15 Best Heart Fonts ❤️ Add Some Love to Your Designs

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your design projects? Perhaps it’s time to add a little love with some heart fonts. But with so many options out there, how do you know which ones to choose?

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best heart fonts that will help take your designs to the next level. These fonts will not only add visual interest but also evoke emotions and create memorable experiences for your audience.

Did you know that incorporating emotive elements into your designs can increase engagement by up to 80%? Adding heart fonts is a subtle yet powerful way to achieve this. So whether you’re designing wedding invitations or Valentine’s Day cards, these fonts are sure to impress.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll dive into each font, highlighting its unique features and potential applications. Let’s get started!

Best Premium Heart Fonts

If you’re a graphic designer looking to take your design projects to the next level, be sure to check out these top premium heart fonts. You won’t want to miss out on the unique and stylish options that will make your designs stand out!

Love Struck is a delightful Valentine’s Day font that includes playful symbols! This fun, adorable font comes with multilingual support and includes 26 uppercase letters, 26 doodles in lowercase spots, and numbers and symbols.

It supports both OTF and TTF font files and is perfect for adding a touch of love to your designs.

Google heart fonts are all the rage these days, and Love Struck is an excellent addition to any designer’s collection. With its charming symbols and easy-to-use interface, this font is perfect for creating stunning Valentine’s Day designs or any other project that requires a playful touch.

Its multilingual support makes it ideal for designers around the world, and its versatile file formats make it easy to use with any design software.

Stealing Hearts is a charming font that will steal the show in any design project. This handwritten script typeface is perfect for creatives who want to captivate their audience with an elegant and unique style.

Whether you’re designing invitations or creating social media graphics, Stealing Hearts will make your project stand out.

One of the most notable features of Stealing Hearts is its beautiful ligatures, which add an extra touch of elegance to your text. Additionally, the font includes stylistic sets that allow you to customize your letters even further.

The PUA encoding ensures that the font is compatible with Adobe software, making it easy to incorporate into your existing designs. Finally, the numerals and punctuation included in the font allow for seamless integration into any project.

Hearts Silhouette is a font that graphic designers can use to add an extra touch of love to their projects.

With the purchase of this font, customers will receive both OTF and TTF formats, as well as commercial licensing and instant download capabilities. Plus, free updates ensure that the font will remain fresh and up-to-date for future use.

The Hearts Silhouette Script adds an elegant touch to any design project with its unique heart-shaped silhouette designs incorporated into each letterform.

This font would be perfect for invitations, greeting cards, or even personal notes to loved ones. Its playful yet sophisticated style is sure to impress and add a touch of personality to any project.

Chocolate Heart is a modern calligraphy typeface that will add a unique touch to your design projects. This script font is perfect for adding elegance and sophistication to wedding invitations, logos, badges, stickers, t-shirts, and any other element designs.

This font comes with OpenType features, including standard ligatures, stylistic sets, and multilanguage characters, giving you plenty of options to customize your designs.

Additionally, the combination of alternative ligature fonts allows you to create even more unique and beautiful designs.

Hey Love is a hand-lettered script typeface that exudes love and romance with its monoline style. It’s the perfect font for Valentine’s Day designs, crafts, and other projects that require a touch of love.

Its versatility makes it ideal for logos, quotes, blog headers, invitations, branding, t-shirts, posters, and more.

What sets Hey Love apart from other fonts is its many alternative characters, which come with multilingual support.

This means you can access all the extra characters without needing any special designing software. Additionally, this font is 100% accessible to everyone since it’s PUA-encoded.

Beautiful Heart is a calligraphy script font that can elevate any project with its natural brush touch. It’s perfect for designs such as logos, invitations, wedding and stationery designs.

This font also works well for social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, labels, photography, watermarks, and special events.

One of the standout features of Beautiful Heart is its full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, which includes multilingual symbols, numerals, and punctuation.

Additionally, this font includes ligatures, stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, and swashes, all of which add depth and character to your projects.

Bella Notes is a beautiful handwritten font that will definitely catch your attention. This font comes with ligatures that make it perfect for various design combinations.

Bella Notes is an excellent choice if you are looking for a font that matches a Valentine’s Day theme, or any product like book covers, t-shirts, branding, promotion, social media posts, quotes, weddings, photography, and more.

If you’re into heart fonts for tattoos, Bella Notes may be a great fit. Its elegant design with handwritten strokes can make for a unique tattoo text.

Blossom Heart is a charming script font that offers 12 lovely variations of connected hearts. This font is perfect for creating beautiful designs for Valentine’s Day, weddings, invitations, and more.

The open type feature provides a range of alternates and end swashes to help you achieve great lettering.

With its beautiful and elegant heart-shaped ligatures, Blossom Heart is one of the best options for designers seeking heart fonts for lovely designs. Its special features make it a great choice for adding a romantic touch to any project.

Retro Heart You is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a vintage font with a heart accent. This font is both cute and fun, with a retro touch that is sure to make your designs stand out.

If you’re looking for a font that will add a playful and romantic touch to your designs, Retro Heart You is an excellent choice. The combination of its retro vibe and unique heart accent makes it an excellent addition to your collection of Hearts and Stars Fonts.

Merci Heart Brush Script is a natural brush font that is perfect for designers who are looking for a font with a handmade look.

With its stylish alternates and complete ligatures, Merci Heart Brush Script makes it easy to create stunning designs for titles, magazines, newspapers, websites, posters, business cards, and more.

This font comes with multilingual support and is PUA encoded, allowing you to use it in almost any program by using your Operating System’s utilities (CharacterMap for Windows and Font Book for Mac.), as well as Illustrator, Photoshop CC 2017, and several other applications.

To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7, Microsoft Word 2010, or later versions.

Best Free Heart Fonts

Looking for free heart fonts to enhance your design projects? Check out our top picks for the best free heart fonts that will add a touch of love and romance to your designs. Don’t miss out on these beautiful and unique options that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, weddings, or any project that needs an extra dose of emotion.

If you’re looking for a font that can help convey complex emotions like heartbreak, Stayola might just be the right choice. It’s delicate lines and graceful curves lend themselves well to expressing feelings of sadness and longing.

And with its broken heart fonts, Stayola offers a unique twist on traditional calligraphy that is sure to capture the attention of viewers.

In summary, Stayola is a beautiful and versatile calligraphy font that is perfect for personal projects. With its attention to detail, timeless script style, and unique broken heart fonts, it’s easy to see why this font is such a popular choice among designers and creatives alike.

So if you’re in need of a font that can add a touch of elegance and emotion to your work, be sure to check out Stayola.

Lamor is a font that can add a touch of love to your designs. Although it only includes limited characters, this demo can help you test the font on your computer before purchasing the full version and commercial license.

The full version of Lamor offers capitals, numerals, and punctuations, which are available in both OpenType and TrueType files. As Valentine’s font, this font is perfect for designing romantic greeting cards, wedding invitations, or any other love-themed project that requires an elegant touch.

Myheart is a font that has been designed to add a touch of love and warmth to your design projects. This font is copyrighted, and it is protected by the law.

Any usage of this font without obtaining the proper license is considered illegal, and you might get fined at least USD 3000 for committing such an act.

The free demo version of this font is available for non-commercial or personal use only. If you’re interested in using Myheart for any commercial purposes, you can purchase it from the Fontkong website by clicking on the link provided in the product description.

Lovely Kei is a font display that exudes romance and love icons, making it perfect for adding a frothy feel to any project. This demo font is available free of charge for PERSONAL USE only, but if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you’ll need to purchase a commercial license from the shop.

The Lovely Kei font has a unique and charming design that’s sure to capture anyone’s attention. It includes a variety of romantic and love-inspired symbols, making it ideal for wedding invitations, love letters, and other similar projects.

The font also features a playful yet elegant style that adds personality to your text without overwhelming it.

Valtin is a font that offers a demo version with limited characters and is available for free for personal use only. This font has several features that make it a great complement to any project you may be working on.

One of the primary benefits of Valtin is its ability to provide a unique style to your designs. With its bold and modern lines, this font can add a touch of sophistication to any project. Additionally, Valtin includes a range of character options, making it versatile enough to suit a variety of design needs.


What are Heart Fonts?

Heart Fonts are fonts that incorporate heart shapes in their design, making them suitable for use in projects related to love, weddings, Valentine’s Day, and other romantic occasions.

Why should I use Heart Fonts?

Heart Fonts can add a romantic touch to your design projects and make them more appealing. Whether you’re designing wedding invitations, greeting cards, or social media graphics, Heart Fonts can help convey your message of love and affection.

Where can I find heart fonts?

There are many places where you can find heart fonts online. Some popular sources include free font websites, premium font marketplaces, and design blogs that offer font collections. You can also search for heart fonts using keywords like ‘love fonts’ or ‘Valentine’s Day fonts.’


In conclusion, we have discussed the 15 best heart fonts that graphic designers can use to elevate their designs. These fonts are versatile and can be used in a variety of projects. Whether it’s for a wedding invitation, Valentine’s Day card, or a logo design, these fonts will surely add a touch of love to your project.

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