20 Best Car Dealer WordPress Themes 🚗 2022

What is the best WordPress theme for Car Dealers in this progressive world?

⚡️ Need a quick answer? For a quick solution, here is the Publisher theme for WordPress. It provides many features, is optimized for Google, and contains more than 100 samples that can be imported immediately.

The best WordPress themes for Car Dealers on the market will be revealed, as well as suggestions for unique situations. These themes come with appealing features, easy-to-use interfaces, and engaging layouts.

We compiled themes that are ideal for Car Dealer sites. These templates are also helpful for Auto Dealers, Car Dealerships, Car Auctions, Autotraders, Auto Parts, Car Sales, Car Rental, Automotive, Business, and more.

Here are the best Car Dealer WordPress themes for 2022:

Vehica Theme

Car Dealer & Automotive Listing WordPress Theme

Vehica is a unique and innovative car dealership WordPress theme that is extremely easy to use and flexible. It will allow you to create a unique automotive website for your business.

A drag-and-drop interface in Vehica enables you to change options without understanding programming. Colors, images, sizes, spaces, and placement can also be adjusted in its Inventory Module.

This theme is fast, responsive, and works on mobile and tablet devices. It will save you time and effort to build and manage a powerful website with no effort.

💵 Purchasing this template will cost you $79.

Key Features:

  • With one click, import the demo and all pages
  • A basic setup panel appears on the screen
  • Adding new fields and modifying existing ones
  • Search capabilities are enhanced
  • Each selection updates the search results
  • Gateways for WooCommerce monetization

Car Dealer Theme

Automotive Responsive WordPress Theme

The Car Dealer theme has been designed and developed for many automotive businesses, from car dealerships to mechanic workshops to auto motor retailers.

Many companies can use this automotive theme regardless of size due to its flexibility and contemporary appearance.

Various styles, colors, and settings can be configured within the Theme Options panel, allowing users to make their site unique in seconds.

💵 The template costs $89 and comes with free support for six months.

Key Features:

  • Integration of social media sharing features
  • Choose from 800+ Google web fonts
  • All major web browsers are supported
  • Integrated car filters with AJAX
  • Categories included in car slider shortcode
  • Payment calculator integrated into the loan

Random Reviews:

  • During installation, I had some minor problems, which were quickly resolved.

    taiancarvalhoJun 2021

  • Great theme. Excellent support, even for beginners. Design is perfect for me. My website will be available very soon, thanks to this theme.

    NB_GonabNov 2020

Motors Theme

Car Dealer, Rental & Listing WordPress theme

Automotive engineering, marine boats, motorcycle dealerships, and businesses selling, buying, leasing, or lending vehicles are perfect for Motors.

Using this WordPress theme, users can create their own unique classified listing website by using the theme’s features.

Additional features include registering sellers and dealers to submit cars for sale, importing XML or CSV inventories, and adding dealer profiles accompanied by user reviews.

💵 A theme with all these features will cost $79, including all of them.

Key Features:

  • Vertical & horizontal fully customizable banners
  • Importing inventory from a CSV/XML file
  • Feature of the Sell a Car page
  • The five most popular templates for inventory listing
  • Shortcodes for Stylemix 38 Custom Shortcodes
  • Calculate your Finances & Loans

Random Reviews:

  • It was terrific working with you, and I appreciate your help.

    PCityApr 2022

  • Exceptional support staff, they solved all of my problems very quickly!

    sebi_stanguAug 2022

CaLeader Theme

Car Dealer WordPress Theme

With the Caleader WordPress theme, car shops can sell, buy, and hire cars worldwide. This theme is WooCommerce compatible, allowing them to sell car parts.

Elementor page builder is an easy way to create pages and posts. Kirki customizer helps you make your site yours with multimedia posts, widgets, and sidebars for enhanced browsing.

It does not matter if you are selling new or used vehicles; Caleader allows you to create a catalog regardless of their condition.

💵 If you purchase the $59 theme plan, you get six free months of support. You can ask for help at any time.

Key Features:

  • CSV/XML inventory import
  • A page for selling a car
  • Car slider shortcode includes categories
  • An integrated payment calculator
  • Using AJAX to filter cars
  • The screen appears with a basic setup

Random Reviews:

  • The design is excellent, there are many features, and the support is swift and professional!

    g_rutiliSep 2020

  • I would like to recommend this theme. Great support.

    maxquoteJun 2021

Limme Theme

Limousine Transfers & Car Dealer WordPress Theme

limme is a WordPress theme designed explicitly for limousine companies and car rental companies Limme offers car bookings, airport transfers, and luxury cars.

This template comes with all the required pages for you to set up an online store using WooCommerce for selling limousines, cars, luxury vehicles, business products, and much more.

There are multiple homepages and header designs in this package. You will also find 20+ unique shortcodes, galleries, testimonials, product catalogs, and the 404 page for your shopping cart in this pack.

💵 Support is available seven days a week. When you purchase the template, you receive six free months of support. It costs $69.

Key Features:

  • Animated scrolls of excellent quality
  • Quick and courteous support
  • Easily customize the layout of your content
  • Shortcodes collection with a unique twist
  • Customize your colors with ease
  • Animations for zooming in on images

Random Reviews:

  • It’s a great theme, and you have superb support. Thanks a lot.

    KurtOvaereNov 2021

  • You’ve done a great job with the theme; thank you


Voiture Theme

Automotive & Car Dealer WordPress Theme

The Voiture theme offers several valuable features for car listing websites, including an easy-to-use layout that is incredibly convenient for automotive operators and dealers.

Voiture is not only a WordPress theme for car dealers but the ultimate WordPress template for anyone seeking a simple yet effective Car Dealer script for generating revenue online.

Besides dozens of homepage headers and testimonials, this package also contains 20+ unique shortcodes, product catalogs, and a 404 page for the shopping basket.

💵 The theme costs $48 and is supported for six months.

Key Features:

  • Tables of Comparison Pricing
  • A user dashboard template
  • A powerful listing sorting feature
  • Listings showcased in multiple ways
  • Add a listing to the front end
  • A one-click demo import option is available

Random Reviews:

  • My problem was resolved promptly despite this theme’s lack of documentation and poor code quality.

    mitechwebsMar 2022

  • The customer service is always beneficial and friendly, and I’ve had customizations done to my theme, and they helped me with a handful of problems. This is a great company!

    shehanpeMar 2022

AutoPro Theme

Car Dealer WordPress Theme

The AutoPro theme is most suitable for dealerships, agencies, and trading websites since it lets you display various vehicles on your website. It provides several features that assist in effectively presenting products.

The minimalistic design allows you to personalize the layout with moveable sidebars and unlimited colors and adjust the form to your preferences.

Aside from offering a choice between boxed or full-width layouts, AutoPro’s customer service is exceptional and committed to making sales.

💵 The theme was created by a professional author and costs $59 to download.

Key Features:

  • Including all installed Extensions
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • Sort listings with ease
  • Multiple ways to display listings
  • High-quality animated scrolls
  • Support on time

Auction Theme

Car Dealer WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

Auction WordPress Theme has a clean and modern design and is excellent for mechanics & car listings websites. As a result of its responsive design, it is compatible with all major mobile and desktop browsers.

An easy-to-use page builder and Theme-Option panel allow professionals and agencies dealing with cars to customize their websites and easily create layouts.

A page builder is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to easily create a layout for your website and make adjustments to suit your needs.

💵 Free 6 months of support are included with this theme. The cost is $44.

Key Features:

  • A wide range of shortcodes can be used
  • An easy way to build your page
  • Detailed documentation for easy editing
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Widgets for Twitter Feeds and Latest Tweets
  • A one-click demo import option is available

Random Reviews:

  • You have been accommodating in fixing the footer and catalog. Thanks very much!

    chinasky001Nov 2018

  • This is a great job and, above all, assistance pornoarte de dexter ….. Good luck. It is highly recommended.

    david665Nov 2017

Motodeal Theme

Car Dealer & Classified WordPress Theme

MotoDeal WordPress theme is ideal for creating stunning websites for motor and non-motor vehicle dealerships. It can be used to build websites whether you sell luxury cars, budget cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, or agricultural machinery.

Users can easily and quickly create a highly professional and dynamic website with Motodeal. Many of its features are packed with several excellent and valuable features. Due to its responsive nature, it works well on all devices and screens.

💵 It offers many features and six months of free support. It costs $49.

Random Reviews:

  • FIXED – FIXED the host site issue, as all files appear to be included!

    densityofsoulsFeb 2022

  • It’s a superb product that works well and is easy to set up. It would be nice if the customization were more accessible, but the after-sales support is excellent.

    HerooMediaAug 2021

Dazimaxx Theme

Car Dealer WordPress Theme

The Dzimaxx theme can be used to start a business related to automobiles, including garages, motels, gas stations, tires, brakes, car rentals, car diagnostics, auto glass repair, and private car services. It covers a wide range of automotive-related topics and caters to them.

Your website can be customized without technical knowledge, so you don’t need to have any experience to design one.

Over 850 Google fonts are available from anywhere in the world, and you can see a preview of each font in real-time.

💵 There is a charge of $49.

Key Features:

  • Choose from 3 icon libraries and enhance your Websites
  • A wide range of website templates
  • Build beautiful content with 850+ Google Fonts
  • Create demo pages for your clients just by clicking
  • A wide variety of colors are available
  • An easier way to build pages with drag-and-drop features

IdealAuto Theme

Car Dealer & Services WordPress Theme

IdealAuto is a WordPress theme designed specifically for car dealers, car wash services, auto rentals, auto parts shops, car detailing businesses, and car dealers.

Its wide range of features makes it an ideal choice for car dealers, car wash services, auto parts suppliers, and auto trading sites.

Although it has a minimalistic design, its layout is flexible, allowing users to move the sidebars and change colors as they see fit. Its flexibility and minimalist design offer a high level of customization.

💵 The template is available for $59 and includes six months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Fonts from Google in more than 800 styles
  • Includes all extensions
  • Cross-browser support is available
  • Full documentation provided
  • Support is provided on a full-time basis
  • A wide variety of color options are available

Random Reviews:

  • After struggling initially, I got a fantastic deal on the theme and customer support. Everything works flawlessly, and I would highly recommend it!

    Sifra555Aug 2021

  • This is a very cool design, with a good theme and a rapid and helpful support team.

    nailhongAug 2021

Auto Theme

WordPress Theme for Mechanic, Car Dealers and Repair Shops

Auto is a light and clean WordPress theme perfect for car repair shops for businesses in the automotive industry. Your website will have a clean look.

You will have a brand new website up in no time with the Auto WordPress theme. You will have all the necessary features to take your business to the next level. Most importantly, it is straightforward to set up and use.

Professionals and agencies can customize a website and create a layout that suits their needs using the Page Builder and Theme Options Panel.

💵 With $99. you get this easy-to-use theme.

Key Features:

  • The detail page for dealers
  • Automobile specifications for custom-made models
  • Specifications for tabs according to their technical specifications
  • Displaying listings in a variety of ways
  • Animated scrolls of the highest quality
  • Timely and professional support

Auto CarForYou Theme

Responsive Car Dealer WordPress Theme

The Auto CarForYou theme is designed to meet the needs of automobile dealers, car re-sellers, car service stations, and retail outlets dedicated to selling motor vehicles.

This theme has features typical of all Elementor themes, such as multiple color schemes and other features.

Almost twenty interior pages and a mobile app are included together with different homepage layouts, listing styles, and listing details, and a mobile app.

💵 It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a developer. The Auto CarForYou theme is modern, and the $89 is for the lifetime license.

Key Features:

  • Option to add Google ads & custom ads
  • Opportunities for advanced theme customization
  • Comparison page with a modern design
  • Dealer dashboard at the front end
  • User Login/Registration for Dealers
  • An OpenStreetMap & MapBox combination.

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent, I trust our work together!

    kiszervezettmarketingNov 2020

  • Thanks for providing such high-quality support.

    StoreautoMay 2019

Carena Theme

Car Dealer Rental and Automative WordPress Theme

The Carena WordPress theme is specifically designed for automotive industry employees. The theme has several features tailored for those in the industry.

In addition to its powerful Administration Options, this application can also be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

This theme also comes with easy-to-follow documentation, making customizing the application to meet individual needs more straightforward.

💵 You will receive 7-24-365 support for $59 per year.

Responsive Theme

Car Dealership Automotive WordPress Theme

Responsive is a fully-featured WordPress theme designed for car dealerships and automotive companies. This theme enables you to create a fully functional website that will help your dealership or automotive company connect with its customers and dealers with their customers.

With this theme, you can buy or sell autos from anywhere in the world and earn a lot of money. You can purchase or sell automobiles from anywhere in the world very efficiently.

💵 The theme comes with six months of free support when you buy it for $79.

Key Features:

  • A theme with an SEO-optimized design
  • Widgets with lots of helpful information
  • A variety of blog styles to choose from
  • A quick way to import the demo content
  • Adding advanced styling options to your theme
  • Currency converter integrated

CarSpot Theme

Dealership and Automotive WordPress Theme

Designed specifically to grow online automotive and car dealership businesses, the Car Spot WordPress theme is fully-featured and robust.

You can use this Auto Dealer WordPress theme to create a fully functional website that meets the needs of your business, regardless of what type of business you operate.

With Carspot’s most comprehensive ads features available from one of the most popular WordPress themes for car dealerships, ensure your business sales are maximized.

💵 Take advantage of this modern theme for only $59!

Random Reviews:

  • It’s a pleasure to recommend your products because ScriptBundle provides excellent and supportive customer support service. The support is beneficial. Even when I have a problem, they help me out. I am going to continue to use this support after it expires.

    mazharnadeemOct 2020

AutoParts Theme

Car Parts Store & Auto Services WordPress Theme

Autoparts is ideal for online auto parts and service stores to have a WordPress theme that is fully responsive and features a high-class bold design.

In addition, it can be helpful for companies that provide auto repair services, collision centers, car wash services, garages, and workshops, as well as auto blogs and other sites that provide information regarding automotive repair and maintenance.

💵 This template costs $69 and you will get six months of support.

Key Features:

  • A section dedicated to related posts
  • Styles available for multiple blog types
  • A variety of layout options are available
  • A collection of more than 20 post animations
  • Easily customize blog feeds
  • Views, likes, and sharing buttons on posts

Autozone Theme

Auto Dealer & Car Rental WordPress Theme

With the Autozone theme, you can create an attractive and well-structured auto dealership WordPress site that will attract new customers and improve the efficiency of your business.

One of the critical features of the Autozone WordPress theme is its ability to be used for various purposes, including rental car websites and news publications.

The one-click demo installation feature makes integrating completed pages created for your Auto Business on your website effortless. These are customized according to your goals and can be modified to meet your needs.

💵 With a purchase of $66, you’ll receive six months of support.

Key Features:

  • An online booking system is available
  • Adding cars to your site
  • Payment gateways with a broad range of flexibility
  • Easy installation with just one click
  • A variety of blog styles
  • Layout options are available

GCarRental Theme

Car Rental and Limousine WordPress Theme

The Grand Car Rental theme is not only based on WordPress but also has a responsive layout that is compatible with all devices. Grand Car Rental is the perfect theme for websites that offer limousine and car rental services.

Several pre-defined styles and templates are available. Many additional features are explicitly tailored for car rental companies, limousine companies, and other transportation providers.

💵 This theme is available for $64 and comes with six months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Show how many views each car has
  • Various pricing options for multiple cars
  • Provide multiple pictures of your vehicles, ex.
  • A review and gallery of the latest car videos
  • Different payment options are available to you
  • Opportunities for enhancing the coupon experience

Random Reviews:

  • I did not like how its customization is often complex and encrypted, i.e., you cannot create new container blocks. That limits you a lot.

    MasaiTravelMar 2021

Vrooom Theme

Auto Dealer WordPress Theme

The Vroom theme is a fully-responsive WordPress theme designed for car dealers, sellers, agents, and automobile companies/businesses. It has been highly successful in terms of conversions since being developed by WordPress 3.0.

With this WordPress theme for Auto Dealers, each page will be fully responsive and resized gracefully to fit most modern devices. No matter what kind of dealership you operate or whether you are just starting the business, you will find everything you need in this theme.

💵 It costs $59, which includes All Features + 6 Months of Support Time + All Offers Plugins + Free Lifetime Updates.

Key Features:

  • XML file with demo content in it
  • A collection of excellent elements
  • The ability to import demos with a single click
  • The Elementor Page Builder is included
  • Powerful options for customizing your theme
  • Various layout options are available for you to choose from

WordPress Car Dealer Template FAQs.

We have answered many questions about the best WordPress themes with thousands of visitors. Following are some of the most common questions about Car Dealer WordPress templates.

Delete these questions if you already know the answers.

How should I proceed when choosing a theme for my WordPress Car Dealer site?

The best Car Dealer templates for WordPress can be found here if you need one.

It is recommended that the Publisher theme be used for a good website. The Astra template can also be used for creating a Car Dealer website.

Can you tell me which hosting is better for a car dealer?

If you choose a lousy Car Dealer hosting company, you might end up with a website with no future. Make sure you choose a hosting provider you can rely on when building a Car Dealer website. If you are just getting started, we recommend Bluehost.

A summary of the findings

Everybody with an online presence can use these themes to make their site look great. We tried to provide detailed information about the best WordPress Car Dealer templates.

The Publisher template is among the top WordPress themes if you have a limited budget or want a simple theme that supports updates and offers good support. The Publisher theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes, acclaimed for its ease of use, speed, and flexibility.

We hope that you will find this helpful article.

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