17 Best Elementor Addons & Plugins in 2022

If you’re looking for the Best Elementor Addons for your WordPress website, then you’ve landed at the right place.
Addons cover the slack in the area where Elementor lacks and enhance the functionality of the page builder.

I have compiled a list of the 17 popular addons for Elementor, highlighting their customization abilities, pricing, unique features, and what they offer in both free and premium versions. But, first, look at what Elementor is and why you need addons.

An Introduction to Elementor

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress that makes website designing very easy. With over 5 million active installs, it is one of the most popular page builders powering 7% of WordPress websites. Launched back in 2016, Elementor has been around for 6 years now, with the purpose of making website designing easy for beginners. It lets you customize every single part of your website.

If you’re non-design folk, the Elementor visual editor gives you the flexibility to drag any of the 90+ widgets to create designs like a custom sticky header, footer, and sidebar. Once you become familiar with its workflow of dragging widgets onto the page and tweaking with elements, you will find it as intuitive as it can be.

Elementor is a freemium plugin. Its basic version is free. The free version is a good choice if you want basic pages without advanced functionality. However, the pro version gives advanced functionality, including the Theme Builder and a wide range of tools, widgets, and settings.

Why do you need Elementor Addons?

Elementor is enriched with all the features required to create a great website design, but nothing is perfect. Improvements are needed in everything. If you want to unlock more design potential, here comes the Elementor addons.

Addons or extensions are WordPress plugins that enhance the core functionality of Elementor by giving a variety of widgets or new design options for existing widgets. They also provide the functionality to integrate with other plugins that you are using on your website.

To help you to choose the best addons, I have tested more than two dozen addons and selected the best one for you.

What To Look for in Elementor Addon?

There are plenty of addons in the market, but some of them do not work properly. Some are not updated regularly and with poor support. You have to look at the following points when searching for quality addons.


Price is the most important factor when you looking to buy an addon. The addon you might want to use on your website will vary depending upon the features and functionality you are looking for. It is also possible that another addon might be offering the same features in less price.


Features are the most important thing when considering an addon. You should choose the addon that offers the latest features list. You can also try more than one as you do not know that you may like their features when you try them.

Support and Updates

Updating your website themes and plugin is very crucial to save it from breaking and potential security threats. There is no difference in the case of addons. Make sure the plugin is updated regularly, and you can reach out to the support team in case you face any issues.


There are so many Elementor addons from third-party developers, so you can occasionally run into compatibility issues if you use two plugins that perform the same task. So, it is important to choose the one which works best to avoid compatibility issues.

17 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress

Now you know why you need free Elementor addons for your website, let’s explore some of the most popular and feature-rich addons for Elementor. This list contains only fan favorites with thousands of active installations.

Let’s dig in!

  1. Xpro Elementor Addons
  2. ElementsKit
  3. Essential Addons
  4. Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  5. Happy Addons
  6. Exclusive Addons
  7. Premium Addons for Elementor
  8. HT Mega – Absolute Addons
  9. Element Pack
  10. PowerPack Elementor Addons
  11. The Plus Addons
  12. Master Addons
  13. Unlimited Elements for Elementor
  14. Move Addons
  15. Crocoblock – Jetplugins Elementor Addons
  16. LiveMesh Addons
  17. Mighty Addons for Elementor

1. Xpro Elementor Addons

Xpro Elementor Addons is one of the best Elementor addons developed by the Xpro team. The add-ons pack offers 50+ free Elementor widgets that let you create modern and highly creative websites for your brand, business, or online store with minimal effort. This addons pack also offers the best elementor widgets for WooCommerce, including widgets like product title, image, price, description, and more.

You get 100+ starter sites and free Elementor templates with this Elementor addons pack. Xpro addons also offer a massive library of line icons and 100+ Elementor pre-built sections to give you complete creative freedom in designing websites your customers would simply love.

Xpro Elementor Theme Builder lets you design & customize each theme part including the header and footer. The plugin has a massive library of pre-built header & footer templates that you can easily import and customize your website.

Key Features of Xpro Elementor Addons

  • 50+ Free Widgets
  • Free sticky Header and Footer Builder
  • 15+ Dedicated WooCommerce Widgets
  • 100+ Free Elementor Page Templates
  • 200+ Free Ready-to-use Blocks
  • 10+ Free Elementor Extensions
  • WPML Ready
  • Cross-browser Ready

Pro Features

  • Unlimited Website License
  • 120+ Premium Widgets
  • 10+ Elementor Extension
  • 100+ Premium Templates
  • 500+ Premium Sections


Xpro Elementor Addon Pro is available starting at $37 for the plugin with the Annual Plan.

2. ElementsKit

ElementsKit provides everything a web developer needs to enhance the website’s appearance. It offers a wide range of modern modules to assist in creating a website that is both appealing and helpful for users. It offers 85 Elementor addons and extensions, which are easy to use and is perfect for freelancers. However, agencies can also gain benefits from its Pro features.

Its comprehensive features test your imagination to build a wonderful layout. The addons like header builder, layout kits, and mega menu builder allow you to custom control the design of your website.

Key Features of Elements Kit

  • 500 + Ready Blocks
  • 25+ Ready Templates
  • Header Footer Builder
  • Megamenu Builder
  • Widget Builder

Pro Features

  • Sticky content
  • Background image Parallax
  • Advanced Table
  • Cross Domain Copy Paste
  • Advanced Toggle and Tab functionality


Elements kit Pro is available starting at $39 annually for one website.

3. Essential Addons

Essential Addons for Elementor offer your website strength and provide you with the creative tools you need to make it even more attractive than before. This addons’ adaptability and user-friendliness enable developers and designers to manage all design aspects from a single location.

It enhances the performance of the Elementor page builder by offering more than 65 creative elements and extensions. Even with such robust and innovative design options, Essentials addons are lightweight, which does not affect the website speed.

Key Features of Essentials Addons

  • Advance Tab
  • Info Box
  • Countdown
  • Price Table
  • Filterable Gallery

Pro Features

  • Unlimited Activation
  • pro extensions
  • Premium Support
  • Interactive card
  • Parallax


The free version is available on the WordPress repository. The premium version starts at $39.97 for one year.

4. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons is one of the widely used Elementor addons. It offers a variety of functionality for developing WordPress websites. It enhances the website user experience by offering additional 200+ section blocks, 40+ widgets and extensions, and 100+ website templates.

Ultimate addons help build the Elementor webpage with its popular plugins and robust designs.

Key Features of Ultimate Addons for Elementor

  • Contact toggle
  • Modal popup
  • Timeline
  • Video
  • Infobox

Pro Features

  • 40+ elementor widgets
  • WooCommerce Widgets
  • RTL Support
  • One-to-One Support
  • 55+ Agency Starter Templates
  • WP Portfolio Plugin


Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a premium plugin starting at $55 with the Annual Plan for one website.

5. Happy Addons

WeDev, the organization that offers the plugins like WP manager, has recently added a plugin for Elementor. Happy Addons offers 21 exclusive and unique features. Compared to other third-party Elementor widgets, Happy Addons stands out in the market.

Happy Addon understands the importance of a good build webpage and allows designers to create a beautiful site using their vast range of widgets. It has stunning designs with great functionality that produce the best result.

Key Features of Happy Addons

  • Gradient Heading
  • Team Member
  • Icon Box
  • Dual Button
  • Image Grid

Pro Features

  • Cross Domain Copy Paste
  • Live Copy
  • Support Response 6 hr
  • Updates for 1 year
  • Unlimited Local Server


The free version is available on the WordPress repository. The premium version costs $39 for a one-year and use on a single site.

6. Exclusive Addons

The best feature of Exclusive Addons is their modern and trendy designs, which are ideal for updating your website and keeping it fresh for your users. They are constantly adding new sophisticated widgets and gaining traction in the WordPress market.

Exclusive Addon offers 35+ widgets and a few extensions and has crossed more than 30,000 active installs until now. Upgrade to Exclusive Addon Pro to gain access to 70+ page elements and 600+ pre-designed blocks. The Pro version includes limitless customization features, allowing developers to perfectly align web content.

Key Features of Exclusive Addons

  • Call to Action (CTA)
  • Testimonial
  • Dual Heading
  • Google Map
  • Countdown Timer

Pro features

  • 1000 Sites Activation
  • 1 Year Premium Support
  • 108+ Widgets & Extensions
  • 64+ Templates
  • Gradient Animation


This plugin is freely available on the WordPress repository. The premium version starts at $39 for one year and use on a single site.

7. Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium addons are another popular Elementor addon that has distinct design layouts for creating websites. Despite the name, it offers both free and paid features. The addon can power up your Elementro page builder with a multitude of widget features.

The plugin includes more than 60 Elementor widgets and 400+ ready-to-use section templates. All of these features enable you to quickly create an innovative website without using any code. The addon capability has the potential to uplift your WordPress site to greater levels.

Key Features of Premium Addons

  • Fancy Text
  • Team Member
  • Dual Heading
  • Mega Menu
  • Woo Commerce Product

Pro Features

  • Cross Domain Copy N’ Paste
  • Compatible With WPML
  • Cross Browser Ready
  • Content Switcher
  • Divider


This plugin is freely available on the WordPress repository. The pro version costs $59 for a single site license for one year.

8. HT Mega Absolute Addons

HT Mega allows web developers to create a highly engaging website using Elementor page builder. It is a whole plugin package for WordPress for Elementor page builder. It includes an Elementor widget, a pre-designed template, a table, and so on.

Its innovative design has limitless possibilities to reach any level of excellence. Web designers have a vast choice of 360+ blocks and 80+ widgets where they can test their imagination.

Key Features of HTMega Addons

  • Image Magnifier
  • Block Quote
  • User Register
  • Progress Bar
  • Video Player

Pro Features

  • Accessible for 999 websites
  • 91+ Page Layout
  • Intuitive Theme Builder
  • Sales Notification
  • Filterable Gallery


This plugin is freely available on the WordPress repository. The premium version starts at $39 for one year and use on a single site.

9. Element Pack

Element Pack, another powerful addon , offers quality-oriented features. It stands out from the crowd with its beautiful collection of elements providing designers with unique designs. The total exclusive amount of widgets offered by Element Pack is 230.

It also provides 315+ ready pages and more than 1800 ready blocks. These remarkable blocks and pages provide designers with a wide range of design options.

Key Features of Element Pack

  • 3D text
  • Review Card
  • Trailer Box
  • Image Stack
  • Ninja Form

Pro Features

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Total 230+ Widgets
  • 315+ Ready-made Pages
  • 160+ Header & 120+ Footer
  • Live Copy Paste


This plugin is freely available on the WordPress repository. The premium version starts at $39.2 for one year and use on a single site.

10. PowerPack Elementor Addons

Powerpack Elementor Addon is one of the fastest growing Elemetor addons. They offer unique widgets and regular updates to improve the Elementor webpage builder. Its creative collection of elements focuses on enhancing the functionality of Elementor.

The Powerpack Lite bundle includes 35+ widgets, which are sufficient to create a visually appealing website. All of the widgets are Elementor 2.0 compatible, allowing for dynamic content display.

Key Features of Powerpack Elementor Addons

  • Fast Loading
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • 70+ Elementor Widgets
  • 150+ Section & Page Templates
  • Use on Unlimited Sites

Pro Features

  • Advanced Display Conditions
  • 70+ Elementor Widgets
  • Cross Domain Copy Paste
  • WooCommerce Widgets
  • Header Footer Builder


This plugin is freely available on the WordPress repository with limited features. The premium version starts at $49/year for a one-site license.

11. The Plus Addons

Plus Addons offer an incredible collection of widgets, blocks, and templates to assist you in creating a fantastic site.

It is one of the best addons and most downloaded plugins, with over 120 powerful widgets, 18 templates, and 300 blocks. Its advanced features accelerate the building process. You can easily add styled forms, pricing lists, map sections, and much more.

Features of The Plus Addons

  • 50+ Elementor widgets
  • 300+ ready-to-use blocks
  • Advance Text Block
  • Animated Text
  • Gallery Styles

Pro Features

  • 120+ Widgets & Extensions
  • 300+ Ready to use Blocks
  • 18+ Website Templates
  • Unlimited Sites Licences
  • Background styles


This plugin is freely available to download from the WordPress repository. The premium version starts at $29/per year for a one-site license.

12. Master Addons

With over 70 widgets and more than 20 extensions, Master Addon is a wonderful addition to your Elementor page builder. The variety of elements makes it easier to make your site more visually appealing and user-friendly.

The stunning collection and advanced design are what you need for your Elementor Webpage. Master Addon offers 33+ Widgets to build an interactive site at a much more affordable price.

Features of Master Addons

  • 33+ Widgets
  • Animated Headlines
  • Team Members Slider
  • Custom CSS
  • Image Hover Effects

Pro Features

  • 1000 Websites with one license
  • 70+ Widgets & Growing
  • 50+ Ready-made Sections
  • 50+ Header & Footer Blocks
  • Advanced Accordion


This plugin is freely available on the WordPress repository with limited features. The premium version costs $49 for a one-year license and use on a single website.

13. Unlimited Elements for Elementor

The Unlimited Elementor widget pack got everything you need to build an excellent page. The collection of elements will take your page-building experience to a different level.

Unlimited Elementor offers more than 100 widgets to your Elementor Page builder, which are easy to use.

Features of Unlimited Elementor

  • Icon Bullet
  • Post Accordion
  • Woo Commerce Product List
  • Floating Chat Button
  • Animated Mouse Scroll Icon

Pro Features

  • 200+ Premium Widgets
  • 100+ Page Templates
  • Live Copy Paste
  • Multi-Source Galleries
  • Remote Control Widgets


This plugin is freely available on the WordPress repository with limited features. The premium version costs $39 for a one-year license and use on a single website.

14. Move Addons

Move Addons offer creative widgets which are lightweight and do not affect the speed of the website.

There are a variety of free widgets which are easily compatible with any WordPress Elementor Page Builder on all browsers. It offers more than 80 widgets in the Pro version, which can help you build an appealing site very easily.

Features of Move Addons

  • 42+ Free widgets
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Image Accordion
  • Count Down
  • Advance Tab

Pro Features

  • Activation on 1000 sites
  • 80+ Widgets
  • Support Response 24 hr
  • Motion Text
  • User Register


This plugin is freely available on the WordPress repository. The premium version costs $39 for a one-year license and use on a single website.

15. Crocoblock – Jet Elements for Elementor

Enhance the visual representation of your site using the Crocoblock Jet Elements plugin for Elementor Page Builder. It provides useful jet plugins with over 150 widgets to create an appealing site. With dynamic templates and a pop-up library.

Crockblock gives you options of 14+ Dynamic templates, mega menus, and theme blocks. The range of widgets gives you the flexibility to huge customization. However, the only limitation of Jet Elements is that it is not available for free.

Features of Crocoblock Pro

  • 14+ Dynamic templates
  • 20+ JetPlugins
  • 50+ Interactive popups
  • Dynamic Listing Calendar
  • Custom Content Types

Pro Features

  • Beautifully Designed Templates
  • Pre-Designed Sections
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Header / Footer Builder


The price of individual Jet plugins ranges between free and $43 per year.

16. Livemesh Addons

Livemesh addons allow developers and designers to build the best visually appealing site. The huge range of customization options can bring your imagination into reality.

Livemesh offers many of its widgets for free. However, the pro version can enhance the capability of your Elementor even more. This addon can be used to build any niche site, from professional to personal.

Key Features of Livemesh

  • Premium Quality Addons
  • Dark Version
  • Portfolio Grid
  • Progress Bar
  • Pie Chart

Pro Features

  • 25+ Addons
  • 50+ Styles
  • Demo Site Replication
  • Lightbox Support
  • Animations


This plugin is freely available on the WordPress repository with limited features. The premium version costs $37 for a one-year license and use on a single website.

17. Mighty Addons for Elementor

Last but not least, Mighty Addons created by Mighty Theme is an excellent example of one of the best Elementor addons. The Elementor Page builder’s functionality is enhanced by a variety of widgets and themes offered by Mighty.

Mighty Addons provides pre-built widgets that can be easily used to build a website.

Key Features of Mighty Addons

  • Mailchimp widget
  • Gradient Heading
  • Progress Bar
  • MA Custom CSS
  • Cross-Site Copy Paste

Pro Features

  • Unlimited Website License
  • 32+ Elementor Widgets
  • 15+ Extensions
  • 20+ Templates Kits
  • 200+ Elementor Blocks


The plugin is available on the WordPress repository for free with limited features. Mighty Addons is extremely budget-friendly. The basic pricing plan starts at just $15 for a single website for one year.

My Opinion

Now you’ve discovered all features of popular Elementor addons. Frankly, it’s up to you to choose the addons pack that fits your requirements. But before choosing any of these addons for Elementor, you must consider the website or online store you want to create and the widgets it would need. You should also consider the customization options for future enhancement of your website.

If you’re looking for paid addons, you may leave these Elementor addons behind and go with Elemetor Pro. It’s a paid Elementor Page Builder plugin developed by the creators of Elementor featuring lots of templates, widgets, and a dedicated Elementor Theme Builder. However, it is pretty expensive compared to other paid Elementor addons.

Which Elementor Addon is Best?

So, it’s your call to choose the addons you find most useful and aligned with your needs. I did my part in highlighting key features, pros, and pricing of all popular Elementor addons for you. I recommend popular addons like Xpro, Essential, Happy or Ultimate.

If you use any other Elementor addons which work well for you, let me know via the comments section below.

Don’t forget to share this post!

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