11 Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins πŸ”ƒ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins to use for lazy load sites in 2022?

In this article, we will review the best WordPress plugins for lazy loading, highlight their main features, and provide some advice as to why you should use each one. All of those features and functions are bundled together and are compatible with the best WordPress themes.

Now we’ve reached the end of these WordPress plugins, we created this list for the Lazy Load plugins. Also, this wide selection of WordPress plugins is usable for Make WordPress Site Load Faster, Lazy Load for WooCommerce, Speed Up Website, Speed Optimizer, Enhance Page Speed, Boost Website Performance, Lazy Load Youtube Videos, Lazy Load Video Poster, Lazy Load Autoplay Video.

Best Image and Video Lazy Load Plugins for WordPress πŸ”ƒ

Here are more than 11 best lazy load WordPress plugins for 2022:

Smush – Lazy Load Images Plugin

Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images For WordPress

By registering on Smush Lazy Load Images, you can accomplish all of these things easily and quickly. It is an excellent tool for optimizing images, enabling lazy loading, resizing and compressing them, and can even be used to improve Google Page Speed.

PageSpeed is an easy way to increase the page loading speed of your website by optimizing the images, enabling lazy loading, compressing your images, and resizing them a few more times.

In order to ensure the quality of your images and make your wordpress site load faster, you must choose a tool such as Smush so that you have a tool that will help not only prevent spelling errors but you don’t have to worry about the quality of images being degraded during compression.

So as a consequence, the loading time of your website will decrease considerably, which is one of the easiest ways to make that happen by using a caching plugin, that can be accomplished without any effort.

You should optimize and compress your images so that they are smaller, and make sure that the photos are lazy-loaded to reduce their size.

This tool prevents slow loading images and keeps your site running smoothly and quickly. You can install Smush in just a few clicks, and your website will be activated immediately.

You can choose between optimizing each image individually or optimizing all 50 images simultaneously when the β€˜Simultaneous Optimization Mode’ is enabled.

With Smush, you can adjust the way in which lazy loading is handled so that it only applies to some regions of output such as widgets, content areas, and thumbnails.

By using this tool, you are able to continue using your WordPress website while keeping your visitors satisfied. The plugin works well with other WordPress plug-ins so that you can maintain your website’s functionality and keep your visitors happy.

Although WP Smush reduces the file size in comparison to the Lazy Loader, it does not allow you to decide how much optimization you want to apply to the images. This program reduces the file size, but it is not the best option for most uses in comparison to the Lazy Loader.

πŸ’΅ Lite is free, Pro is for a price.

Key Features:

  • Use lazy loading to wait until you want to load offscreen images
  • When you resize a picture, you can set a maximum height and width so that large prints will be compressed
  • Remove unnecessary information from images to reduce their size and quality
  • Using Bulk Smush in the Manage Images panel, up to 50 images can be optimized and compressed at the same time
  • The Optimization Tools allow you to quickly detect incorrectly sized images

Random Reviews:

  • With Smush, I don’t have to do the second step in my workflow to optimize images for my website via Affinity Photo, etc. It works great and it’s easy to use/understand.

    guesthollowMay 2022

  • I found a bug in this plugin that β€˜hide’ and prevented you from viewing the images of my products on my page. After testing several times, I was able to fix it and had to remove the plugin from my site.

    garangolMay 2022

Lazy Loader Plugin

Video and Audio Elements Lazyloading Plugin

By using the Lazy Loader script, you will be able to insert images, frames, videos, and audio elements, and you will be able to use the lightweight script for lazy sizes that you have already downloaded

The Lazy Loader plugin is a powerful long-term loader that allows you to efficiently load images, scripts, and styles when using a template that contains the appropriate tags. The plugin not only supports image loading but also supports audio and video loading.

This free plugin includes many free add-ons to make it even more attractive. This is perhaps the best part of this free plugin because it also comes with many other free add-ons for people to use.

The plugin will automatically load all the background images, scripts, and styles when the markup is manually corrected by a user. This is to ensure that every time the markup is corrected properly, the plugin is also able to load these automatically as well.

If the images are positioned in the right spot in the HTML markup on the webpage, and if the markup for the webpage does not require manual adjustment, then the images can be lazy-loaded wherever they are located on the website.

In lazy loading all your iframes, videos, audio elements, and post thumbnails, we provide you with a straightforward solution that will not adversely affect your website’s performance.

The Lazy Loader offers other specific features in addition to lazy loadings, such as iframes that can be lazy-loaded, as well as poster frames for video and audio elements. Inline background images with videos are also possible.

Depending on your needs, you can decide whether you would like this lazy load video poster plugin to stop lazy loading CSS classes with specific CSS. In addition, you can choose to display a spinner that starts the loading process and a text box where you can change the settings for the default lazy sizes.

πŸ’΅ This plugin is free. There are no fees associated with it.

Key Features:

  • Show a loading spinner when loading is in progress
  • Adding the lazy sizes unveil hooks plugin, which adds support for more elements
  • Enable lazy loading concerning the poster frame of video elements
  • Incorporate the lazy sizes native loading plugin, which modifies images and iFrames
  • Allow lazy loading for the audio components as well
  • Allow iFrames to be loaded lazily
  • Adding filters that should be processed by a lazy loader is an important step
  • Let the video elements load inline backgrounds in the lazy mode

Random Reviews:

  • I just need the exclusion of images for that.

    JonasMar 2022

  • It is invaluable to resolve the Threshold problem.
    Thank you!
    This topic was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by

    ithakiDec 2021

  • The plugin is incredible. It works great on one of my websites, but unfortunately, it fails to work at all on my other staging site, not sure if I am doing something wrong.

    Suraj LullaDec 2021

A3 Lazy Load Plugin

Speed Up Sites Page Load Speed For WordPress

The most common solution that users come across is A3 Lazy Load, which is specifically designed to deal with lazy loading problems. Although you may not be familiar with working with plugins, you can set up and customize this plugin fairly easily. It is easy to set up and use, and it is mobile-friendly as well.

In one stroke, this technique can be used to improve the loading speed of a photograph by reducing the file size, and by using the same technique, you can improve the loading speed of a video as well as a frame on your website.

To make the loading images more interesting, maybe you would like to add animations, in addition to adding fade-ins and spinners to make them more appealing, perhaps you can also use fade-ins and spinners for such a purpose if you wish to do so.

Additionally, others make use of toggle switches that enhance features to allow you to control content visibility based on specific topics and to specify a URL so that videos can be included or excluded.

Using this dashboard you can choose based on what topics you want the images displayed for, for instance, images concerning climate change can be displayed on this dashboard depending on what topics you have preferred.

In order to maintain the a3 Lazy Load functionality within your website, you must use this loading lazy tool along with the standard WordPress functions when displaying the media within a text post, or on your website. If you do so, it should work for your needs.

The A3 lazy load script cannot be used on those objects which are specifically customized by the theme developer or are part of a plugin which the theme developer developed, so these objects will not work with A3 lazyload scripts.

The A3 Lazy Load is not as advanced as the Lazy Loader, for example, if there are hardcoded images or background images. Because of this, the site may malfunction, as many previous customers have in the past reported.

πŸ’΅ There are two versions available: the Premium version is for $29.00 and the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Fully supported by the jQueryMobile framework
  • The ability to embed videos from URLs in posts and pages
  • Integrates seamlessly with any WordPress website and embeds posts on any page
  • Speed up the performance of your embedded post
  • Ability to display content on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Add video to widget types, text widgets, and HTML widgets

Random Reviews:

  • There is very poor support. There are many questions asked that nobody has answered so far.

    SamXDec 2021

  • You really get to decide when and how to delay the loading of images with this instead of WP Rocket or Perfmatters.

    edefrutosAug 2021

Lazy Load Plugin

Lazyloading Speedup Website For WordPress

As soon as the Lazy Load feature is enabled, images and frames are displayed only if the user is able to see them. This will result in a reduction in HTTP requests, which will lead to a reduction in loading time.

As an alternative to thumbnails, all images within the content or text of a widget can also be loaded randomly; it is also possible to load avatars, smilies, and even image frames using this method.

As this script does not include any JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery, and it weighs less than 10 kilobytes, this script weighs less than 600 kilobytes.

Using a preview thumbnail instead of the YouTube video iframe can result in a speedup of your website if your website loads faster than average. Besides optimizing your pictures with lazy load, you may also achieve a speedup by using quick load.

The way you make images and videos visible above the fold is to use a powerful tool that allows you to display them only above the fold and only on certain pages.

It has an optimized environment that handles all media types on the site, including avatars, thumbnails, iframes, lazyload YouTube embed videos, background images, and regular images, as well as offering the best possible speeds for loading.

As a lightweight plugin that requires only a few lines of JavaScript injection into your site’s header, it works very well as a lightweight alternative to jQuery. However, the use of jQuery or any JavaScript library on every page delays images wherever it occurs in the site.

It is also possible to speed up the loading of your site even further by replacing the Youtube iframe with a thumbnail preview of the video, which will further improve performance.

πŸ’΅ It’s a Free plugin with support in the forum.

Key Features:

  • The loading time is improved by reducing the number of HTTP requests
  • Lazy loading of avatar, smilies, iframes, all images in post content or a widget text and thumbnails
  • The script weight is less than 10KB without using a JavaScript library such as jQuery
  • Use preview thumbnails instead of Youtube iframes on your website to further improve the loading time

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks, Rocket, but I won’t be using your plugins again. I completely lost trust.
    Updated in the morning and crashed tons of my websites. Clients were enraged.

    alexDxApr 2022

  • I found that the Lazy Load for Videos plugin was much more effective.

    mikejcandyOct 2021

Native Lazy Loading Plugin

Lazy-loads Media For WordPress

The new plugin released by Google uses this new feature called β€˜Native Lazy Loading’ to improve the browsing experience for visitors Native lazy loading is a fast loading method that allows content to be loaded within the first few seconds.

To detect the motion of the page, this lazy load autoplay video feature will instead use the browser to do so, so there will be no need for JavaScript to do so. In other words, there will not be any need to use JavaScript on your computer for this feature to work.

There is often the expression, β€˜less is more’ when it comes to creating a quick and lightweight website, so if you are able to do something without the use of a script, then do it that way.

To determine every time the user is about to see an image on a web page, the browser measures the scrolling rate on the page. At such times, the browser will begin loading the image even before the user is about to see it.

Without any help from JavaScript, the browser will do this automatically. Hence, the server will be able to serve the page faster as well as load the assets more quickly. In other words, this is the future of lazy loading, although it is still in the very early stages.

In spite of the fact that this plugin does not yet support Safari, it does support other web browsers such as Firefox. The plugin will automatically detect whether native lazy loading will be available in your browser.

In the event that it isn’t, it will load a bespoke JavaScript file to load the images. There is no guarantee that this plugin will work flawlessly in Safari, as it will be slower than the one in Chrome.

If you have any users who are using Safari on their iPhone or Mac, I strongly recommend one of the additional plugins listed below. In fact, the libraries they use have been rigorously tested far more than the ones Google offers here.

πŸ’΅ For now and in the future, it’s free to download.

Key Features:

  • The NoScript variant is added to the respective element if the browser supports the loading attribute
  • Over time, the loading attribute will improve as more browsers implement it
  • Automatically, including the loading attribute
  • Due to its lack of JavaScript logic, it is more lightweight

Random Reviews:

  • No benefits, and it may actually hurt your SEO
    This topic was modified 9 months, 2 weeks ago by bloup.

    bloupJun 2021

  • Please fix this in the latest version of Safari. Thanks!

    gkwebphAug 2020

Optimole Plugin

Image optimization & Lazy Load For WordPress

The image optimization plugin, Optimole, is simple but powerful. It is a plugin designed to optimize your images where it also functions as a lazy loader which makes your site load quicker by optimizing your images.

By using this plugin, you can easily replace your image URLs in your website with ones generated by the cloud, bypassing the need to use URLs generated on your website.

As a result, the size incline and the quality incline of your images are kept while the compressed image is compressed. All of the photos on your site will be cached for you by Optimole every month to help you improve the accessibility of your site because of this.

This enhanced speed page plugin’s native technology can detect retina screens and deliver images in a pixel-perfect format. In other words, this plugin can deliver pixel-perfect images that are responsive to any screen size because your images will be scaled automatically and served instantly.

As well as maintaining the sharpness of your images, this speed optimizer tool provides intelligent cropping capabilities. That way, in the future, you will be able to automatically add watermarks to your images. We also provide a lower quality version of the image in case of slow connections.

When a visitor requests an image from your site, this lazy load feature will apply the specific transformations needed to deliver the image to the device in question. Optimole will ensure that all photos are displayed perfectly sized across all of your visitors’ devices.

It is fully compatible with Gutenberg editor, the new block editor introduced by WordPress in its latest version, so if you decide to use it to edit your pages, you can do so without any issues and boost website performance.

Thus, to ensure that the result of the exercise is presented constantly and the performance of the site is greatly improved, the result of the exercise will be stored indefinitely.

It is distinct from the Native lazy loading plugin, which has a detailed documentation, that the Optimole plugin does not have such documentation; as of right now, there is no such documentation available.

πŸ’΅ You can download the Lite version for free while the Pro version costs money.

Key Features:

  • Providing free access to a vast distributed network of edge locations in over 200 cities around the world through AWS CloudFront CDN
  • Detects a slow network and offers a feature that allows users to downgrade the image quality as necessary
  • Display Retina displays and delivers the perfect images with the appropriate Digital Pixel Ratio (DPR)
  • Using the container, your image will defer any offscreen images and will be precisely sized for it
  • Intelligent cropping enables you to keep your images as large and as sharp as possible without losing the focus of your image

Random Reviews:

  • With this plugin, you can reduce the size of images uploaded to your media library.

    mariab626May 2022

  • It integrates seamlessly with my Thrive Themes website, and Optimole has a lot of features that help minimize the amount of images while maintaining quality.

    oranyehielApr 2022

Lazy Load Optimizer Plugin

Speed Up Sites Page Load Plugin For WordPress

Lazy Load Optimizer allows you to reduce the loading time of images and iframes on your website and therefore enable you to start an online store right away. This will greatly enhance the performance of the website which, in turn, will boost the performance of your website.

It is possible with this theme to support WooCommerce and as such, it will be a wonderful solution for your online store. The lazy load for WooCommerce support is also a great feature, and you can use this theme to advertise your business as well as make money.

This WordPress speed optimizer plugin utilizes Lazysizes, one of the most common lazy loaders for both pages and posts. By implementing lazy loading you can also look forward to seeing an improvement in PageSpeed insights and the error β€œdefer offscreen images” will all be resolved.

This fast, highly configurable, lightweight, and highly customizable pro lazy load self hosted video plugin for WordPress allows you to quickly and easily load static content that is fast, lightweight, and configurable.

When using WooCommerce, this plugin enables you to load images in product categories, gallery widgets, and image galleries. As a result, utilizing images on WooCommerce pages will result in a faster loading time.

In addition, users of WooCommerce can see images that automatically load when they click on the images in posts, pages, custom post types, and text widgets when they click on the related products and category items;

πŸ’΅ The plugin is free. No payment is required.

Key Features:

  • Inserted images that load slowly in posts, pages, custom post types, and text widgets
  • lazy loading image galleries, image widgets, and image galleries widgets
  • loading images from the product category and product images in WooCommerce
  • Enhances PageSpeed Insights Results and fixes the error β€˜defer offscreen images.”
  • Improve the performance of your site’s page load

Random Reviews:

  • I highly recommend this software to convert all your actual PNG files to WebP, as well as automatically transforming them into WebP when you download new loud formats. It’s extremely simple in its presentation, but incredibly powerful in its use.

    rmstmOct 2021

  • You shouldn’t use
    This topic was modified 1 week, 6 days ago by

    PosanduSep 2021

  • Uses ajax pagination to reserve space for images, so when the image appears the content does not move.

    kazmetikaSep 2020

Ajax Load More Plugin

Infinite Scroll Plugin For WordPress

As long as Ajax Load More is enabled, you will be able to scroll endlessly through posts, pages, comments and any element that utilizes an ajax API call will be scrollable both at the top and bottom of the page. Also you are able to speed up your website.

As part of the Ajax Load More package, there is a shortcode builder available that is capable of creating complex WordPress queries through shortcodes.

If you decide to add a shortcode to your site using your text editor, then you can add the generated shortcode directly into the template files within your site.

If you would prefer to embed it directly into a page, then you will need to insert the shortcode directly into the content of the page using your text editor.

As far as SEO for WordPress sites goes, it is very likely that they will require a significant amount of power because of the importance of images.

The best lazy load plugin for WooCommerce can be used with all popular WooCommerce plugins, such as the easy, lazyload plugin. You will be relieved when you see this plugin’s compatibility with WooCommerce if you search for one of the best lazy load plugins.

Several types of content are accessible using this plugin, including posts, pages, and comments. Consequently, you will have the ability to filter posts by post types, post formats, tags, categories, search terms, and additional custom taxonomies.

Besides the ability to create templates that can be used to create repeating content that matches your website currently, the best WordPress plugin for lazy loading has the ability to create templates that mimic your website currently.

The plugin can be used in multiple locations on a post, page, or template, so it does not need to be installed more than once. It is possible to filter and update the queries sent to Ajax Load More using the filtering tool provided by Ajax Load More.

πŸ’΅ In the Lite version, the plugin costs $0 and in the Pro version, it costs $149.00.

Key Features:

  • By increasing the performance of your server and reducing content load times dramatically, caching will enhance the visitor experience on your site
  • Within each Ajax Load More post loop, easily add a custom Adsense advertisement block or call to action
  • Ajax loaded pages can be scrolled through by enabling paging URLs
  • Developers and users alike can easily filter files using Ajax Load More because there is no coding required
  • Templates can be created, modified, and deleted at will, without any restrictions

Random Reviews:

  • If you haven’t heard of this plug-in, now you do! The developers provide outstanding, above-and-beyond help-even for free, which is amazing. If you are wondering, it also works well with the Uncode theme.

    newrockstarsApr 2022

  • I think this plugin is the best for infinite scrolling on WordPress! It works great, and the developer has written many features that are both easy to use and straightforward, so even a little coding expert can use it without trouble. Thank you so much!

    RemigioJan 2022

Lazy Load by WP Rocket Plugin

Images, Videos, and Iframes Lazy Loading WordPress Plugin

The highly regarded development team at WP Rocket has launched the third version of their cache plugin, Lazy Load by wp rocket. This extremely popular plugin has been developed based on WP Rocket’s highly regarded development process.

It is one of the most popular plug-ins available on the web and enables images and videos to be displayed only when they are directly above the fold of your website.

In terms of speed, the website ensures that all multimedia is handled properly, including avatars, thumbnails, iframes, YouTube videos, background images, and regular images. In other words, it does not compromise on multimedia performance.

You can add a bit of JavaScript code to your page’s header and inject a bit of JavaScript code into your page’s body without having to use any third-party libraries like jQuery or Flash, which allows you to rapidly delay the loading of images.

There is actually a way to create a website that loads much more quickly than YouTube’s embedded iframes if you make use of a thumbnail file rather than the iframes it embeds in its videos.

It may be a good idea to read about all the options we offer you through our caching plugin if you are looking for ways to improve the performance of your website as well as improving the Core Web Vitals report.

πŸ’΅ FREE!

Key Features:

  • Images of your product categories and product images can be uploaded with WooCommerce
  • As a lazy loading method, image widgets, and image gallery widgets are loaded
  • JQuery is not used in this script, and the weight is less than 10 kilobytes, and no JavaScript libraries are used
  • Lazy loading can be used to load images, thumbnails, avatars, and smilies as part of blog posts and widgets
  • Slow loading images appear in posts, pages, custom post types, and text widgets

Random Reviews:

  • I updated the plugin in the early morning, and it crashed my websites. My clients were furious. Thanks, Rocket, but I won’t be using your plugins ever again. I completely lost trust.

    alexDxApr 2022

  • The plugin had no effect on Google Page Speed scores. I recommend Lazy Load for Videos instead.

    mikejcandyOct 2021

Speed Up – Lazy Load Plugin

Lazy Load Implementing Technique For WordPress

As well as helping you speed up the performance of your website by reducing the loading time of images and Iframes, the Speed Up plugin will optimize the speed of image loading on your site.

There are no configuration requirements, and it basically begins working once it is installed, so whether it has been set up correctly, or not, the plugin can be installed pretty straightforwardly.

There is no doubt that Speed Up is an excellent plugin for blogs and sites that will enable lazy loading of images and iframes. For users who want more stringent control over how the plugin handles the loading process, we would recommend finding another plugin.

If it was implemented with a β€˜Lazy Load’ plugin, it would ensure that images or frames which are hidden from the user’s view would not be downloaded until they were clicked on by the user.

As a result, it has become much more efficient to run these processes online now instead of taking up much bandwidth in the past, making the website much more attractive to visitors as well.

After it has been installed, this plugin will not require any configuration as all tasks will be carried out by the plugin once it has been activated. It is quite small, weighing only 5 kB, and will not require much space to run.

πŸ’΅ This plugin is free to download. You can use it at no cost.

Key Features:

  • When not using a JavaScript library like jQuery, the script weighs less than 10KB
  • Adding lazy loading to avatars, smilies, iframes, photos in the post content, widgets, and widget text
  • To improve the loading speed of your website, use thumbnails rather than Youtube iframes
  • Using fewer HTTP requests reduces the loading time

Random Reviews:

  • PageSpeed increased from 70 to 89 thanks to you!

    WEBGONDEL UGAug 2018

  • The page wouldn’t load any images on scroll. I had to switch back to A3 Lazy Load

    Udegbunam ChukwudiFeb 2018

Load More Products for WooCommerce Plugin

Load More Products Button For WordPress

The Load More Product For WooCommerce plugin is a useful tool for loading pictures and thumbnails using lazy loading. Lazy loading entails loading the images only when the user reaches the actual image, not when the webpage first opens.

Reducing the load time of your website will improve user experience, search engine optimization, and site speed as well as your user experience. Lazy loading can be enabled across your entire business or just on mobile devices.

Additionally, this infinite scroll plugin provides an infinite scroll that is dedicated to WooCommerce, which includes all of the necessary features and customization options.

You should be aware that this is an infinite scroll WordPress plugin that only works with WooCommerce, and that it will not work with other kinds of websites, such as blogs or WordPress sites.

Using this plugin, you will be able to choose between pagination, infinite scrolling, or to just add a button to load more content for your navigation.

As with the URL option, you can select to have the URL updated with every page displayed, or you can opt out of that option. In addition, you can customize your menu for mobile devices and define how many products display on each page as well as design your own loader.

It is possible to completely customize the Load More button and you can also add a Load Previous button which will redirect you to the previous page when clicked.

Additionally, you can insert a custom message at the beginning and change the loading text at the end of the page Additionally, you can add JavaScript hooks and CSS to further customize the page.

πŸ’΅ There are Lite and Pro versions of this plugin. The Pro version costs $34.00, while the Lite version costs nothing.

Key Features:

  • Choose the navigation method best suited to your mobile device
  • Add custom coding with JavaScript hooks
  • When the content is completed, users will see custom messages
  • Pager, infinite scroll, and load more options are available
  • A lazy loading system for pictures and thumbnails with more than 40 animations
  • A customizable load more button, loading image, and loading text

Random Reviews:

  • It does what it’s supposed to do.

    fabiosiebertApr 2022

  • Overall, I am very satisfied with the plugin, it does what it says, and it keeps the store up to date without problems.

    colomdzMar 2022

  • It’s so easy to set up and it works! Thanks!

    carasmoFeb 2022

To summarize

These are our top picks for the best Lazy Load WordPress plugins. Pick a ready plugin, then extend your website as appropriate.

πŸ“Œ Recommended: We also recommend our articles about the best WordPress themes for bloggers and the best WordPress plugins for bloggers.

The plugins we present here are intended to help you make your site more visible to customers.

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