11 Best SEO Tools 🥇 2023 (Free & Pro)

Are you struggling to improve your website’s visibility on search engines? If you would like to increase the traffic to your website but don’t know where to start? 

Then look no further since we have compiled a list of the best SEO tools to help you reach your targets.

A study conducted by Hubspot found that 75% of users never scroll further than the first page of search engine results, and we will use this guide to explore the top SEO tools that can help you with keyword research, on-page optimization, and backlink analysis.

This is why it is extremely important that your website is optimized for search engines if you want it to succeed, and these tools can assist you in this process in order for you to achieve your goals.

This article is going to dive into the world of SEO and explore the best tools available on the market that will help your website improve its ranking right now without any further action on your part.

Semrush is a comprehensive SEO tool that can elevate your digital marketing game. Despite its higher price point, it offers an impressive range of features, making it a great all-in-one platform for optimizing your website’s performance.

In addition to backlink analysis and broken link identification, the software is also an excellent tool for keyword exploration, which will help you rank higher. Aside from tracking tools and reporting solutions, it offers competitor research.

The platform has an extensive SEO database, enabling access to over 24 billion keywords across 130 countries. It also provides in-depth website audits based on more than 130 checks and offers recommendations for content improvement to increase search rankings.

It is possible to analyse and track competitive websites and marketing strategies using the software, and also create and manage PPC campaigns, as well as schedule posts on social media.

The software has the capability of creating white-labeled or branded reports that are useful for agencies and businesses presenting data to clients. By crawling backlinks quickly and efficiently, you can see what your competitors are doing, making it easier to stay on top.

Whether you’re looking to improve your site’s performance or find out how you can cost-effectively optimize it, Semrush is one of the best all-in-one SEO tools available on the market.

Pricing: Pro; starts from $119.95/month.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive SEO tool for digital marketing
  • Backlink analysis and broken link identification
  • Keyword exploration for higher ranking
  • Competitor research and website audits
  • Recommendations for content improvement
  • Analyze and track competitive websites and marketing strategies

Link Whisper is a powerful AI plugin for WordPress that helps website owners create internal links on their website. It’s not just about identifying broken links, but it also allows users to monitor tests and receive automatic notifications when links are broken.

One of the outstanding features of Link Whisper is its error reporting dashboard, which quickly identifies all the broken links on your site. Users can then decide what to do with the error report. Plus, the plugin comes with 12 months of free support, making it a great value for money.

Another impressive feature of this plugin is the keyword “link building” function, which allows users to enter keywords and URLs manually. Doing so will enable the plugin to find all previous and upcoming mentions of those targeted terms that link to your desired page.

Overall, Link Whisper is an excellent investment for any website owner looking to improve their internal linking strategy.

The plugin’s advanced features combined with its easy-to-use interface and outstanding customer support make it a must-have tool for any serious blogger or business owner looking to take their website to the next level.

With Link Whisper, users can easily find broken links, fix them, and create new ones, thus preventing orphaned content.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered internal link creation
  • Error reporting dashboard to quickly identify broken links
  • Keyword “link building” function for targeted linking
  • Prevents orphaned content on your website
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free support for 12 months
  • Helps improve internal linking strategy
  • Saves time with automatic broken link notifications
  • Easy to fix broken links and create new ones
  • A must-have tool for bloggers and business owners

There are many reasons why a website owner should have Google Analytics. It is a powerful and well-rounded tool that provides a wealth of insight directly from Google and is the best way to understand how your website is perceived by Google.

In addition to monitoring your rankings, you can also attribute conversions and revenue to your content and perform a technical SEO audit with this software and Google Search Console.

One of the best features of GA is its ability to provide a complete understanding of your customers across devices and platforms. With free tools from GA, you can comprehend the customer journey and improve marketing ROI.

Furthermore, GA has the ability to display your data across a wide range of platforms, such as the web and app, providing you with an intimate understanding of the whole user journey across each platform in which you are working.

Besides automation, flexible reporting, cross-platform attribution, and more, the software provides a solid measurement foundation. By using Analytics as a single measurement source of truth across their app and website, Lider reengaged users and found new ones more likely to buy.

This is why it is very helpful if you use Google Analytics as a tool to analyze the performance of your website as well as to get useful insights that will help you improve your marketing ROI as well as your business goals by identifying the areas that need improvement.

Pricing: Free.

Key Features:

  • Provides insight into website performance
  • You can attribute conversions and revenue to your content
  • Performs a technical SEO audit
  • Data can be displayed across various platforms
  • Automation, flexible reporting, cross-platform attribution, and more
  • Provides a solid measurement foundation


Content Drives More Traffic With Clearscope

Using Clearscope, you can rank better on search engines by optimizing your content for target keywords. This software takes into account factors like word count, keyword density, related long-tail keywords and topics, readability, and more to make sure your content has the best chance of ranking.

Here are some free SEO tools you can use to rank well for search terms and make great content for your audience. You’ll be able to build something that drives organic traffic while engaging and resonating with your audience all at once.

You can integrate this software into Google Docs or WordPress so that optimization can be streamlined even further. This means there won’t be any messy back-and-forths or learning new tools since it seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow.

All customers are entitled to free training which enables them to get up to speed quickly; regardless of how new their ability is to the software. In addition to this, their responsive support team is always available to assist you if you have any questions or problems related to the software.

The Clearscope tool can be an excellent choice if you wish to create highly relevant and optimized content without having to learn a lot. Among the top SEO tools available, it has an easy-to-use interface, free training, and responsive support.

Pricing: Pro; starts from $170/month.

Key Features:

  • Optimize content for target keywords
  • Improves the readability of content
  • Integrates into Google Docs or WordPress
  • Streamline optimization process in existing workflow
  • Free training for all customers
  • Responsive support team available for assistance


Everything You Need to Rank Higher

You can improve your website’s performance with Ahrefs, an SEO analysis tool. You can diagnose technical SEO issues with the Backlink Checker, the Keyword Generator, and the Website Checker, all of which offer free services.

In addition, you will gain access to a private group consisting of SEO-obsessed marketers that will be able to provide valuable insights as well as answer your questions and provide you with advice in terms of your campaign through Insider.

This software is unique in that it is independent and aims to make content more accessible to its target audience. In exchange for providing content creators with useful learning resources as well as supporting their efforts, the search engine will share profits with them.

You can get full access to some of the learning materials and tools for free, but you can also consider supporting the company by subscribing. So users can get even more insights and data so they can improve their website and track its progress.

Anyone seeking in-depth SEO data and analysis will love Ahrefs. Your website will perform better and provide more useful content with its range of free SEO tools and private SEO community.

Pricing: Pro; starts from $99/month.

Key Features:

  • Diagnose technical SEO issues
  • Join a private group of SEO-obsessed marketers
  • Aims to make content more accessible to the target audience
  • Search engine shares profits with content creators
  • Full access to learning materials and tools for free
  • Better website performance with a range of free SEO tools


Helps You Increase Traffic, Rankings, and Visibility in Search Results

Beginners can benefit from Moz by increasing their performance and reducing the risk of spam penalties. It provides many similar features in an easy-to-digest package, which is unlike other tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush which can be overwhelming to use.

This software can help you identify technical SEO issues that are affecting your site, and provide recommendations for improvement, as well as track the performance of hundreds or thousands of keywords across various search engines as you use it.

You will be able to view metrics for any site, including anchor text and domain authority, within easy reach. You will also be able to uncover new keywords to target, along with Keyword Difficulty scores, competitor research, and SERP analysis all of which are easier than ever before.

It is clear that Moz is a great tool for anyone seeking a keyword strategy that is simple, easy to use, and accessible without being overwhelmed by complex data – Moz’s user-friendly interface, simplified approach, and data availability make it one of the best options online for beginners.

Pricing: Free & Pro; starts from $99/month.

Key Features:

  • Beginner-friendly SEO tool
  • Tracks the performance of hundreds or thousands of keywords
  • View metrics for any site
  • Uncover new keywords to target with Keyword Difficulty scores
  • Competitor research to improve keyword strategy
  • Data availability for easier analysis

Boost your organic traffic, visibility, and search engine ranking with Surfer SEO. In addition to content optimization powered by artificial intelligence, it also combines search data with artificial intelligence so you have an edge despite the highly competitive Internet market.

You can use the software to create SEO-friendly content outlines, run site audits, and optimize your content as you write. With Keyword Surfer, you can view SEO metrics and keyword suggestions from within Google search results without leaving.

With the software, you can get a detailed list of relevant keywords, receive real-time feedback on overall on-page optimization through its Content Score, and structure your content into a detailed outline complete with unique potential headings and questions using the built-in Outline Builder.

There are many benefits that the software offers to users. This means that they no longer have to listen to the language restrictions and can have access to real-time analytics such as structures, word counts, NLP keywords, images, and lots more as they write and optimize simultaneously.

If you’re producing AI-generated or self-written content, checking your article for plagiarism is a solid idea to avoid penalties, engage your audience, and limit awkward misunderstandings with clients.

In summary, Surfer SEO is a powerful tool that streamlines your SEO workflow, allowing you to create high-quality content that ranks highly and enhances your online visibility.

Pricing: Pro; starts from $49/month.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Content Optimization
  • Combines Search Data with AI
  • SEO-Friendly Content Outlines
  • Site Auditing Capability
  • Real-Time On-Page Feedback
  • Detailed Keyword Analysis

SE Ranking is a must-have tool for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution for their SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) needs. With real-time tracking of keywords across major search engines on the country, region, or city level, you can stay on top of your website’s rankings as often as you’d like.

What sets the software apart is its Website Audit tool, which finds both on- and off-page issues and suggests ways to fix them. This feature alone can push your website’s rankings into the top 10 search results.

In addition to SEO, the software can provide you with a complete suite of tools for PPC, including tracking metrics like cost per click and competition analysis. Besides SEO, the software can also be used to manage your social media accounts if you require that service.

As well as the amazing features of the app, the affordability of the software is also one of the most attractive aspects of it. On top of the great features, even business owners who are strapped for cash will be able to springboard their growth using this app.

In addition to providing valuable data on key parameters for each link found on your website, his SEO management tool allows you to discover, monitor, control, and keep track of all of your backlinks at your disposal.

This is a great option for businesses of all sizes who are looking to get help with SEO and PPC services that can help them achieve their online marketing goals. With real-time tracking, Website Audit tools, and affordable pricing, SE Ranking is a great choice.

Pricing: Free & Pro; starts from $39.2/month.

Key Features:

  • Real-time tracking of keywords across major search engines
  • On- and off-page issues are found by Website Audit
  • A complete suite of tools for PPC
  • Social media account management is available
  • Analyze your website’s links by key parameters
  • Allows discovery, monitoring, control, and tracking of all backlinks


Start Optimizing Your Website

In addition to SEO, WooRank also provides a Website Review feature which helps you identify opportunities to improve your site’s ranking and organic traffic as well as identify new or improved SEO tactics for your site.

Software like this one is extremely useful when it comes to conducting competitive analyses, monitoring your website’s ranking on the search engines, and crawling the technical SEO on your website so that you can perform search engine optimization when you have to conduct your own.

It is also possible to use Projects within the software to monitor multiple digital properties on one platform, eliminating the need to use multiple marketing tools at the same time. It gives you detailed information on how to fix any problems that may come up as well as tips on how to resolve them.

With the help of the software, businesses can save time, money, and energy as a result of the use of the tool, as well as increase the productivity of their teams at the same time as well.

With the software, businesses can improve their online presence and optimize their website. It’s great for identifying keywords and fixing technical problems since it’s got competitive analysis, rank tracking, and a technical SEO crawler.

The WooRank SEO software allows businesses to deliver the best rendition of their websites to their target audience while saving both time and money as well as reducing the amount of effort that has to be done.

Pricing: Free & Pro; starts from $79.99/month.

Key Features:

  • Identify opportunities to improve the site’s ranking and traffic
  • Competitive analysis for better SEO tactics
  • Monitoring a website’s ranking on search engines
  • Crawling technical SEO of the website
  • Project management for multiple digital properties
  • Detailed information on fixing problems

Using Screaming Frog SEO Spider you can do technical SEO audits. It’s a website crawler that looks at your entire website and identifies any problems. You can flag broken links, duplicate content, and redirects with this powerful software within seconds.

It gathers crucial onsite data that can be used by SEOs for making informed decisions. Because it is flexible and advanced, it can crawl both small and large websites efficiently. In real-time, the program’s user interface displays analyzes, and filters crawl data, which is constantly being gathered and updated.

We would like to add that one of the best features of the software is that it allows the export of key onsite SEO elements such as URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, and headings as well as their metadata into spreadsheets which makes it easy to use as a base for your SEO recommendations.

You can download and crawl up to 500 URLs for free with the software, or you can buy a license to remove the limit and access more advanced features. You can even schedule regular SEO audits to keep your site optimized and up-to-date.

To summarise, Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their website’s technical SEO. With its fast and advanced site audit capabilities, you can easily identify and fix common SEO issues without wasting valuable time and resources.

Pricing: Free & Pro; starts from $199/year.

Key Features:

  • Conducts technical SEO audits
  • Crawls entire website to identify problems
  • Flags broken links, duplicate content, and redirects
  • Gathers crucial onsite data for informed decisions
  • Displays real-time analysis and filters crawl data
  • Exports URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, and headings


a Powerful SEO Toolbox for Your Browser

The amazing thing about SEOquake is that you can do immediate SEO audits on any website, including your own, and compare different SEO metrics across multiple domains with an instant SEO audit. You can do all of this in a matter of seconds with SEOquake.

Having this tool available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, as well as an app for iPhone and iPad, anyone can easily use it regardless of where they may be located in the world.

There’s no overload of info, so the software displays only what you need to know. You can diagnose optimization issues that can affect modern search engines with just one click on any page, so you can conduct an SEO analysis with just one click.

This software enables you to identify and fix a lot of optimization problems in real-time thanks to the real-time diagnosis feature. Additionally, it gives you details about external and internal links on an individual page, including their URLs, anchor text, and type so that you can fix them for the best possible results.

You’ll have full control over how you interpret the results resulting from the data you gather, plus the software can compare multiple domains and URLs for different SEO parameters automatically and export the results into a dynamic report.

When browsing the web, SEOquake is an excellent tool for analyzing SEO data quickly, easily, and efficiently. Anyone who owns a website markets it, or works in SEO will find this tool to be a great resource since it provides all the necessary features in an easy-to-use manner.

Pricing: Free.

Key Features:

  • Immediate SEO audits on any website
  • Compare SEO metrics across multiple domains
  • Available as an extension and app for easy use
  • Displays only necessary information without the overload of data
  • Conduct SEO analysis with just one click
  • Real-time diagnosis feature to identify and fix optimization problems


What are the most important factors to consider when choosing an SEO tool?

The most important factors to consider when choosing an SEO tool include your goals, budget, features needed, ease of use, and customer support. It’s also important to read reviews and compare multiple options before making a decision.

Are paid SEO tools worth the investment?

It can be worth the investment if you get valuable features with paid SEO tools. Advanced keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, and other insights from paid tools can give you a competitive edge. However, make sure you evaluate your needs and budget before committing.

Do I need to use multiple SEO tools or is one enough?

As far as SEO tools are concerned, you have several options depending on your needs and goals. Some tools offer all-in-one solutions, while others specialize in specific aspects of SEO as keyword research, technical SEO, or link building.

In addition to giving you a better understanding of your website’s performance, multiple tools can also help you figure out where you can improve. You shouldn’t overstuff your organization with tools. Pick only the ones that will truly benefit your website.


Our discussion has concluded with several powerful SEO tools which you can utilize to improve the rankings of your website in search engines and the overall performance of your website.

From keyword research to backlink analysis, these tools provide valuable insights to optimize your site for better results. Remember, using the right set of tools is crucial for any successful SEO strategy.

There are a lot of valuable tutorials and guides on BetterStudio’s blog that you can use to help improve your site’s visibility online, so be sure to check it out even if you have no prior experience with SEO.

Keep an eye on BetterStudio on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates on SEO tips and techniques tailored to the latest trends. We also post our latest tutorials and articles on social media, so don’t miss out on the latest content!

Hopefully, this article has provided you with a helpful overview of six of the best SEO tools available presently on the market. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Our team is always happy to assist you and provide additional support on request.

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