15 Best Coming Soon Templates for WordPress Websites

Searching for some WordPress Coming Soon templates?

If your website is still not ready for prime time quite yet, creating a Coming Soon or Under Construction landing page can help you drum up excitement and collect leads prior to the launch.

However, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time working on a temporary landing page, which is where these Coming Soon templates can come in handy.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 👨‍🏫 the best Under Construction and Coming Soon templates for your website.

These templates are available with different plugins and page builders that you can easily install on your WordPress site. To help make that clear, we’ll divide the templates into sections based on which builder they come from.

Let’s get started!


LightStart is a free landing page builder with several Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode templates. You can customize all of its templates with the Block Editor, which allows for easy code-free customization.

To import any of these templates, all you need to do is install the free LightStart plugin from WordPress.org.

Let’s have a look at some of the best options:

1. Coming Soon Countdown

Coming Soon template from LightStart

One of the templates you’ll get with Lightstart is a Coming Soon page with a countdown timer. This template also enables you to add links to your site’s social media profiles.

This can be an ideal option if you have a definite launch date for your site. Like all other LightStart templates, it uses Otter Blocks – a plugin with a collection of page-building blocks. This means you can customize every aspect of the template with the Block Editor.

2. Coming Soon Discount Offer

A Coming Soon templates discount offer

An effective way to generate leads for your site while it’s under construction is to offer discounts on future purchases. This LightStart template includes an email signup form and an offer that you can customize, depending on what products or services you want to promote.

3. Website Under Maintenance

Website under maintenance template

An Under Construction template should not only tell users that your website will be live shortly, but it should also enable them to get in touch with you. This LightStart template contains a simple contact form and social media links.

All you have to do is change “under maintenance” to “under construction” using the Block Editor. We also recommend that you add your logo for brand visibility.

4. Simple Website Under Maintenance

Site Under Maintenance template using LightStart

If all you want is a simple landing page, this is the template for you. It gets straight to the point and you can use it to assure visitors that the site will be launching soon.

You may also want to use this template to direct users to your social media pages. This way, you can keep them updated on the progress of your project.

5. Colorful Coming Soon Countdown

Colorful Countdown template from LightStart

Coming Soon templates don’t have to be boring. This template uses a colorful gradient background that can help make your page stand out.

Keep in mind that with LightStart, you can switch between templates with only a few clicks. Moreover, the plugin is completely free, so you’ll get access to all the templates we’ve seen so far (and more).


Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder plugin that helps you create almost any type of website you want. It comes with a huge library of website demos and page templates, including options for Under Construction and Coming Soon pages.

👨‍🎓 You can learn more in our Elementor review.

Here are some Elementor templates that you could use:

6. Keep Me Posted

One of Elementor's coming soon templates

This Coming Soon template is perfect for modern websites. The design is meant for a magazine, but it can also work for blogs, portfolios, and even online stores. It’s also ideal if you want to design a page with a more horizontal layout.

7. Something Good Is Cooking

Coming soon template for a cooking blog

If you’re working on a food blog, look no further than this Coming Soon page template. This design includes an email signup form that you can use to notify users when the site is ready.

There’s also a tagline that you can edit. Plus, you can add your own logo and use a different image.

8. Under Construction

An under construction page template

This Under Construction template is incredibly versatile. You can easily replace images with your own media and change the background color using Elementor.

The template includes an email signup form for collecting leads. It also features links to social media profiles, though we recommend making the icons a little bigger so that they’re more noticeable.

9. Under Construction Countdown

Under construction countdown by Elementor

This template from Elementor includes a modern-looking countdown timer that blends in with the background. The contact form design is unlike what you see on most websites, which can make your landing page stand out.

Overall, this design works well for tech businesses and corporations. If you want to opt for a slightly different style, you can change the template’s colors in Elementor.

Divi Builder is a popular WordPress builder that you can access as a standalone plugin (that you can use with any theme) or as part of the Divi theme. This builder gives you access to one of the largest collections of full website designs and landing page templates for WordPress.

Let’s look at some of the best Coming Soon templates offered by Divi Builder:

10. Coming Soon Video Game

One of Divi Builder's coming soon templates for a video game website

Any upcoming video game needs to drum up excitement before launch. A dedicated landing page enables you to share essential details about your game, including trailers. Plus, you can use it to collect emails and let users know when the product is ready.

This Coming Soon template from Divi is designed for video game websites, but you can adapt it to any kind of product launch. The Divi Builder lets you customize every element in the template.

11. Coming Soon Notification

One of Divi's coming soon templates with countdown.

Most Coming Soon pages that include signup forms do so as secondary elements. The forms themselves are never the center of attention, but this Divi template does things differently.

The main purpose of this template is to help you collect as many leads as possible before a product or website launch. The design also includes a fully-working countdown timer, which makes it an ideal choice if you have a definitive launch date.

12. Undergoing Maintenance

An under maintenance page template

This Maintenance Mode template from Divi is fairly straightforward and it can double as an Under Construction page. It informs users that the page is currently unavailable. It also includes a few sections for you to add more information about what the problem is and when you expect to have the site up and running again.

You can use these sections to inform visitors about your products or services as well. The Contact Us button can also be configured to direct users to an email client of your choice.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is one of our favorite WordPress page builders. While its template library is a bit limited compared to other options, you do find some stunning designs for Coming Soon pages.

13. Coming Soon Template

One of Beaver Builder's coming soon templates

If you use Beaver Builder, you can access this Coming Soon template and import it when editing a page. The design features an animated background with an overlay that includes an email signup form.

To customize the template, you’ll want to change the tagline and add your logo. You can also customize the colors and typography so that the page aligns with your branding. Making all of these changes should only take a few minutes with Beaver Builder.

Avada is one of the most popular themes in the WordPress market and it ships with the Theme Fusion builder. Its built-in builder gives you access to several page designs, including the following Coming Soon templates.

To use these templates, you’ll need to purchase and install the Avada theme on your site.

14. Extended Coming Soon Templates

One of Avada's coming soon templates

This template from Avada features a hero header that lets users know your product or website is about to launch. It also comes with a form to collect leads, plus sections where you can share details about your upcoming product.

This design is perfect if you want to give users more information, such as a feature list and pricing details. Moreover, you can edit any part of the design using Avada.

15. Countdown to Launch

Avada countdown to launch template

This Coming Soon template from Avada takes a different approach to countdown pages. It features a full image as a background, which you can replace with a photograph that’s relevant to your future website.

On top of an email signup form, users get to see a simple countdown to the launch. The only thing the design is missing are links to social media profiles (which you can add manually).

Try these coming soon templates

Coming Soon templates can save you a lot of time, enabling you to put more energy into actually finishing your website. If you use a page builder, you’ll likely have access to plenty of options for Coming Soon and Under Construction templates.

👉 If you don’t want to use a full-blown page builder just to access Coming Soon templates, we recommend that you check out LightStart. This free plugin offers a broad collection of designs, all of which you can fully customize using the native WordPress Block Editor.

Plus, you can also use LightStart to put WordPress into maintenance mode, which means it can come in handy after your launch, too.

Do you have any questions about using these Coming Soon templates for your website? Let us know in the comments section below!

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