15 Best Magazine Mockups 📰 (Free & Paid)

If you are looking for the best magazine mockups to help you create stunning visuals for your projects, it can be difficult to know where to start since there are so many free as well as paid options available.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered In this blog post, we’re going to take the time to cover 15 of the best magazine mockups, both free and paid, that you can use to create eye-catching visuals for your publications quickly and easily

Whether you’re a professional or a novice, these amazing mockups are sure to inject the right look and feel into your project so that it has the look and feel you’re going

When it comes to magazine designs templates, there are several key features to consider: quality, variety, resolution, and realism. Quality refers to how well the mockups represent the look and feel of a real magazine.

You’re sure to find something that suits all tastes and styles in these 15 magazine mockups made especially for you. With high-resolution images and easy-to-use editing tools, you can easily create beautiful visuals that will stand out from the crowd.

There is no doubt that these awesome mockups will give you the results you need whether you are creating a print magazine, a digital publication, or anything else you’re interested in creating.

Best Premium Magazine Mockups

The US Letter Magazine Mockup is designed to be a great tool for graphic designers in order for them to present their designs in a realistic and professional manner in both print and online applications. It contains 16 different styles of US letter magazine mockups, each with the ability to be customized using the Smart Objects feature included in the package.

With just a few clicks, you can change the design to perfectly fit your project’s needs. You’ll also get 3 photographic filters inside each PSD file, allowing you to edit the color and texture with ease. Plus, the files are fully separated objects and shadows, making them easier to work with.

In addition to being easy to use, US Letter Magazine Mockup is also very versatile. The dimensions are 8.5×11 inches and the resolution is 300 DPI, giving you plenty of room to create stunning visuals. Plus, it comes with a PDF instruction guide on how to use the product, as well as thumbnails and file names for easy access.

‘Magazine Mockups’ is a great tool for graphic designers who are looking for a way to present their magazine or advertisement design. With its 6 unique hand holding positions, it makes customizing your magazine mockup easier than ever.

This product comes with 6 PSD mockups and the smart object option allows you to easily edit the hand positions of the magazines. Additionally, the shadows, effects and backgrounds can be easily customized through its well-described layers.

The beauty of this product lies in its versatility – it is perfect for different kinds of magazine designs, from fashion to business. Also, the adjustable shadows and effects give you the freedom to create a look that fits your project perfectly.

‘8.5×11 Magazine Mockup Set’ is a layered and editable .psd template designed to help graphic designers showcase their custom designs. It includes 9 .psd files that measure 6000x4000px at 300 dpi, so it’s perfect for high-quality printing. Plus, all the layers are well organized, which makes it easy to customize.

There are a lot of ways to use this mockup set, but one of the most attractive ones is how versatile it is; whether you are designing a cover page, back cover, or magazine spread, you are going to be able to make your design look just how you want it to.

You can also easily add your own images to the mockups thanks to the smart object layer. And if you don’t have any professional photos to use, you can always search for free images from Oladimeji Odunsi’s Instagram.

Square Magazine Mock-up is a great choice for anyone looking for a mockup to present their project in a professional, realistic way. It comes with 8 photorealistic presentations, is compatible with Photoshop CS4 or higher, and has a resolution of 3000×2008 pixels at 300 dpi.

It also has easy and fast editing via smart objects, organized layers and folders, the ability to substitute backgrounds using smart objects, and an automatic background perspective.

The Square Magazine Mock-up is incredibly user friendly. Editing it is straightforward due to its intuitive structure, and the helpful help file makes sure users are never too confused. Plus, the realistic look it gives your projects makes them stand out from the rest. Whether it’s a bright or dark design, this mock-up will make your project look amazing.

‘A5 Size Softcover Magazine Mockups’ offers graphic designers the perfect opportunity to present their brochures, catalogs and print ad designs in style. This excellent mockup comes with 6 PSD files that are organized into layers and have customizable effects.

It’s easy to see why ‘A5 Size Softcover Magazine Mockups’ is so popular among graphic designers. With its organized layers, customizable effects, adjustable background, and smart object features, it’s one of the most versatile mockup options out there.

If you’re a graphic designer who’s looking for a reliable and easy way to present your projects, then you need to check out ‘A5 Size Softcover Magazine Mockups’. It’s an intuitive mockup option that helps you create beautiful, professional-looking designs quickly and easily. So don’t hesitate – give it a try today!

Magazine Mockup is a must-have resource for any graphic designer looking to create their own impressive magazine layouts. With 3 alternative scenes, the mockup offers easy and fast editing via smart objects, changeable background color, and high resolution of 4000 x 3000 px size and 300 dpi.

As one of the best features of Magazine Mockup, you will find that its Smart Objects feature enables designers to easily and precisely add text, images, and branding to the template while maintaining its professional look and feel.

This mockup is extremely helpful in helping you achieve a realistic representation of the final product from your project. On top of that, the mockup also features layers and folders that are organized and make it even easier for you to gatherdesign elements.

Magazine Design Mockups is a perfect product for any graphic designer looking to present their magazine designs. It comes with 3 PSD mockups, organized layers, realistic effects and shadows, changeable background, and smart object operation. In just three easy steps you can add your own design, making it easy and quick to present the design.

Having two magazines placed one atop the other will allow the viewer to get a good idea of the magazine design, as well as giving an excellent overview of the layout. The view from a high angle provides a unique perspective for viewers. We have also added a nice page-turning effect to the mockup to make it more dynamic.

The smart objects make it easy to customize the mockup so that it fits the design perfectly. The smart objects make it simple to showcase your designs accurately and easily. Moreover, the realistic effects and shadows give it a professional touch, and help to make the design appear more realistic at the same time.

‘Magazine Mockup’ is a great tool for graphic designers looking to quickly and easily show off their project designs. It comes with 03 items of well-layered PSD files and includes the smart object feature, which allows you to insert your own design in just seconds.

Its features include easy and fast editing, organized layers and folders, customizable backgrounds, adjustable lighting, and high resolution of 3000x2000px at 300 dpi.

With Magazine Mockup, you can easily demonstrate how your magazine design will look before actually committing to the print. You can adjust the background colors and lighting to your liking, so that your design stands out from the crowd and looks professional.

Plus, it is so easy to use – all you have to do is insert your design into the smart object, save, and you’re done!

’15 Magazine MockUps’ is a fantastic collection of professionally made poster mockups that can be used to create stunning designs quickly and easily with Photoshop. This bundle of 15 premium magazine mockups provides the perfect setting for creating themed design with ease, giving you the ability to customize and add your own personal touch.

The files are easy to download in .zip format and come with a helpful instruction guide about font installation. Once downloaded, you can start making changes and customizing it to your desire, then save your work in ready-to-print formats like .pdf so you can get it ready to print.

Magazine Mockup is a great solution for graphic designers looking to showcase their work. The mockup includes 03 ITEMS with well-layered PSD files, and it uses the smart-object feature which makes it simple and fast to change the design. Other features include customizable background colors, adjustable light, and a high resolution of 3000x2000px at 300 DPI.

With this mockup, you have the opportunity to apply any effect that you like based on the type of design you want. It is great for both bright and dark designs.

Having the ability to edit the design quickly and easily makes this mockup ideal for those looking to save time in the design process as well as look professional and polished in the end result. This mockup is sure to impress as it is simple to use and can be adjusted easily.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, easy-to-use magazine mockup, then Magazine Mockup is a great choice. It’s simple and straightforward to use, yet provides stunning results. And best of all, it’s affordable too!

Best Free Magazine Mockups

Free Magazine in Foil Mockup is an amazing product for graphic designers who want to present their projects in the best light. This mockup comes with four separate PSD files, each prepared so that you can paste your design into the magazine and onto the foil. The layout of layers is simple, so it’s easy to adjust the look and feel to meet your needs.

You can use this mockup both for private and commercial purposes. This mockup comes with an exclusive design specifically created for mockups, and it can be edited quickly and easily by the user. Moreover, it is designed with five PSD files, so that you can really customize the look of your project based on your preferences.

There is no doubt that this is a great choice for any graphic designer who is trying to showcase some of their work professionally and with an eye-catching approach. Not only will it depict your design with a realistic impression, but it also comes with new features to ensure your design stands out on the Internet.

The Photorealistic Magazine MockUp is a great way to present your design spreads in an elegant and professional manner. The PSD file is fully layered, and with the help of Smart Objects you can easily place your own design on it. This mockup was created by lesago and includes 11 different mockups.

A 3200×2300 px mockup with a dimension of 3200 px is required, and it is compatible with at least Photoshop CS4. The Photorealistic Magazine MockUp is a great tool for graphic designers who are looking to present their projects in mockup format. It is simple to use and customizable, which allows you to make sure that your design looks as you would liket it to.

The Photorealistic Magazine MockUp can also be used to create a realistic, professional look for your project by adding text, graphics, or images that can be imported from other programs like Adobe Illustrator. The MockUp also comes with an additional set of 11 different mockups that are unique to the product.

Using the Glossy Magazine Mockup, it will be easy for you to present editorial designs and press advertisements in a professional way to generate a lot of interest among users. By using the mockup, you will also be able to select between five different views.

It is exclusively designed for Mockup’s Design, and it will look stunning and realistic when used with your designs. You don’t need any special skills to use this mockup, as the design is designed for easy customization, so you will not require any extra knowledge of UI elements.

There’s something great about this mockup as well. It comes with easy-to-use elements that can easily be manipulated so you can create an entirely new design tailored to your own tastes. You can change the background color to make the mockup look even more stunning.

‘A4 Magazine Mockup Cover Opening’ helps you show off the cover and first page of your magazine layout in a quick, easy way. It uses Smart Objects so all you have to do is put in your design and it’ll be reflected in the mockup. No more tedious editing or waiting for hours for artwork to render — this mockup takes seconds and looks great.

It can be customized in terms of the colors so that you can achieve the perfect contrast between your design and the background; it’s free as well, so you don’t have to waste your time or money on creating something yourself.

Overall, ‘A4 Magazine Mockup Cover Opening’ is a great choice for anyone looking to give their magazine a professional look with minimal effort. The Smart Objects make it fast and simple to use, while the customizable colors let you really stand out and make a statement.

Magazine Mockup is a great resource for all aspiring graphic designers looking to create stunning presentations of their projects. Its seven shots, customizable background and clean look make it an ideal choice for any designer’s library. With Magazine Mockup, you can easily create realistic visuals for your designs that are sure to impress.

The mockup is available for both private and commercial use, making it a useful tool for any designer. It also comes with customizable backgrounds, allowing you to tailor the mockup to perfectly match your project.

Furthermore, with seven different shots, Magazine Mockup makes it easy to show off your work from any angle. Finally, its clean and realistic look only adds to its value, providing a professional finish to any design.

FAQ on Best Magazine Mockups

What is Magazine Mockups?

Magazine mockups are digital images of magazine layouts which are used for presentations, product design, advertising, and more. They can help designers quickly create a professional-looking magazine layout without needing to start from scratch, saving time and effort

What is the History of Magazine Mockups?

The use of magazine mockups has been around since the 1970s, but the technology has advanced significantly over the years. 

Modern magazine mockups are created with powerful software tools, allowing designers to rapidly create realistic and attractive magazine designs. Recently, free and premium magazine mockup templates have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and affordability.

What Should I Note When Choosing Magazine Mockups?

When selecting a magazine mockup, it is important to consider how the overall design fits with your vision. Additionally, you should pay attention to the level of detail included in the mockup, as well as its compatibility with the software you plan to use. 

Finally, make sure to check the quality of the mockup to ensure it will look good when printed or displayed digitally.


To conclude, in this article we discussed the 15 best magazine mockups (free & paid) available on the market. We looked at the features of each one and considered their cost and value for money.

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