13 Best 9Gag WordPress Clone Themes 🥇 2022

Are you tired of selecting the best WordPress 9Gag Clone theme on the market?

⚡️ Looking for a quick answer? We recommend the Publisher theme for WordPress, which is feature-rich and optimized for Google and has over 100 pre-made demos.

We searched the web in the following list, so you don’t have to. These best WordPress themes are SEO-ready, speed-optimized, and mobile-friendly (responsive design).

In addition to the themes described above, these templates can also be used for 9Gag Like, 9Gag Old School, 9Gag Posts, 9Gag Dark, 9Gag Company, 9Gag Video, Content Sharing, and Viral Magazine sites.

Our top listings for 9Gag Clone WordPress templates for 2022 are as follows:

Bimber Theme

Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

The Bimber theme can be used to create a fully functional viral magazine website in less than 24 hours.

With powerful sharing buttons and a plethora of hot trending listings, you will be able to reach more people and go viral faster. All of that is available in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Get started today and see how fast you can go viral.

One of the theme’s most powerful features is a seamless social sharing widget that runs throughout the whole site, as well as custom listings of popular and trending posts.

💵 With the purchase of the theme for $59, you will get 6 months of support time.

Key Features:

  • With social media integration, you have more money-making opportunities than you think
  • A variety of advertising providers are supported, such as AdSense from Google
  • Ability to search through Ajax Search
  • You can choose the right demo and customize its designs
  • Allows you to create custom quizzes and polls to engage your audience
  • All your community needs can be met with bbPress plugin

Random Reviews:

  • An excellent theme, constantly updated. Your team is very professional.

    jus2pomMay 2022

  • The Customer Support was excellent. I was talking with Luke! ++ I was shocked!

    DFstudioJan 2022

  • A great theme, with excellent installation and configuration assistance and very responsive technical support.

    leosonic256May 2022

Gags Theme

Image, Meme & Video Sharing WordPress Theme

Gags is the perfect WordPress theme if you want to create a website that uses memes and funny content, such as 9gag and other image-sharing websites. Your gag or meme website is easy to create with this WordPress theme.

The Gags theme is easy to install, configure, and use. Do you want to change the color scheme and typography? No problem, you can do that through the theme options.

The Gags theme also manages the media users submit. Oh, did we mention that you can upload images and videos? You can also describe each gag you submit.

💵 Auto-updates of this template with 6 months of support are available for just $39 forever.

Key Features:

  • Prevent spammers from registering by adding Google reCaptcha
  • Support for GIF images
  • Support Custom Page Templates such as Popular Trending and Recent Gags
  • The ability to use infinite scrolling or normal pagination
  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter login support
  • Include Custom widgets & Share buttons

Random Reviews:

  • As I have been trying to resolve an issue for more than a week now and it hasn’t been resolved yet, one star is missing.

    ali_shehzadApr 2018

  • Excellent application and excellent support.

    MrisonJul 2018

  • 0% support
    Template buggy as hell.

    hekler91Jun 2021

Stoked! Theme

Irreverent Viral Magazine and Personal Blog WordPress Theme

The Stoked is a stunning viral theme that anyone can use, designed with a fully responsive mobile layout to help you create a viral website quickly.

Using a ready-made sample enables you to get started immediately and view a fully functional website almost instantly. Furthermore, you can make further changes without any coding knowledge.

With Stoked, you can display votes as stars, thumbs up, thumbs down, ticks, crosses, hearts, and numbers in numerous ways. It also contains tons of ready-to-use design elements that will facilitate your work.

💵 Whether you’re a new developer or a newbie, the Stoked! theme is for you. This theme costs $49.

Key Features:

  • Coded according to the best SEO guidelines available
  • You’ll definitely keep your users happy with its fast loading speed
  • Support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • The support for Facebook Instant Articles has been added
  • Using Ajax Smart Infinite Scroll, you can select how many autoloads you want before displaying the ‘Load More’ button
  • Offer a wide range of typography options to choose from

Random Reviews:

  • There are no theme settings, but it is fast and easy to control.

    zangessApr 2020

  • It’s very professional looking and ready to go into production. 55 Great work!

    kansascityJul 2018

King Theme

Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

With King, you can create a Viral Magazine theme that helps your content go viral. By using King’s unique features, community members can post news videos, images, and polls on their personal websites, allowing them to interact and enjoy King at their convenience.

You can create user profiles, follow system sharing buttons, use hot trending listings, and place your ads in multiple locations, among other features.

In conclusion, King Theme provides an excellent option for those who wish to improve the appearance or feel of their websites. King Theme is a modern masterpiece that will transform your website into an ideal viral one.

💵 Using the King theme, which a robust author makes, you can automatically update your website. It costs $59 per year.

Key Features:

  • Provide users with a front-end video news feed and the ability to upload images
  • It is a fully responsive design as well as retina ready and loads extremely fast
  • With social login support, visitors can sign up and share viral content directly from their Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • SEO-friendly features allow you to make your content Google-friendly
  • Include Live Search & Live Notifications
  • Designed to be optimized for Google’s PageSpeed

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent author, able to devote time to understanding the buyer even with the most challenging circumstances.

    nangweApr 2020

  • Very good design and customer support. At all times, I’ve received a response promptly.

    AlbertABDDec 2020

  • It is ideal for social media in your company. It would be great if it had more features, such as floating navigation at the bottom.

    telkomuniversityJan 2022

Kickcube Theme

Membership & User Content Sharing WordPress Theme

The KICKCUBE theme is a simple way to show and create a story about anything and everything to do with music videos, photos, and everything in between.

In addition to the capability to post directly from the front end area, KICKCUBE Theme allows your users to create, view, edit, and delete posts and to view and share stories. Premium users will also have the option to have posts that redirect from the homepage, similar to ZergNet.com.

There is a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly construct forms. A one-click demo installation will allow you to reproduce the front-end publishing forms during the demo.

💵 Take this $69 theme and start any site you like.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly integrated with Restrict Content Pro, a popular paid content plugin
  • Payments to your website can be accepted using Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout, or PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • Reports to help you monitor your membership site’s performance easily
  • It works with both Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 plugins
  • Check each submission for uniqueness using CopyScape
  • Every time a submission is made, send an email to the admin so they can approve them

Random Reviews:

  • I really like your work. All my best.

    dtyomerAug 2016

  • Features an image, but does not support it

    MjombaZeCoderNov 2020

  • There are hundreds of templates on the Internet, but I can’t find anything as good as An-Themes. If your need is professional-looking themes, then An-Themes is your supplier.

    heinzduthelJul 2019

Vloma Grid Theme

A Responsive Video Blog WordPress Theme

With Vloma Grid, you will have a very engaging and, most importantly, beautiful theme. It will help you get viral traffic by offering simple and easy features that will encourage your visitors to share your content with their friends.

Several monetization options are included, too, so you can choose the best location and use the highest-earning ad sizes since you really do want to make money.

Designed responsively, it appears great on all mobile devices and can also be accessed from your PC. The design has been optimized for tablets and smartphones alike.

💵 Start your WordPress site with the $59 by Vloma Grid template.

Vast Buzz Theme

Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

With Vast Buzz, you can easily create a list of memes, quizzes, video galleries, and news by using its unique features. It is a highly customizable theme, loads fast, and is functional.

You can create unique and creative homepages using various homepage styles and theme options. The theme options enable you to customize every aspect of the homepage.

Due to its unique features, the theme can help you achieve high search engine rankings. It provides an excellent foundation for improving the search engine rankings of your website.

💵 Auto-updates of this template are available for $59 with 6 months of support.

Key Features:

  • There are a number of header options available
  • Loading the post in an Ajax post load
  • There is an area dedicated to multiple ads
  • There is a comprehensive admin interface to manage your website
  • There is no need for any coding knowledge to use this theme
  • It is possible to integrate Font Awesome icons into your website

Random Reviews:

  • This company is excellent all around. I would recommend them for any project. Excellent service as well

    Name123L3OMar 2018

  • I have been delighted with the customer service and the website theme. I am a happy customer.

    MistyShadowJul 2018

BoomBox Theme

Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Boombox is a viral magazine theme with a top-notch design and highly customizable layout. Powered by the world’s most powerful viral content builder.

It includes viral snacks and exclusive features. Featuring an extremely customizable layout, Boombox offers a top-notch design that is extremely easy to customize.

With the theme, you can share listicles and polls with your followers, receive feedback from your visitors, and build a community for monetization.

💵 It’s a great theme built by an author with considerable experience. It costs $59 per year.

Key Features:

  • There is the possibility of adding custom reaction emojis SVG files
  • Allow bloggers to submit content from the frontend and build a community of bloggers
  • A wide range of layout and behavior options are available for a two-layer header
  • An advanced management tool for sidebars included
  • Make prototypes of viral magazines, like BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, and 9Gag
  • Having a Powerful Social Sharing System by using the MashShare plugin

Random Reviews:

  • Overall, I’m very happy with the theme and support so far.

    manzil2019Aug 2020

  • Never seen a theme work so perfectly as this one.

    DNkRockzzzzZOct 2021

  • Despite poor ad support, this theme has a good overall impression

    OnlineJohnnyJul 2021

Itaka Theme

Content Sharing WordPress Theme

The Itaka, membership user content sharing theme, provides a comprehensive solution for sharing content with your community. If you want someone to be able to add content to your website directly from the front end, the Itaka theme is the ideal theme for you.

The theme allows users to share their stories, edit, view, delete posts, and display posts with a source link on the home page and article pages to share their stories.

Itaka Theme has a simple drag-and-drop interface to build forms. You’ll also have the same configuration for Frontend Publishing forms shown in the demo via the 1 click demo installation.

💵 With $69, you’ll get the advantages of this template and 6 months of support.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to create unlimited forms, each with a different set of settings and restrictions
  • Use CopyScape to ensure each submission is unique
  • The ability to view, edit, and delete the content that has been created
  • Having External source link & Sticky Sidebar
  • Including login/registration forms created by Ajax
  • Providing support for WooCommerce shops

Omago News Theme

User Profile Membership &Content Sharing WordPress Theme

The Omago News theme is an easy-to-use theme that will let you create almost any type of site on which users can join and become members with no difficulty.

The Omago News Theme is a beautifully designed theme that will engage your visitors, boost viral traffic, and increase engagement. Its elegant design will engage your visitors, boost viral traffic, and improve concentration.

Your website will remain active for a long time due to its simple features. You can also share your content on social media by using the home page or article page. Also, monetization options, such as various advert locations, are included in the theme.

💵 After purchasing the Omago News theme for $59, you will always have template updates for 6 months free of charge.

Key Features:

  • Display author posts and comments on the profiles of users who have posted
  • It uses the #1 WordPress user profile and membership plugin, Ultimate Member
  • Include many custom form fields
  • The theme can be fully customized to fit your needs
  • There is also a child theme included in the theme
  • Include 9 Custom Widgets & Sticky Sidebars

Random Reviews:

  • I have been looking for a good theme that fits my needs. I came across the theme An-theme a while ago, I found it a little odd at first, but thanks to the technical support, I installed my site after 48 hours. I hope you are happy with it too!

    yocef55Jun 2018

Foot Theme

Grid Front-End Submission Content Sharing WordPress Theme

With Foot, bloggers can create a stylish, responsive Grid / Masonry Personal Theme using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques and validated code.

The design is entirely responsive, so it looks great on your mobile device, computer, or tablet. You can test the responsiveness of the design on a tablet or smartphone by resizing your browser and refreshing your page.

The most significant feature of the Foot theme is its flexibility, allowing you to choose from various layouts and modes to match your content-sharing needs. Another benefit is the possibility of having your visitors submit content directly from the front end.

💵 With this theme, you get six months of free support and auto-updates. The cost is $59.

Key Features:

  • Here are 10 custom widgets that you can use
  • You can create an unlimited number of sidebars for pages, articles, etc.
  • A live search with thumbnails that shows the results in real time is available
  • You have the option for hiding the featured image
  • Include Google Snippets & Unlimited Colors
  • There is also a child theme included in the theme

Random Reviews:

  • I bought it with great hope, then it died. Never go by looks alone. Why do designers at ThemeForest take care of their new themes and abandon the older ones? I wasn’t pleased and never used it.

    deepakbhakooOct 2016

  • You have a great theme, an easy setup, and a great customer support team. Thanks.

    UrbanCollectorMar 2021

Gridbee Theme

Content Sharing WordPress Theme

The Gridbee is a membership user content sharing theme that allows you to share any story with anyone using your own website. If you are looking for a template that enables your end users to make posts within the front end, then Gridbee theme is the ideal solution.

Provide your users with the ability to create, edit, edit, view, and delete their posts. You will be able to show and share the posts with the whole world and give them the ability to have posts with source links through your homepage or article pages.

There is a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to construct forms quickly. A one-click demo installation will enable you to reproduce the front-end publishing forms during the demo.

💵 The cost of this advanced theme is $69.

Key Features:

  • Secure content submission with captchas and hidden nonce fields
  • It is possible to create unlimited forms, each with a different set of settings and restrictions
  • Provide users with the ability to view their content, edit it, and delete it
  • Run every submission through the CopyScape plugin for complete uniqueness
  • The theme is compatible with HTTPS/SSL protocols
  • Works with both Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 forms

Weltgeist Theme

Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

The Weltgeist theme is a stylish and contemporary viral magazine theme with an alternative buzz style that is perfect for any modern magazine blog or news website.

The Weltgeist theme provides a wide variety of easy-to-customize post blocks and layouts. It is possible to place ads and banners anywhere you wish on your pages and much more.

If you wish to develop a brand new publication, either as a magazine or a blog, Weltgeist can accommodate your needs. It is an ideal choice for every magazine publisher.

💵 $89 will get you 6 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Include a powerful and easy-to-use admin interface with a wide range of features
  • Here are six pre-designed homepages for you to choose from
  • The Slider Revolution Responsive Plugin is included
  • The many collection of custom shortcodes available on the theme
  • Contains many helpful articles that you can find if you have any questions.
  • Having social sharing functionality on Instagram and Twitter

Random Reviews:

  • The theme looks good, but it is a little slow. With a few performance-enhancing plugins, it can load quickly.

    dlnkrgAug 2021

  • The theme is excellent! There are some things to add, but the design is fantastic. The support is impressive as well. Thank you!

    TwinsenNov 2020

  • Great theme and excellent follow-up. Thank you.

    rackframboiseDec 2020

FAQs for WordPress 9Gag Clone templates.

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Do you have a suggestion for a 9Gag Clone theme that we could recommend to others?

We compiled a list of the best WordPress 9Gag Clone templates.

The publisher theme is our top recommendation for 9Gag Clone themes. It has excellent demos and unique header styles and is compatible with many most wanted plugins. Our second recommendation is Astra.

Is there a WordPress hosting service that is the best for 9Gag Clone websites?

Choosing a good host is imperative to creating a successful 9Gag Clone site; bad hosting can result in no visitors and no money. Bluehost provides an ideal host for your 9Gag Clone site.

Last thoughts on the top 9Gag clones!

We have reviewed the best WordPress 9Gag Clone themes before. You can use them to extend the functionality of your website.

Our suggestion for building your 9Gag Clone site is the Publisher theme. This template has many free plugins that can be used to enhance your site.

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