10 Best WordPress Travel Plugins for Travel Bloggers

Do you want to run a superduper travel website on WordPress? Then you’ll need this curated list of the best WordPress travel plugins.

These plugins 🔌 cover all essential aspects of travel blogging. You will find it all in this compact guide, whether it’s interactive maps, travel booking, building pages, creating photo galleries, optimizing images, sharing your travel blog content on social media, and more.

Without further ado, let’s dig into the top ten WordPress plugins for travel bloggers 🧭.

📚 Table of contents:

One of the best WordPress travel plugins is Interactive Geo Maps.

As a travel blogger, traveling comes with the territory.

With Interactive Geo Maps, you can take your audience along with you in your global gallivants. You can show country maps, continent maps, and the world map and mark places you’ve been to or plan to visit.

Key Features ⚙️

  • Display 250+ vector maps, including Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Latin America, and more
  • Show all the US States divided by counties
  • Pick your favorite map projections from Mercator, Miller, NaturalEarth1, and others
  • Color specific countries and add colored markers to locations

Pricing 💸

The core Interactive Geo Maps plugin is free. You can buy the pro version of Interactive Geo Maps for $3.99 per month on the monthly plan or get a 37% discount when you purchase the annual plan at once for $29.99. The Lifetime plan costs $79.99 as a one-time payment.

WordPress Travel is a free plugin for building travel websites in minutes.

WordPress Travel is a godsend if you’ve always wanted to build a personalized tour operator or travel agency website. Using WordPress Travel advanced modules, you can create stunning, SEO-friendly, and scalable travel agency or tour operator websites.

It’s compatible with top travel agency WordPress themes.

Key Features ⚙️

  • Create unlimited tour packages that cover the trip description, duration, gallery, price, itinerary, and more
  • Compatible with 12 payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net
  • Add multiple pricing options and multiple dates for one trip
  • Get more tour bookings with an effortless booking system that users can fill up fast

Pricing 💸

The core WP Travel plugin is free. The premium version of WP Travel starts at $99.99 per year.

No matter your travel blogging niche, you need a page builder to create site pages.

The Otter Gutenberg Blocks Page is one of the finest WordPress travel plugins for building pages. It enhances your WordPress page building experience.

It adds extra custom blocks to the Gutenberg Block Editor, such as Visibility Conditions, Animations, and Custom CSS. These additional features allow you to build beautiful pages without using conventional page builders like Divi and Elementor.

Key Features ⚙️

  • Get an additional 30+ marvelous and handy blocks for sweatless page building
  • Jazz up your travel blog content with 50+ animations you can add to any block or page
  • Design mobile-friendly pages for your audience using Otter’s baked-in responsive settings
  • Create a travel blog that matches your branding with full control of color accents, fonts, and backgrounds

Pricing 💸

The core Otter Blocks plugin is free. Otter Pro starts at $34.50 per year.

As a travel blogger, you want to creatively share detailed info about your destinations.

Geo Mashup helps you to do just that.

You provide readers with annotated map data about recent places you’ve visited. Geo Mashup lets you mark locations in your posts and pages. Users get a summary of the place when they click on a marked destination.

Key Features ⚙️

  • Generate map data from three providers: Google Maps V3, Leaflet, or OpenLayers
  • Add maps to your WordPress travel site pages or posts using both shortcodes and template tags
  • A Geo Search Widget allows users to search for personalized content based on distance from a search location
  • Automatically fill in address information for locations using reverse geocoding of location coordinates

Pricing 💸

Geo Mashup is one of the completely free WordPress travel plugins on this list. You get it all. No upgrade necessary.

Travel Map is one of the leading WordPress travel plugins.

It enables you to create, track, and manage your travel adventures right inside your WordPress dashboard. Travel Map is ideal for on-the-move travel bloggers like backpackers and life-on-the-road bloggers.

You can chronicle your travels and movements live and engage with your audience better.

Key Features ⚙️

  • Create unlimited interactive maps to chronicle your journeys in your WordPress admin
  • Show readers the places you’ve been to, where you are currently, and where you are going next
  • Easily embed an interactive map anywhere on your travel website
  • Color coding allows you to use different colors for different modes of transport

Pricing 💸

The core Travel Map plugin is free. The Premium Travel Map version costs €30 or $31.62 per year.

Next, we will explore WP Travel Engine.

WP Travel Engine is the perfect option for travel booking websites.

You can use this powerful, user-friendly WordPress travel booking plugin to create SEO-friendly travel booking websites quickly. As a travel website owner, you will enjoy the feature-rich plugin capabilities to boost inquiries and bookings.

Key Features ⚙️

  • Allow readers to leave trip reviews to build trust and increase tour bookings
  • Supports WooCommerce so you can collect payments from the major payment gateways
  • Unlimited travel packages so you can create and market boundless packages to maximize profits
  • Add tour details, itinerary, gallery, regular price, sale price, trip duration, trip facts, and FAQs

Pricing 💸

The core plugin is free. Plans for the premium version of WP Travel Engine start at $99.50 per year.

Are you hunting for an easy-to-use plugin to add and manage stunning, responsive travel photo galleries and albums to your WordPress travel website?

Then look no further than Photo Gallery by 10Web.

Photo Gallery comes loaded with many handy features for creating simple or sophisticated travel photo galleries to engage your audience.

Key Features ⚙️

  • Create eye-catching image layouts including Mosaic, Slideshow, Thumbnails, Compact Album, Masonry, Image Browser, Blog Style, and Extended
  • Create as many photos, galleries, and albums as you like to suit your needs
  • Impressive lightbox that includes 15 slideshows, filmstrip, social sharing, and full-width view
  • Audio and video support for YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, or Dailymotion content

Pricing 💸

The core Photo Gallery plugin is free. You can buy the premium version for $30.

Our WordPress travel plugins list would be incomplete without Image Optimization & Lazy Load by Optimole.

As you know, travel blogging includes sharing tons of pictures of fascinating destinations and experiences. But bloated and unoptimized images slow down your site. Optimole is an all-in-one solution for image optimization, which boosts your site speed significantly.

Key Features ⚙️

  • Use smart Machine Learning-driven lossy or lossless compression to create lovely images at the smallest size
  • Put watermarks automatically on all your travel adventure images to thwart content thieves and promote your brand
  • Retina support for delivering the best-looking images with the perfect Digital Pixel Ratio (DPR)
  • Serve images in lightweight and faster next-gen formats like WebP, JPEG 2000, and JPEG XR

Pricing 💸

The base plan is free. Premium Optimole plans start at $19.08 per month.

Next up on the best WordPress travel plugins for savvy travel bloggers is Social Media Share Buttons.

It’s a quick and easy tool that empowers all travel bloggers to share their travel blog content on social media via stunning icons. The plugin lets you add custom share icons for email and all major social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Key Features ⚙️

  • Share your travel blog content to 200+ social media platforms
  • Choose social sharing icons that suit your taste from 16 available designs
  • Drive more shares by animating your share icons through automatic shuffling and mouse-over effects
  • Boost your social media shares using floating and sticky share buttons

Pricing 💸

The base plugin is free. You can buy the premium version for a one-time payment of $29.98.

Finally, we will look at Revive Old Posts.

It’s a powerful WordPress scheduling plugin for sharing your blog posts on social media. Regardless of your specific niche within the broader travel realm, it’s really one of the most useful WordPress travel plugins you can have in your arsenal.

For example, it’s perfect for travel agencies, as it allows you to share your tour pages or packages, including the prices. Alternatively, if you are a travel gear blogger, you can use the plugin to share your affiliate blog posts.

Key Features ⚙️

  • Share old and new posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google Business
  • Automatically generate trendy hashtags for post shares from categories, custom fields, and tags
  • Works with common URL Shorteners for shorter and prettier links
  • Compatible with Google Analytics to monitor your social media traffic numbers

Pricing 💸

The core plugin is free. The premium version of Revive Old Posts is available for $75 per year for one website.

Grow your site with the best WordPress travel plugins

In summary, here’s a quick run-through of the top WordPress travel ✈️ plugins:

  1. Interactive Geo Maps for displaying interactive maps of all countries.
  2. WP Travel for creating tour operators or travel agency websites.
  3. Otter Gutenberg Blocks for building innovative pages using the Gutenberg Editor.
  4. Geo MashUp for sharing annotated location info on your posts and pages
  5. Travel Map for creating and tracking your entire travel itinerary.
  6. WP Travel Engine for making SEO-optimized travel booking websites.
  7. Photo Gallery By 10Web for creating and managing travel photo galleries and albums.
  8. Image Optimization & Lazy Load by Optimole for image optimization.
  9. Social Media Share Buttons for designing beautiful social media sharing icons.
  10. Revive Old Posts for automating promotion of old and new content.

🏗️ Build a top-notch travel blog with these robust plugins.

Are you a travel blogger? Which WordPress travel plugins do you love? Let us know in the comments!

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