14 Best WordPress Game Developer Themes ๐ŸŽฎ 2022

Do you know how to find a WordPress theme that meets your needs?

โšก๏ธ Would you like a quick reply? The Publisher theme is highly functional and offers plenty of functionality, ease of use, scalability, and more than a hundred different demos to suit the needs of different websites. It is remarkably versatile and scalable to meet the demands of a wide range of businesses.

We have collected a collection of the best WordPress themes for Game Developer that will save you both time and energy. Their design will attract customers easily.

We have handpicked the following list of Game Developer templates to help you select the perfect theme. This stack of WordPress templates also includes themes for Game Developer Portfolios, Game Studios, Gaming blogs, Game portals, eSports competitions, Entertainment companies, and other business professionals.

Best Game Developer Themes for WordPress ๐ŸŽฎ

The following are some of the best WordPress Game Developer templates you can install today in 2022:

Xion Theme

Indie Game Developer WordPress Theme

The Xion theme for WordPress was explicitly created for indie game developers. Its easy-to-customize yet full-featured functionality allows developers to easily create a website for their game.

It is important to note that, in addition to the comprehensive documentation package included with the theme, some additional features are available, including a drag & drop page builder to assist you in designing your eCommerce website.

๐Ÿ’ต For $59, you can purchase this theme.

Key Features:

  • The extensive mega menu is available
  • The font can be adjusted
  • A sticky header is available
  • Providing support for eCommerce
  • There is a responsive layout available
  • There are unlimited colors available

Random Reviews:

  • A beautifully designed theme with lots of pre-loaded modules and pages to cover a range of gaming websites.

    redlabelstudioNov 2021

  • The beautifully designed theme, with lots of pre-loaded modules and pages to cover a range of websites in the gaming space.

    redlabelstudioNov 2021

Alessa Theme

Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The Alessa WordPress theme provides a modern, dark, and multifunctional solution to creating online portfolios.

In fact, the theme was designed for any organization wishing to showcase their work from various creative fields, including different digital agencies, photographers, designers, indie game developers, videographers, and artists, among others.

This theme contains 18 layouts, but these may not be the only options available. It offers four basic layouts, and you have a choice of gallery options to choose from.

๐Ÿ’ต Alessa template costs $39, and you will get six months of free support.

Key Features:

  • A total of 21 additional Elementor widgets are included in the shadow core
  • There are over 18 different portfolio layouts available
  • Maintenance mode is available
  • A customizer is available
  • You can easily customize the color scheme
  • Customers are supported by a professional team

Plaxer Theme

Gaming eSports WordPress Theme

Plaxer is a powerful WordPress theme created specifically for video games, eSports, streaming, and more. Using this theme, anyone can find an environment that suits their needs.

As a result of this theme, you will have several components and customization options that will enable you to create a great website. HTML5 and CSS3 support is provided in this theme, as well as excellent and attractive design.

๐Ÿ’ต Theme extensible for only $59!

Key Features:

  • A custom portfolio page can be created in an unlimited number
  • An upcoming page is available
  • It is possible to create two types of blogs
  • It is possible to view blogs on fullscreen
  • A custom 404 page is available
  • The Contact Form 7 form is available

Random Reviews:

  • It is a beautiful, amazingly designed WordPress theme.

    fpsxtremeApr 2021

  • A great piece of work with a lot of resources!

    b4p7Sep 2020

  • Hopefully, you’ll receive a fast response once you purchase it.

    grungemxMar 2021

Blackfyre Theme

Create Your Own Gaming Community WordPress Theme

One of the best gaming themes on the web is Blackfyre, which integrates forms on the front end and allows users to customize the skins and pages.

This gaming theme is ideally suited for creating large online communities. Yet, it also offers complete administrative control, guaranteeing all users are satisfied with the theme’s functions. You do not need to worry about privacy or control using this theme.

๐Ÿ’ต Get this theme for just $64.

Key Features:

  • ย Exciting animations and icons are available.
  • Prepared for translation
  • Ready for WPML
  • Availability of WooCommerce integration
  • Parallax blocks are included
  • Several video blocks are available

Arcane Theme

The Gaming Community WordPress Theme

Suppose you have difficulties gaming alone or with only two other people, or you think you would like to create your gaming community. In that case, you should consider the Arcane theme since it allows you to play in a social setting.

Even though this theme caters to gamers, it contains all the features that will make your gaming experience enjoyable and refreshing.

Purchasing this theme ensures that you will not be disappointed, as it has premium features and plugins that can be customized according to your preferences, such as colors, backgrounds, and team pages.

๐Ÿ’ต The Arcane theme costs $64.

Key Features:

  • A page builder based on Elementor is available
  • It is possible to install using a single click
  • Availability of WooCommerce integration
  • Parallax blocks are available
  • There are several video blocks
  • There are animated graphics and icons

Random Reviews:

  • With the first release, they were way ahead in functionality compared to any other wp theme, and then they improved it to make it look even better. Great work!

    Garettj90Jun 2021

PlayerX Theme

A Highpowered WordPress Theme for Gaming eSports

PlayerX lets you beat the game forever. This theme is dedicated to gaming, esports, and studios that create video games.

As a user of this theme, you can stream your games, display your gaming clan, and do just about everything you wish for from a website designed for games, esports, and studios.

This theme will be a great option if you need a reliable and compelling website for esports or gaming sites.

๐Ÿ’ต You can purchase this theme for $69.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with the Elementor page builder
  • A collection of home and inner pages is available
  • Several custom shortcodes are available for use
  • Lists of portfolio standard items are available
  • Match list shortcodes are available
  • A shortcode exists for the match list

Random Reviews:

  • This is a great theme, with a lot of options, for anyone wanting a gamer theme.

    piercingJun 2021

  • Because of the good support, I gave them the rating; however, they deserve five stars for everything.

    maordany1Jun 2021

Gamezone Theme

Video Gaming Blog & Esports Store WordPress Theme

A theme designed explicitly for gaming websites, agencies, blogs, gaming websites, and the like is Gamezone, a high-impact, colorful and modern theme. With this theme, you may easily customize the contents of any page using the WP bakery page builder.

In this theme, the WP bakery page builder offers you the option of customizing the header and footer. The design and the one-click demo installation are particularly appealing. Furthermore, it is scalable, flexible, and fully customizable.

๐Ÿ’ต For $59, you get all demos and features of the theme.

Key Features:

  • You can conduct interactive Ajax searches
  • Developed with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • A slider revolution and a swiper slider are included
  • Retina images are supported
  • User menus and main menus are supported

Random Reviews:

  • This theme is just my style, big money shots, letters linking to articles or products; it’s versatile, but what’s more important is that it’s aesthetic, perfect for any game site. Playing with color schemes is quite fun; in the end, any color will look amazing with this theme.

    RyukensteinApr 2021

Overworld Theme

eSports Gaming WordPress Theme

You will find the best gaming and esports content in the Overworld theme. You can create or participate in a gaming magazine, host a gaming tournament or team, and much more.

Moreover, it incorporates several custom-built elements suitable for gaming and esports websites, including player listings, match listings, and tournament listings.

In addition to the Responsive Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin, you will get access to several shortcodes unique to the esports and gaming industries.

๐Ÿ’ต You can buy this theme for $75 and receive six months of free support.

Key Features:

  • A large number of creative interior pages and homes are available
  • Provides a large number of custom shortcodes
  • WordPress page builder by WPBakery is included
  • A divided header is available
  • A vertical header is present
  • Multiple header behaviors are available

Random Reviews:

  • The theme is complicated to customize and needs a lot of coding. It seems excellent on the outside (in terms of design) but is very heavy in performance. Additionally, I had to edit a lot of items using custom CSS.

    LimeliteEGJun 2021

  • Great theme with a lot of functionality, and I also appreciate how responsive the support is

    davidsportsOct 2020

PixieFreak Theme

eSports Gaming WordPress Theme for Teams Tournaments

The PixieFreak theme has become a valuable tool for gamers, eSports teams, and tournament organizers. One of the primary objectives of this theme is to provide a wide range of choices so that there is a wide variety of options.

Suppose you are devoted to the sport and are passionate about it. In that case, you can use this theme to design a website for your team, a news portal, or to organize an eSports tournament.

๐Ÿ’ต For $69 you’ll get auto-updates of this template forever with six months of support.

Key Features:

  • There is a fully customizable color scheme
  • Management of sections and content is easy
  • There is no limit to the number of teams participating in various games
  • The profiles of players can be found in a list
  • Several matches and results can be scheduled
  • Streams of live events are available

Random Reviews:

  • This theme is wonderful and functional. Glws!

    AdamLaursenJul 2018

  • Excellent Quality & Prompt Supportbr

    IXPACTJan 2020

  • It’s a beautiful theme with top-notch support.

    BlorchApr 2020

Godlike Theme

Game WordPress Theme

Godlike allows you to create a gaming community that will be interactive and atmospheric and helps promote your games, builds a gaming social network, and grows your gaming community; you can even open a store on the site.

This gamer theme allows you to create any web page using its custom builder. Using the theme’s social media integration, you can write blog posts and share the news with your friends.

๐Ÿ’ต With $69, you get this advanced theme, plus six months of free support.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to choose from more than 250 options using the WordPress customizer.
  • You can create powerful web pages using a page builder
  • There are more than 27 shortcodes pre-built
  • The headers come in over 20 variations
  • A visual color changer is available
  • It is possible to verify the age of posts and pages

Random Reviews:

  • With a well-designed and well-built theme, GodLike features many useful default pages and allows you to create your own. The support team at _nK is very responsive and helpful. I had one issue with a plugin update, which they quickly and efficiently resolved.

    AmarokStudiosNov 2020

Eldritch Theme

Epic Gaming eSports WordPress Theme

Eldritch’s mesmerizing theme will charm game enthusiasts, business professionals, and anyone else interested in the world of video game publishing and e-sports.

With this theme, you can access various engaging and easily customizable home page layouts. These are suitable for showcases of games, showcases of matches, gaming blogs, etc. In addition, a unique forum template is included, as well as full compatibility with BBPress.

๐Ÿ’ต With $79, Get six months of free support time and auto-updates of your theme.

Key Features:

  • A collection of home and internal pages is provided
  • There are several custom shortcodes available
  • A matching custom post type is available
  • A shortcode for match lists is available
  • There are multiple portfolio list layouts available for customization
  • There are a variety of infographic shortcodes available

GamePress Theme

Modern Premium Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme With Unique Dark Design

The GamePress theme features numerous widget areas, various powerful widgets, actions for programmers, predefined headers, sticky sidebars, and menus.

It’s dictated by the SMOF Options Panel, which provides many options for managing and changing virtually every aspect of your site.

Because of the intuitive nature and sleek design of Bootstrap technology, the theme developed around this technology provides web development services that are much more swift and easy to implement thanks to its mobile-first capabilities.

๐Ÿ’ต With a purchase, you get complete documentation and six months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Prepared for Gutenberg editor
  • There are Gamepress plugins and widgets included
  • Related posts can be customized
  • Layouts for blogs are available
  • There are five-footer layouts as well as a pre-footer
  • There are three different header layouts to choose from

Gauge Theme

Multipurpose Review WordPress Theme

Some bloggers and programmers use the Gauge theme, an all-in-one review theme, for movies, games, food, etc.

In this theme, the main hub page for each review item provides an easy-to-use tabbed navigation system from which you can access all the news, videos, and images relevant to that specific item.

Administrators and users can view every item on the page, and the page’s design is responsive and clean to make the system easier for administrators to use.

๐Ÿ’ต The cost for a Gauge template is $249. Support is free for six months.

Random Reviews:

  • This theme is outstanding. It is mighty and flexible. It makes the entire process very, very easy. Support is top-notch too. I am using this with my game news website. The Visual Composer plugin is an absolute joy to use. I promise you won’t regret it!

    Non-BioOct 2016

Redlens Theme

Video Blogger Game Streamer WordPressTheme

Redlens is a WordPress theme built for video bloggers and game streamers, featuring WordPress’ Gutenberg page builder.

As a result, this theme includes support for writing news, selling merchandise from your store, managing your social media accounts, and boosting your success.

This theme permits you to build many different types of websites. It also allows you to create pages in the whole WordPress environment so they can be customized to your liking.

๐Ÿ’ต There is a charge of $69.

Key Features:

  • Layouts such as elegant masonry layout, justified, and slider are available
  • Optional sidebars with widgets are available
  • Improved typography options are available
  • There are more than 900 free Google Fonts available
  • You can specify custom colors for your brand guidelines
  • The visual portfolio plugin provides portfolios and galleries

What are the Best WordPress Game Developer Templates?

I have included some frequently asked questions about WordPress Game Developer templates to hopefully assist you.

If you already know the answers to these questions, you can skip them.

Can you tell me which are the best WordPress templates for Game Developer websites?

This guide will familiarize you with the best WordPress Game Developer templates.

The Publisher theme is one of the most flexible multi-concept WordPress themes, with several dedicated features like the white label capability and the migration plugin. Our second recommendation is Astra.

What WordPress hosting is the best for Game Developer websites?

If you want to build a Game Developer website, you need a good host. A bad host can ruin a good site, so pick a good host. Bluehost is an ideal hosting provider for Game Developer websites.

Last but not least, let’s close

These are our top picks for the best WordPress Game Developer themes. Despite this, these themes are great for improving your site.

Our advanced suggestion for you is to choose the Publisher theme. It’s one of the very best choices you can make. One of the best themes you can find is the Publisher theme which will reassure most podcasters.

We wish you all the best.

Feel free to post any questions you may have below. Thanks for checking it out! Please share the link with your friends on Facebook and Twitter if you enjoyed it.

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