13 Best WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you searching for the best list of WordPress plugins for Facebook Feed? The number of WordPress plugins provided makes it challenging to select one.

Well, give us a chance to show you our composed list of the best WordPress Facebook Feed plugins. All these plugins are clean and powerful. We hope you will have decided on the best WordPress plugin for your Facebook Feed website by the end of this post. One major feature of these plugins is their ability to be easily integrated into all the WordPress themes that exist at present.

These topics are all meant to be used for Facebook Feed. However, these WordPress plugins also contained plugins operable for Facebook Block, Facebook Live Feed, or Social Feed plugins for WordPress.

You can also check out the other post where we discussed the best social media plugins for WordPress.

Now let’s have a look at the best Facebook Feed WordPress plugins in 2022:

Smash Balloon Facebook Feed Plugin

Easy, Customizable, and Fast Facebook Feeds for WordPress

The Smash Balloon Facebook Feed plugin allows you to display your Facebook feeds without writing a single line of code. It is one of the most popular plugins for Facebook feeds available today.

It is even possible to customize your social media feeds on your website to display them exactly how you desire. With this plugin, you can add a Facebook feed to WordPress.

This WordPress Facebook widget allows you to adapt your theme to the WordPress theme that you are currently using and enhance its appearance.

In addition to having one of the best features, you do not have to restrict your Facebook activity to use this plugin. Also, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter can be used to share your feeds.

You can promote your website through social media by creating a social media page and encouraging your visitors to share and like it.

This mobile-friendly social media plugin looks great on screens of all sizes and comes with backup and caching features that enhance its reliability.

๐Ÿ’ต There is one year of free support with this plugin. It costs $49.

Key Features:

  • Your website will be updated with dynamic content
  • Customers or fans can engage with you more
  • Chooses the most appropriate image size for your posts
  • Enhances your business’ growth through Facebook content
  • A single page or a range of pages can display one or more feeds

Monarch Plugin

The Best Social Media Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Your website can be enhanced with various social media sharing options provided by the Monarch plugin, including a social media share button for Facebook.

Like Smash Balloon Facebook Feed, if a visitor clicks on one of these buttons, your content can be shared on their Facebook timeline.

This Facebook widget can equip your website with social sharing buttons in five different places. Alternatively, this can be incorporated as a flyout on images and videos or as an automatic popup above or below the content.

In addition to customizing the shape and color of your social buttons, you can also make them look unique.

It is also possible to improve the user experience by using hover effects on your pages to entice users who may be reluctant to click.

You can also set up time delays for your pop-ups and fly-ins to activate after a certain period has passed.

Unfortunately, there is no free version of this plugin.

๐Ÿ’ต Monarch is a progressive plugin whose price is $89.

Key Features:

  • Automates sharing pop-ups with timed delays
  • Share buttons can be placed above, below, or both over the content
  • More than 20 social sharing networks can be displayed on your site
  • It is possible to access a floating sidebar
  • It is possible to add sharing buttons in five different locations

Social Auto Poster Plugin

WordPress Scheduler & Marketing Plugin

Social Auto Poster is a trend plugin located on the CodeCanyon website. You can use it to share website content on social networks. This plugin has more than 10,000 satisfied users, and most users have rated it high. This topic shows what useful features this plugin has.

One of the valuable features of this plugin is that it allows you to add unlimited social networks accounts to your website. So, you can share all the old and new content on social networks.

You can also use the plugin to automatically share website posts on social networks and publish them according to schedule. As a result, you will have more presence on social media.

๐Ÿ’ต Its an exceptional plugin developed by a powerful author. It is price is $39 .

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin is excellent, it’s very comprehensive and practically limitless in terms of making these automatic posts feel like they have been hand-delivered to the social media sites.

    aaronlrobertsNov 2020

  • Works great as expected. Also, it has increased our websites visitors and click over social media website. Thanks for the great plugin.

    jodyshopNov 2021

Nelio Content Plugin

Social Media Marketing Plugin for WordPress

Nelio Content is one of the best plugins for sharing content by Schedule and calendar and creating a content calendar. You can use this plugin to share your website posts on social networks with Schedule and at a specific time.

Both the free and paid versions of this plugin support post updates. Therefore, if the content is updated on your website, the plugin will publish the updated content on social media.

The Nelio Content plugin supports these social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Tumblr, Instagram, Google My Business, and Reddit. You can publish your posts on these social networks according to a specific schedule.

In addition, with Nelio Content, you can write a custom text for each post you want to publish, and then you can publish that post on social media.

๐Ÿ’ต Pricing: $9/month for premium, free for lite.

Key Features:

  • Providing you with the ability to automatically schedule, create, and promote the content of your blog
  • Schedule your social media content for maximum impact
  • Create automatic sharing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Google My Business, and Reddit
  • This multi-user plugin enables your team to easily work together
  • Many other features are designed to make your life easier..

Random Reviews:

  • Nelio Content is a great editorial tool, perfect for planning content while also scheduling social media posts to promote your WordPress blog posts. To add to that, support is awesome!

    Gabriella GaleaMar 2021

  • Si creas contenido con WordPress y necesitas un plugin para poder difundir todo el contenido, nelio es el mejor.
    Si ademรกs tienes el plugin premium te ayudarรก todavรญa mรกs, aunque en algunas ocasiones con el free ya te valga.
    Merece mucho la pena la inversiรณn del plugin, a mi me ha ahorrado mucho tiempo.
    ยกยกMuchas gracias al equipo de Nelio Software!

    Marta TorreFeb 2021

NinjaTeam Messenger Plugin

Facebook Messenger for WordPress

NinjaTeam Messenger is a valuable WordPress Facebook Messanger plugin. As a result, users will interact more with the website using this plugin. The number of customers and level of website income will increase.

This plugin stores customers’ chat history. This feature will increase the level of interaction and communication between users and the website. If customer’s problems are essential for you. You must install and activate Facebook Messenger on your WordPress website and use its features.

Rather than running the chat script on your WordPress site hosting, this plugin relies on Facebook messenger chat and does not affect your site’s speed.

๐Ÿ’ต You can buy this plugin at the $25 and get 12 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Live chat widget for WordPress
  • With this plugin, your clients can contact your business easily
  • By using the plugin, you donโ€™t miss potential clients
  • Grow your business
  • Any interaction in your website happened, relevant notification sent to you immediately
  • You can use and customize the plugin easily
  • This plugin is compatible with most themes and plugins
  • The plugin is responsive on both desktop and mobile

Facebook Events Calendar Plugin

Events Calender for WordPress

Facebook Events Calendar For WordPress is a paid plugin for connecting websites to Facebook. This plugin shows all the events in your Facebook account on the calendar.

Facebook Events Calendar For WordPress is a booking registration calendar plugin that displays all the events in your Facebook account on your website. This plugin uses the official Facebook API and displays the current events on the site.

You can use this plugin in two ways; You can use it as a widget and add a calendar to the website sidebar. You can also use this plugin by using shortcode. This plugin has a simple API to use and, step by step describes how to connect a Facebook account to the plugin. You can use this instruction to install your Facebook account to this plugin easily.

The premium version of the plugin has many options for customizing the color and size of the elements produced by the plugin. Also, in the premium version, you can hide the features that you do not want.

As you know, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. Using Facebook to share website content is one of the best options to increase website visitors and customers.

For this reason, we introduced the best WordPress Facebook plugins. We recommend all those who have a website add the ability to share content on Facebook to their website so that their content can be seen on Facebook.

๐Ÿ’ต Facebook Events Calendar plugin price is $39 that provides: All Features, 12 months of support time, All loaded with plugins, 1 Year updates.

Key Features:

  • You can see all of your events on a single calendar
  • With responsive function, all layouts will fit and look great on different devices such as desktops, mobile phones, and tablets
  • Displays product information in a tooltip for quick viewing, so customers can see it clearly and want to participate

Widget for Social Page Feeds Plugin

Widget for Social Page Feeds plugin, formerly known as the Facebook Page Like Widget.

This plugin is one of the most popular and lightweight plugins for adding Facebook feed widgets to your websites. You can download this plugin for free from the WordPress directory and share your content on Facebook. This plugin has been downloaded more than 12 million times and has more than one million active installations.

Working with this plugin is very simple. This plugin attractively adds a content sharing button to the sidebar of the website pages, and you can share your content link on Facebook.

The Widget for Social Page Feeds plugin also supports shortcodes, and you can use the shortcode to add a share button to your posts and pages.

You can download and install this plugin for free. If you want more features, you can get the premium version of the Widget for Social Page Feeds plugin.

The premium version of the plugin, have more options than the free version. With the premium version, you can customize the share button on Facebook and many other features on your website in an attractive way.

๐Ÿ’ต Free plugin. No costs apply.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight & easy to configure
  • Add application id from your created Facebook application, add it into widget & also the URL of your Facebook page
  • Configuration options like show/hide posts from the timeline, show/hide cover, show/hide profile photos, show small header, width options, language selection, custom CSS
  • Shortcode support
  • Fast & helpful support

Shared Counts Plugin

Facebook Share Buttons for WordPress

Shared Counts plugin is one of the best free plugins to add content sharing on popular social networks. Installing the Shared Counts plugin allows you to share your website content on popular social networks such as Facebook. By activating this plugin, you can add a share button to your posts and pages on these social networks.

One of the features of this plugin is counting the number of shared posts on social networks. As a result, you can see how many times an article has been shared on different social networks. This plugin is able to count the number of shares for both HTTP and HTTPS if you add an SSL certificate (HTTPS) to your site and change your domain name from HTTP to HTTPS.

Using the Shared Counts plugin, you can customize the social media sharing button to your desires. You can also place the share button anywhere on your website content. You can even use the shortcode and add the content sharing button to the website using the shortcode.

Unlike other content-sharing tools on social networks, the Shared Counts plugin does not use cookies and store any user data.

๐Ÿ’ต It is Free for download and all future updates.

Key Features:

  • Many advanced styles for share buttons
  • HTTP shared count rand recovery for HTTPS sites
  • High performance-ready plugin

Random Reviews:

  • Good and effective plugin. I use it to simply show the good looking social buttons but donโ€™t display counts (to improve page speed). Very easy to configure.

    MakOct 2020

  • Easy to use and does what it says. Works perfect! Thank you

    cengoguvenJun 2020

Social Warfare Plugin

Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Using the Social Warfare Facebook plugin, sharing content on social media easily and quickly is possible. It allows you to embed Facebook feed in WordPress.

With this Facebook feed widget, your posts or pages can easily be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels.

When you use this plugin, you will not have to worry about its impact on your site’s performance due to its exceptionally lightweight design.

If you change your domain name or SSL, this plugin will still maintain your share counts, so you will not lose social proof if you make these changes.

This plugin allows you to ensure you display your authorship attribution and link to your Facebook app correctly on your profile page.

Moreover, this plugin will not only ensure that your website will not be slowed down but that you will also enjoy the most attractive shares available, regardless of the size and shape of the screen.

๐Ÿ’ต Free and premium versions of this plugin. The pro version costs $29.

Key Features:

  • Author and publisher attributions are provided on Facebook
  • Advanced users can access the Facebook app via the link provided
  • Activating Event Tracking is possible
  • Allows you to regain the shares you have lost
  • There are six different types of buttons to choose from

Random Reviews:

  • The look is great, and the functionality is excellent.

    Integral HealthAug 2022

  • Social Warfare has been in my life for more than two years. The support has never been helpful or helpful. I gave up publishing counts because it was too time-consuming to send several emails to support; support only stalled if they replied. As a result, I am canceling Social Warfare.

    cytrevinoMay 2022

Nextend Plugin

Social Login and Register for WordPress

If you want users to register on your site, you need to simplify the process as much as possible. By default, the WordPress CMS allows users to register. But this system has drawbacks and weaknesses.

A great way to replace the default WordPress registration system is to use the Nextend Social Login and Register plugin. This plugin provides this feature to your website users to register on your site and log in to the website with their information but does not allows you to customize the WordPress login page design.

This plugin is easy to use and can be easily installed and activated on the website. The user interface of this plugin is attractive and user-friendly. The Nextend Social Login and Register plugin enable you to make the login process easier for your website users.

The free version of this plugin supports registration and login to three social networks. These social networks are Facebook, Twitter, and Google. In addition, it enables users to use the photos in the profiles of these social networks as avatars in their WordPress accounts.

You can download and install the free version of Nextend Social Login and Register from the WordPress directory. But if you want more features, you can buy the premium version of this plugin for $ 50 and use it.

๐Ÿ’ต It’s $50 for the premium version and free for the lite version.

Key Features:

  • Sign up and log in using Facebook, Google, and Twitter with one click
  • Any of the enabled social accounts can be used to define a custom redirect URL after each login
  • Support for WooCommerce
  • You can use LinkedIn, Amazon, VKontakte, WordPress.com, Yahoo, PayPal, Disqus, Apple, GitHub, Microsoft, Line, Discord integration, and more soon
  • Choose from a variety of icons or wide buttons
  • Widgets and shortcodes for the login page

Random Reviews:

  • I had ten judgments against this plugin, especially about customizability. It did not give me any problems during the time I used it and I had to switch to the paid version for my woocommerce site.
    I didnโ€™t realize what a great organization it was until I met the support team. In a real sense, itโ€™s very good.
    Thanks Ramona your support appreciated.

    TayfunOct 2021

  • The instructions are easy to follow, it works, and it detected when a URL change happened and told me how to fix the social logins.

    AaronOct 2021

Zotabox Plugin

WordPress Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

Zotabox plugin connects users and the website in the simplest possible way. This plugin is made by the Zotabox company and has more than 20,000 active installs. Facebook Messenger Live Chat plugin creates a live and complete chat system on WordPress websites due to its features.

This plugin has many features, and if you have not used Facebook Messenger Live Chat before, we recommend you to use this plugin to set up a live chat system.

๐Ÿ’ต The premium version costs $12.99/Month, while the free/lite version charges nothing.

Key Features:

  • Show all history of previous chats
  • Your customers can make live chat with you via Facebook Live Chat
  • Both website owners and customers can access chat history
  • This plugin support lives Facebook chat within your WordPress website
  • You can directly connect to your clients on your Facebook page via the messenger button
  • It saves chat history for conversations with customers and brings it from Facebook to your WordPress live chat
  • This plugin offers a significant number of personalized options to meet your taste
  • You can customize the chat boxes layouts and themes beautifully according to your desire

Random Reviews:

  • vraiment trop chรจre ; il y a des applications gratuites qui font mieux
    bye bye

    meteotheniouxblogJun 2021

  • c r a p
    This topic was modified 7 months ago by

    BogdanApr 2021

  • This is not a free plugin!
    Waste of time!
    Delete this plugin from repository or make it free!!!

    webilyJan 2021

Mash Share Plugin

The Ultimate Social Media Ecosystem

One of the most popular Facebook plugins is Mash Share, one of the widgets users can use to share content on social networks such as Facebook.

Using this Facebook page widget, you can create social share buttons with a few clicks and display them on your posts and pages.

In addition to being compatible with other powerful plugins, this plugin is also simple to install and utilize.

With the help of device-friendly code, the user experience is enhanced across all devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

With the plugin’s simplicity and speed, you can quickly and easily share your posts on social media.

This plugin does not require any external script dependency; all code is loaded directly from your website and assures your privacy and visitors’ privacy.

๐Ÿ’ต The Lite version is free, and the Pro version is priced at $39.

Key Features:

  • Social media buttons can have a border-radius selected
  • Displays the total number of social media shares in a single glance
  • Share buttons for social media are available in high performance
  • A smart virtual share button count function is available
  • There are various shortcodes available

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar Plugin

Most Popular Social Share WordPress Plugin

The Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar plugin allows you to add custom share buttons to your website in the form of floating sidebars, which will appear as floating buttons on the website. You can easily share your content with your users by clicking a button.

Additionally, this plugin offers a wide variety of customization options, which allows you to create buttons that suit your needs.

With this Facebook live feed widget, you can access any blog posts or pages by adding buttons, regardless of whether they are located on your blog home page, your author page, or any other page you desire to access.

This plugin allows you to display social share buttons on a floating sidebar beneath your posts. In addition to being easy to customize, the social share buttons you utilize will not affect the speed of your website.

๐Ÿ’ต Lite: Free, Premium: $40.

Key Features:

  • Shortcodes can be defined in lightbox popups
  • You can show/hide options for any button
  • It is possible to add a custom image to any of the social buttons
  • Social buttons can be customized with a background color
  • It is possible to display the total share count for all buttons as a sum

Random Reviews:

  • This is an excellent resource. I highly recommend it.

    JordiMay 2022

  • A floating image button was needed on my site, and this plugin handled it perfectly.

    tomtoddinwashAug 2018

Lastly, let me add this:

Throughout this text, we have tried to provide you with complete information about the best WordPress Facebook Feed plugins. Anyone who owns a website can use these plugins.

๐Ÿ“Œ Note: To increase the visibility and performance of your website, you should consider using one of the WordPress caching plugins we recommend in conjunction with checking out our collection of carefully curated WordPress hosting services.

We hope this post helped you decide on a Facebook Feed plugin.

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