15 Best Event Registration WordPress Plugins 🎟️ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best WordPress Event Registration plugin?

We have compiled the top WordPress plugins for Event Registration to aid you in selecting one that is right for you. Also, all of these plugins run quickly and smoothly with excellent support and also are working properly with modern WordPress themes.

Last thoughts, all the plugins listed below are for Event Registration. But suppose you’re not looking for an event registration plugin. In that case, these plugins can also be used for Event Booking, News and Events Plugin, WordPress Event Reminder, Events Calendar Registration, User Login and Registration, and Live Events.

Pick the WordPress plugin that you think is best suited to your needs and raises the level of your website.

Best Event Registration Plugins for WordPress 🎟️

Let’s take a look at the best WordPress plugins for Event Registration in 2022:

WP Event Manager Plugin

Easily Build Your Calendar of Events

The WP Event Manager plugin is a WordPress booking plugin that can be used to manage events in an efficient and flexible manner.

In this event registration plugin, events are displayed directly in the shortcode, and they can be easily configured and customized while being used as part of an event management application.

Furthermore, you will be able to meet all of your requirements and wishes as you begin to host and plan events with this product.

Additionally, to provide fully responsive forms, WP Event Manager supports a number of browsers, including Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Moreover, you will be able to access event calendars and set up alerts. You may also enter information about the location of events into Google Maps and connect the organizers’ contact information with this plugin.

πŸ’΅ There is no cost to use it. It is totally FREE.

Key Features:

  • Create lists with just a singular line of code
  • Bookmarks option available
  • Completely mobile-friendly
  • Compatible with almost any WordPress theme
  • Offers multilingual translation (supports more than 40 languages)
  • The ability to embed files in the plugin provided
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Scales with your website
  • Works with the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • A carousel-style presentation of news and events listings provided

Random Reviews:

  • Priya has been extremely fast to respond and assist me with some of my issues. Having a team of developers who are incredibly skilled is extremely useful. I’m very grateful.

    alpaybelerApr 2022

  • Thanks to Priya Goenka for all her help with these translation issues!

    roblie93Apr 2022

Events Manager Plugin

The Most Popular Events Management Plugin for WordPress

The Events Manager WordPress plugin has already gained a large following which is often directly related to the quality of the plugin.

As a result of the implementation of flexible, reliable, and powerful methods that rely on the principles of flexibility and reliability, this plugin enables you to easily create events that can be registered for WordPress events.

According to the plugin’s name, the plugin is designed specifically for event management, whereas other plugins may be utilized in a variety of ways.

If you manage an average or small website, you will not need to install any other plugin, and you will not have to upgrade the plugin to the pro version since the user calendar registration plugin has been designed in such a way that you will not require any other plugins of any kind.

πŸ’΅ Free to download is the Lite version, and $75 to download the Premium version.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for event organizers working on multiple projects
  • Provides a custom payment gateway to help manage payments from various regions
  • Provides reliable and powerful features
  • Capable of managing bookings for many types of events (single-day and multiple-day)
  • Specializes in only event management
  • Multiple booking (in the Pro version)
  • Designed particularly for event management
  • Payment options are available (in the Pro version)
  • Supports booking of a series of virtual and live events

Ticket Tailor Plugin

Event Ticketing and Event Registration WordPress Plugin

The WordPress plugin Ticket Tailor allows you to seamlessly integrate event registration information on your conference page and create a customized sales channel for your conference.

The WordPress event plugin is a paid, comprehensive WordPress plugin that helps you manage events and registrations that are listed on WordPress.

Ticket Tailor’s platform offers a range of options for creating online event ticketing systems, which can be integrated with PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, Facebook, and Zapier.

Furthermore, you can edit and customize the registration forms offered by Ticket Tailor if you need to, as well as embed registration forms directly on your website, allowing your customers to purchase tickets online if required.

If you wish to track event booking of your website using electronic tickets, you can use the E-Ticket Management plugin, which allows you to insert barcodes and QR codes into your e-tickets.

With the Ticket Tailor plugin, you can identify the backlinks that visitors followed in order to reach your registration page when they accessed it using WordPress.

πŸ’΅ The premium version costs $0.65, while the free/lite version costs zero.

Key Features:

  • Add your own booking fee to tickets
  • Intuitive dashboard offered
  • Streamlines the buying process for users
  • Registration forms are embedded directly on your website
  • Multiple language support offered
  • Include discount codes within your registration form
  • Identify the backlinks visitors followed
  • Embed QR codes and barcodes in e-tickets
  • Includes a barcode scanning entry system for quick event entry
  • Create customizable ticket forms

Random Reviews:

  • It has been a pleasure to use Ticket Tailor for a while, both for paid and free events, and love the variety of ticketing options available, the ease of payments (and low cost!) and how easy it is to set up.

    qawahcoachingApr 2022

  • The following topic has been modified 6 months ago by

    okNov 2021

  • I also absolutely love Ticket Tailor’s easy and user-friendly interface that makes adding events fast and easy. I would rather have Ticket Tailor’s ticketing system integrated into the website.

    fyandreOct 2021

RegistrationMagic Plugin

Custom Registration Forms, User Registration and User Login WordPress Plugin

In general, the RegistrationMagic WordPress plugin was developed as a kind of form builder that lets users interact with login forms in order to track progress and manage user login and registrations.

Aside from that, you may also build a variety of WordPress registration forms that you can use pre-defined fields in order to make full use of the plugin that permits you to keep track of logins and submissions on your website.

Users are able to monitor incoming submissions and activities of the registration form through RegistrationMagic’s dashboard.

In addition to creating new roles, you can also integrate these roles into the registration and login process for ease of use.

Various plans are available, including a free option as well as a premium plan, which provides comprehensive management tools.

You have complete control over the registration of users on your website with this plugin, which is easy to use yet very powerful.

πŸ’΅ Free to download the Lite version and $89 for the Premium version.

Key Features:

  • Create a multi-step registration approval process
  • Unified user registration forms manager provided
  • Unlimited Online User Registration Forms provided
  • Users can check their payment history
  • Limit the number of bookings per person
  • Includes more control over your WordPress registration page
  • Creates simple or complicated systems for approving registrations
  • Helps you control registration spots
  • Add WooCommerce Billing and Shipping field
  • Automate a booking time window

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin works great and the support is outstanding! I had a problem and the support team rectified it quickly for me! Keep up the good work!

    quiztionMay 2022

  • The old php 8.1 doesn’t work with this

    plivin89Mar 2022

MightyForms Plugin

Contact Form, Survey & Form Builder WordPress Plugin

Using the WordPress MightyForms event plugin, you can create creative, functional forms that satisfy both your needs and your aesthetic preferences.

The MightyForms is a form builder that specializes in lead generation and workflow automation. It is an excellent option for web developers and entrepreneurs that wish to construct forms for their websites.

This component can be used to create various kinds of structures, including contact and request structures, installment structures, research structures, and book structures, among others.

By using the intuitive interface, users can modify the free template, or by customizing it themselves by using the user-friendly interface, they can generate automated forms.

Even though this type of responsive structure is often designed and developed in such a way that it may not be considered to be a completely responsive structure, by using HTML5, you can be confident that your website will be visually pleasing and 100% accessible on any device.

πŸ’΅ #Price is the Premium price, while #Free is the Lite price.

Key Features:

  • Easy replication of forms for any event
  • Provides completely automated workflow
  • Customizable automatic responder offered
  • Provides simple and easy-to-use registration forms
  • Abandoned form recovery feature offered
  • Offers drag and drop editor
  • Customizable templates available
  • Unlimited fields provided
  • Sync Schedule Field with Google calendar
  • Full integration with Google Maps and Google Tag Manager offered

Random Reviews:

  • I started using this plugin a few days ago, and it has been very reliable since it has helped me save time by using their builder with the plugin. I would recommend it and use it again for my future websites.

    zayinMar 2021

  • Forms that are very easy to use, very nice!

    rop12770Feb 2021

Modern Events Calendar Lite Plugin

The Best Tool for Managing Website’s Events

The primary advantage of the Modern Events Calendar Lite Plugin is that it can be integrated into WordPress event pages seamlessly, allowing events to be added to them as calendar events.

This plugin features an intuitive interface along with a range of settings that can be customized according to your needs.

A user can create attractive calendars with an advanced booking system using this app by utilizing the latest technology, design methods, and a booking system. By planning an event, you can arrange it for daytime or nighttime.

The Modern Events Calendar plugin enables you to create recurring calendars from an individual event.

Users have the option of selecting from a range of different layouts for their calendars, which allows them to tailor their calendars accordingly to the design of their brands and businesses.

No matter which WordPress plugin you were using previously, Modern Event Calendar enables you to easily import your old content into the software without any difficulty.

πŸ’΅ The free version is integrated for download, while the pro version is priced separately.

Key Features:

  • Select from different layouts for the calendar
  • Create recurring calendars
  • Different payment systems are available
  • Provides a responsive mobile version
  • Includes a useful shortcode generator
  • Provides the ability to create repeating and recurring events
  • Google integration provided
  • Migrate from your previous registration plugin smoothly
  • Register easily for single-day, multi-day, and recurring events
  • An advanced booking system provided

Random Reviews:

  • I would like to thank you for a great plugin with a great support system.

    subhashsrsApr 2022

  • The plugin has many nice little extras.

    thedesignpeopleMar 2022

  • Thanks for your support We have begun using the calendar and it is working great.

    erics1234Mar 2022

Event Registration Calendar By vcita Plugin

Booking & Event Registration WordPress Plugin

Event Registration Calendar by vCita is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins for increasing registrations at events.

Among other benefits of this module is its ease of use and ease of introduction. The introduction process only takes a few moments, so you will have more time to fill in your calendar with new appointments as a result of this module.

With this new tool, scheduling will be easier, and communication between participants and users will be straightforward in a short period of time.

Additionally, you may include a listing of announcements at specific points in your schedule based on your preferences. Additionally, the configuration of the list can be customized to match the overall appearance of your website.

Instructors who host classes can find this plugin to be extremely useful, as it enables them to manage their scheduling more efficiently by blocking out times that they have already reserved in advance.

πŸ’΅ This is a $19/M for the premium version, whereas it is a free version for the lite version.

Key Features:

  • Collect payments easily
  • Book appointments
  • Create as many events as you want
  • Offers recurring events or one time events
  • Offers a customizable booking page
  • Displays services that attendees can choose from
  • Sends registration confirmation automatically
  • Totally mobile-friendly
  • Package a few events and sell those as one
  • Sends you automatic notifications

Registrations for the Events Calendar Plugin

Event Registration Plugin for WordPress

The Registrations for the Events Calendar is another useful and popular WordPress plugin for booking and registration management.

No matter how you plan your event, both of the registrant methods for the Events Calendar will provide you with excellent results for gathering and managing guest information, along with a flexible message format and framework for managing guests’ information.

The Events Calendar includes information regarding the registration process, which is an important aspect of any event. The type of registration process varies with each type.

Upon completing the introduction process, you will be able to gather enrolment information for your individual events on the individual page within a short period of time.

It is possible to use the online registration forms in the calendar to accomplish a number of objectives, such as organizing a simple meetup or a multi-day event.

Additionally, there is the option of customizing the event enrollment structure by adding a shortcode to any section of your website in which the event enrollment structure can be displayed.

πŸ’΅ The Pro version costs $69, and the free or Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Helps you manage RSVPs
  • Highly customizable
  • Ability to unregister for users
  • Venue bookings provided
  • Save entries in a database table
  • Keep your registration form initially hidden
  • Send a personalized confirmation email to attendees
  • Club registration available
  • Webinar sign-ups available
  • Keep your event page uncluttered

Random Reviews:

  • Yes, it’s well coded, but it has a sense of design to it. All the features you would expect, plus a few more; highly recommended.

    mkultra71Nov 2021

  • While trying to use the ‘native’ companion plugin attached to the Events Calendar’ (Event Tickets), I found Registrations for TEC. While the former plugin appears to be buggy, the latter does exactly what I need.
    Reading the support forum, you can tell they have the users in mind, even for the free version.

    elcondoritoNov 2021

Quick Event Manager Plugin

Quick & Easy-to-use WordPress Event Registration Plugin

By using Quick Event Manager, you can create events that are focused primarily on displaying the required information within a standard event page.

Additionally, Quick Event Manager provides a simple way of recording all events that must be included and subsequently incorporated. By using this module, all events can be incorporated into a shortcode page for future reference.

As its name implies, this plugin permits users to set up a registration page for events using the pre-formatted page layouts that are provided by this plugin. The plugin allows for the easy creation and publishing of registration pages for events.

It is possible to alter the configuration pages so that the occasion composition can be displayed in accordance with your preferences.

The quick event manager provides a straightforward approach for anyone seeking a short-term solution, in which all events are displayed as shortcodes once Quick Event Manager is selected from the list.

There are only two blocks available for adding to the registration page of your event. However, you can modify them and make some modifications.

πŸ’΅ You can download the Lite version for free, but the Pro version must be purchased for $35.88.

Key Features:

  • Download attendee report to email/CSV
  • Event maps with Google Maps
  • Built-in event registration form provided
  • Event posts available created from your dashboard
  • Able to show events as a list or a calendar
  • Excellent support offered
  • The ability to download events to your calendar
  • Loads of layout and styling options provided
  • Widgets and lots of shortcode options provided

Random Reviews:

  • The greatest plugin you can use! Loaded with features, and the best support you can get!

    OrganicITApr 2022

  • A superb plugin. Simple and at the same time very powerful
    Excellent support is also provided.

    heino66355May 2021

Event Manager for WooCommerce Plugin

The Best & Simple Event Management WordPress Plugin

The Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for the WooCommerce plugin allow you to sell tickets for events. This plugin is designed to work with WooCommerce, which allows it to support all WooCommerce payment methods.

However, despite it being available in a free as well as a premium version, the free version still provides many features that may be useful for creating events and selling tickets.

This WordPress event manager provides you with an easy way to create a simple, SEO-friendly, and responsive event registration form that works on a variety of web browsers, such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Furthermore, the free version offers you the option to select from a variety of event templates. In addition, you can manage the type, price, and quality of the tickets you sell, thanks to the free version.

It is possible to download a free version of this plugin, but if you would like to fully customize your registration form, as well as set up automatic confirmation messages, a pro version is required.

πŸ’΅ You can download Lite for free, and Pro for a small fee.

Key Features:

  • Cross-browser support provided
  • Automatic email confirmations provided
  • Offers downloadable PDF tickets for attendee convenience
  • The wait-list add-on and the backend order add-on supported
  • Numerous handy add-ons are available
  • Totally SEO friendly
  • Customization options included
  • Offers an excellent support
  • Custom registration forms are available
  • Multiple event templates are available

Random Reviews:

  • I find this to be the most beautiful and straightforward event plugin I’ve ever seen. Everything can be found in one place when using this plugin.

    alalvenzardApr 2022

  • It is very useful for event management ticket sales.

    sajid1020Apr 2022

  • The only thing I don’t like is that you need WooCommerce. That’s too large for my needs. I tried out so many event plugins, but finally found this one! It is easy to use, the styling can be changed easily!

    ps112Apr 2022

Event Monster Plugin

WordPress Plugin for Creating & Managing Events

Event Management Tickets Booking By Event Monster offers an easy-to-use event plugin that allows you to book, manage, and sell tickets to any event using WordPress.

In addition to managing registrations, creating events, implementing shortcodes, managing tickets, and managing bookings, the plugin provides the user with the ability to use custom CSS and to display a countdown timer.

In regards to organizing an event, Event Monster provides a number of relevant tools, including registration, payments, and notifications.

This plugin is unique in that it is available immediately as a fully-responsive plugin. The email template supports it and displays information for events and reservations.

It is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows users to create and manage single events or multiple events via a single dashboard.

This plugin enables you to customize the appearance of your event registration forms, share your events via social media, edit the event title and description, and edit general event information

πŸ’΅ With this plugin, you will pay $79.99 for the premium version and $0 for the Free/Lite version.

Key Features:

  • Settings for event tickets and event galleries offered
  • General event information could be customized
  • Allows for custom CSS to apply your own design
  • Able to download the attendees’ list
  • All layouts can be fully customized and personalized
  • Ability to share your events on multiple social media platforms
  • The event title and description could be edited
  • Highly customizable
  • Comes with a very elegant admin dashboard

Random Reviews:

  • It is possible to register for an event with limited tickets on the front-end, but not after reaching the limit, after some tickets have been deleted from the back-end. Additionally, occasionally you can reserve tickets after reaching the limit.

    relshnAug 2020

  • My website needed an event banner. This plugin does a perfect job. Very good looking and easy to manage at the backend.
    Easy to setup, easy to manage. Loved it. Excellent product, thank you! 5 stars

    johnalveeNov 2019

The Events Calendar Plugin

#1 WordPress Plugin for Creating & Managing Events

The Events Calendar WordPress plugin is a flexible, user-friendly web-based event management system that enables you to manage your events quickly and conveniently.

In addition to being easy to use, extensible, and customizable, the plugin is also ready for use as soon as it is installed.

On your website, a list of upcoming events will be available, and visitors can filter the results based on various criteria, such as date, event type, and keyword.

The plugin offers template tags, template overrides, filters, a skeleton stylesheet, over 70 extensions, and customization options.

Aside from providing the date, time, and price, you should also include information about the event, its organizer, and their contact information, such as a telephone number, email address, and a website address.

Among other features, you will be able to synchronize with Google Calendar, set up event taxonomies, use Google Maps, search for events, view day views, view event lists, and save locations.

πŸ’΅ Pro version is $99, Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Has been refined considerably over the years
  • Virtual Events offered
  • Adding shortcodes provided
  • Synchronize it with Google Calendar
  • Excellent support from the team offered
  • Offers complimentary modules
  • The ability to put up recurring events
  • Adding custom attributes to events offered
  • Community submissions offered
  • Ability to plug into Eventbrite provided

Random Reviews:

  • Plugin and support are excellent, as is the documentation.

    samialsayyedMay 2022

  • If you don’t have coding experience, you will need to use this plugin. Besides others, I tried this plugin but I do not recommend it since it does not make sense for non-programmers.

    delightgrafikMay 2022

EventPrime Plugin

Online Events Calendar, Bookings and Tickets WordPress Plugin

EventPrime can be used for creating events, scheduling them, creating event directories, accepting payments, sending event reminders to WordPress calendar, etc.

Because of the plugin’s near-flawless performance, the free version is instrumental and comprehensive.

Visitors to your site can select what forms of email notifications they wish to receive, including requests for a new password or notices that registration has been completed or payments have been received.

The advanced events dashboard enables you to create and organize events easily, selecting plugin options for adding speakers, sponsors, and performers.

Aside from adding the event location, you can also integrate a social sharing option and buttons through Facebook or the integration of the Google calendar.

Moreover, EventPrime’s Calendar offers the option of generating events directly from the calendar. Another section in the dashboard allows you to access attendee lists, and you can export them as well.

πŸ’΅ For the Premium version, it is $49. For the Lite version, it is free.

Key Features:

  • Comes with an integration with Google Maps
  • Filter the events by event type, location, or date
  • Components related to the event are managed individually
  • Easy to search events
  • Tons of options in the free version
  • Export events list from the dashboard
  • The ability to set up online payment with PayPal (and with Stripe in the Pro version) provided
  • Analytics data and graphs included
  • Access the events list from the dashboard
  • Allow the user to submit the event of his choice from the front-end

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin is very good, and the support is above and beyond the average. I have bounced around many event plugins, but this was the one I chose to stick with.

    GMRobbinsFeb 2022

  • Quite a useful tool for working with groups and members. And very nice support too. Thanks so much world of EventPrime!

    Marco BozziDec 2021

EventON Plugin

WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin

Plugins like EventOn make it easy to create a custom events calendar for your website and integrate it into your posts, pages, and widgets.

Among this group of designs, it is one of the best. There are many options for presentation, such as images, text bubbles, thumbnails, etc.

Using EventOn’s calendar plugin, you can easily create and organize events for elaborate and straightforward calendars. There are lots of options for creating your own customized calendar.

For your customers to pay for events, you integrate PayPal into your website. Your customers will be redirected to the PayPal site after making their payment, and there will be no additional charges.

It is possible to set up single-day events, multi-day events, and recurring events and to customize the add-to options so that they can recur unlimitedly.

The plugin also provides the option of adding a Google Map, social media buttons, similar events, etc.

πŸ’΅ There is a Pro version of this plugin for $25, while there is a Lite version for Free.

Key Features:

  • The advanced presentation of virtual events provided
  • Support for Eventbrite provided
  • Some add-ons offer RSVP (as with Registrations for Events Calendar plugin)
  • Events can be instantly downloaded in Google Calendar
  • Provides integration with Google Map
  • Custom taxonomies and easy insert option are available
  • Includes more than 40 add-ons
  • Custom event colors included
  • Many shortcodes available
  • Integrated with Zoom

Random Reviews:

  • This is fantastic- so easy to use, fully functional. and I can run my virtual events straight from my website. that shortcode generator is amazing i have never seen that before it does all the work for you to create the calendar you need

    happysusanMar 2022

  • It is really good for this kind of event!
    Thank You The Team!
    Go high and high!
    Thank you, Thanks The Team!

    mose77Feb 2022

Events Schedule Plugin

WordPress Events Calendar Plugin

With the Events Schedule WordPress plugin, it is easy to integrate schedules into your WordPress site, ensure events are entered into the event calendar and track participants at the event.

Plugins like this offer integrated booking capabilities that are seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell event tickets directly through your site.

Any organization or business that teaches fitness classes regularly, whether a gym, a community group, or another type of business, may use this tool. They may even use it simply to display a schedule of events.

Through this plugin, you will be able to manage events, as well as book tickets and rooms. It is compatible with any WordPress theme, including those from ThemeForest.

Additionally, there are a variety of color schemes, five different schedule styles, tabs, and lists, as well as retina-friendly event schedules with unlimited classes and advanced filtering options that further customize the interface.

πŸ’΅ You can buy the Events Schedule plugin with $39.

Key Features:

  • Visual Composer compatible
  • Ideal for any kind of industry
  • Different schedule styles offered
  • Offers integration with WooCommerce
  • SEO optimization features included
  • Cross-browser compatibility and tons of online documentation included
  • Numerous color schemes offered
  • Advanced filtering options included
  • Translation support available
  • FAQs features included

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent plugin and support.

    yannismMay 2021

  • I am very pleased with this plug-in and the support provided.

    sstuckeyMar 2021

  • Plug-ins such as this one work as described.

    kincau2Dec 2021

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