14 Top Email Subscription Plugins for WordPress 2022

Elementor is a highly popular WordPress page builder plugin thanks to its wide range of design presets, drag-and-drop navigations, and third-party add-ons. Although most Elementor integrations have to do with page design, there are plenty of tools marketers can benefit from as well. 

There are a lot of email marketing integrations you can use to make building subscription forms, capturing leads, configuring SMTP settings, using spam word checkers, and running campaigns a breeze. In this post, we are going to review 14 go-to integrations that are going to instantly improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

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If you didn’t know this already, MailChimp, one of the most popular email marketing management platforms, is available as an Elementor integration as well. Although the WordPress dashboard version doesn’t compare with the full version of the platform, the add-on is jam-packed with useful features and speeds up the efficiency of email marketing content management.

MailChimp Subscribe Form

Take a look at the most promising features of the integration:

  • Adding a Mailchimp subscribe form to the website
  • Gathering all subscriber data and exporting it directly into a user’s account on the platform
  • Viewing campaign statistics 
  • Setting up auto-responding messages

You will not have to switch between tabs to track all of your marketing activities since the integration provides a broad understanding of how your readers interact with every email of the campaign.


MailPoet is an all-in-one newsletter management suite you can integrate into your WordPress website and combine it with the functionality of Elementor. MailPoet is one of the most feature-rich email design plugins you can find on WordPress — here’s the list of the tool’s most impactful features:

  • Design newsletter contact capture forms
  • Send letters directly via WordPress account
  • Automate ‘Welcome’ email funnels
  • Get access to detailed campaign performance stats. 

All these features are packed in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. MailPoet’s performance doesn’t disappoint either — the tool loads quickly and doesn’t slow other tabs on the admin panel down. 

MailPoet Stats

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a widely-known tool among marketers — its features in campaign automation, scheduling, and tracking are unmatched. That’s why it’s highly convenient to be able to integrate your team’s go-to marketing tool directly into Elementor and the WordPress dashboard. 

Active Campaign

AC for Elementor is not as functional as the main platform — however, it doesn’t fall short of email marketing automation and tracking features:

  • Create forms and embed them directly into the website
  • Set website tracking pixels in one click and use collected data for personalizing email marketing content
  • Track ongoing campaigns via  and get detailed statistics on reader engagement

To use the plugin for WordPress, you need to have a premium Active Campaign account. Connecting your profile to the website takes about 2 minutes — going to Settings and choosing ‘Active Campaign’ is all it takes to get started. 


Omnisend is an email & SMS marketing platform made for small and medium-sized WooCommerce businesses. It offers its customers using WordPress industry-leading features that will allow them to get better sales while spending less time.  


These features have been shown to have high conversion rates, such as popular automation workflows like order confirmation and cart abandonment. These automation setups can also include multiple channels like SMS and web push notifications that can work together to get even better sales. 

While Omnisend also has standard email marketing features like the drag-and-drop email editor and beautiful pre-built templates, it goes above and beyond that to deliver real value for beginner to advanced users. 

While beginners will enjoy the templates and various signup forms, more advanced users will find the in-depth customer analytics extremely useful. This feature allows eCommerce businesses to see where their customers are in their buyer’s journey and convert them into buyers and repeat buyers.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor with pre-built templates
  • Multiple signup forms, such as exit-intent, the interactive Wheel of Fortune, landing pages, and more
  • Automation and powerful segmentation with advanced filters
  • Sales dashboard, campaign & automation reports, and advanced reporting

Convert Pro

convert pro lead generation plugin

Convert Pro is a powerful lead generation and email opt-in plugin for WordPress. It includes a drag and drop editor for your forms, and a range of behavioral triggers for intelligent targeting, and integrations with most leading email service providers.

Convert Pro enables you to:

  • Create intelligent opt-in forms with exit intent technology
  • Design multi-step popups for age verification or subscriptions
  • Use pre-built form templates for maximum efficiency
  • Utilize on click popups to provide user-controlled opt-ins
  • Fully test everything with built-in A.B testing tools

Convert Pro has been designed to be simple to use and easy to handle. It works flawlessly with most WordPress themes and plugins and can boost conversions significantly when used correctly.

Sumo List Builder

Sumo is another all-in-one tool email marketers use to build and manage email lists. There’s hardly another solution that offers as many features in a single tab. Here’s what Sumo List Builder allows marketers to do:

  • Design email subscription forms and integrate them into the website as an on-page block or a popup
  • Find out how visitors interact with the website and the subscription form, which fields can be a turn-off for websites
  • Set up automatic on-site file downloads to be able to offer users more value and connect with every new visitor
  • Create additional nudges that facilitate the subscription process, such as countdowns.
Sumo Installation

Sumo has a free version — it is well-suited for small websites with up to 1,000 monthly users. If you are running a more popular platform, consider investing in one of these subscriptions:

  • Small — $29/m (up to 5,000 users)
  • Medium — $59/m — (up to 50,000 users)
  • Big — $119/m — (up to 500,000 monthly users)
  • Unlimited — a custom pricing plan for high-traffic platforms.


Icegram is another convenient email marketing tool that makes creating a stylish and converting email subscription form a breeze. This add-on has a wide library of ready-to-deploy subscription form templates. All forms are grouped by business goals, themes, and occasions.

Icegram Settings

Here are the types of designs marketing teams can find on Icegram:

  • Fully customizable timed pop-ups that immediately catch users’ attention
  • CTA bars — stylish designs that catch visitors’ eye and don’t let them miss a single announcement. There are both footer and header designs available. 
  • Slide-in messengers that encourage users to connect with support agents, get answers to questions, and book appointments. 

All designs are fully customizable — you can change and dissect them up to HTML and CSS source code.

Elementor Contact Form DB

This easy-to-use plugin is directly connected to the Elementor Pro Form module. Thanks to the tool, you can collect user data and export it in any comfortable way — as a spreadsheet, a CSV form, etc. Later, you can export these email addresses into any platform you use for email marketing management.

Elementor Contact Form Settings

Although the integration is simple, it is very convenient. For instance, website owners can customize the client database by choosing the most important fields and deciding on their order.


This Elementor integration gives marketers access to a wide range of widgets, pop-up, sidebar, or conversion form designs. 

On top of that, MailOptIn is integrated with the most popular campaign managers — MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, and others. You can collect user data via a form and view it in whatever platform your team uses to run email marketing campaigns.

Here’s a short glimpse of the features MailOptIn has to offer:

  • Automated or event-triggered email management
  • A/B testing for email forms
  • Collecting both user-sourced and behavioural data
  • Page-level targeting support

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a subscription form builder and an email marketing targeting tool. Its high customizability, easy-to-use interface, and detailed range of settings helped the add-on gain a massive following.

Thrive Leads Dashboard

Thrive Leads offers hundreds of templates for different purposes, of various styles, for all types of placement. You can integrate a subscription form, a pop-up, a subscribe form widget, or a different tool on the website in under five minutes. 

Here’s what Thrive Leads is like in a nutshell:

  • Ready-to-deploy templates of various style — page overlay, pop-up, subscription forms, and others
  • Detailed A/B testing to help you choose the best fit
  • Smart features that help personalize the offers website visitors see
  • Detailed targeting settings for opt-in forms, link clicks
  • Advanced reports


If you want to build emails right in the WordPress dashboards or notify readers as soon as a new blog post is out, SendPress is exactly the plugin you need. This tool, integrated with Elementor, is a collection of templates for blog post update email notifications. There are dozens of color palettes and styles website owners can choose. Thanks to the add-ons visually-rich, intuitive navigation system, you don’t have to meddle in code to send emails out (although you can break the template down if you want to).

SendPress Example

If you want to monitor whether or not the emails you schedule are sent according to plan, enable the AutoCron feature. It tells website owners if there are any deviations from the set schedule. 


Newsletter is a WordPress plugin aimed towards website owners who want to send out newsletters in particular. Other than a range of beautiful subscription form designs, the integration doesn’t fall short of campaign management tools — there’s a built-in tracker, a scheduling tool that helps website owners turn email marketing into a consistent habit, etc.

Newsletter Dashboard

Last but not least, you can connect the add-on to other email marketing management tools — SparkPost, Mailgun, and others so that you don’t have to give up your favorite platforms.


Pabbly Email Marketing is the only email marketing tool that allows you unlimited access to all the email marketing features even with the lowest pricing. It empowers you to create highly engaging email newsletters and emails with its easy drag-n-drop user interface, personalized tags, redirect links, and much more.


1. List Management: Easily manage all your subscribers in one place and divide them into categories by name, city, purchase history, etc.

2. List Splitting: Split a long list into small lists and send emails only to specific users.

3. Email Automation: Create unlimited workflows and send pre-set automated responses to users according to their activities and clicks.

4. MX Cleaner: It enables you to remove spam and invalid/unresponsive email addresses from your email list.

pabbly email marketing software. dashboard overview


The weMail is a WordPress email marketing platform for both small-size businesses and enterprises. It is at the same time simple yet powerful with usage and features. The weMail has multiple sending APIs that allow you immense possibilities in sending automated newsletters and saves money. In recent years, it has become one of the most reliable email automation solutions amongst marketers. 

Here are some of the core features:

  • Multiple email sending gateway, and option to switch to them anytime you want.
  • Versatile form-building features to collect email addresses, and you can place them anywhere on your site.
  • Robust WordPress integrations like WooCommerce, WordPress Sync, and User Registration, etc.
  • Clean and clear analytics to measure the performances of your email campaigns.
  • Different payment gateway options to sell products at ease.

So, if you need an email automation service specializing in WordPress, weMail can be a booster to your entire marketing process. You can start using it for free in the first place; then, a premium plan would suffice for reaching more significant goals. 

weMail WordPress email marketing platform


Managing email marketing campaigns might feel cumbersome if you need to switch between multiple platforms or send every letter manually. The good news is, most campaign design and tracking features can be handled straight from your WordPress dashboard.

From building forms to sending and tracking messages, WP add-ons help website owners stay in touch with readers and constantly deliver relevant high-quality content. 
Whether you want to start a transactional email or a newsletter campaign, there will be enough tools to help you reach your business goals and opportunities.

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