16 Most Popular WordPress Podcasts to Listen To (2022)

WordPress is constantly developed and expanded, it’s good to keep up with everything that’s going on.

Thankfully, there are some excellent podcasts from some great people in the world of WordPress. So, here I bring you my top 16 selection of WordPress podcasts to listen to. In case you are not a podcast lover, here are other ways to follow WordPress news:

Wpbuilds podcast by David Waumsley and Nathan Wrigley

This regular twice-weekly podcast, hosted by David Waumsley and Nathan Wrigley, is packed full of everything they like about WordPress. There are two types of episodes. On Tuesdays, they have their “This Week in WordPress” episodes. On Thursdays, their episodes are centered around specific topics. Recent discussions have included canonical plugins, WooCommerce subscriptions, voice-enabled websites, and block editing.

  • Hosts: Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley
  • Episode length: 30-90 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays

The subtitle of this podcast is “WordPress, SaaS, and no-code business.” If you look through the list of past episodes, it’s clear that this is very much a business-focused podcast. There are also many glowing reviews, with listeners describing Matt as a great interviewer and a marketing genius and his podcast episodes as entertaining, insightful, and actionable.

  • Host: Matt Medeiros
  • Episode length: 25-45 minutes
  • Episode schedule: About every 1-2 weeks on no particular day. The last episode was September 6th, though.
how i built it by joe casabona podcast

How I Built It is focused on helping creators and small business owners create content that engages readers and boosts sales. Every week, Joe discusses strategies for building high-quality content quickly and increasing your revenue. Recent topics include creating YouTube content that viewers love, improving your videos without buying expensive gear, avoiding perfectionism, and getting published in the New York Times.

  • Host: Joe Casabona
  • Episode length: 30-60 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Weekly, Mondays
Post status wordpress podcast

Post Status is four podcasts rolled into one: The Excerpt, Draft, Comments, and Get Hired. The Excerpt is centered around WordPress news. Draft features interviews and discussions with web professionals, product founders, and agency owners. Comments is for exchanging ideas and discussing trends. Get Hired is all about building a career in WordPress.

  • Hosts: Various, including Dan Knauss, Nyasha Green, Cory Miller, Michelle Frechette, and Courtney Robertson
  • Episode length: 20-90 minutes
  • Episode schedule: About once a week, no fixed day
Do the woo woocommerce podcast

This podcast is not about WordPress in general but specifically about WooCommerce. If you want to learn how to turn your website into an online store, this podcast is well worth listening to. Host Bob Dunn does a great job laying out all the information and has a serious talent for presenting it in an enjoyable manner.

  • Host: Bob Dunn, aka BobWP
  • Episode length: 10-80 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Usually twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Wp motivate podcast

You may recognize Michelle Frechette as one of the hosts of Post Status. This new podcast only started in September 2022 and is about bringing people joy, happiness, and motivation. Topics they have discussed so far are compost, sunshine, mountains, fun, motivators, and finding the strength to face your fears.

  • Hosts: Kathy Zant and Michelle Frechette
  • Episode length: 10-25 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Weekly, Fridays

The Women in WP podcast is precisely what the title says it is. It’s all about introducing the listener to women who are using WordPress in their businesses and their lives. Recent topics include the global economy, inclusion in tech, creating a million-dollar-a-year plugin, and the power of community.

  • Hosts: Amy Masson, Tracy Apps, and Angela Bowan
  • Episode length: 30-55 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Fortnightly, Mondays

WPwatercooler has been going for ten years and is presented by three guys who really know what they are talking about. Two of them are web developers, one is an IT Director, and one is a Senior Performance Engineer at Liquid Web Feedback. Recent topics have included block editing in the recent WordPress update, the WordPress Photo Directory, the WebP file format, and WordPress’s naming issues.

  • Host: Jason Tucker, Sé Reed, and Jason Cosper
  • Episode length: 30 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Usually once a week on Fridays

Another podcast from Michelle Frechette of Post Status and WPMotivate. Here, she likes to shoot the breeze with all kinds of people from the world of WordPress. Recent guests include Rocket.net founder Ben Gabler, WS Form founder Mark Westguard, Project Management Consultant Chris Ford, and Diverse In Tech CEO Jill Binder.

  • Host: Michelle Frechette
  • Episode length: 30-60 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Variable. Seems to now be about every 2-4 months.
Distributed with matt mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg is the co-founder of WordPress and the CEO of Automattic, the company that owns WordPress. He has built the company up to 1,300 employees in 76 countries, with no offices. So, he knows a thing or two about distributed working and how to run an online business. Guests he has spoken to include the CEO of Figma, the Head of Payments Design at Stripe, the CEO of GitLab, and one of the co-founders of Twitter.

  • Host: Matt Mullenweg
  • Episode length: 30-90 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Variable. The last episode was in November 2021.

This podcast is not just about WordPress in general but specifically about the Gutenberg block editor. In each episode, host Birgit Pauli-Haack and a guest discuss the latest version of Gutenberg and any related issues. They do all the hard work of curating news of Gutenberg’s development and then present it with infectious enthusiasm.

  • Host: Birgit Pauli-Haack
  • Episode length: 45-75 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Variable

You may recognize the name Matt Medeiros as the host of The Matt Report. This is his other podcast, intended to bring you WordPress news every week in under five minutes. Sometimes, there are additional longer episodes, though. I guess you can’t always fit the latest WordPress news into just five minutes.

  • Host: Matt Medeiros
  • Episode length: Usually five minutes or less, but occasionally longer
  • Episode schedule: Usually weekly on Wednesdays

This podcast is aimed at WordPress professionals and Bootstrap SaaS startup entrepreneurs, covering many WordPress-related topics. Recent episodes have discussed Gutenberg blocks, integrating WordPress with ZohoCRM, building a plugin shop, and building a successful niche hosting business.

  • Host: Jonathan Denwood
  • Episode length: 30-90 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Usually weekly on Thursdays

This particular podcast is special because it is hosted by Josepha Haden, the Executive Director of the WordPress Project. She discusses new releases and upcoming features on the podcast, so it is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the WordPress world.

  • Host: Josepha Haden
  • Episode length: 10-30 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Fortnightly, Mondays.

The WP Gears podcast is aimed at business and marketing users of WordPress. Topics they have discussed include SEO plugins, web design work, learning WordPress if you’re not technical, and building WordPress websites for clients. The podcast seems to have been published daily from September 2017 to September 2022. Its future is unknown.

  • Hosts: David Blackmon and Tim Strifler
  • Episode length: 5-15 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Daily, although the last episode was September 12th.

These short podcast episodes are intended for designers to listen to during their tea break. It aims to help them connect to their ultimate purpose, fulfill their potential, and thus have a positive impact on those they influence. Recent topics include the culture of overwork, how to improve communication, being prepared for the unexpected, and creating environments that build habits.

  • Host: Jonathan Cutrell
  • Episode length: 5-15 minutes
  • Episode schedule: Once or twice a week, no particular days


What is the best WordPress podcast?

There are many podcasts about WordPress, but a good one to start with is WP Briefing, as it is hosted by Josepha Haden, the Executive Director of the WordPress Project. But there are other great WordPress podcasts, depending on whether you are more interested in the technical side of things or how to use WordPress for business.

How do I start listening to podcasts?

The easiest way to listen to podcasts is through a podcast app on your phone. All Apple devices come with Apple Podcasts installed, and all Android devices come with Google Podcasts installed. Another good podcast app is Spotify. You can search any of these apps for podcasts that interest you and then listen to them from within the app.

How can I listen to podcasts for free?

Both Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts are free to use and contain millions of free podcasts.

Do you have to download a podcast to listen to it?

You can stream podcast episodes directly with apps like Apple and Google Podcasts. You can also download them, which enables you to listen to them later when you don’t have an internet connection.

Is WiFi needed to listen to podcasts?

If you have already downloaded a podcast episode to your device, you can listen to it without a WiFi connection. If you haven’t downloaded it, you can use your phone’s data connection, although this can use up a lot of data.

What does it mean if you subscribe to a podcast?

If you subscribe to a podcast, this means you will see new episodes of that podcast within your podcast app.

Do you need an app for podcasts?

You can listen to podcasts without an app by visiting the podcast site through a web browser. However, to subscribe to podcasts and keep up-to-date with new episodes, you will need an app such as Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.

Which is the Best WordPress Podcast for You?

As you can see, there are many WordPress podcasts out there, and they each have their own unique approaches and benefits. Which you choose to listen to depends on what your particular interests are. Here is a quick run-through of the best ones for specific purposes:

  • Best for general WordPress news: WP Briefing.
  • Best for using WordPress for business: The Matt Report.
  • Best for users of WooCommerce: Do the Woo.
  • Best for technical WordPress issues: WPwatercooler.
  • Best for those interested in the Gutenberg editor: Gutenberg Changelog.

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