18 Best WordPress Page Builders (Free & Premium)

The WordPress universe is more significant than you think. 😅 In this article, I want to discover top free and premium WordPress page builders. Before we dive into the collection of WordPress site builders, I want to cover a few general questions.

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What is WordPress Page Builder?

Before the Gutenberg release, WordPress was a classic editor plugin. So, Developers started to think about more drag-n-drop functionality, and the era of WordPress Page Builder plugins began. WordPress Page Builder is simply a plugin to add more functionality to WordPress Editor. This is the perfect choice for designing websites without coding skills. There are also lots of WordPress alternatives, for instance, Joomla page builder (based on Joomla CMS) also offers more or less the same functionality as WordPress, simplicity, and a learning curve.

Gutenberg editor or WordPress Page Builder

After the WordPress 5.5 release, Gutenberg became a built-in editor with new features and UI improvements. The Gutenberg editor looks minimalistic and simple, which makes the editor easy to use.

💰Gutenberg pricing plans:

Gutenberg editor is a fully free WordPress editor plugin. 

😎Gutenberg main features:

  • Drag-n-drop experience
  • Become a native WordPress editor
  • Has lots of plugins and blocks for extending functionality
  • Simple content editing experience

✔Gutenberg Pros: 

Gutenberg Cons:

  • Still has fewer features than other page builders
  • No pre-built templates or layouts

📣What do the Devs think about Gutenberg?

“There’s no excuse not to use Gutenberg because it’s super fast, really easy, and so damn flexible!”- WPJohnny

“7/10 The good one to build a fast, secure website. The downside of Gutenberg, you may not find some blocks (for example, animation)” –Web Monkey

“My experience, we love Gutenberg.” – Jamie Marsland

How to Choose WordPress Page Builder?

WordPress page builders are still at the popularity stage, so how to choose among such competition?

There are few points to think about before choosing a page builder for WordPress:

  1. Ask yourself what functionality you need

Make a quick ‘wish-list’ with a list of features you need on your/client’s website.

  1. Set your budget

The main advantage of WordPress is lots of free and premium page builders plugin available on the market.

  1. User reviews

For sure, we also read reviews, comments before purchasing. So, look at the WordPress directory, YouTube tutorials, or ask questions before buying in the relevant Facebook communities.

  1. Check if support is available

Even the best WordPress page builder needs quality support to guide you and help with any issues. I recommend checking Trustpilot or Facebook Communities before buying.

Free WordPress Page Builders

I want to start with the free WordPress Page Builders. Of course, each page builder has a Pro version too. But I want to mention only those, which free version is enough for building websites:

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder

The first in our list, after Gutenberg, of course, is Elementor Page Builder. This WordPress page builder has reached more than 5 million active installations since 2016.

💰Elementor pricing plans:

You can use Elementor for free, but it also has a Premium version.

Plans start from $49 per year to $999 per year for more than 1,000 websites.

😎Elementor main features:

  • 40+ widgets
  • Clean code
  • Responsive

Elementor Pros: 

  • Facebook community
  • Drag-n-drop editing mode
  • Lot’s of Elementor extensions (including Crocoblock 😎)
  • No shortcodes after deactivation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tons of YouTube tutorials

Elementor Cons:

  • Form & Popup builder is available in Pro version
  • No support after the Free version
  • No white label for Devs

📣What do the Devs think about Elementor Page Builder?

“No need to know JS, CSS or HTML.” –Tony Teaches Tech

“I’d say that if you need a superb free drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress, Elementor should be your go-to tool. While there are other alternatives on the market, Elementor stands out as the one solution that can be used by anyone (including beginners), and doesn’t force you to upgrade to a paid license.” – WinningWP

Beaver Builder 

Beaver WordPress Builder

Beaver Builder is the free WordPress page builder plugin used by more than 200,000 users. This page builder also doesn’t generate shortcodes. And it still keeps the website layout after deactivation.

💰Beaver Builder pricing plans:

You can download Beaver Builder Lite directly from WordPress Directory.

If you’d like to upgrade, there are 3 Beaver Builder plugin plans available:

  1. Standard: $99/first year, unlimited sites, support & updates.
  2. Pro: $199/first year, unlimited sites, Beaver Builder theme, multisite capability.
  3. Agency: $399/first year, all features, plus white label is available.

😎Beaver Builder main features:

  • No coding skills
  • Lightweight 
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Drag-n-drop interface

Beaver Builder Pros: 

  • Good performance
  • Compatibility with WordPress theme
  • Basic content modules are available

Beaver Builder Cons:

📣What do the Devs think about Beaver Builder?

“..in my honest opinion it is a strong, easy to use page builder. The interface is simple to navigate, and how you build things with it makes it a good choice for beginner users. You can quickly and easily create Beaver Builder landing pages, websites and you even get the option to white label the builder as your own, with the Agency membership! If I was a web development company using page builders to build websites, I would definitely consider the white label option.”

Themify Builder

Themify Builder

The next free WordPress page builder plugin is Themify Builder, which is entirely free. You can buy only additional addons or themes.

💰Themify Builder pricing plans:

Free or premium Themify Builder 25+ addons are available for $39. 

By the way, Themify launched the Builder Pro version for $69, which includes Addons too.

Also, Themify WordPress themes go with the Themify Builder plugin.

😎Themify Builder main features:

  • 60+ design layouts
  • Responsive
  • Animation effects

Themify Builder Pros: 

  • Multi-site support
  • Pre-design layouts
  • Free

Themify Builder Cons:

  • No Header/Footer builder
  • Not intuitive interface

📣What do the Devs think about Themify Builder?

“For me their prices are a little bit off.”

Colibri Page Builder 

Colibri Page Builder

With over 100,000 active installs since 2019, Colibri is a successful WordPress builder that works by drag and drop.

💰Colibri Pricing plans:

You can use Colibri for free, but there are paid plans as well, yearly or lifetime. They are structured for individuals, small businesses, and agencies. Plans start from EUR79 to EUR449. This last plan allows you to create unlimited websites for a lifetime. It’s a deal-breaker. 

😎Colibri main features: 

  • 90+ website templates
  • 100+ predesigned blocks

Colibri pros:

  • the builder works by drag and drop;
  • everything can be customized to pixel-perfection;
  • responsive designs;
  • intuitive editor;

Colibri cons:

  • not WooCommerce-ready
  • priority support for paid plans

📣What do the Devs think about Colibri?

“The full power of the Colibri theme relies on the features that are unlocked by the Colibri builder. The theme and builder allow you to create unique websites by drag and drop within one interface.” – Cloudways


Brizy WordPress page builder

Brizy WordPress page builder is the new generation of WordPress builders launched in 2018. With only 90,000 active installations, Brizy has good rating reviews.

💰Brizy pricing plans:

Brizy page builder offers a free version and 2 paid plans:

  • Personal for $49 per year up to 3 websites
  • Lifetime for $299 for unlimited websites

😎Brizy main features:

  • Responsive website editing
  • 500+ pre-built blocks
  • 400+ icons
  • Global styling option

Brizy Pros: 

  • Simple interface
  • Auto-saving function

Brizy Cons:

  • No 100% clean code
  • A limited number of free features

📣What do the Devs think about Brizy?

“I really like their cloud feature, price is good.”

Zion Builder 

Zion Builder

Zion Builder is one of the newest WordPress page builder plugins, released in May 2020. The main difference is adding dynamic content to WordPress (sounds similar to our JetEngine plugin 😅).

💰Zion Builder pricing plans:

Zion Builder has a free version and 4 Pro plans:

  • Personal: $49 per site/ year
  • Pro : $99 per 3 sites / year
  • Extended: $199 per year, unlimited sites
  • Lifetime: $249 

😎Zion Builder main features:

  • Creating custom post types
  • Responsive editor
  • Theme Builder
  • Role manager

Zion Builder Pros: 

Zion Builder Cons:

  • Less user-friendly
  • No ADA compliance yet
  • Basic interface

📣What do the Devs think about Zion Builder?

WP Page Builder 

wp page builder page-editing screen

The next beginner-friendly WordPress page builder is WP Page Builder. Newly created by Themeum team.

💰WP Page Builder pricing plans:

You can use WP Page Builder for free or upgrade to the Pro:

  • Individuals – $39 per year, 1 site license
  • Freelancers – $59 per year, 5 sites
  • Agencies – $99 per year, unlimited license 

😎WP Page Builder main features:

  • Live drag-n-drop editing experience
  • Flexible columns & rows editing
  • Multilingual support
  • Widgets & templates are available

WP Page Builder Pros: 

WP Page Builder Cons:

  • No header/footer option
  • Lack of features compared to other WordPress page builders

📣What do the Devs think about WP Page Builder?

“Fixing any issues, speed as light.”

Nimble Builder

Nimble page builder

The next free drag-n-drop WordPress page builder is Nimble by Press Customizr. Not as popular as Divi or Elementor, but it has more than 50,000 active installations and shows good speed results.

💰Nimble pricing plans:

You can use free Nimble builder or go with one of their 4 pricing plans:

  • 1 site yearly – $39
  • Unlimited sites yearly – $79
  • Lifetime for 1 website – $89
  • Lifetime for unlimited websites – $199

😎Nimble main features:

  • Reusable templates & sections
  • Pre-design sections
  • Lots of content modules are available
  • Google Fonts compatibility

Nimble Pros: 

  • Embed shortcodes easily 
  • Mobile-orientated WordPress builder
  • Compatible with any theme

Nimble Cons:

📣What do the Devs think about Nimble?

“I’m really interested in why nobody is talking about such a fast builder.”


SiteOrigin WordPress page builder plugin

SiteOrigin WordPress page builder plugin is a clean, free and responsive set. This WordPress page builder is likely for beginners, then advanced users. But still comes with great features onboard. 

💰SiteOrigin pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Premium starts from $29 per year.

There are 3 pricing plans: for a single website ($29), up to 5 websites ($49) and unlimited websites ($99).

😎SiteOrigin main features:

  • Drag-n-drop interface
  • Frontend editing
  • History Browser to roll forward/back on your edits
  • Lots of widgets for free
  • Based on content elements

SiteOrigin Pros: 

  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Simple toolbar

SiteOrigin Cons:

  • Can be difficult for WordPress beginners
  • Looks outdated 

📣What do the Devs think about SiteOrigin?

“The Page Builder makes it easy to create responsive column-based content using the widgets you know and love.”

Premium WordPress Page Builders

There are lots of premium WordPress Page Builders, but I’ll cover only these ones:

JetThemeCore page builder is one of the newest WordPress page builders plugins. It helps to create single post pages, archive pages, headers/footers, etc.

💰JetThemeCore pricing plans:

You can buy JetThemeCore with Crocoblock subscription:

  • All-inclusive for 1 year, 1 website – $130;
  • All-inclusive for 1 year, unlimited websites – $265;
  • Lifetime license – $750.

😎JetThemeCore main features:

  • creates website structure;
  • add page templates (header, footer, single page, archive, error 404, single post page, custom post pages);
  • configure conditions to decide where to show your pages;
  • advanced conditions types.

JetThemeCore Pros: 

JetThemeCore Cons:


WPBakery WordPress Page Builder

One of the ‘old school’ WordPress page builders is WPBakery. This WordPress page builder plugin has a user-friendly front & back end editor.

💰WPBakery pricing plans:

WPBakery is a premium WordPress page builder plugin so that you can choose between regular or extended plans.

The regular plan costs $45, including updates, support and template library for a 1 website.

The extended license goes for $245 for Saas website.

You can try out the free version via a requesting demo website.

😎WPBakery main features:

  • Has lots of design layouts
  • 200+ addons
  • Comes with design options to build your own skins
  • Grid builder
  • Multisite & multilingual compatible

WPBakery Pros: 

  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Pre-built elements & layouts
  • Seamless integrations

WPBakery Cons:

  • No auto-savings
  • The interface may be not up to date
  • Slow

📣What do the Devs think about WPBakery?

“I found the transition to the front-end editor to be a little problematic at times. Sometimes it refused to load; sometimes it would load correctly. It was frustrating to have a problem with such an important feature.” – Kasareviews

“I came into this review believing WPBakery Page Builder was badly broken and an enormous source of badness in WordPress overall. After working closely and attentively with the plugin, now I know it. Avoid.” – WPShout


Divi Best Premium Page Builder

One of the best premium WordPress page builders is for sure Divi. This drag-n-drop WordPress plugin helped enormous numbers of users to build their websites.

💰Divi pricing plans:

As Divi WordPress builder has only a premium version, you choose between year-access ($89) or lifetime ($249).

😎Divi main features:

  • 40+ website elements
  • 100+ full website packs
  • 800+ website layouts
  • CSS styling options

Divi Pros: 

  • Easy-to-setup
  • 24/7 support
  • Responsive editing
  • No coding skills

Divi Cons:

  • Based on shortcodes 😱
  • No free plan

📣What do the Devs think about Divi?

You can find lots of excellent tutorials based on Divi on WPress Doctor channel.😉

Oxygen Builder

Oxygen WordPress page builder

Oxygen Builder is one of the best WordPress builders, focusing on visual website editing, SEO and performance, and WooCommerce store creation.

💰Oxygen Builder pricing plans:

Oxygen WordPress Builder offers 4 pricing plans

  • Basic – $129 one-time with lifetime unlimited license
  • WooCommerce -$199 one time, license plus WooCommerce integration
  • Agency – $279 one time, plus Gutenberg Block builder and simplified UI
  • Ultimate – $349 one time, plus composite elements.

😎Oxygen Builder main features:

  • Header builder
  • Global colors
  • Drag-n-drop editing
  • Scroll animations
  • WooCommerce-orientated 
  • Dynamic content creation

Oxygen Builder Pros: 

  • SEO-friendly
  • Good speed performance
  • Great for complex solutions

Oxygen Builder Cons:

  • Shortcodes 
  • Developer-orientated 

📣What do the Devs think about Oxygen Builder?

“Really good platform, take the time to learn it.”

WordPress Theme Builder – TemplateToaster

templatetoaster wp theme builder

TemplateToaster is a popular WordPress Theme Builder tool that allows users to create responsive websites and themes for WordPress. It is truly the best WordPress theme builder for beginners as well as professionals. One of the best things about TemplateToaster is that it provides complete control over the design of the WordPress theme.

Users can make changes to the design without affecting the functionality of the website, which is especially useful for those who create custom designs for WordPress websites.

💰TemplateToaster pricing plans:

  • Standard Edition: $49/free updates for one year, free templates/themes/sites, dedicated product support, and more.
  • Professional Edition: $99/ free updates for one year, start from scratch, custom page template design, and more.

😎TemplateToaster main features:

  • One of the Best WordPress Theme Builder
  • Drag-and-Drop Theme Creator
  • Supports Bootstrap Framework
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Plugin-Friendly
  • Stock Images Gallery

TemplateToaster pros:

  • No Learning Curve
  • Responsive Websites
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Several Customization Options
  • Built-in SEO Features
  • Quick Updates

TemplateToaster cons:

  • Unavailable for Mac OS
  • Free Trial includes watermarks

📣What do the Devs think about TemplateToaster?
“This WordPress theme builder is incredibly easy to use. I used it for my templates and it
worked really great. Since I don’t have much technical experience so I was worried in the
beginning, but thanks to this amazing WordPress theme builder who saved me. Thank you
guys!” – Samantha Brown

Thrive Architect 

Thrive Architect Builder

Not so popular, but still is one of the WordPress page builders in the WordPress universe – Thrive Architect builder. As abovementioned WordPress page builders, Thrive Architect requires no coding skills and helps to create WordPress sites visually. 

💰Thrive Architect pricing plans:

Thrive Architect is a premium WordPress page builder plugin, but you can’t buy a standalone plugin; you get Thrive Suite.

You can buy one of these plans:

  • Yearly – $228 
  • Quarterly – $90 per quarter

😎Thrive Architect main features:

  • Pre-built blocks (like Google Maps, Post Grid, Divider)
  • Create your WordPress site visually
  • Responsive

Thrive Architect Pros: 

  • You can not only WordPress page builder plugin, but other Thrive products
  • Flexible layouts

Thrive Architect Cons:

  • No option to buy the standalone plugin

📣What do the Devs think about Thrive Architect?

“The power of this page builder can only be strengthened by its ability to seamlessly and effortlessly communicate with other Thrive products, and that’s something it’s competitors are currently unable to compete with.” – AuthorityHacker


Bricks WordPress Page Builder

The next newbie on the WordPress page builder market is Bricks. This plugin was released in March 2021. Bricks builder is created with Vue (so the performance looks great) and is more likely a theme than a page builder (like Divi).

💰Bricks pricing plans:

Bricks is the premium WordPress page builder plugin, so here are 2 plans:

  • Starter: $79, for 1 website
  • Ultimate: $199, for unlimited websites

😎Bricks main features:

  • Global settings
  • Templates bundle
  • 50+ elements
  • Animations, CSS filters
  • Built-in search bar
  • RTL-ready

Bricks Pros: 

  • Good customisation
  • Roadmap, where you can vote
  • Fast & lightweight

Bricks Cons:

  • No compatibility with any other theme
  • Less number of features 

📣What do the Devs think about Bricks?

“This is in no way an exhaustive list of Bricks features, there are simply way too many to cover in a single video.  So, today we’ll be looking at the template building experience, the dynamic data features and some of the basics you’ll need on a day to day basis.”


LiveCanvas builder

LiveCanvas builder is the WordPress page builder for Developers. Simple HTML & CSS – sounds like something new among our WordPress page builders collection.

💰LiveCanvas pricing plans:

  • Pro – for designers – $79 per year
  • Lifetime – for Agency – $199

😎LiveCanvas main features:

  • 100% front end based
  • Build header/footer
  • Layout-orientated

LiveCanvas Pros: 

  • Under 150 kilobytes
  • Pure HTML

LiveCanvas Cons:

📣What do the Devs think about LiveCanvas?

WordPress Page Builder FAQs

What are free page builders for WordPress?

There are 9 free page builders for WordPress, covered in my article: Elementor, Beaver Builder, Themify Builder, Brizy, Zion, WP Page Builder, Nimble and SiteOrigin.

How do WordPress page builders affect SEO?

Many WordPress page builders care about SEO optimization, so there are no effects on your website’s SEO – for instance, Elementor, Oxygen & Divi WordPress page builders.

What is the best drag and drop WordPress page builder?

An Elementor page builder is still on top. 💪

How to switch page builders in WordPress?

As Page builder is just a WordPress plugin, you can deactivate/delete the WordPress Page Builder, but before switching, please check if there are any recommendations based on your page builder.

What WordPress page builder to choose?

We’ve prepared an interactive WordPress page builder roadmap to help you choose the plugin you need.

What WordPress Page Builder to Choose?

Which WordPress Page Builder Do You Need? 

So, we’ve discovered the main features, pricing, pros & cons about each WordPress page builder (if I missed anything, please let me know in the comments below😉). 

And now is the time to choose the suitable WordPress page builder for you:

  • Good for newbies, has lots of features: Elementor, Divi, Brizy or Beaver Builder 
  • Developer-friendly: Oxygen, LiveCanvas, Themify, or Divi.
  • Great for the WordPress explorers: think about Zion, Nimble, Bricks or SiteOrigin

Which one do you use? Please share your feedback in the comments below. 😉 

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