14 Best Typeform Alternatives & Competitors 2023 (Compared)

Looking for the best Typeform alternatives and competitors? Well, your search ends right here.   

This article will help you find the best match for your website. 

Typeform is a popular online form builder platform trusted by millions of users, including big brands.  

But what if you could find the best alternatives to Typeform? These options can provide you with similar or better features than Typeform on a budget.   

We’ve put together a list of the 14 best Typeform alternatives. So, read till the end and find the best match for your website.  

But before that, let’s know why you might need a Typeform alternative.  

Why Do You Need a Typeform Alternative?  

As mentioned, Typeform is one of the most popular online forms and survey builder tools. Using this, you can create engaging and interactive forms on your website.  

Typeform Alternative WordPress

It has beautiful form templates that let you create customized forms in just a few minutes.   

Similarly, its customizable design options, advanced logic and branching, and seamless integration with WordPress make it a popular choice among website owners and marketers.  

So, you might wonder if Typeform has everything you need as a form builder, why seek an alternative?   

Below we’ve narrowed down some of the bullet points to show why you might need a Typeform alternative.  

  • Price: Well, like we always say, with great advantage comes a little price. It’s similar to Typeform. Here’s a price list of Typeform:  
  1. Basic: 29 USD Monthly  
  2. Plus: 59 USD Monthly  
  3. Business: 99 USD Monthly  

You see, just the basic plan starts at 29$ monthly. Unlike big brands, it can be too expensive for some startups.  

  • Limited Features in the Free Version: A free version of Typeform is available! But the features are limited. So, eventually, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan.  
  • Limited Customization Option: While the plugin allows you to embed forms in your WordPress site easily, you’ll see that you cannot fully customize the look and feel of the form.  
  • Compatibility Issues with specific WordPress Themes or Plugins: This might be severe for users who want seamless integration with Typeform into their WordPress site.  
  • Impact User Experience: Another potential downside of the Typeform is that it slows down your website’s performance, particularly if you’ve embedded many forms. This may cause visitors to leave your site if it takes longer to load.   

If you think above mentioned drawbacks of Typeform can disrupt your form creation process, you should check out the best Typeform competitors.  

Let’s begin! 

14 Best Typeform Alternatives and Competitors  

1. Everest Forms  

The very first free alternative to Typeform is undoubtedly the Everest Forms plugin. The greatest thing about this tool is its drag-and-drop feature.  

Everest Forms Plugin

One of the main differences between these two platforms is the level of complexity and functionality. Everest Forms is a relatively simple form builder with a clean, beginner-friendly interface.   

So, you don’t need to be a tech genius to navigate your way through it.

Additionally, you’ll get many integrations and add-ons that Typeform lacks.  

What Makes it the Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • Typeform has limited customization options, whereas Everest Forms is highly customizable with the Style Customizer add-on.  
  • Payment integration on Typeform is limited to Stripe, while with Everest Forms, you can also collect payment via PayPal.  
  • Typeform lacks e-signature integration, whereas Everest Forms supports e-signature. This is very important for agreement contact forms.  
  • Typeform can’t fully support online form creation on a mobile device, whereas Everest Forms is fully compatible with all devices. 

Customer Support and User Review:   

You’ll get brilliant, full-time support for Everest Forms on weekdays. Or you can also post your queries on the WordPress.org forum and get them answered within a few hours.   

You can also check out the frequently updated documentation.  

Everest Forms has received excellent reviews from its users. And it has a star rating of 4.9.

Everest Forms rating


The setup process of the free version of the plugin is pretty simple. Go to your WordPress dashboard, search for Everest Forms, install and activate it, and you can proceed.  

The free version is more than enough for creating simple forms, but you’ll need an upgrade if you want premium features.  

As we’ve mentioned several times above, the major issue with Typeform is its pricing. The basic plan starts at $29 per month.  

And below is four pricing plan Everest Forms offers: 

  • Personal: $48.3/yearly 
  • Plus: $99/yearly 
  • Professional: $99/yearly 
  • Agency: $199/yearly 
Everest Forms Pricing

The personal plan of Everest Forms starts at $48.3/year, which means it’s way cheaper than Typeform.  

2. Formidable Forms

Next up, we have Formidable Forms on our list. This advanced WordPress form builder plugin makes a great alternative to Typeform.

Formidable Forms

The significant difference between Typeform and Formidable forms is that Typeform is a conversational form builder.   

On the other hand, Formidable Forms can create standard online and conversational forms.  

Overall, Formidable Forms is one of the toughest Typeform competitors.  

What Makes it the Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • Comparatively, Formidable Forms is cheaper than Typeform.  
  • You can eliminate spam on submissions using reCaptcha, hCaptcha, Akismet, and the blocklist.  
  • With the Geolocation feature, you can get a more accessible, more accurate date with an autocomplete address.  
  • You can also track the user follows with Formidable Forms.  

Customer Support and User Review:   

You can get rapid support for Formidable Forms on the WordPress.org forum. Just post your queries there and get help within 24 hours.   

It has a good number of reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars.

Formidable Forms rating


You can download the free version of the plugin from WordPress.org. Otherwise, you can also directly download it on your WordPress dashboard.    

You’ll get three additional paid plans, where the basic plan starts from $39.50 a year.

3. Zoho Forms

If you’re already using a Zoho CRM or any other Zoho Tool, Zoho Forms can be a game changer. It integrates seamlessly since the same people build it.   

While assessing the two solutions, Zoho Forms has more ease of setup than Typeform.

Similarly, for feature updates and roadmaps, the direction of Zoho Forms is better than that of Typeform.  

Further, you can integrate ZohoForms with SMS gateways like Twilio, SMS Magic, and Clickatell to send text notifications to users.   

What Makes it the Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • Zoho Forms has different templates to save you from the hassle of building forms from scratch.  
  • This plugin saves a partially completed form and helps you finish it later.  
  • With Zoho Forms, you can export form entries in CSV or PDF format.
  • The plugin has custom themes and CSS to make your form functional and beautiful.  

Customer Support and User Review:   

Zoho Forms offers customer support to its users through various channels such as email support, live chat, phone support, and community forum.   

Besides, it has received 2.8 out of 5 stars on the WordPress plugin repository.   

Zoho Forms rating


The free plan of Zoho Forms is free forever. However, you can also upgrade to its premium version.   

It has four premium plans where the basic starts at $10/month, billed annually.  

4. HubSpot   

Another powerful Typeform competitor we have is HubSpot. With this, you can create stand-alone, pop-up, and embedded forms to gather the correct data to convert visitors into leads.  

HubSpot Online Form Builder

HubSpot makes a great alternative to Typeform if you already use other products like its email marketing tool.   

Similarly, it also connects with other contact forms plugins like Everest Forms and Formidable Forms.   

What Makes it the Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • HubSpot feature updates are better than Typeform.  
  • It has built-in analytics reports, so you don’t need a third-party tool like Google Analytics to view your form’s performance.  
  • HubSpot will merge your large number of contacts using an AI-based duplication tool.  
  • This tool’s user interface is optimized and works flawlessly.  

Customer Support and User Review:  

One of the quickest ways to get support from HubSpot is by calling their support line directly. You can also read their blog to understand how the plugin works.  

HubSpot has received a rating of 4.5 stars on GetApp.  

HubSpot rating


HubSpot offers three plans where you’ll get both free and premium plans starting from $30/per month. 

5. Jotform

Jotform is another famous form builder offering various features to create custom forms, surveys, and quizzes. It’s one of the cheapest Typeform competitors.   


Jotform has an extensive library of 10000+ prebuilt templates. This makes it easy for users to find a starting point for online forms.  

Furthermore, you can apply conditional logic to form fields from the free plan.  

What Makes it The Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • Custom CSS, JavaScript, and HTML options, whereas Typeform lacks these features  
  • Translation ready  
  • Google reCAPTCHA to stop hacks, spam, and bots  
  • You can import external forms and files or import submissions into Jotform  

Customer Support and User Review:  

Jotform provides support through various mediums. You can read their user guide and blog and also watch their videos.

Or you can contact them through their website.  

Jotform rating


You can get the free version of the Jotform. But if you seek advanced features, upgrade to a premium plan. The bronze plan starts at $34 per month.  

6. WPForms

Next, we have WPForms as a Typeform competitor. This plugin lets you create surveys, polls, contact forms, RSVPs, order forms, and more.  


The plugin also has a feature to split long forms into multiple pages so you can reduce your customers’ bounce rate.   

Moreover, with the instant notifications feature, you can respond to your leads quickly. This will help to improve the user experience and keep them engaged.  

What Makes it the Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • With WPForms, you’ll get the customized layout and a no-code form embedded wizard for WordPress, whereas Typeform lacks these features.  
  • WPForms integrates with PayPal, Authorize.Net, Square, and Stripe to accept payments online.  
  • The plugin also prevents bot and spam submissions.  
  • With WPForms, you can easily embed your forms in blog posts, pages, sidebar, widgets, footers, etc.  

Customer Support and User Review:   

If you have any queries related to the plugin, you can post them on the WordPress.org forum.   

WPForms has received an incredible rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from its customers. 

WPForms rating


WPForms Lite is free; you can download it from WordPress.org or directly install it on your dashboard.   

The premium plan for WPForms Pro starts at $99/year.

7. Gravity Forms 

Gravity Forms is undoubtedly among the best premium plugins for creating online forms.

This feature-rich plugin lets you quickly design and build structures using the intuitive visual form editor.  

Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

It’s one of the best Typeform alternatives because Gravity Forms gives you full control of your form and the data you collect.  

Whereas with Typeform, you’ll get limited control over your data as all your forms and submissions remain on Typeform’s server.  

Furthermore, Gravity Forms offers multi-column layouts. Thus, you can choose the number of columns, customize the width, or add extra fields.  

What Makes it The Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • Gravity Forms has a simple UI like a WordPress block editor  
  • Paginated forms will get you less scrolling and more submitting  
  • REST API and simple webhooks to create custom form integration or workflows  
  • The plugin lets you create forms within forms to manage complex forms  

Customer Support and User Review:   

Gravity Forms provides live AI support on its website. You can also open a support ticket for better customer support.   

If you check Gravity Forms’ reviews, it has received an overall rating of 4.6/5 on GetApp.  

Gravity Forms ratings


Gravity Forms is a premium plugin that’s especially suitable for big businesses. The plugin has three premium packs and the basic license starts at $41.

8. Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms conversational form builder plugin makes a great Typeform alternative. Creating WordPress forms with this beginner-friendly tool is a piece of cake.  

Fluent Forms

Moreover, the plugin has 45+ third-party integrations. This makes the plugin more powerful and accumulates more strength in one place.  

Fluent Forms is an excellent option with the famous drag-and-drop form builder, advanced customization options, and more.  

What Makes it The Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • Repeater fields to quickly repeat the same fields  
  • Form scheduling option to schedule the form  
  • Prebuilt templates to save the hassle of creating forms from scratch.  
  • With Fluent Forms, you can allow users to upload files and images with forms.  

Customer Support and User Review:   

Fluent Forms is very famous for its excellent customer support. You can ask them queries via their official site or the WordPress forum.   

Users have shown so much love to this plugin that it has received an outstanding score of 4.9/5 stars.  

Fluent Forms Rating


Unlike Typeform, Fluent Forms offers a free version to its users. You can install it from wordpress.org or download it on your WordPress dashboard.   

It also has a premium version with more fascinating features. Fluent Forms Pro has three different plans, starting from $49 annually.   

9. Ninja Forms   

If you’re looking for a free Typeform alternative, Ninja Forms is exactly what you need. This famous drag-and-drop form builder is suitable for users new to form building.   

Ninja Forms

Moreover, users can install a vast library of add-ons to enhance the form functionality. These add-ons include integrations with popular email marketing platforms, payment gateways, and CRMs.   

Furthermore, the plugin’s submission management feature lets you view and manage form submissions from the dashboard. Thus, making it easier to keep track of and analyze data.  

What Makes it the Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • With Ninja Forms, you can embed forms on your webpage and engage with site visitors.   
  • You can export all your Ninja Forms into CSV format.  
  • It’s seamlessly integrated with various applications like Zapier, Google, and more.   
  • Ninja Forms can help you collect donations and payments using PayPal, Stripe, and Elavon.  

Customer Support and User Review:   

If you need clarification about the plugin, post your queries through the WordPress.org forum and receive answers within a few hours.   

Ninja Forms has decent reviews on WordPress.org, scoring an overall 4.3/5 stars.  

Ninja Forms rating


Ninja Forms is a freemium plugin, meaning it has both the free and the premium versions.

To install the free version of the plugin, visit WordPress.org, search for Ninja Forms, and download it.    

Similarly, to enjoy all the premium features of the plugin, select and purchase among the four plans. The cheapest plugin plan starts at $49 a year.   

10. Google Forms  

If you want to create simple forms for free, Google Forms is where you go. Both beginners and experts will find this tool simple and easy to start.   

Google Forms Alternatives

A free tool doesn’t have to mean it lacks features. There are various question types for users, like drop-down, checkboxes, long and short questions for users, and more.  

Above all, it gives you free prebuilt templates to get started faster. Likewise, you can customize settings and designs like fonts and colors.  

What Makes it The Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • All great Google integrations like Google Docs and Google Sheets, as well as other third-party integrations  
  • Summarize survey results immediately with charts and graphs  
  • Users can also upload images and videos along with the form  
  • The advanced Summary add-on allows you to create detailed reports of your form responses.  

Customer Support and User Review:  

 You can directly call Google Customer Support for help with any issue related to the plugin. 

Google Forms Rating


Google Forms is completely free to use.  

11. WS Form Lite

Yet another affordable Typeform competitor we have on our list is WS Form Lite. The plugin helps users easily create, manage, and publish forms.   


While building the form, you can choose from 55+ field types. Moreover, the feature-rich tool is integrated with robust payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.   

In addition, the plugin allows users to upload single or multiple files at once in your form. Hence, it can be a great Typeform alternative.   

Why Makes it the Best Typeform Alternative?   

  • You can apply conditional logic to show/hide fields based on user responses.   
  • It has 100+ pre-designed form templates.  
  • This plugin includes ACF, Meta Box, Pods, and Toolset integration.   
  • The plugin has several spam protection tools like hCAPTCHA, Google reCAPTCHA, and more.  

Customer Support and User Review:   

To contact the WS Form team, you can visit their official website. You may also post your questions on the WordPress.org forum.   

WS Form has been a crowd’s favorite, and it has received outstanding 5.5 stars from its users.

WS Form ratings


WS Form Lite is completely free of cost. You can download the free plugin from WordPress.org or directly install it on your admin dashboard.   

The premium version of the plugin comes with three different plans. The personal plan costs $59 yearly, much cheaper than Typeform. 

12. Forminator

Forminator is a powerful and versatile form builder tool that can help you create any form online instantly. Its accessible interface and powerful integrations make it an ideal Typeform alternative.   


Similarly, its excellent GDPR compliance makes it reliable and secure for collecting and managing data. Moreover, Forminator enables you to customize the design of the forms per your needs.   

Additionally, it provides email notifications for form submission to designated email addresses. Therefore, you can stay on top of incoming responses.   

Why Makes it The Best Typeform Alternative?   

  • You can quickly add forms to post with the Forminator block for Gutenberg  
  • With Forminator, you can upload multiple files   
  • It allows front-end post submission without giving users access to the dashboard.   
  • It has a calculation feature for order forms that computes a field with values from other areas.   

Customer Service and User Review:   

If you have any queries regarding the plugin, get support from the WordPress.org forum. Similarly, you can check the detailed documentation Forminator offers.   

Forminator ratings


You can get the accessible version of Forminator from the WordPress plugin repository. Or directly install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard as well.  

Alternatively, you can download the plugin from the WPMU Dev website, but you’ll require membership.   

If you want to purchase a premium version of the plugin, it’s also possible. Forminator Pro starts at just $7.50 a month. 

13. Wufoo   

Next, we have Wufoo in our list of the best Typeform alternatives. It’s a cloud-based form builder with an easy and wider range of customization options.   

Wufoo Form Builder

It offers the ability to add custom branding, CSS, and fonts to your form. Hence, using Wufoo, you can create forms consistent with your brand.   

Moreover, Typeform has a limited number of customizable options compared to Wufoo, which is why it’s one of the great Typeform alternatives.   

What Makes it the Best Typeform Alternative?  

  • Its intuitive and user-friendly design makes it easy for users to create forms even without coding knowledge.   
  • Its paid plans are cheaper in comparison to Typeform.   
  • Wufoo can be integrated with a wider range of third-party tools, making it easy to transfer data between platforms.   
  • Wufoo is an excellent tool for creating traditional forms that work better for surveys and questionnaires.    

Customer Support and User Review:   

You get speedy Customer Support from its Help Center or email your queries directly, which will be responded to within two business days.   

Wufoo rating


You can get a free version and four premium plans starting from $14.08.  

14. 123FormBuilder   

If you are looking for a versatile form builder that allows you to create a wide range of forms, 123FormBuilder is it. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface makes easy work of form creation.   

123 Form Builder Plugin

Additionally, you can customize your form using its wide range of themes and templates. 123FormBuilder is a cheaper alternative to TypeForms with a wider range of features. 

It offers various pricing plans catering to different needs and budgets.   

What Makes it the Best Typeform Alternative?   

  • You can further customize your forms with custom CSS to make them compliant with your brand.   
  • It has 34 native integrations, including Salesforce, MailChimp, and Google Drive.   
  • It allows 15 different payment processors to collect payments online.   
  • It also offers an offline mode.   

Customer Support and User Review:   

123formBuilder is very serious about its customer support. You can reach them through its Live Chat option or email them to solve your problems.  

123 Form Builder ratings


123FromBuilder has a free version that is useful on its own. But with four premium plans starting from $19.99, you can enhance your building experience further.   

Which Typeform Alternative WordPress Plugin Should You Use?  

Now that you’ve reviewed the list of the best Typeform alternatives and competitors. The daunting task of choosing one begins.    

When evaluating different solutions as a buyer, you must compare competencies in categories such as assessing and contracting, integration and deployment, service and support, and its capabilities.  

All the form builder tools on our list come with their unique features; however, we suggest the best Everest Forms.   

The plugin has everything that Typeform lacks, and the quality service and support is just the cherry on top.   

With Everest Forms, you can send sms notifications from contact formsadd address autocomplete fields in WordPress forms, and more.  


That’s it with our article 14 Best Typeform alternatives and competitors. Hopefully, this article helped you find the best match for your site.  

Next, you can check out the best WordPress poll plugins and best WordPress contact form plugins.  

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