17 Best BuddyPress Themes πŸ₯‡ 2022

What if it were hard to find the best BuddyPress WordPress themes?

⚑️ Looking for a quick answer? We recommend the Publisher theme for WordPress which is very feature-rich and optimized for Google and have over 100 pre-made demos.

To assist you, we have built a list of all the best WordPress themes that are fantastic for BuddyPress-related sites. The following list of WordPress themes will help you find something that exactly fits your needs.

Below are a few BuddyPress templates that we have gathered to help you choose the right theme. These themes can also be used for BuddyPress Social Network, BuddyPress User Interface, BuddyPress Blog, BuddyPress Plugin, premium BuddyPress, BuddyPress WooCommerce, BuddyPress Community, BuddyPress Membership, and Business sites.

πŸ“ŒNote: Please see our article about the best BuddyPress plugins for more information.

Best WordPress BuddyPress Themes πŸ₯‡

Let’s take a look at these impactful BuddyPress WordPress templates that will do you well in 2022:

OneCommunity Theme

BuddyPress Membership WordPress Theme

OneCommunity is a BuddyPress Membership theme designed specifically for education, events, game press, and LMS websites.

The OneCommunity theme offers full compatibility with BuddyPress as well as bbPress. Therefore, you can provide several options depending on your needs.

For example, users can create profiles, post messages, connect with other members, and engage in groups of their choice. A total of nine color schemes are available, as well as four variations of the home page and a WooCommerce-compatible theme.

WordPress and BuddyPress handle the back-end functionality, while OneCommunity handles the front-end design and appearance of your social network, so you can easily create a network for your community, business, classroom, or another group of people.

πŸ’΅ There is a price of $59 for the OneCommunity template, and you will receive free 6 months of support time.

Key Features:

  • A set of pre-built Elementor page designs
  • Designed for 40+ social networks
  • Compatibility with BuddyPress
  • Accessed from Theme Customization API
  • A support service for RTL
  • Integrate WooCommerce for physical and digital sales

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent, but needs a little more basic understanding

    xiaofeng736Oct 2019

  • A beautiful picture for sure.

    ZapmasterJun 2017

  • Okay…this is really nice. Thanks!

    theiontemplellcJun 2020

Vikinger Theme

BuddyPress GamiPress Social Community WordPress Theme

The Vikinger is a BuddyPress and GamiPress Social Community WordPress theme is ideal for the game, forum, and dark websites.

Vikinger comes with a number of demo templates that are suitable for building gaming communities and social media communities. As you use Vikinger as part of your gaming site theme, you can customize how your community appears.

The Vikinger plugin works with BuddyPress, BbPress, and GamiPress plugins, allowing users to access, interact with, and gamify your website easily and comfortably.

Your users can be rewarded for the various actions they take during their interaction with your website and content, recognized for their achievements, and ranked based on their interaction.

πŸ’΅ The Vikinger theme costs $69.

Key Features:

  • Profiles are updated with a new system
  • Post Reactions allow you to voice your opinions
  • Sharing posts with others is possible
  • To earn badges and credits for your Gamipress profile, you can earn achievements
  • Gamepress Achievements lets you participate in quests and rank up by earning credits
  • Gamipress Points create gold, gems, and emeralds as credits

Random Reviews:

  • This theme has lots of features, but the main issue is the ability to customize it. Additionally, there are a lot of incompatible Buddypress plugins that are not displayed. Or there are plugins that you can customize, but can’t because of the coding on the site. It’s really a shame.

    AD-DIGITAL87Oct 2021

Socialize Theme

Multi-Purpose BuddyPress WordPress Theme

Socialize is a Multi-Purpose BuddyPress WordPress theme that is suitable for events, forums, networks, and bbpress websites.

Socialize is a BuddyPress theme that offers a great design and all of the features that you require to combine blogging and community management.

Besides offering multiple pre-designed layouts, Visual Composer is included to help you customize your site. The theme also has unlimited sidebar options, multiple header options, child theme options, and more for creating a beautiful, engaging blog.

Moreover, with Socialize, the blog section of your website won’t seem like a mere afterthought. You can choose from six different post layouts, so every post can be tailored to its purpose.

πŸ’΅ With $249 you will get all of the benefits and 6 months of lovely support for this theme.

Key Features:

  • A front-end (front-end) and a social login system
  • Incorporate BuddyPress into your website
  • Layouts for the homepage, posts, pages, and categories
  • Featuring WPBakery Page Builder
  • Customization options are available in many different ways
  • An intuitive interface with powerful menus

Random Reviews:

  • My previous review was inappropriate and fueled by emotion. Thankfully the response to my review was swift and patient. I am very pleased with the theme and the way GhostPool does business.

    RaaqimJan 2019

  • I’m very happy with this theme and the support has been great. This is a game-changer for my website and I’m so glad I found this theme. Highly recommended!

    johnagreeneSep 2019

Buddy Theme

Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme

Buddy is a WordPress Multi-Purpose BuddyPress theme designed for community, gaming, portfolio, and Magazine websites.

Buddy’s layout provides an elegant look that is often overlooked when more elaborate and extravagant concepts are used. The Buddy Theme is a very simple theme, but it provides good functionality and integrations. It is a great theme for sites with less traffic.

Your website will be retina-ready, making it easy for users to use on their smartphones and tablets. They will also have a better impression of your site because it will support the most up-to-date high-definition displays.

Furthermore, BuddyPress and bbPress are also available for those wishing to create a discussion forum on their sites.

πŸ’΅ Buddy theme offers automatic updates for your website. It costs $199.

Key Features:

  • Options for both individuals and organizations
  • Sidebars can be created in an unlimited amount
  • All major browsers are compatible
  • Interface for logging in and registering at the front-end
  • Prepared to support retina displays
  • Integration of BuddyPress into the WordPress platform

Random Reviews:

  • Hello, I really want to thank GhostPool for its availability and support, I really like this community theme, it is very pleasant and I really hope that it will bring new features to it to make it more fashionable. good job thank you

    mahosmanOct 2021

  • A few months ago, I just used a free theme after lots of bugs. I wasn’t pleased with the quality and would not recommend it to anyone.

    tmstffrdApr 2018

Cinematix Theme

BuddyPress Nouveau Membership WordPress Theme

Cinematix is a WordPress BuddyPress Nouveau Membership theme designed for the event, gamification, forum, and blog websites.

When it comes to the Cinematix theme, it is convenient and easy to use if you are looking for a community theme that allows users to create profiles, post messages, create and interact with groups, and many other features.

In order to meet the needs of those seeking a space to discuss entertainment, BuddyPress’ community theme is the right choice.

The Cinematix theme offers a wide range of options and is one of the best BuddyPress themes available on ThemeForest. It includes over forty social networks and is customizable in terms of colors.

πŸ’΅ Its price is $59.

Key Features:

  • A set of pre-built Elementor page designs
  • BuddyPress 10x compatibility
  • More than 40 stylish social pages
  • Featured in a three-column layout
  • Color schemes can be created in a variety of ways
  • Cache built-in to store fragments

Random Reviews:

  • No editing functions, no ability to verify

    stark491Nov 2020

  • It’s a pity I had to buy this theme.

    midamgaciAug 2016

Puzzles Theme

Magazine Review with Store WordPress Theme

The Puzzles is a WP Magazine and Review with a Store WordPress theme suitable for music, games, WooCommerce, RTL, and similar websites.

The Puzzles theme provides a wide variety of easy-to-use features, such as enabling users to create movie and games review portals, blogs, forums, online stores, and gadget review websites The theme is also compatible with the WooCommerce platform.

By installing premium plugins for WordPress like WooCommerce, WPML, BBPress, and BuddyPress, you can easily create blogs, forums, and portals, and write reviews of videos, music, online games, and movies, and design blog and forum templates.

πŸ’΅ Feel free to ask for support help at any time, after purchasing the theme for $59.

Key Features:

  • Available in RTL languages
  • Five premade homepages plus six different color schemes
  • Edit layout and color schemes online
  • System for rating and reviewing
  • More than a hundred shortcodes and widgets for your website
  • Online store powered by WordPress

Random Reviews:

  • The theme’s design was unique, and the support was top-notch. Five stars.

    kazuma37Sep 2019

  • A fantastic theme! I have been using it for a few months and it does exactly what I wanted it to do. Along with that, the customer support was great. I found a few small bugs and they were very quick to communicate with me, verify, and then fix them. A top-notch theme! Thank you, Melissa and team!

    Obi66May 2020

Aardvark Theme

Community, Membership, BuddyPress WordPress Theme

Aardvark is a Community Membership BuddyPress WordPress theme for bbPress, eLearning, WooCommerce, and network websites.

Aardvark’s purpose is to assist WordPress users in setting up online communities, subscription websites, intranets, or extranets, or for those looking to provide online courses as part of their business models.

Additionally, Aardvark provides a collection of customized BuddyPress elements, such as masonry displays for members and groups, notifying users of updates, and providing custom elements for creating activity, member, and group pages.

With so many built-in demos in Aardvark, you will never run short of options to customize your BuddyPress-powered portal. You will find demos for dating, social networks, intranets, eLearning sites, and so much more.

πŸ’΅ Aardvark theme is priced at $65.

Key Features:

  • Support reviews and ratings in posts, pages, and custom post types
  • Compatibility with the Event Manager
  • Provides premium plugins worth more than $100
  • A well-documented and clean code
  • 15 custom builder elements and shortcodes
  • Optimized for mobile and SEO

Random Reviews:

  • Easily installable and set up. Well worth the money!

    LusienskiComWaySep 2021

  • The customer support is very good and reliable, they help me with all my problem

    DoctorPC123Aug 2020

Jannah Theme

Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP WordPress Theme

Jannah is a Newspaper WordPress theme designed specifically for blogs, tech blogs, Cryptocurrency, and Sports websites.

This theme is made by BuddyPress and it allows you to create your own news and magazine websites in addition to performing community-related functions and distributing information.

Apart from the numerous design options available for import which include sample demos, apart from the extensive header and footer options, this program also makes the website fully responsive in nature.

It is also possible to use the mobile menu option to update your blog and web pages hourly with subscribers and increase conversion rates. It can be fully customized and you can receive timely notifications about it.

πŸ’΅ You can buy this theme for $59.

Key Features:

  • Over two dozen demos have been produced so far
  • Install the demo using just a click of a button
  • The Google Font Library is comprised of more than 800 fonts
  • FontFace offers more than 150 different fonts
  • Various footer layouts to choose from
  • Layouts for headers are available in a variety of formats

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent support and fast response. I wish you continued progress and continuity. Thank you TieLabs.

    alhawary2016Mar 2022

  • This is a very good design that is very flexible. br

    tghani31Mar 2022

Gorgo Theme

MultiPurpose Collaborative Blog Community BuddyPress WordPress Theme

Gorgo is a Multi-Purpose Collaborative Blog & Community BuddyPress WordPress theme designed for use with bbPress, magazine, travel, and news websites.

Gorgo is designed to allow you to create multi-author websites including community blogs and multi-author websites. Based on the styling of the popular medium website, the theme’s demo page closely resembles that of the medium website.

You can customize this theme to display content how you want by choosing from the various article templates available for each piece of content you publish

It has a wide range of features, including templates for presenting the author list in a beautiful manner, as well as the ability to display individual author profiles using BuddyPress’ functionality.

πŸ’΅ $59 gets you a template with many documents and 6 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Translation and WPML compatibility of all code
  • Hundreds of Hooks, filters & actions to properly extend our themes, child themes & plugins
  • An easy-to-use page builder without the bloat
  • Live to edit with the WordPress Customizer
  • Widgets specifically designed for direct implementation
  • Members directory with custom fields based on member profiles

Random Reviews:

  • There are several themes I have purchased, but this is the best one I have seen. It is very beautiful, easy to customize, and includes all the functions of social networking sites. And the customer service is excellent, they answer questions professionally and patiently.

    AyinidJul 2021

  • I like the theme and the customer service is excellent.

    drpepper84May 2021

MetaFans Theme

Community Social Network BuddyPress WordPress Theme

With Metafans, you acquire a fully-featured profile page design and an easy-to-use slider that allows you to easily access all sections such as about, unlocked badges, images, quests completed, posts, and more.

As well as profile pages, Metafans themes also contain sections such as activity, settings, and membership and group directories.

In the future, Metafans will provide not only the features outlined above but also a variety of tools you can use to create an amazing community. Full profiles, verification badges, reactions, groups, badges, quests, ranks, credits, and much more will be available.

πŸ’΅ The theme is $49. You will get all updates and 6 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Connects you with friends and helps you gain followers through social media
  • A perfect theme for social networking or community service websites
  • A profile and activity page can be customized according to your needs using this tool
  • An updated Form for Status Updates in Profiling has been developed
  • Searching on the site will earn you credits to unlock your profile ranking as credits are earned
  • Upon collection of credits and fulfillment of requirements, it offers six ranks within our system

Random Reviews:

  • It is an excellent template, very customizable, and has excellent assistance (quickly resolving reported problems).

    onemillionracesocialMar 2022

  • A very good theme and fantastic support helped me with a few issues.

    litio105May 2022

Alliance Theme

Intranet Extranet WordPress Theme

Alliance is an Intranet & Extranet WordPress theme suitable for business, corporate, education, and managing websites.

It emphasizes functionality and features that make this WordPress theme one of the most unique, unique, and modern themes when it comes to an intranet and extranet template.

It is a theme that helps communicate better within an organization, the organization within a company, or even to handle significant data access needs for the members of the agency from all around the world.

As the developers have designed this theme to integrate with BuddyPress, employees are able to create fully operational communities, organize the activities into departments and groups, and communicate effectively with one another.

πŸ’΅ The support team at this theme helps you achieve your dream job, and you can get 6 months of support time when you only purchase the template for $59.

Key Features:

  • Create and post events, notifications, events calendars, posts, and news
  • Through BuddyDrive, users can share documents, reports, and any other files
  • Graphs can be used to share results and internal polls
  • Online courses are available for free or paid for on this theme
  • An easy way to create pages
  • A six-month supply of technical support

Random Reviews:

  • Whilst the Theme itself has not been quite as intuitive as I had hoped (I am pretty much a WordPress novice), to date the support from the Theme developer has been first-rate and all my queries and questions have been answered quickly and my issues solved. Long may this continue.

    OverviewLTDJul 2019

Sweet Date Theme

More Than a WordPress Dating Theme

Sweet Date is a Lovers WordPress theme designed specifically for bbPress, BuddyPress, community, WooCommerce, and websites.

It is a good idea to consider setting up a dating website using Sweet Date. This is because the theme is integrated with BuddyPress and contains many other useful features that will allow you to create one quite easily within minutes.

It is possible to sign up on Sweet Date with your Facebook account and complete your profile when you sign in with that Facebook account.

It offers a web-based profile navigation system and an easy-to-use matching system that allows members to easily locate members with similar interests.

πŸ’΅ The theme comes with free 6 months of support and lifetime updates when you pay the $69.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited membership levels with name and control
  • Create a membership site in a hierarchy, a bronze model, or a topical model
  • Check out your compatibility right from your user profile page
  • Secure your custom web applications or content
  • Add a simple admin box to your WordPress “Edit Pages” screen that controls membership levels
  • Use your Facebook account to register or log in

Random Reviews:

  • Throughout my career, Laura has provided me with prompt and effective support that has always allowed me to solve my problems. Exemplary service, Laura.

    ElsadesMar 2019

  • Elementor gave me issues that I had to fix myself, but they did make an effort to assist.

    graphiclickSep 2018

Noor Theme

Minimal MultiPurpose WordPress Theme, AMP RTL

Noor is a Minimal Multi-Purpose AMP and RTL WordPress theme featuring design and functionalities suitable for Agency, restaurant and fast food, portfolio, and Buddypress WooCommerce websites.

You can create WordPress websites quickly with the Noor theme by Unresolved. It combines the simplicity of a minimal layout with responsiveness and top-notch performance as well as a drag-and-drop page builder for a simple, yet powerful WordPress website.

The theme comes with more than 300 elements & modules with unlimited layouts Along with the theme, you will receive more than 30 premade layouts.

After over a year of development, the purpose of Noor is to design an ease-of-use, Multi-Purpose WordPress theme that is easy to use. PixelDima has delivered the outcomes at a very high level of performance.

πŸ’΅ You can create a WordPress website for $59 by Noor.

Key Features:

  • Content with easy access
  • Optimization for Google
  • Site loading time is extremely fast
  • Creating SEO-friendly designs and coding
  • The most popular WordPress plugin, Yoast, is fully supported
  • Viewports load images as they enter

Random Reviews:

  • Currently, I’m building a mobile website from scratch, and this theme has most of the features I need to make a responsive, professional-looking website. I have been extremely pleased with the results so far, and can’t wait to launch the new site.

    vinceladnerOct 2019

WildCommunity Theme

BuddyPress Community WordPress Theme

WildCommunity is a BuddyPress Community WordPress theme featuring design and functionalities suitable for bbPress, eCommerce, forum, and WooCommerce websites.

The WildCommunity Theme comes with a BuddyPress Plugin, which allows visitors to register on your website to become members, create profiles, send messages, connect with others, create and interact in groups, and more.

In addition to setting up a social network on a stick, you can also use it to create a community website for a business, school, sports team, or any niche organization.

The plugin works with a wide range of BuddyPress extensions, including chats, music managers, user galleries, social media posts, etc.

πŸ’΅ This theme offers many features and 6 months of free support. You can purchase it for # the price.

Key Features:

  • Add BuddyPress extensions like chat, music managers, user galleries, social articles, etc…
  • Integrates fully with the bbPress forum software
  • The inside of the site has pages for forums, groups, users, and more
  • Display different content options for guests and members on the intranet
  • API for theme customization integrated
  • Integrate Events Manager and rtMedia for uploading content

Gwangi Theme

PRO MultiPurpose Membership, Social Network BuddyPress Community WordPress Theme

Gwangi is a PRO Multi-Purpose Membership Social Network & BuddyPress Community WordPress theme designed for use with directory websites.

Among all the various premium themes available, Gwangi has a huge feature set that can be used with the BuddyPress plugin and a few other related plugins, such as BuddyPress Member Reviews.

Nine demos, the majority of which are BuddyPress-specific, make Gwangi the ideal theme to use with community networks, online dating applications, e-learning communities, discussion forums, and more.

Marketing of your business can be done through subscriptions, premium content, and advertising banners.

πŸ’΅ The theme is available 24/7. You can request assistance when you buy the theme since it comes with free six months of support with the $59 plan.

Key Features:

  • Easily customizable colors, fonts, spacing, buttons, blocks, parallax sections, videos, galleries, menus, and more
  • Five child themes to get you started quickly
  • PHP performance-optimized, no crappy SQL code, and no greedy queries
  • Hundreds of Hooks, filters & actions to properly extend themes, child themes & plugins.
  • WPML and fully translatable code
  • Live to edit with the WordPress Customizer

Random Reviews:

  • This theme and functionalities are fantastic. Support is top-notch. Thanks for everything.

    LharnischSep 2018

  • I like the theme, I don’t mind the support either!
    I recommend this theme!

    d_alinus2004Nov 2021

Mingle Theme

Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Mingle is a Multi-purpose WordPress theme suitable for business, professional, and forum websites.

The Mingle theme is compatible with BuddyPress. For those who are unacquainted with BuddyPress, it is a social network plugin for WordPress that allows you to create a fully-functional community portal on your website…”

As well as forums, group discussions, friends, status updates, and private messaging, BuddyPress provides a number of other features.

In addition to a highly flexible and intuitive interface, the WordPress theme designed for business websites provides complete control over the layout, appearance, and feel of your website. Its unique design will guarantee your website stands out among the crowd.

πŸ’΅ It is a theme support team that helps you get your dream job, and you can get 6 months of support for only $59!

Key Features:

  • A layout manager that you can drag and drop into your layout
  • Your admin options allow you to add custom fields
  • Add your company’s logo and details to the admin,
  • Theme options can be restricted to clients
  • Sidebars can be added to any custom layout
  • Use the latest technology to create advanced styles

Random Reviews:

  • Sorry, no responsive theme.

    TopScripteDec 2017

  • Support does not answer! On the support forum, unanswered posts since 2013 The template does not work fully! Rubbish 2011. I do not advise!

    svarogOKOct 2016

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