14 Best Metro-Style WordPress Themes 🥇 2022

Are you having trouble selecting a theme because there are so many options on WordPress?

⚡️ Need an answer quickly? The Publisher theme is an excellent solution that is quick and easy to use. It offered more than 100 unique demos and was designed to be highly customizable and scalable.

In this article, we will discuss the best WordPress themes for metro-style sites and several other relevant websites. These themes help you create an eye-pleasing Metro-style website with easy navigation, advanced features, and a pleasing design. These themes are responsive so that you can attract visitors from all over the world.

To help you decide on the best Metro-style theme, we have compiled a list of the most relevant Metro-style themes. Are you looking for a suitable Metro-style site but want something different from the exact one? Those templates also work on Creative Portfolio, Blog and Magazine, Multipurpose, and Business sites. Pick a WordPress theme that complements your Metro-style-related website and brings it to the next level.

Check out our top picks for top WordPress Metro-style templates in 2022:

Rocket Board Theme

Metro WordPress Theme

Rocket Board is an excellent WordPress portfolio theme with a METRO style. You can easily set the thumbnail size to be any size you want and arrange each thumbnail in any order you like. You can set individual colors for each metro box or just use the default color from the admin panel.

There is also the option of setting the first state of the metro box as either a color box or a featured image. This theme has nine predefined backgrounds and eight overlay patterns, but you may upload your own background image.

An SEO-optimized theme was implemented so the search engine could easily find and analyze your main content first. Also, the alt attribute for images has now been implemented, allowing search engines to easily analyze your content.

💵 With $49, you will get 6 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Provides users with the option to share their posts via social media
  • Has been optimized for search engines
  • A live color changer is included in this theme
  • It is possible to use your blog and portfolio as a Rocket Board
  • You will be able to add unlimited sidebars to your website
  • Comes with nine predefined background colors to choose from

Random Reviews:

  • I have never been successful with this item.

    chilifrieseJul 2017

  • In terms of value, this is terrible value for money. I should have checked the responsive transition quality, etc., but I didn’t.

    TradeWELLMar 2019

  • This is a terrible value for money, as I didn’t check the responsive transition quality or anything like that.

    TradeWELLMar 2019

Mana Theme

Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The Mana theme is a creative, responsive, multi-purpose WordPress theme that is perfect for creating a personal, portfolio or business-oriented website. It can be easily set up by anyone regardless of their technical or writing skills.

If you are looking for a theme compatible with the Bootstrap 3 framework, I will provide you with this theme (Mana), which is specifically designed for your business blog or website. You can find it on ThemeForest, which is packed with many features that will assist you in designing a beautiful website.

With this theme, you will get a full package of features, such as rich snippets, parallax scrolling, dedicated support, WPML support, a super responsive menu system, an icon font system that can be translated, and many more.

💵 Mana theme offers automatic updates and costs $49 for a year.

Key Features:

  • Designed based on the Bootstrap 3 framework and is suitable for any business
  • With 33 powerful elements to choose from, the Page Builder makes it easy to build your own pages
  • There are 60 columns in the row element, which feature variable background colors and full-width options
  • You can choose from 14 different styles in the Advanced Service element
  • Each of the parts is retina-ready, which means that they will display effectively on high-definition displays
  • Come with a Detailed Admin Panel with more than 135 different options that you can customize

Random Reviews:

  • It is not only an elegant and functional theme but also a great product with excellent support. As a result of a few requests I made recently about the integration with WooCommerce 3.0+, I was immediately able to get the website working again with the required functionalities. They resolved everything quickly and efficiently, which left me very satisfied.

    anfervalenciaJun 2017

  • Great theme. Excellent layout is straightforward to use and has exceptional support. You can embed the video with a smooth scroll on the page to make it easier to read.

    LuclemJan 2017

Metro-Blocks Theme

Multi Business WordPress Theme

In addition to its multipurpose functionality, Metro-Blocks has full responsiveness and is built on Zurb Foundation framework. This theme is a strong base for many types of applications. In addition to the variety of design options and the ease with which you can select colors and images, it can serve as an effective marketing tool for your company.

With Metro Blocks, you can design a WordPress website for digital printers, LED signs, organic cosmetics, wood factories, professional training, diagnostic laboratories, school supplies, classroom supplies, and stationery.

Additionally, Metro Blocks can be used for retailers like plastic manufacturers, steel factories, telecommunication antennas, furniture manufacturers, creative agencies, graphic designers, and photographers.

💵 Buying this theme will cost you $59.

Key Features:

  • This theme is responsive to provide a great user experience
  • You can choose whether to display the theme in boxed mode or full width
  • This theme includes the Visual Composer plugin, which adds an easy way to create beautiful, professional-looking websites
  • It supports Contact Form 7 plugin
  • It is equipped with advanced custom CSS features
  • The theme comes with a fantastic admin panel and page builder

Random Reviews:

  • Some perfect ideas, but some functions need to be fixed. It’s too complicated to write all, but for example, problems with changing the logo, issues with the responsive menu, problems with the top header, etc. Maybe nothing awful, but I have no time to repair the theme. I have to get the page done.

    Naranja666Jun 2019

  • Great fast accurate Email Support! Thanks!

    felixagostoDec 2017

Haar Theme

Portfolio WordPress Theme for Designers, Artists and Illustrators

The Haar theme is the new portfolio theme designed specifically for designers and freelance artists. The clean aesthetic provides users with various practical options on the homepage and internal pages of the website.

You can choose from many styles for your template, including masonry portfolios, vertical metro portfolios, interactive portfolio carousels, split sliders, and even a masonry portfolio. It can be an excellent tool for any art studio, and it helps users impressively showcase their illustrations.

This stunning theme is also equipped with beautiful blog and store templates that allow you to make your own online shop in no time at all and to share your ideas with your arty audience in no time at all. You can create a beautiful website in no time at all with the Haar theme.

💵 Price for the Haar theme is $89.

Key Features:

  • Included with the WPBakery Page Builder Plugin
  • The Slider Revolution Plugin is included
  • Include an easy-to-use, powerful admin interface with a variety of options to choose from
  • Offer responsive design and retina screen support
  • There are a lot of creative homepages and inner pages included in this theme
  • Provide an extensive collection of custom shortcodes for you to choose from

Random Reviews:

  • There is much content to choose from, and I have had excellent customer support. The website is still in its infancy, but I’ve been very pleased with how responsive they’ve been to my questions, even signing into my site and changing some custom code for me. I’d give them six stars if I could!

    pr002iJun 2018

Orkan Theme

Artist and Design Agency Portfolio WordPress Theme

The Orkan theme has been specifically designed for artists and designers to help you create stunning online presentations of your work. In addition to the wide variety of practical examples on the homepage and interior pages.

The variety of styles available in this theme includes the metro style portfolio, the carousel, the interactive showcase, the split slider, and many more, allowing you to create a portfolio that perfectly reflects your style.

Orkan is an instrumental theme for any art studio as it has numerous blog and store templates and masonry portfolio templates. Additionally, the theme includes many functions and shortcodes specially designed to allow you to create impressive presentations and showcases in addition to the practical shortcodes.

💵 It costs $85 and provides 6 months of support and free updates for life.

Key Features:

  • A powerful and easy-to-use admin interface with a range of options included
  • There are a lot of creative home pages and inner pages included
  • Provide an extensive collection of custom shortcodes for you to choose from
  • WPBakery Page Builder Plugin included
  • The Slider Revolution Plugin is included
  • You can choose from a wide range of portfolio layouts

Random Reviews:

  • The only suggestion for improvement would be to get the Visual Composer Addons since only some solutions will work perfectly responsive. With the Addons, you could quickly adapt pages like split-screen layouts.

    futecApr 2019

  • There are so many possibilities with this theme you can customize it to suit any needs. The support team is extremely fast and professional. I highly recommend it!

    Thy21Jul 2019

Ottar Theme

Contemporary Portfolio WordPress Theme

The Ottar WordPress theme is an excellent choice for those who are looking to create a portfolio that will captivate their audience. It is a perfect choice for freelancers, agencies, and agencies since it allows users to create elegant work displays.

As well as creative portfolio layouts, Ottar also includes an array of portfolio templates, including masonry carousels, metro styles, rotating sliders, portfolio columns, split sliders, and more. In addition to gorgeous and practical interior pages, Ottar also includes templates for blogs and online stores.

Moreover, it contains a comprehensive set of practical shortcodes and options and a few specially designed so that our users can create beautiful presentations and showcases using the template.

💵 It’s easy to use this template with just $85!

Key Features:

  • There are a lot of creative home pages and inner pages included
  • There are a large number of custom shortcodes in the theme
  • WPBakery Page Builder Plugin included
  • There are multiple layouts available to customize portfolio lists based on your preferences
  • There are various types of hover effects available for portfolio lists to choose from
  • It comes with highly customizable typography settings and 800+ Google Fonts

Random Reviews:

  • They have a great team at Edge who is very knowledgeable and patient in solving my issues! They have a really cool theme named Ottar which I think is fantastic!

    grayhausOct 2019

  • This is not a theme for someone who has little experience with WordPress. I struggled to make this theme look good even with the demos. Not suitable for greenhorns.

    mcollynsApr 2019

  • Excellent customer service and a beautiful theme!

    isthegianJun 2019

Dekko Theme

Creative Agency WordPress Theme

Dekko allows you to create an impressive online presentation of your work regardless of whether you are a web designer for a firm or own a business. This theme includes a metro-style project presentation template, a vCard coming soon page, and many other features.

This robust and versatile template is the perfect choice for web design companies, creative businesses, and anyone looking to stand out. You can also create your own eCommerce platform and begin selling products immediately.

You can find several helpful articles on the Dekko theme in the Knowledge Base, where you can search for answers to your questions. You can also check out the Videos Tutorials to learn how to customize the Dekko theme to meet the exact needs of your website.

💵 This template comes with 6 months of free support from this awesome team. It costs $85 to buy this template.

Key Features:

  • It comes with five icon font packs for you to choose from
  • There is a child theme included as well
  • The theme is translation-ready and compatible with the WPML plugin
  • The Contact Form 7 plugin has been integrated into the website
  • Come with a powerful, customizable typography setting system
  • It comes with over 800 fonts from the Google Fonts library

Random Reviews:

  • The product is well-designed. Well worth the money and is very easy to use. It has multiple design options.

    JDMPSep 2018

  • Many bugs are in this theme, which needs to be supported better.

    abhi1246Oct 2018

  • Excellent design and fantastic support. I recommend Edge Themes to everyone.

    mikecairnduffDec 2018

Kenozoik Theme

Vibrant Portfolio WordPress Theme

The Kenozoik portfolio theme lets you impressively showcase your work to potential clients and customers through its dynamic home pages. It is a perfect choice for creative agencies. The portfolio gallery offers various display styles for illustrations and projects, including cascading and metro styles.

With the Kenozoik theme, you can add a video background to the website and a coming soon page. This is a superb theme for freelancers, studios, and all creatives in general.

In addition to being extremely powerful and engaging, the Kenozoik portfolio theme has many features that will not disappoint you. It is an excellent theme for freelancers or artists in general.

💵 Kenozoik cost is $89.

Key Features:

  • You can create your mega menu by customizing the design
  • It is possible to share content on social media
  • Provide an extensive collection of custom shortcodes for you to choose from
  • This theme includes the WPBakery Page Builder plugin
  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin included
  • It is possible to select from a variety of layouts for portfolio lists

Random Reviews:

  • A theme packed with features!! Everything you need in a modern design!

    EssecTelecomCenterNov 2021

  • I love the template. Full of excellent design features. Easy to use and great support.

    gavhawthJan 2019

  • A great theme and excellent support! Thank you!

    LSLiFeb 2020

FB Tech Theme

Digital Shop WooCommerce Theme

The FB Tech WordPress theme is a fully responsive e-commerce WordPress theme designed to cater to technology businesses wishing to showcase their products and mobile apps and display their most recent publications.

This theme features a stunning design, especially one demo that is in Metro Style, one of the oldest trends to date. It features straightforward typography and rich features and has the flexibility to be changed not just to fit your own business type but also your own website.

With a stunning design, especially one demo in Metro, the 7up WordPress team offers their best WooCommerce theme (FB-Tech), a fully responsive theme designed for technology businesses like product showcases and mobile app showcases.

💵 This theme costs $110.

Key Features:

  • The support of RTL languages is available
  • Come with a feature that allows you to share your content on social media
  • Fully responsive and has been tested on multiple devices
  • The flat design style can be applied to any layouts
  • Provide FAST technical support and updates to all the customers
  • Several PSD files are included in the theme

Cobra Theme

Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

The Cobra is a lightweight and responsive WordPress theme to build an elegant and stylish website. It has been designed with WooCommerce-ready features and an AJAX-powered blog or portfolio we can scroll infinitely or load more content on the fly.

This theme has a specific metro portfolio layout with custom colors and a color filter. It has lots of columns and is flexible in the setting. Google map contacts are ready, and standard icons and 640+ google fonts are available.

Designed in a dynamic metro style, Cobra is an ideal WordPress portfolio theme for anyone who wishes to inspire their future. It is a dynamic portfolio theme designed to present freelance skills and experience.

This theme is well-coded, so you do not have to worry about coding scripts. You can demonstrate your experience and expertise to clients as a freelancer.

💵 In addition to free 6 months of support time, the Cobra price is $59 per year.

Key Features:

  • A pattern overlay has been applied to the video section, the Google map section, and the parallax section
  • The theme is fully responsive to all devices
  • Comes with a Masonry/Metro/Grid layout that is ready to use
  • You can choose between a vertical mega menu, a horizontal mega menu, or a parallax menu
  • Use valid code that the W3C has validated
  • The Layer Slider plugin is included for creating stunning sliders

Sonic Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme for The Music Industry

To provide the best possible performance to a band, SONIC was developed with the help of actual musicians who understand precisely what is required of them.

You can use the customizable layout style and appearance options to customize your website to the extent that you don’t need any web development experience.

You also get a drag-drop page builder, so you can easily rearrange the elements on your page in any way you wish. If you want to sell your music and merchandise online, Sonic enables you to do that with the WooCommerce plugin integration, a great e-commerce solution that makes it possible to sell your music or merchandise online anywhere in the world.

Using the Sonic theme, you can create a fully responsive website that works perfectly on various devices, such as tablets, mobile phones, or PCs. Just click on the customizer buttons, and you will see a live preview of your website.

💵 $59 gets you all these modern features.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with a variety of cache plugins, including W3 Total Cache
  • Include an advanced image and video slider to enhance your experience
  • Compatibility with SEO plugins like Yoast and other SEO plugins
  • All your social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are integrated
  • You can post in any of the post formats
  • The documentation makes it simple to understand its working plan and usage

Random Reviews:

  • Before purchasing this music theme, I looked at many of them, and this one is by far the best I’ve seen! Aside from its exceptional design and functionality, the theme’s customer support has been outstanding, with Wolf Themes and its author working together to resolve any issues that arose as my site was being set up.

    andymccombieApr 2017

Air Theme

Portfolio WordPress Theme

With its responsiveness and simplicity, Air is an ideal WordPress theme for creative professionals. It offers many features and emphasizes your work to engage potential clients and employers. The drag & drop page builder we developed makes it easy for you to create pretty intuitive and straightforward pages.

In order to make sure that the interaction between the user and the application is smooth, lightweight, and polished in everything it does, the developers have to do a lot of coding work to ensure that it works as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

The Art theme includes BM Content Builder Drag & Drop Page Editor, and Drag & Drop Live Builder tools that make building a website as simple as possible for anyone without knowledge of coding or a background in web design.

💵 Using Air theme will automatically update your site for $59.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with Instagram Feed to allow users to create Instagram profiles grids
  • Thousands of web fonts are available in Art, including 900+ Google fonts, 1700+ Adobe fonts, and uploaded fonts
  • Offer a fully responsive layout that is retina ready and fully responsive on any device
  • The demo layouts are easy to import, and you can create your website with just one click
  • It supports header floated and fixed heights
  • Fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and comes with a great shop layout as well

Random Reviews:

  • In addition to the design and customer support, I significantly like customer service. It is my first website, and I am not a programmer, so the support is helpful and makes me feel calm.

    rodipietroFeb 2020

  • There is no doubt I love the Air theme! And I am even more impressed with their technical support! I was not an expert in coding, but I wanted to use the graphic design on my website. Their support team helped me build my website the way I wanted. Sometimes, I asked questions on Saturday and could still get their answers on Sunday! Thank you so much!

    jangheroSep 2020

Coney Theme

Blog WordPress Theme

The Coney theme is a gorgeous and modern responsive blog theme that will help you create a fantastic blog website in no time. You will not find a more responsive theme to help you create a tremendous blog website.

Coney also offers ten different header variations for your blog and over 20 blog layouts. As well as these options, Coney also comes with an extensive collection of blog-specific shortcodes that will allow you to create exciting lifestyle blogs or displease your readers with masonry blogs.

Coney provides you with both WooCommerce and WPML plugins so that you can sell your products worldwide, engage your readers, and market your business worldwide. Furthermore, beyond just selling your products, Coney offers you a whole lot more than that.

💵 For $85 you will receive all the features of the Coney theme as well as 6 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Coding knowledge is not required to use this theme
  • This product comes with 12 different homepages that can be customized
  • Various layouts and pages are available in this theme
  • There is an extensive collection of custom shortcodes available for use on your website
  • There are many different types of blog lists that you can choose from
  • Support WooCommerce Dropdown Cart Widget

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you for your kind support! Nice design!

    borasimJan 2017

  • It’s straightforward and easy to use. It’s clean, fast, and reliable.

    rubiwaneFeb 2017

  • They always provide fantastic support. Also, this theme is one of my favorites. Very easy to use and looks fantastic!

    yoonys33Jul 2017

Okami Theme

Portfolio WordPress Theme

Okami is the perfect theme for any artist, designer, creative agency, or design studio. Featuring a wide array of portfolio styles in dark and light versions, Okami is an invaluable tool for presenting a wide range of portfolios.

Further, the Okami is equipped with a modern shop and blog layout so that you can quickly sell your creative products. Okami also includes two premium free plugins that will let you get started without coding knowledge.

With this theme, you can create multiple layouts for portfolio lists, change hover effects, enable category filters, and display article animations in portfolio lists. There are also three different pagination options available.

💵 A 6-month support period and free updates for life are included in the $85.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a Creative home page and interior pages as well
  • There is an extensive collection of custom shortcodes available for use on your site
  • WPBakery Page Builder & Slider Revolution Plugin included
  • It supports the sharing functionality on social media
  • It is compatible with all WooCommerce plugins
  • It comes with over 800 Google Fonts that you can choose from

Random Reviews:

  • While I was over my assistance period, the support was still constructive.

    igianni84Jan 2019

  • I really enjoy how easy it is to use. Great job!

    randomxcreationsNov 2021

  • The Okami theme is yet another fantastic Edge theme.

    mikedubsMay 2020

The best WordPress Metro-style themes FAQ.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about WordPress Metro-style templates.

It is always best to write down your problems in the comments if they are still unresolved.

Is there a tremendous Metro-style WordPress template for 2022?

WordPress Metro-style themes are prevalent. We created a highly detailed list.

For Metro-style sites, consider the Publisher theme, which includes a ton of great demo designs and individual plugins for the cost of the template. We also recommend the Astra theme.

Are there any hosting providers that are suitable for metro-style sites?

Choosing a hosting provider is very important, so you should choose the right one. Bluehost is one of the best hosting companies, and we strongly recommend them.

Let’s end with a final thought on Metro-style themes!

We reviewed the best WordPress Metro-style templates. You can use one of these templates to improve your site.

Publisher theme is a highly mobile responsive and retina-ready Metro-style WordPress theme. It is swift and easy to use and has excellent features and capabilities for editing your website.

We hope this list helps you improve your website and accomplish your business objectives.

Please let us know if we have missed any fantastic Metro-style themes from this list by adding them to the comments section. Keep an eye out for our next article by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

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