15 Best Wrestling WordPress Themes 🤼 2022

Over 40% of websites use WordPress, and thousands of themes are available, but you cannot find the right theme for your wrestling site.

⚡️ Need a quick answer? For a quick solution, here is the Publisher theme for WordPress. It provides many features, is optimized for Google, and contains more than 100 samples that can be imported immediately.

In this article, we are sharing the best Wrestling themes for WordPress. And towards the end, we’ll provide you with some suggestions for dedicated scenarios. Choose your favorite template to build a full and pure site from the handpicked list we produced for you. With these WordPress themes and their most delicate features, you can create a Wrestling site without spending a dime.

Following is a list of Wrestling themes we have hand-selected to assist you in finding the extensible theme. These WordPress themes are also usable for people working in Wrestling Clubs, Wrestling academies & Classes, Wrestling Events, Boxing, Martial Arts, Fitness Centers, Health, and many more fields.

Thus, we introduce you to the best WordPress themes that would suit Wrestling relevant website’s in 2022:

Rumble Theme

Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts Fighting WordPress Theme

The Rumble WordPress Theme is versatile and can be used for various purposes if you are a fighter and MMA enthusiast. It is suited for a magazine, a karate club, a boxing gym, a Muai-Thai section, fight events, boxing promotions, and fighting training, among others.

In sports gear stores and boxing / MMA shops, it is compatible with WooCommerce, enabling them to sell sportswear.

Fully responsive, this theme features Elementor grids, schedules, appointments, Instagram feeds, and many other features. It is ideal for websites related to martial arts.

💵 For $69, you’ll get unlimited updates and six months of support.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Firefox Safari, Chrome IE11+
  • Swiper Slider & Slider Revolution
  • Support for retina images is available
  • Menu support for both user and main menus
  • Using Ajax to search interactively
  • Various color and type options

Tiger Claw Theme

Martial Arts School and Fitness Center WordPress Theme

Tiger Claw WordPress Theme is ideal for athletes, coaches, runners, and individuals who lead an active lifestyle. This theme suits athletes, trainers, runners, and those who lead an active lifestyle.

It can also be used by fighting companies specializing in wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, karate, taekwondo, and aikido.

Due to its health-focused focus, this publication is an excellent resource for marathon runners, healthy lifestyle coaches, fitness coaches, joggers, and trainers. An online store powered by WooCommerce is a perfect option for selling running shoes and sportswear.

💵 Tiger Claw theme costs $69.

Key Features:

  • System Settings for Override and Inheritance
  • A total of 750+ customization options are available to you
  • A variety of custom post types are available
  • Sets of custom widgets that can be customized
  • Creating custom shortcodes for your website
  • Options panel for customizing your theme

Random Reviews:

  • There are lots of nice options and layout templates provided by the theme. However, what is best so far is the accommodating and kind support team. Please read on!

    ralfmuellerDec 2021

  • An established company with a large collection and support team.

    csharoonMar 2020

ArtKombat Theme

Boxing School and Martial Arts WordPress Theme

The ArtKombat is designed for boxing schools, boxing trainers, kickboxing martial arts gym coaches, Tae Kwon Do Karate fight clubs, boxing match preview events, and WBO tournaments.

With this package, you can sell boxing gloves, kickboxing equipment, sports products, dumbbells, and everything else you wish to sell online through WooCommerce.

Additionally, the theme includes several pages that feature a variety of content elements, including typography headers, icons, tabs, sliders, and 404 pages.

💵 Take a look at this advanced WordPress theme. It costs $52.

Key Features:

  • A total of 20+ custom elements are available
  • Demo installation is as simple as one click
  • Several levels of menus are available
  • Compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge
  • Easily customize the layout and content of your website
  • An extensive collection of unique shortcodes

Knockout Theme

Boxing & Martial Arts WordPress Theme

With Knockout, you will stand out from the crowd at boxing clubs, gyms, and mixed martial arts schools since it offers a wide range of templates that trainers can use in boxing schools and fight gyms.

It is an ideal tool for teaching combat sports such as Muay Thai, Katana, Taekwondo, Karate, and Judo, which require quick, accurate movements.

The WordPress WooCommerce platform is a good choice for businesses that sell online sportswear and running shoes.

💵 This easy theme is only $79!

Key Features:

  • E-commerce compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Custom shortcodes are available in an extensive collection
  • An easy way to create a product list using shortcodes
  • Search with an integrated approach
  • A separate logo for mobile headers
  • Keeping mobile headers separate

Youko Theme

Martial Arts WordPress Theme

Youko, the WordPress theme for martial arts schools, karate schools, self-defense courses, kung fu classes, and other purposes, can create the best website for your school.

However, you can adjust the theme to be appropriate for boxing classes, fitness clubs, and sports organizations.

As with all Youko themes, you can expect a gorgeous dark design that is clean, modern, and responsive so that it will look great on all types of devices.

💵 Powered by WordPress, this theme is $49 and has auto-updates.

Key Features:

  • A single click installs the demo
  • Menus range from basic to advanced
  • Supports Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge
  • Interactive search using Ajax
  • Different types and colors
  • A slider revolution with swipers

Random Reviews:

  • Good WordPress theme, is easy to customize and has great support.

    Yubaba_NDDec 2019

  • The last rating was selected by accident. Please accept my sincere apologies.

    OrangRAug 2020

Zele Theme

Fitness Gym & Sports WordPress Theme

Zele WordPress Theme is a beautifully designed WordPress theme ideal for fitness enthusiasts with its twelve beautifully designed home pages.

Its wide range of features makes this WordPress theme ideal for athletes, personal trainers, sports clubs, fitness centers, yoga and pilates studios, and climbing clubs. You can calculate your body mass index and plan your training schedules with the Zele WordPress theme.

💵 Auto-updates and six months of support are included. It costs $69.

Key Features:

  • Styles include sticky headers & menus
  • Sidebar options on the left and right of the pages
  • Choose colors using the color picker
  • Effect of parallax on the pages
  • Options to layout your website in full width or a box
  • Efficient transition effects for smooth transitions

Sword Theme

Martial Arts Boxing WordPress Theme

Using the Sword theme, you can promote your physical training business to existing and prospective clients and create a unique, stylish, beautiful WordPress website.

The training program is designed to meet the needs of gym instructors, fitness instructors, sports coaches, and self-defense instructors.

Besides being suitable for boxing courses, this is an excellent product for training in fitness schools, athletic clubs, and societies that offer boxing instruction.

💵 For $39, you can purchase this template.

Key Features:

  • An easy-to-use control panel with powerful features
  • Import demos with just a single click
  • Included with the child theme
  • Documented in a comprehensive manner
  • Select colors with the color picker
  • Effect of parallax on the page

Whistle Theme

Sports Club WordPress Theme

With the Whistle theme, you can build an effective sports training website suitable for gyms, fitness centers, yoga studios, and health and fitness consultants’ offices. The theme is ideal for fitness-related websites such as health clubs, fitness centers, and fitness trainers.

These themes are ideal for gym websites that wish to provide information regarding class schedules, fitness trainer profiles, sports galleries, fitness blogs, and the gym’s contact information.

With shortcodes, custom elements, and a wide range of skin colors, the Whistle Sports trainer theme is both innovative and practical.

💵 It costs $69. Whistle theme, created by a professional author, allows you to update your site automatically.

Key Features:

  • Organizing events and managing them
  • Creating a unique sign-up process
  • Using Parallax Scrolling for your website
  • Incorporating PayPal into your website
  • Various colors of skin are available
  • Variants of dark and light colors are available

Gemvast Theme

Gym Fitness Club Multipage, Onepage WordPress Theme

Gemvast can be used to create a website or portfolio for a personal trainer. It is ideal for fitness centers, gyms, sports studios, and fitness center trainers.

The responsive design will ensure that it will appear stunning on any device. It comes in three multi-page and three one-page versions.

The world’s most popular page builder, Elementor, combines the most popular add-on, ElementsKit Gemvast Template, to provide the best user experience possible.

💵 You can get the Gemvast theme for $59 from ThemeForest.

Key Features:

  • Animation with a smooth transition
  • Creating a multi-page and a one-page website
  • A wide variety of menu styles are available
  • All Google fonts are included in the package
  • A collection of 400+ icons by Font Awesome
  • More than 200 line icons are available

Gymster Theme

Fitness and Gym WordPress Theme

With Gymster, your fitness business will find it easy to promote your business and get more customers. It is an excellent choice for gyms, fitness clubs, yoga studios, pilates studios, and other related entities.

A flexible layout makes it easy to depict multiple trainers in the About Us section of the Gymster & Fitness training session. The training session also includes a BMI calculator to measure your body mass index.

It features advanced typography, predefined inner pages designed professionally, and several other features that make it easy to create a website.

💵 Gymster templates cost $59, and six months of support are free.

Key Features:

  • Customize your headers with advanced options
  • An easy way to make your header sticky
  • Choosing the proper layout for your footer
  • The shortcode for the Portfolio Slider is available
  • Design based on minimalism and clean lines
  • Widgets customized to meet your needs

Stamin Theme

Fitness and Gym WordPress Theme

The Stamin theme is designed to meet the needs of gym trainers and fitness professionals who work on tablets and laptops and those who work on fitness magazines.

This theme provides five inner page demos and stunning home layouts that are all customizable to suit the individual’s preferences.

You can customize these demos to meet your specific needs so that you can use this theme for almost any type of business. With vividly colorful options and flexibility, you can create a professional-looking website without any coding experience.

💵 This well-designed theme costs $69.

Key Features:

  • Integrate Font Awesome icons & flat icons
  • Easily install and uninstall themes with just one click
  • An easy-to-use tool for importing demos
  • Each page offers unlimited header layouts
  • Choose between unlimited footer layouts
  • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Mailchimp Widgets

Random Reviews:

  • Having setup issues, customer service is great. The theme needs some tweaks, but overall it’s great.

    martellbrothersJun 2022

Powerlift Theme

Fitness and Gym WordPress Theme

With Powerlift, you can create an online presentation that stands out when your visitors land on your gym’s website. Powerlift includes all the functionality you will need for your gym’s, fitness, or personal trainer’s websites.

It’s time to Powerlift with an exciting gym website layout, a BMI calculator, and all the functionality you need to promote fitness and trainers. This theme includes five inner page demos and five home layouts that can all be customized by the user.

💵 With this template, you get free support for six months. The Powerlift theme costs. It costs $79.

Key Features:

  • A customizable Google Maps interface
  • Bringing smooth page transitions to your website
  • Functionality for anchor links on one page
  • Background sections for videos
  • Layouts for Single Portfolios in Portfolio Gallery
  • Slider layouts for portfolios (single page)

Fitness Zon Theme

Gym, Fitness WordPress Theme

The Fitness Zon WordPress theme provides a fully responsive layout that appears excellent on mobile phones and tablets. This WordPress theme is perfect for fitness centers, gyms, and personal trainers. Using the inbuilt page builder, creating websites has never been so simple.

Several valuable features are available on the website, including BMI calculators, class schedules, training programs, and fitness equipment shops. The theme also provides information regarding aerobic boxing, Crossfit, karate, and other fitness activities.

💵 You can start a WordPress site with this theme for $69.

Key Features:

  • An image of the location on Google Maps
  • The Font Awesome icon set
  • Layouts for five different types of home pages
  • A variety of header designs for your website
  • A vast selection of shortcodes is available
  • Page with variations of the gallery

Random Reviews:

  • A stunning theme with excellent customer service! I got a response within a day on all my requests! Five stars!

    xiaowudaoSep 2019

  • It is good and stable. I highly recommend it for hustle-free projects!

    mediaitcMay 2022

Prowess Theme

Fitness and Gym WordPress Theme

The Prowess WordPress theme is among the most popular fitness and gym themes. You can use Prowess to create the best gym or fitness center website for your studio if you are a yoga teacher or fitness instructor.

Using this theme, you will be able to present all aspects of your yoga or fitness studio in an easy, user-friendly manner. Your business will benefit from the Timetable plugin for WordPress, which simplifies the process of creating classes and events.

💵 When you purchase the template for $85, feel free to ask for help anytime.

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of predesigned interior and home pages
  • Compatible with the Elementor Page Builder
  • Included WPBakery Page Builder Plugin
  • Shortcode for Timetable Event Info on the Timetable
  • A list gallery layout for portfolios
  • Various types of portfolio list hover effects are available

Random Reviews:

  • I like the design & functionalities of this app. Also, great customer service!

    15TwelveApr 2019

  • A very kind and excellent customer support team.

    marko_savicJul 2022

GymBase Theme

Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

One of the world’s most famous gym WordPress themes is GymBase, which has a dedicated gym theme as part of its package.

Fitness centers, martial arts, and yoga studios may find GymBase valuable tools. The theme provides a vibrant, professional visual style and niche functionality, such as workout timetables and body mass index calculators.

There is the option to filter and add events to a flexible timetable. They can overlap. The theme also includes a class template, which integrates all the classes into an accordion-style display.

💵 $69 is the price of GymBase.

Key Features:

  • A wide range of highly customizable content elements.
  • Build beautiful pages by dragging and dropping
  • Optional theme panel for customizing your theme
  • Gallery with filtered multi-column options
  • Importing demos in a few clicks
  • Adapted for Slider Revolution / Retina Displays

Random Reviews:

  • Getting the answers to my questions has been amazing. Thank you, Kenny.

    kennadrinAug 2018

  • My theme is excellent and easy to customize, and QuanticalLabs installed the latest upgrade for me when I couldn’t do it myself. I can highly recommend them.

    richardcessJun 2017

WordPress Wrestling Themes FAQs.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about WordPress Wrestling templates.

You can always write down your problems in the comments if they haven’t yet been resolved. We will answer them as soon as possible.

What is the best way to design a wrestling website? Can I use a theme?

Our list of the best Wrestling themes for WordPress is perfect for anyone looking for Wrestling themes.

Among the best templates for good sites is the Publisher theme. Furthermore, the Astra theme does an excellent job of enhancing functionality.

What are the best WordPress wrestling hosting options for 2022?

Wrestling site performance and SEO will be significantly affected by the host you choose. Your website will suffer greatly from poor performance and SEO if you choose the wrong host. Bluehost is an ideal hosting provider for your wrestling website. It is essential to select a good and reliable host.

As a final point, let’s state

This post showcases the best wrestling WordPress themes for 2022. Create an awesome website with one of these themes.

Nevertheless, the Publisher template is a good choice if your site speed concerns you. Check out the top names on our list if you’re still unsure. This theme offers a modern performance, and it’s very optimized. If your site speed is important, this theme is ideal for you.

We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress template for the wrestling website.

In the comments below, can you think of any themes I missed? Please let us know! If you enjoyed this article, please share it on Twitter and Facebook.

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