your money pages, you can use drip push campaigns to keep the traffic coming.

Subscribers will receive an email when new content is posted so they will not miss the opportunity to participate in the dialogue.

The subscription prompt provides you with an easy-to-use interface for setting up your push notifications on Gravitec.net. Once you have selected the color scheme and design option you wish to utilize, you can customize how your subscription prompt appears.

πŸ’΅ The Gravitec.net is an advanced plugin that is Free.

Key Features:

  • With Drip Campaigns and RSS to Push automation, you can automate your campaigns effortlessly
  • Updates/offers concerning your latest news or offerings can be sent to them manually or automatically after they have accepted notifications
  • A permission request will be displayed on your site with your own text
  • Add unlimited websites and users to your account
  • Your content can be targeted to the correct audience by adding tags and segments
  • Utilizing the Bell widget and customized permission prompts, you can encourage subscriptions
  • Statistics regarding delivery clicks, and sends are available for every campaign sent

Random Reviews:

  • If you insert the codes manually and place two files on the server, it works. It’s about the plugin.
    But gravitek itself loads the server very heavily, so I abandoned it.
    This topic was modified 2 weeks, 4 days ago by rocean_88.

    MichaelApr 2022

  • Regardless, this is a fast and intuitive platform, which I recommend if you want push notifications. I hope they add more and more flexibility in the future.

    fraternitytiduMar 2022

  • Sadly, this does not work. I must install everything manually.

    WillOfTheWebFeb 2022

iZooto Plugin

Publisher First Marketing Automation Platform For WordPress

If you use this plugin, you can notify your users about updates, notifications, and retention, make your website more user-friendly, and clients will get the update notification on the latest updates.

Additionally, you can also customize the prompts for your website in accordance with the branding you have established.

It is considered that as part of this system, users can receive notifications based on a variety of factors, such as time spent on a website, amount of scrolling, or when their scrolling levels get too high, users can receive push notifications for those factors.

In addition, you can also choose to receive notifications by clicking on certain buttons. With this plugin, you can create attractive notifications.

CTAs can be included in notifications. Your company’s logo can be incorporated into notifications. Emoji support is available.

The ability to segment users intelligently enables you to create different groups of users based on items such as their language preference, their device, their country of origin, the page from which they subscribed, as well as their gender and age.

The ability to track user behaviors allows you to send relevant notifications in response to things such as the pages they have visited, the articles they have read, and the videos they have viewed.

With the WordPress notification API plugin, all major browsers will automatically receive notifications.

Additionally, you will obtain an overview of your audience’s growth, the performance of your advertising campaigns, and what pages they are visiting on your site.

Several features are available to e-commerce websites, such as drip notifications, abandoned cart reminders, and retargeting of products.

While the OneSignal plugin does offer an easy method of disabling the prompts, the Izooto plugin does not.

πŸ’΅ This plugin comes with 12 months of free support from this awesome team. You can buy it at $85.00.

Key Features:

  • specifically tailored to your users will allow you to capture their full attention
  • A push notification service with highly contextual content can keep your visitors on your website longer
  • User data capture – APIs for capturing subscriber details
  • Customers can create as many custom audiences as they need using the audience builder
  • Send push notifications to users who have expressed interest in your brand via your messenger app
  • Time zone-based notification of pre-scheduling
  • Create a schedule to send notifications at a future date and time based on your subscribers’ time zone

Push Monkey Pro Plugin

Web Push Notifications and WooCommerce Abandoned Cart

Similarly to our other top-performing plugins, this one is also completely free, but it does come with some strings attached, similar to how we do with our other plugins. You are welcome to test it without any strings attached, but there may be some limitations.

At the point where you reach a certain number of subscribers, you will be able to use the plugin for free for the time being. However, after that point, you will need to upgrade to the paid version.

The plugin will only track your subscriptions, but not the number of notifications because it does not take into consideration content attributes. With the plugin, you can customize articles based on attributes as well as segment your readers based on their interests.

It is possible to activate notifications based on attributes of your content as well as segment your readers so that they can be targeted based on their interests.

This plugin will allow the user to track their location with ease, along with being able to schedule notifications and send them via email or SMS notifications.

Cart abandonment notifications can be sent through the WooCommerce integration, in addition to the plugin being accessible directly from the dashboard of your WordPress site.

For standard posts, you can filter notifications by custom post types and by categories to make sure you don’t have to deal with clutter. For custom posts, you can configure if you want notifications to appear for certain content types.

πŸ’΅ Free plugin. It does not charge for it.

Key Features:

  • WooCommerce integration allows you to notify visitors of abandoned carts
  • Easily access important information about WordPress usage and engagement directly from your dashboard
  • Sort standard posts according to post type and category
  • Your new post will automatically be notified by push notifications
  • Notifications can be sent for any type of content, as you decide
  • Segment your subscribers based on their interests

Random Reviews:

  • The platform is great. However, when I needed help with anything (really many), Kate from Push Monkey helped me (not a tech guy). She was very patient and consistently wanted to make sure I understood. So I highly recommend Push Monkey and Kate!!

    dailymarketalertsDec 2019

  • I love this! Is there a way you can align it right side? πŸ™‚
    Please add this function.

    naimurhasanrwdAug 2019

Push notifications for WordPress Plugin

Definitive WordPress Plugin For Push Notifications

By using Push Notifications For WordPress Plugin, you will be able to receive real-time notifications every time you publish a new article, as the notifications will be delivered directly to your iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices, through your WordPress site.

This sends notification on post publish plugin provides excellent options for both users who wish to learn how to use push notifications on small blogs as well as for users who wish to simply use push notifications as part of their own program.

Currently, each WordPress firebase push notification plugin allows users to receive up to 1,000 messages per platform, with the limit for a user to receive 1000 messages per platform being 1000 at the moment.

In addition, Push Notifications for WordPress Premium uses a number of different notification patterns in order to support infinite numbers of notification sections in order to support simultaneous notifications on different instances of WordPress Premium.

If you analyze your website data, you can gain new insights about what makes your website successful, which notifications make it easier for your visitors to return, and how you can improve your website in order to make it more effective.

Alternatively, you can allow users to choose which posts they would like to receive notifications for by selecting the categories of posts relevant to their area of interest.

Thus, you can avoid the possibility that the user may become overburdened with notifications, and therefore it is less likely that they will unsubscribe from your service.

πŸ’΅ Plugin comes with a free version as well as a premium version.

Key Features:

  • APIs that provide easy-to-use REST services over HTTP
  • Posts saved as drafts will not generate push notifications
  • Requests that do not comply with the signature requirements will be refused
  • Push notifications will be triggered when scheduled posts are published
  • Notifications are available in the form of messages, badge updates, and even sounds
  • Push notifications can be enabled for certain categories of posts
  • Utilize your preferred technology to create beautiful, interactive mobile apps
  • No third-party server is used by Push Notifications for WordPress Lite, so there is no additional charge

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin is currently buggy since the last update v6
    It breaks tokens and becomes stuck
    There is no support provided with the premium version
    Money is lost
    This topic was modified 1 year ago by Kirby.

    smpcacfeMay 2021

  • Despite following all of the documentation steps, I still cannot send any push notifications to my Cordova Android app. It is very frustrating.

    asiermusaJun 2019

  • Bad plugin, next thing I have to put a star, it doesn’t even work, my brain melts, ARGGG
    This topic was modified 3 years ago by

    JosΓ© Viruez ArceMay 2020

PushAlert Plugin

Web Push Notifications On Desktop And Mobile WordPress Plugin

You can automatically push notifications when new posts are published by using the PushAlert web push notifications WordPress plugin, which features an easy to use interface within the editor

PushAlert offers potential customers the option of translating the entire subscription process for web push notifications into multiple languages.

Displaying opt-in messages in the native language of your subscribers can enhance subscriber engagement and boost opt-in rates.

Visitors can easily subscribe to your site and convert to subscribers with just one click. There is no need to collect email addresses or any other information, and with customizable opt-in themes, you are able to build a more qualified list of subscribers.

Additionally to the two-step opt-in themes and the one-click native opt-ins, the push notifications are clickable, so they provide you with the opportunity to re-engage your audience with new offers and content right now

Audience Creator can be utilized to gather information about user interests based on keywords, URLs opened, visits, locations, devices, and operating systems.

These insights will be used to design a notification campaign tailored specifically for a subset of your target audience, and there is no limit to the number of segments you can create.

With the first and last time of visit, revive your older popular content by targeting it to new subscribers. You can also add your own custom attributes to define events or ROIs.

Targeting notifications to these precise sets would result in a better user experience and a loyal subscriber base for meaningful engagement.

πŸ’΅ There is no charge to download or install it.

Key Features:

  • Send personalized recommendations based on individual interests to particular people
  • Send alerts directly to your users’ mobile devices without having to create a mobile app
  • Using a one-click subscription option, subscribers can easily convert without needing to fill out a form
  • Send real-time push notifications to your subscribers to encourage repeat traffic
  • Get higher conversions and higher opt-ins by sending direct push notifications to your visitors without requiring their personal information

SendPulse Plugin

Web Push Automation Flow for WordPress

With the SendPulse plugin, you can send push notifications for free to the users of your WordPress website As expected, it provides some limitations. With this plugin, you can send push notifications to up to 2 000 subscribers for free.

It is well known that this plugin is compatible with a wide range of popular browsers, including Google Chrome for both desktop and mobile, Safari for Mac OS X, and Firefox Desktop, which supports both HTTP and HTTPS versions of whichever URL it’s loaded in.

You have the option to send customized notifications in response to the location and other details associated with your subscribers.

SendPulse also includes other features that will allow you to reach your subscribers in a more effective manner in addition to being able to segment and send customized notifications.

If you are installing the plugin on your website, you need to set up an account with SendPulseCom first so you can log in and activate the plugin. Setting up an account with SendPulseCom takes about five minutes at most.

There is a similar feature in SendPulse that allows subscribers to subscribe to Unlimited Subscribers in order to receive push notifications, similar to how OneSignal works with unlimited users and unlimited subscribers.

πŸ’΅ It is powered by 12 months of support and free updates, and it costs 0.

Key Features:

  • Providing the option to send web push notifications, emails, and SMS from a single platform
  • A comparison of the ROI of your push notification campaigns will allow you to determine which one has a higher ROI
  • Automate delivery of messages upon certain conditions being met
  • Experiencing your notifications in real-time as well as analyzing how effective your campaigns are
  • Configure, customize, and send targeted messages based on location and activity on a website

Web Push Notifications – Webpushr Plugin

New Standard For Push Notifications Plugin For WordPress

It has been made possible with Web Push Notifications-Webpushr to send notifications across all of the major browsers at the same time. Webpushr allows users to quickly and conveniently send notifications across all browsers at the same time.

As was mentioned above, the plugin can distribute notifications to your visitors that do not navigate directly to your site, which is one of the most common uses for the plugin, since it does not require any additional setup on your part.

The kind of message to be displayed when you have installed it on your website is an opt-in message asking your visitors if they wish to receive Web Push Notifications. If they agree to receive Web Push Notifications, you can send them any message you choose.

It is very easy to add a plugin to your website, which will allow you to send notifications to your subscribers promptly after the article has been published.

This cart abandonment plugin provides important user information, such as the type of browser used and the type of device used, as soon as they are published.

You can download a plugin called Wepushr for WooCommerce that will provide your site with the best possible WooCommerce experience.

The plugin contains a number of features that can be used in order to send you notifications about new products, price drops, sales, or abandoned carts.

In addition to the basics of a Web Pusher Web Console, there are other advanced features, such as segmentation, advanced analytics, and opt-in prompts, which will also be controlled by the Web Pusher console.

πŸ’΅ make sure to check out this WordPress plugin. It is Free.

Key Features:

  • The prompt style can be customized as well to fit your needs
  • Segment your audience based on geography, interests, page visits, custom attributes, and custom events for optimal push notifications and messaging
  • Supports both HTTP & HTTPS sites
  • Give each subscriber your CRM information in both form email and phone number
  • In the plugin’s dashboard, you’ll find a list of your subscribers, their device types, OS types, and whether or not they opt-in
  • Create a predefined notification for events such as new signups or purchases
  • Add new products automatically and drop the prices of existing products automatically
  • Send an abandoned cart reminder to customers who don’t checkout automatically after adding items to their cart
  • Send notifications to your visitors whenever a new post is published
  • Notifications can be scheduled for a later time

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you so much for making such a nice tool.

    ainamerijaanFeb 2022

  • Thank you webpushr, lovely and simple design!

    agahiosalamatiFeb 2022

  • Just downloaded and installed the Webpushr plugin and while it’s very new in our WordPress site, it’s very thorough and very impressive.

    Ronzo19Jan 2022

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