13 Best WordPress Brute Force Protection Plugins ๐Ÿšซ 2022 (Free & Pro)

Is it important to you to get one of the best Brute Force Protection WordPress plugins for your site?

Well, let us take this opportunity to propose you to our handpicked list of the best WordPress Brute Force Protection plugins. The list bundled only rapid WordPress plugins is speed optimized, basic, and has exceptional designs and features. These plugins also integrate really well with all popular WordPress themes.

Several Brute Force Protection plugin options are available, so we chose the best. It produces with various plugins, including Brute Force Attack, Limit Login Attempts, Security, WordPress Attack, and Two-Factor Authentication.

Best Brute Force Protection Plugins for WordPress โ›”

You may find the right and best WordPress Brute Force Protection plugin below in 2022:

Wordfence Security Plugin

The Most Popular WordPress Firewall & Security Scanner

Wordfence Security currently is the most popular WordPress security plugin that offers firewall and brute force attack protection, among its many features. The scanning tool it offers, for example, inspects your posts, plugins, theme files, WordPress comments, and core files for errors, spam, and malicious code.

It isn’t surprising that more than 25% of all websites use WordPress as their core content management system. As a result, WordPress is a popular target for malicious attacks, hacking attempts, code injections, and similar attacks.

Most WordPress users are not technically inclined, so they will require a WordPress security plugin to complete advanced functions, such as scanning websites for malware, preventing malicious activities, and monitoring their performance.

Wordfence’s routine and automatic security examinations notify you of threats, vulnerabilities, and corrupted files; however, it is not able to restore files but does provide details about the type of changes made to the file so that it can be rectified.

As a result of a DDoS attack, you will likely notice many hits coming from specific IP addresses. With WordFence Security’s live traffic tool, you can keep track of those IP addresses and block them if necessary.

The information collected by this tool can be pretty helpful. However, it doesn’t provide much assistance to webmasters since most attacks originate from different IP addresses that may be spread across multiple global networks. Furthermore, blocking IP addresses can be a challenge.

๐Ÿ’ต There is a free version of this plugin as well as a paid version.

Key Features:

  • Multisite keys allow developers to save a ton of money
  • Keeps an eye on your plugins, and you’ll know if they’re removed from the WordPress plugin repository
  • You’ll have access to some unique tools such as the ability to sign in via your cell phone or the auditing of your passwords
  • Seeing everything from Google crawl activity to human visitors and bots to logins and logouts helps monitor traffic in real-time
  • Eliminates the need for installing a separate spam filter plugin
  • Offers tools for country blocking, manual blocking, brute force protection, real-time threat defense, and web application firewalls
  • There is enough power in the free version to handle smaller websites

Random Reviews:

  • It keeps our website safe and secure. Thank you, guys!

    ERC Tax ExpertsMay 2022

  • I cannot say enough about this plugin. When I have issues, the team is only an email away to help and responds within hours. a great security plugin

    katzhereMay 2022

  • Wordfence has been a pro user for some time now, and whenever we need support, it’s always fast, and efficient, and problems are usually resolved within 24 hours, which is pretty good given we are located in Asia.

    trying2tradeApr 2022

Loginizer Plugin

Helps You Fight Against Brute Force Attacks By Blocking Login for The IP

As one of WordPress’s best brute force protection plugins, Loginizer has several practical features that help protect your site against malicious attacks.

With its help, brute force attacks can be avoided by blocking login attempts from a specified IP address once their maximum number has been reached.

The number of attempts allowed users to log in can be set to limit login attempts and prevent brute force attacks. Suppose the user fails to log in repeatedly after a certain number of attempts. In that case, WordPress will lock the user’s account and prevent him from logging in again.

With this plugin, you will be able to either white-list or black-list IP addresses for login to control which IP addresses are accepted. It also contains other methods for preventing brute force attacks.

Additionally, there are other features available to ensure the security and integrity of your website, such as Two-Factor Authentication, ReCAPTCHA, PasswordLess Login, etc.

This plugin protects your passwords to protect your website against brute-force attacks from hackers. Making it impossible for the hackers to guess the correct character/number combination and gain access to your website.

Upon request, Loginizer offers free custom write force security to all clients. The Pro version of the plugin provides additional security features listed on our pricing page.

๐Ÿ’ต Free and $24 for the pro version.

Key Features:

  • Security attacks can be prevented by changing the login URL slug to something else rather than wp-login.php
  • When you attempt to log in, you will receive an email with a temporary 6-digit code sent to the email address for that account
  • Two-factor authentication apps such as Google Authenticator can be easily configured for the account by using a two-factor authentication app
  • Access to the WordPress admin area is via the wp-admin link. You can replace this with anything, e.g. site-admin
  • Google’s reCAPTCHA can be set to appear on Login screens, Comments sections, registration forms, etc
  • In addition to the password, users can add a Challenge Question and Answer as an added layer of security

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks for letting me place bad IPs manually in a list. It doesn’t add junk to my .htaccess file, which I found problematic when I tried to run backup plugins.

    JJNWMay 2022

  • Very efficient, I must say I must thank you for that! !!

    RogerApr 2022

  • excellent I like to see that it has many of the qualities and it seems to me that its function is very important for that reason that it is worth using it, for me it is extraordinary, thanks and greetings with much success!

    bazkaesnwylltApr 2022

Sucuri Security Plugin

Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

Sucuri is a powerful plugin for protecting your website against hackers and malware. It provides multiple layers of protection to prevent hacking and malware attacks.

The products and services of Sucuri are not limited to WordPress sites. These products and services can also be used in websites based on Joomla, Drupal, PHP, NET, and plain old HTML.

Using this plugin, you can create a cloud proxy firewall that bypasses all your website traffic before using it by your hosting server. The plugin eliminates any malware installed on your website and any hackers who attempt to compromise your website.

This way, you only receive visitors from real people who visit your website.

Scanning your website includes full-featured site checks for malware, suspicious redirects, iframes, and link injections. This scanning can be scheduled depending on how often it checks for changes in content and blacklistings and modifications related to DNS.

The remote scanner of Sucuri’s website detects vulnerabilities in the pages of your WordPress website. Still, it does not examine the files in your website’s code, which determines how it functions.

Using Sucuri Pro, you can activate a firewall that helps you block traffic through multiple points of presence around the world. When this firewall is activated, you can view all incoming traffic, protecting your website from DDoS attacks and brute force attacks.

You should upgrade to Sucuri’s Web Application Firewall service to take advantage of virtual patching and hardening, DDoS protection, CDN performance optimization, signature detection, and bot blocking.

๐Ÿ’ต Pricing: $199.99 for Premium, free for Lite.

Key Features:

  • Logs all security-related activity on your site, including logins, failed login attempts, etc
  • Checks with blacklist engines to make sure your site isnโ€™t being blocked for security issues
  • Security hardening removes vulnerabilities, such as removing your WordPress version display and protecting your uploads directory
  • A checklist of actions you should take in case your site is compromised
  • Automatically detects any changes to your files
  • Customize how and how often youโ€™re notified of all the above activities
  • Uses Sucuriโ€™s scanner, SiteCheck, to search your site for malware

Random Reviews:

  • LaPI keeps losing connection all the time. Won’t accept a new key.

    ma1295xlnalxApr 2022

  • I’m very pleased with the free version. Thanks!

    dawnhawkApr 2022

  • This plugin save my time and money recently by hackers. great plugin thanks for great work.

    mudasirabbasturiFeb 2022

Jetpack Plugin

Made By WordPress Experts to Make WP Sites Safer and Faster, and Help You Grow Your Traffic.

Do you want your website to be fast and secured against malicious WordPress attackers? With Jetpack, you can access all the features from WordPress.com that are not available with self-hosted WordPress sites, from engagement tools to analytics, security technologies, and display options.

In its simplest form, Jetpack is a collection of tools and components for your website that can be downloaded and installed to improve it in several ways. The modules you choose to enable or disable will vary depending on your needs.

WordPress has several plugins that allow you to solve various tasks required for the site. This plugin is the best one that combines many of the valuable features from WordPress.com into a single package that you can customize and add to your own website.

It offers security, WordPress backups, CDNs, performance, lists building, email marketing, and much more. It is highly configurable and easy to use, plus it has a team of experts ready to help you. Additionally, it is easy to use, even for people who do not manage their WordPress sites frequently.

Jetpack is an industry-recognized security plugin that provides some free tools to utilize. This makes it an excellent option for those who wish to do without paying for security while ensuring the site is protected against illegal transactions.

For instance, it provides a free Protect module that prevents illegal transactions and brute force protection and whitelisting.

A limitation of this plugin is that you can implement tons of features. Still, the interface looks cluttered with toggles and submenus. As a result, you may have difficulty specifying or deactivating modules as needed.

๐Ÿ’ต You can download the Lite version for free and the Pro version is $99.

Key Features:

  • Automates the backup process of your entire site
  • You can set up a list of plugins that automatically update
  • You are notified of any downtime every five minutes
  • Offers automated malware detection and removal for your site
  • Secures the login process from brute force attacks
  • Spam submissions can be filtered from your comments, contact, and product review forms

Random Reviews:

  • Jetpack per il sito di WordPress รจ il plugin piรน grande e completo presente in questo momento. Possiamo dire che Jetpack รจ un estensione quasi essenziale per WordPress.

    Supporto WordPressMay 2022

  • Good job
    Posted 6 days, 19 hours ago by

    ken32541May 2022

  • I’ve never restored a site before, and it was simple to do so, so I give it 5 stars since the fifth star depends on the final result.

    Marรญa del Carmen Magaรฑa OteroMay 2022

Google Authenticator โ€“ Two Factor Authentication Plugin

Provides Secure Login to WordPress

Google Authenticator by MiniOrange gives you an additional layer of security during your login process. It is helpful since hacking attempts commonly occur during the login process. In addition to sending a push notification to your phone, it uses other forms of two-factor authentication.

For example, QR codes and security questions are helpful if you are a victim of a hacking attempt.

The additional benefit of two-factor authentication is that it makes the login process less vulnerable to tampering. And the reason is the second factor is likely something you already know or already possess, such as your smartphone.

You can also specify the role of users that will be required to be authenticated and the type of authentication. For instance, you can grant administrative access without requiring two-factor authentication. Still, you can request that all authors be authenticated.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a free alternative or are on a tight budget. Or maybe you cannot afford a comprehensive security solution with a firewall, IP blocking, malware removal, and other complete tools.

Like Loginizer, MiniOrange Google Authenticator is an excellent option that is easy to use and provides you with two-factor authentication methods and additional login security.

Aside from SSO and MFA, Provisioning, Identity, and Cross-Protocol Brokering functions may also be integrated into the plugin. These functions may be applied to any user source such as AD, Azure AD, Okta, or even mini Orange.

The Google Authenticator plugin is also compatible with the BuddyPress and Ultimate Member plugins. You can even select another authentication method if necessary.

The only drawback is that it makes mobile login more complicated.

๐Ÿ’ต The Pro version is priced at $99, while the Free version is available for free.

Key Features:

  • Custom login pages can be created using the plugin’s shortcode
  • The authentication process can be customized according to the type of user
  • In terms of affordability, it is one of the best security plugins
  • Provides effective protection against login area vulnerabilities
  • Two-factor authentication methods can be chosen according to their ease of use
  • TOTP-based authentications such as Duo, Microsoft, and Google Authenticator can be configured
  • For multi-factor authentication, push notifications, soft tokens, and security questions are supported

Random Reviews:

  • Soham and Mayur were able to fix all of my issues and always did so in a timely manner. The premium plugin works as advertised. Very happy with my decision to support this company.

    j2kninekMay 2022

  • The assistance received from Mintu was helpful, during the call he fixed the issues with double emails.

    ashwinderApr 2022

  • The app was initially a bit glitchy, but customer service provided good support, and now it’s set up correctly. I think the app could be better supported with a clearer knowledge of the user before setting it up, since there are many tricky set-up issues for a new user. However, the follow-up support was very helpful. This topic was modified 2 months ago by dare2know.

    dare2knowMar 2022

WP Cerber Security Plugin

Mitigates Brute-force Attacks By Limiting The Number of Login Attempts

WP Cerber Security will protect your website against hacker attacks, spammers, Trojans, and any other threats to your website. It calls itself a security, antispam, and malware scanner, which is pretty much what it does. However, one con is the time it takes to scan for threats.

Several solutions have been developed to safeguard WordPress sites from penetrators. However, the issue has not yet been resolved, so it is impossible to predict whenever it will be resolved. WP Cerber provides a wall of protection for the site files so that no one can find a loophole and begin access.

Using the Hardening feature, you can implement key security hardening tactics that can enhance the security of your WordPress site. It is pretty intuitive to use. Just be careful not to disable anything that you need.

For instance, you don’t want to disable the REST API entirely if you have an application that utilizes it. Thankfully, WP Cerber Security allows you to conditionally disable the REST API, so you can still make occasional use of it.

It is possible to configure custom login pages as part of the dashboard to prevent users from gaining access to the administrator control panel. Each custom login page comes with a URL, confusing naive hackers.

Also, you can set a more restrictive lockout policy when you are under attack. To avoid locking yourself out, you can whitelist specific IP addresses, such as your own. You can also customize the plugin’s login attempts limit through the Main Settings tab and display 404 information if desired.

Putting a protective layer before the attacks will prevent access. WP Cerber protects websites from DoS attacks by providing a layer of security before the attack starts. A brute DoS attack can be tough on the website’s performance.

Suppose Cerber Security discovers malware or changed or infected files. In that case, it will automatically resolve the issue and provide you with security against them. Additionally, the Pro version of Cerber Security will allow you to schedule automatic web scanning and file recovery hourly or daily.

๐Ÿ’ต Free Lite and $29 / Quarterly Premium versions.

Key Features:

  • The reporting dashboard provides a lot of information
  • Keeps administrators informed by sending notifications regularly
  • Websites that share PDFs and similar formats will benefit from the ability to block PHP file uploads
  • Contrary to many other plugins, it rarely causes any issues
  • Legacy mode is useful for loading the site before adding additional components
  • Remote configuration control is a breeze with Master Mode
  • Protects the website from intrusion, since DoS attacks consume a lot of power

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin should be considered an essential component of keeping bad guys at bay. It is always one of the first plugins I install on a new site. It also helps to ensure that no unwanted files have been added to your site.

    DaveApr 2022

  • It hardly stresses the server. Good UX. Must have a plugin.

    malik15Apr 2022

  • A very effective tool for fighting fraud.
    A global panel or API for risk management would be useful.

    mattaiApr 2022

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded Plugin

Stops Brute Force Attacks and Optimizes Your Site Performance

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded shields your WordPress website from brute force attacks. It can be used on any WordPress site. In addition, it allows you to control the number of possible login attempts by using standard login, XMLRPC, WooCommerce, and custom login pages.

This plugin will protect your website from malicious attacks targeting your login page. Using anti-hacking technologies prevents hackers from accessing your site through standard login practices.

As a result, your site will run faster as it will improve your site’s security, performance, and speed.

Since WordPress, by default, allows an unlimited number of login attempts, brute force attacks are possible. However, like the Wordfence Security plugin, this plugin prohibits an account from logging in more than a certain number, making brute force attacks much more difficult to execute.

You can display a warning when a visitor attempts to log in again by setting this plugin. Furthermore, the plugin will freeze the user’s account if they do not wait for a moment after the last login attempt. You will be notified via email if that occurs.

The plugin provides multi-site functionality and support for custom origin IP addresses, and it is compatible with both Sucuri and Wordfence. However, no 2FA is available with the plugin.

With the plugin’s premium version, you gain access to advance features on lockout logs. This feature lets you view a record of what happened during a lockout. You can also unlock a locked admin from another WordPress page.

๐Ÿ’ต #Price for the premium version and free for the lite version.

Key Features:

  • Provides secure login pages for WooCommerce
  • All data is backed up automatically
  • The intelligent IP blocking/unblocking ensures that legitimate IPs are allowed automatically
  • Compatibility with GDPR and multiple sites (with additional MU settings)
  • The Custom IP Origins feature supports Cloudflare, Sucuri, etc
  • With the Performance Optimizer, brute force attacks are absorbed and 100k requests are handled per month
  • Locking out a hacker/bot each time they attempt to log in unsuccessfully is throttled by longer lockout intervals
  • Provides the option of setting an arbitrary number of login attempts for a specific IP address
  • IPs and usernames can be easily whitelisted or blacklisted
  • The XMLRPC gateway can be protected

Random Reviews:

  • It’s a nice tool to secure my website. Thanks!

    cw1109May 2022

  • It may be something on my site that prevents it from functioning, but I have not been able to resolve the issue. I requested a refund

    vginasandsMay 2022

  • This plug-in is simple and performs its function. For a Czech and German-speaking user, I therefore helped to translate it and localized it into two languages so far โ€ฆ I want to translate it into Slovak and Russian โ€ฆ then more people will know about it. I myself protect 18 pages of my clients with this plugin. Thank You! AK

    Alan KabeลกMay 2022

Hide My WP Ghost Plugin

Gives You The Best Security Solutions With Powerful and Easy-To-Use Features

Many WordPress security plugins are available on the market today. Squirrly.com has been testing the Hide My WP Ghost plugin for several years, and it has been proven beneficial. The plugin protects against SQL injections, XML-RPC attacks, and brute force attacks.

If you own a WordPress site, you will realize there are many bots and hacking attempts that would be made on your platform over time. This plugin hides and changes the plugins, common paths, and themes paths, offering the best protection against hacker bots’ attacks.

The Change Paths feature masks the trail of common WordPress folders such as WP-CONTENT and WP-ADMIN. These sorts of folders are easily guessable and thus easy to penetrate. This feature can also disable access to XML-RPCs and REST APIs.

Security levels are divided into three categories: Default (unsafe), Safe Mode (compatibility with all plugins and themes), and Ghost Mode. Moreover, Hide My WP Ghost is a speed-optimized plugin with an average loading time of only 003s. This is faster than 90% of WordPress plugins.

With this plugin, no physical modifications are made to files or directories. All changes are caused due to server rewriting rules that do not affect SEO or page load speed. Once the common paths are changed, they are hidden from hackers, thus preventing unauthorized access to plugins and themes.

Additionally, it provides Brute Force Attack Protection, which can be caused by repeatedly trying different password combinations to gain entry to a site.

The plugin works well with Wordfence, iThemes Security, and Sucuri and adds an additional layer of protection against hacker bots. It supports all WP Multisite plugins and is compatible with all servers and hosting providers.

However, there are no two-factor authentication options, and the Advanced Ghost Mode might break some themes and designs.

๐Ÿ’ต There is a $29.99 for Premium and a free version for Lite.

Key Features:

  • Security scanners and brute force protection are available
  • A theme sniffer or tool like BuiltWith cannot detect a platform’s theme
  • Recaptcha is used as a login security measure
  • Ensures that WordPress is completely erased from the platform
  • Compatibility with CDN services
  • Supports Apache, Litespeed, and Nginx in addition to IIS
  • Provides variable configurations for limiting login attempts
  • Protects against cross-site scripting attacks

Random Reviews:

  • I received an email trying to sell me this, warning of a major Brute Force attack coming the next day. Sure enough, the next day a full attack took place just as they warned. But nobody really affected as it was the middle of the night. Avoid!

    .comMay 2022

  • Solution provided. This topic was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by

    mauer59hMar 2022

  • It must have redirected me to another plugin than the one I intended to review when I logged in. I apologize for any inconvenience. I’m sure it’s great. This topic was modified 2 months, and 1 week ago by glongkc. Reason: somehow left review for the wrong plugin?

    glongkcMar 2022

Security Ninja Plugin

Secure Firewall & Secure Malware Scanner

Security Ninja is one of the first security plugins available exclusively on CodeCanyon. It is a handy tool that lets you detect holes or weaknesses in your website. It conducts a security scan in just a few minutes and advises you if anything is amiss. It also demonstrates how to resolve any problem.

There are more than fifty tests performed by this plugin, and the results are displayed. As well as a quick and easy security scan that identifies problems with passwords, user accounts, file permissions, database security, plugin, and theme versions, as well as other security risks.

The module also performs brute force checks on passwords to remove accounts that have weak passwords, such as โ€˜12345′ or โ€˜password.’ This, in addition to the auto-fix mode, allows users to learn more about security. The module has an auto-fix method.

But there is a detailed explanation for those who wish to learn more about each test.

With Core Scanner, you can check to see if any modifications have been made to your WordPress site’s core files and if there exist any extra files that shouldn’t exist. Modified or added files aren’t necessarily a problem, but checking is essential.

If it detects any files or changes that shouldn’t exist, they can be fixed immediately. Its malware scanner scans the files on your server using a method known as heuristic analysis. It uses code samples and patterns commonly associated with malware scripts to determine whether the files are malicious.

Although, not all flagged files are malicious. You can whitelist the files that should exist to prevent them from being flagged in the future. You can also delete files that shouldn’t exist from the plugin’s interface.

The free version of this plugin only compares your website with the defaults and does not affect the site. If you are unsure about making changes, give it a chance.

In the meantime, if you prefer a plugin that handles these issues for you automatically, you could try Security Ninja Pro. Besides an auto fixer, Security Ninja Pro also includes a firewall, malware scanner, events logger, and scheduled scanning options.

However, the Website Hardening and Site Performance Check features were rated below average by 62% and 100%, respectively.

๐Ÿ’ต You can choose from 2 versions: Premium, which costs $39.99, and Lite, which is free.

Key Features:

  • Notifies you if someone edits a file or installs a plugin within your dashboard
  • Verifies that WordPress core updates are enabled, as well as whether all plugins are updated
  • Your website can block access from specific countries
  • Active plugins are checked for compatibility with your version of WordPress
  • Provides automatic resolutions to many of the issues detected by the free version of the plugin
  • Proactively blocking malicious IP addresses and requests is possible
  • you can schedule your core and malware scans to run automatically
  • Checks for currently deactivated plugins and whether active plugins have been updated in the past 12 months

Random Reviews:

  • very good tool. simple and efficient. just what i needed.

    patrickvieljeuxFeb 2022

  • For several years now, I’ve used this plugin โ€“ it’s simply excellent.

    helmuthmNov 2021

  • The plugin does exactly what it says it will, which helps keep my WordPress site secure and up-to-date.

    JeroenSep 2021

iThemes Security Plugin

Secures WordPress Websites Without Needing a Degree in Cybersecurity

The iThemes Security plugin, previously called Better WP Security, is developed by technologists with expertise in WordPress-related security issues. It prevents anyone and everyone except you from accessing, touching, or altering your content without permission.

With IThemes Security’s built-in features and smart defaults, you can quickly secure your website. It encrypts your site and the communications between you and users. It also detects files that have been changed, locks out the wrong user, compares available files, and prevents automated attacks.

You can set the plugin to change the default settings for the WordPress database tables and the path to the wp-content folder. You can also detect changes to files and 404 errors and perform database backups through the plugin.

Meanwhile, you will receive instant email notifications following threat detection so that you can respond accordingly.

The free version of the plugin integrates with Sucuri. Your site can be scanned for malware using Sucuri SiteCheck. It will provide you with tips on how to resolve any issues.

It will enforce various security policies on your website, including encryption, strong passwords, and the prevention of intruders from editing your files.

However, you should be aware that this is not simply a plugin you can install and forget about. To ensure your site stays safe, you should be involved in the process and constantly keep an eye on it.

Also, before you install and activate the iThemes Security plugin, you should make a backup of your website. This plugin changes your website’s files and database, which may, on occasion, cause your website to malfunction.

๐Ÿ’ต A plugin like this charges $80, but it is free to download as well.

Key Features:

  • Secures communications between the server and browser by configuring SSL protocols
  • Allows you to grant permissions to other IP addresses, such as those belonging to employees, VIP members, etc
  • Hides the login page by changing its name and prevents access to wp-login and the WordPress admin area
  • You can see the entire list of IP addresses that have attempted to breach your WordPress site
  • When a trusted IP address is accidentally blacklisted, it can be removed from the blacklist
  • The site’s server configuration is altered with System Tweaks to improve its security
  • The Notification Center provides you with alerts, messages, news, and security updates about iThemes Security Pro

Random Reviews:

  • My site is protected from spam with this plugin. It’s a great lifesaver!

    himpatelJul 2021

  • Thanks a lotโ€ฆ and you have a nice day!

    quyleMay 2021

  • This plugin helped me add a capcha to my forms (spam is sent through them) and it works great. No more alerts from my provider.

    televoreMay 2021

All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin

Comprehensive, Easy to Use, Stable and Well Supported WordPress Security Plugin

The popular and versatile All In One WP Security & Firewall offers several valuable features that can be used to make websites more secure. Including malware detection, vulnerability protection, password protection, anti-spam protection, user monitoring, database backups & firewalls.

Even though all the plugin’s features are categorized into three categories: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, you can still use the plugin if you possess a more advanced background.

The Basic features of this plugin are generally not intrusive, so enabling them within a short period after installation won’t prevent your website from operating normally. These features should be enabled immediately upon installation to ensure that you are protected.

When using the Intermediate and Advanced features, you will experience specific differences from the Basic features. This can be due to how your website was designed and the plugins you installed.

Users of this plugin will benefit from its intuitive and innovative user interface. It explains the findings using a grading system, making it easier for novice webmasters to understand and improve the security of their site.

A very excellent and instructive system called The Strength Meter analyzes your WordPress website’s security by examining the plugins and settings you have used. Then it gives you a score based on the total number of points accumulated.

While All In One WP Security & Firewall and iThemes Security share many similarities, the latter differs in several ways. Including its two-factor authentication capability, leaked password protection, reCaptcha integration, and magic login links.

If you are unsure which product to select, you should compare its features.

๐Ÿ’ต Free support is provided with this plugin.

Key Features:

  • There is a blacklist tool that you can use to restrict certain users
  • Provides a graph that indicates how well your website performs and another graph indicating the points associated with each section of your website
  • Login Lockdown provides protection against โ€˜brute force attacks on websites
  • Detects if there is an account with the default โ€˜admin’ username and you can easily change the value to whatever you want
  • Strong passwords can be created with the password strength tool
  • Doesn’t slow your site down
  • Wp-config and htaccess files can be backed up and restored

Random Reviews:

  • You should be aware that this developer will blot your admin page with enormous ads.

    Nate HoffelderMay 2022

  • Free security plugin by far the best.

    proteasMay 2022

  • The plugin I’m using has been very reliable for several years. I highly recommend it.

    CharlieZeeMay 2022

Defender Plugin

Stop Brute Force Login Attacks, SQL Injections, Cross-site Scripting Xss, and Other WordPress Vulnerabilities

The WordPress security market is flooded with choices, but Defender provides several useful features for free. Much like Wordfence, Defender provides a free firewall with IP blocking, malware scanning, brute force login protection, and notifications about security threats.

You will probably discover several security implications for your site during the installation process; Shocked? Well, you should be if the number is more than zero! Since it constitutes how many approaches hackers have to gain access to your site.

Security Tweaks is the first step you should take. This feature enables you to learn about security vulnerabilities and improve your website. Once you have received the information via the โ€˜Status’ link, you can check your website to see how the changes have been applied.

Secondly, you will be able to read the โ€˜How to Fix’ section to find out how to deal with it. No more searching for unidentified security issues โ€“ the important ones are now at your fingertips.

Defender provides several benefits, including malware detection and protection. It can scan your entire site and identify if there are any suspicious files within your core files. It will suggest potential suspicious files to you, which you can remove if necessary.

However, Defender will ignore any files that are custom or not related to WordPress itself.

Aside from scanning your website’s core files, it will also check any plugins and themes installed on your site. This is the best method to guard your website against malware concerns, regardless of whether the problem is a plugin, theme, or even an element within the WordPress core itself.

There is an option to compare your WordPress repository with the directory. Changes are identified, and you are offered a chance to restore the original files with a click.

This plugin also offers a Pro version which includes cloud backups with 10GB of online storage, audit logs showing changes, automated security scans, and blacklist monitoring.

๐Ÿ’ต Version Lite is free. Version Premium has a price.

Key Features:

  • Notifies you of IP lockouts and sends you reports
  • Files can be scanned unlimited times
  • Offers Google two-step verification and log-in screen masking
  • Audit Logs keep track of the actions that every user takes
  • Provides a brute force attack shield for protecting logins via Timed Lockout
  • Logging and IP Blacklist manager are included
  • Provides a 404 limiter to block vulnerability scans
  • If you suspect a hack or data breach, all your passwords can be reset automatically

Random Reviews:

  • An excellent security plugin that is easy to use.

    alvarezseMay 2022

  • I have saved my pages a lotโ€ฆ Just need to learn a little bit and voila!

    marcelosggMay 2022

  • The support could be more frequent, however.
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    Aminul SarkarMar 2022

BulletProof Security Plugin

Automatically Fixes 100+ Known Issues/conflicts With Other Plugins

BulletProof Security primarily provides a rule-based firewall for WordPress users. Because blocking IP addresses is ineffective in today’s age of distributed botnets, a rule-based firewall is typically a best practice for protecting WordPress websites.

Since WordPress is prone to be brute-force-attacked by default, a WordPress security plugin cannot be complete without a login security feature. This means that an attacker can attempt twenty thousand different passwords in two minutes if the webserver can respond quickly enough.

So, this plugin should be your first choice if you prefer to have a hands-on security plugin that can be accessed via the main htaccess file and which is essentially concerned with database security, firewall security, and login security for WordPress.

Suppose you install BulletProof Security without configuring permalinks on a new website. In that case, the BulletProof htaccess rules will be overwritten and rewritten to reflect the default WordPress rewrite settings.

Therefore, it would be necessary to ensure that your permalinks are correctly configured before installing BulletProof Security.

This WordPress security plugin is not the most user-friendly. Still, it may appeal to some advanced developers interested in taking advantage of some of its unique features, such as online Base64 decoding and anti-exploit protection.

Using the Auto Restore Intrusion Detection & Prevention System, the plugin tracks all changes made to all files on your website. It determines whether any have been modified or if any new files have been uploaded.

If any changes are detected or new files have been uploaded, the files will automatically be restored or placed in quarantine until their contents are reviewed.

Furthermore, BulletProof offers manual and scheduled database backups, security logging, HTTP error logging, as well as the option to โ€˜turn on maintenance mode’ so you can make changes without hindering your users.

๐Ÿ’ต There is a Lite and a Premium version of this plugin included.

Key Features:

  • There are enough features in the free version for most websites
  • Offers BPS Pro ARQ Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
  • A Maintaining mode is available
  • Crons, cURL scanning, and folder locking are available
  • Individual plugin folders can be hidden
  • The free version includes a database backup feature

Random Reviews:

  • I’ve used the plugin now on several websites for several months, and any concerns I’ve had have been resolved very quickly; I’ve even received extra help regarding alleged conflicts. It’s a good plugin, and I don’t have any attacks, but I repeat that the support is excellent!

    chsantiago77andresApr 2022

  • It has been 8 years since I’ve been using BPS and I appreciate its efficiency, together with all the features it offers. I couldn’t imagine creating a WordPress site without it. BPS has stopped many attacks without a hitch! Many thanks to the team!

    theophil_bethelApr 2022

  • BPS Pro users are happy with a free version and would like to get a better overall experience in protecting their clients’ websites

    SedudoHost.com WordPress HostingApr 2022

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