20 Best Certificate Fonts 📜 2023 (Free & Premium)

The best font for your certificate can make it stand out even when it’s free, so we’ve put together this guide where we’ll explain how to find the best certificate fonts, regardless of the free or premium option you choose.

From script fonts to modern sans-serif fonts, certificate fonts come in a wide variety of styles and designs. It is possible to make your certificate look professional and polished with a wide variety of certificate fonts.

It is very easy to create a lasting impression with these typefaces because of their balance between simplicity and elegance, and they will make your certificate stand out from the crowd.

This blog post will provide an overview of 21 of the best certificate fonts – both free and premium – to help you find the perfect choice for your design. From traditional serifs to modern calligraphy, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to make your certificate shine. So let’s get started!

Best Premium Certificate Fonts

BLOSTA is a luxury and elegant font pair that can bring a unique flair to any design project. With its two different styles, Serif Decorative and Calligraphy Typeface, you can create beautiful designs such as wedding media, book covers, greeting cards, logos, branding, business cards and certificates with ease. Its OpenType features make it easy to use and add to any existing design.

BLOSTA is perfect for anyone who wants to create a classic, formal, or luxurious look. Whether you’re creating a logo, wedding invitation, business card, or certificate, BLOSTA can help you craft a beautiful design that looks amazing. It has all the right details to make your projects really stand out and its ligatures and special characters will give your design that extra touch of elegance.

Qanthorely Castigra is an elegant and luxurious font perfect for modern calligraphy applications. The font features graceful curves and intricate details, giving it a timeless beauty. It’s ideal for wedding media, book covers, greeting cards, logos, branding, business cards and certificates.

Qanthorely Castigra stands out among other fonts due to its unique style. Its characteristic curves and angles are both sophisticated and stylish, making it the perfect choice for any design project that requires a touch of class.

The font can be used to create stunning designs that are sure to make an impression. Additionally, it comes with a variety of alternate characters and ligatures, giving designers even more options when creating their designs.

Mallaire Calligraphy is a unique calligraphy font with a classic touch, inspired by the handwriting of ancient manuscripts. It’s perfectly suited for wedding invitations, book covers, greeting cards, logos and branding, business cards, and certificates. It contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, and supports multilingual and PUA encoding.

This font has been designed to work together in harmony, creating a beautiful aesthetic that can enhance any design project.

The detailed curves and swashes bring an elegance and timelessness to projects, while the diverse range of characters allows you to create stunning typographic arrangements. Whether you’re looking for a formal or luxurious look, Mallaire Calligraphy is sure to add a special touch to your designs.

JAROHY is a gothic font perfect for creating labels, retro designs, stamps, badges, Oktoberfest posters and any other type of design. It’s bold and masculine, making it ideal for designs that require strength and an unforgettable impression.

The font comes with a range of features such as its compatibility with various software programs and multiple languages, plus its versatility for adapting to different uses. With JAROHY, you can create design projects from labels and logos to headings and quotes.

If you are looking for a perfect font to use for your promotional or business letterhead, logos, tattoo designs, business cards, website headers, and product labels, JAROHY is your one-stop font shop that will allow you to perfectly express what you want.

This font was designed to convey a sense of sophistication, formality, and luxury in any design, whether it be a wedding media design, book cover design, greeting card design, logo design, branding design, business card design, certificate design or anything else that calls for it.

The font has some great features which make it easy to use. It comes with multilingual support and special ligatures, as well as OTF and TTF files so you can use it whether you have OpenType-compatible software like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw, or if you just have something like Font Book (Mac) or Character Map (Windows).

As far as making your work stand out and adding an extra touch of class to your work is concerned, there is nothing quite like Desirable Calligraphy. When you use this font, you will be sure to add a touch of sophistication to your work whether you are designing a logo for a high-end client or creating personal stationery. This font is ideal for anyone that wishes to create a design project that is subtle yet elegant, as it is a great font for everyone.

Veinline font is a great choice for graphic designers looking to create lively, eye-catching designs. It’s inspired by old style ephemera letterhead print, beer label, certificate, billhead, lithographic design and sign store from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

With Veinline regular and Veinline Alternate, it’s never been easier to access alternate versions of a font and make your design stand out. The combination of the regular, clean style and the hand painted swashes ornaments makes Veinline perfect for all kinds of designs, including labels, headlines, logos, signage, posters, certificates, book covers, and more.

Plus, with each font containing two styles, you can easily switch up your look while ensuring your design stands out and still looks professional. All in all, Veinline is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an interesting, creative font that stands out from the crowd!

Bolgifam is a stylish and sophisticated font pair that is perfect for any design project. This two-style font family comes with a Sans Modern Regular typeface and an Italic version, as well as a classic calligraphy style with trending ligatures and special characters.

With Bolgifam Family, you can easily bring elegance, luxury and trendiness to your designs. Whether you’re creating wedding media, book covers, greeting cards, logos, branding, business cards, or certificates, this font family can give them a classic, formal, and luxurious look.

This font comes with OpenType features that make it easy to use and will enhance your creativity as well. You’re sure to love the way Bolgifam Family looks and the wide array of features it offers, which will give you a chance to express yourself more freely.

‘American Signer’ is a script brush font that is inspired by traditional 1980’s sign painting. It is highly detailed and has been designed to provide you with the authentic look of hand-painted letters.

The font comes with a selection of ligatures, alternate characters, and swashes which make it perfect for logo design, badge creation, labels, packaging, certificates and other vintage designs.

If you need a logo for your business or a certificate for someone special, you can be sure that American Signer will deliver exactly what you require. You can expect this typeface to turn your project into something very special if it is equipped with intricate details and a wide range of ligatures, alternate characters, and swashes.

Lile Dahliya is a classic font with modern flair, perfect for wedding media, book covers, greeting cards, logos, branding, and business cards. It’s especially well-suited for certificates. The font is easy to use due to OpenType features and adds an elegant touch to all kinds of design projects.

With its classic look of a block typeface balanced with a modern twist, Lile Dahliya is a font that will not only stand out from the crowd, but also add a sophisticated and elegant touch to any text. Designed for a professional or luxury typesetting, Lile Dahliya will be an excellent choice.

There are a number of options in Lily Dahliya for graphic designers who are interested in creating something unique with it. Due to the OpenType features of the font, it is easy to use and customize, which means that you will be able to tweak it as you need. This font will surely add a touch of elegance and fun to any project that requires a classic vibe.

Deluce – Luxury Serif Font is the perfect choice for any graphic designer looking for an elegant and modern font. Featuring a low contrast of strokes, slightly squarish shapes of round characters, and emphasized business-like nature, it is ideal for art, modern envelope lettering or book design, happening style like hand-drawn design or watercolor design theme, craft design, any DIY project, book title, wedding font, pop vintage design, or any purpose to make our art/design project look pretty and trendy.

Deluce is a very versatile font family available in seven styles that can be used for a variety of purposes, from logos and branding, to invitations and other printed materials. It is a font that will instantly add sophistication to your designs while also preservingng its readability.

A smooth curve along with sharp edges make Deluce a font that makes it an ideal choice for use in both small and large sizes across a wide range of applications. As a font that makes it easy to use and looks great, Deluce makes a great choice for graphic designers and is sure to stand out for the right reasons.

Avole is a new serif typeface designed to provide a modern, elegant look to any design project. It offers Regular style, along with ligatures and complete multilingual glyphs, allowing designers to create stunning visuals with ease.

The OpenType features make Avole truly versatile – perfect for headlines, posters, packaging, T-shirts, postcards, invitations, wedding signs, and much more. The font is also incredibly easy to use, making it an ideal choice for beginners as well as experienced professionals.

What really sets Avole apart is its extensive support of special ligatures. By taking advantage of these features, you can create beautiful sequences that evoke a personal touch, adding unique appeal to your designs.

Aortascarta is an Old Blackletter style font perfect for logos, tattoo lettering, certificates and more. It has a slight decorative touch that makes it suitable for supporting designs with a dark, gothic and vintage feel.

The font itself is versatile and can be used to create logos, signs, and other design elements. It has a distinct Gothic style that makes it stand out from the crowd, while still remaining legible enough to read. This font retains a high level of detail as well as precision, so that you can create intricate logos and designs with it

The aesthetics of Aortascarta make it an excellent choice for adding a touch of sophistication to any project you are working on. It has a slight decorative touch to each letter, adding depth and texture, making it ideal to use for creating logos and certificates. Furthermore, this font has a timeless appearance because its blackletter style will not be going out of style any time soon on.

The perfect font choice for the modern designer, William Duke is a classic font that offers OpenType features to recreate the feeling of authentic 19th century English handwriting. So if you’re looking for a classic and formal typeface to use on your wedding media, book covers, greeting cards and certificates, look no further than William Duke.

Using this font is easy and enjoyable thanks to its rich OpenType features. Whether it be for branding, business cards or logos, William Duke adds a touch of elegance and class that will bring any design work to life. With smooth curves and sharp edges, this font offers a unique style that is sure to make your writing stand out from the crowd.

But perhaps the best part about William Duke is its versatility; it can be used in a variety of creative projects, from book covers to logos. With all the options this classic font provides, there’s no doubt that it can take your designs to the next level.

Seila is a luxurious and one-of-a-kind calligraphy font. It is crafted with precision to create a harmonious design perfect for wedding invitations, books covers, greeting cards, logos, branding, business cards and certificates. Seila offers a unique, formal, and luxury look for any design project.

You can choose from a wide selection of shapes and weights in order to make your designs stand out from the crowd. The letterforms are crafted carefully ensuring a professional look for your work. With the option to select from a wide range of shapes, you are guaranteed to get the perfect font for the job.

Seila also comes with plenty of OpenType features such as ligatures and swashes, enabling you to customize your text even further. This makes it easy to create a beautiful, personalized design that looks great on any medium.

As a calligraphy font, Seila is a fantastic choice for any design arsenal. Its elegant and luxurious look affords it the perfect touch of sophistication, making it an ideal font for projects that need to compete with the best.

The Kaluge is a stylish and sophisticated font perfect for any design projects. It comes with Serif Decorative and Women Abstract Illustrations that make it ideal for wedding media, book covers, greeting cards, logos, branding, business cards and certificates.

The font has a unique style and offers a classic, formal and luxurious look. It also has OpenType features that give it a fun and elegant edge. With the addition of special characters and trending ligatures, The Kaluge will bring a trendy look to your designs.

You won’t need to have any technical skill to use this font. It works perfectly with other fonts, making it perfect to combine with other fonts as well as enhance creativity. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something chic and modern or something with a classic feel, The Kaluge is sure to be an excellent choice if you’re thinking of using it.

Best Free Certificate Fonts

Aspire Font is an elegant script font released by Reference Type Foundry. With over 109 glyphs and characters, it’s a great choice for graphic designers looking to add a personalized touch to their work.

This font is available in Truetype format, so it’s compatible with most operating systems and software. It’s also easy to install and use, making it accessible to both experienced and novice designers alike.

Aspire Font also has plenty of features designed to help you make your design stand out. Its OpenType features include stylistic alternates and contextual alternates, allowing you to customize your text with ease. It also features swash caps and discretionary ligatures, which add extra flair to designs.

Designed in a beautiful, fluid cursive style, Dance Script has a unique and relaxing look that makes it suitable for a wide variety of uses, including site headers, graphics on website titles, and more. It has a slightly informal feel, but still retains a professional appearance despite its fluid style. It can be used for anything a website might needal.

The font is characterized by its very natural curves, which give it a handwritten look. The letters are also quite tall, which gives text written in Dancing Script a distinctive presence on the page. It’s available in a range of weights, so you can adjust the thickness to match the style of your project.

What’s more, Dancing Script supports a broad range of languages, from English to Spanish and beyond. This means you can use it for multilingual projects without having to switch fonts. Furthermore, it also works great with numbers, making it easier to create financial documents or statistical charts.

Indenture English Penman is a premium font inspired by 18th and 19th century English and American indenture contracts. This unique font includes dozens of versals to each alphabet letter, some versals in Old English style, plus flourishes to use at beginnings of paragraphs or chapters, and many additional flourishes that are perfect for creating documents with an antique feel.

There are hundreds of glyphs available, so users can create truly unique documents that stand out from the crowd when using the font with the Glyphs resource in Illustrator or other software. The font works especially well when used with the Glyphs resource in Illustrator or other software, so users can make the most of its features.

The versals available in Indenture English Penman offer great versatility, making it easy to create everything from formal documents to more casual designs. The flourishes also provide a nice vintage touch that can add a lot of personality to any project. All in all, this font is sure to give your design projects a professional, yet classic look.

A monoline script font with long fine strokes and bold swashes of uppercase letters, Sacramento is a funky, hip font that has been designed in a way to appear like vintage styles from the 1960s. Using this font you can create bigger signs and advertisements that have a vintage style.

Choosing a font with easy ability to read makes this font an excellent choice for Pinterest pins as well as other social media posts. It is also an ideal font for headers and marketing materials such as business cards, stationery, invitations, and everything else that is needed to advertise.

Sacramento is one of Canva’s best cursive fonts, offering elegance in a simple style. The long, fine strokes make it easy to read while the bold swashes of uppercase letters make it stand out. It is perfect for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their design projects.

‘Great Vibes’ is a classic script font with sweeping lines that make it perfect for invitations, certificates, and other projects. The font includes several stylistic alternatives for lower case letters, offering the designer more options to create elegant designs.

There is an elegant simplicity to Great Vibes in the way lowercase letters behave, while uppercase letters look more formal. This creates a great balance between formality and informality, giving the design a refreshing style without overwhelming the client.

The font also features an incredibly easy-to-read style. With elegant curves and stylized letterforms, Great Vibes ensures legibility in all sizes. This makes it ideal for certificate designs, where readability is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certificate font?

A certificate font is a typeface that conveys a sense of authority, credibility, and trustworthiness. It is used for official documents and certificates, making them appear more professional and reliable.

What is the history of certificate fonts?

The use of certificate fonts dates back to the 15th century, during the time of the Roman Empire. They were used for the official documents and certificates of kings, queens, and other rulers in order to lend an air of authenticity and respectability.

What should I look for in a certificate font?

You should choose a certificate font that conveys an air of authority, formality, and trustworthiness when selecting it. It should be easy to read without any distracting or overly ornate elements, so be sure to choose a font that conveys these qualities.

Classic styles have clean edges, sharp edges, and a sense of tradition that is easy to find. Look for with clean lines, sharp edges, and a sense of tradition.


A certificate is an important part of any professional document, and selecting the right font can make a big difference in how well it is written.

We examined 21 of the best free and premium certificate fonts available in this blog post. We have a wide selection of serif and sans-serif styles here that will fit into any project that you may be undertaking.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to read through my article. If you have any questions or if you need any help with your certificate design, please let me know in the comment section below.

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