20 Best Vintage & Retro WordPress Themes πŸ’« 2022

What are your plans for your Vintage & Retro website in 2022? How do you find the best Vintage & Retro WordPress theme?

⚑️ Looking for a quick solution? We recommend the Publisher theme for WordPress. This theme has many features, is optimized for Google, and has over 100 pre-made demos.

The following text will cover the best WordPress themes for Vintage & Retro sites and various other types of vintage and retro websites. We opted out of themes that are not SEO-ready, mobile-friendly, or speed optimized.

I designed the following templates purely for Vintage & Retro websites. But also, you may use these template’s on sites with Mid Century Modern, Vintage Newspaper, Vintage Blog, Hipster, Western, Antique, Old, Multipurpose, WooCommerce, and Business sites.

The following are some of the best Vintage & Retro WordPress themes in 2022:

Retro Theme

Vintage WordPress Theme

The Retro theme combines a vintage design with several modern features, making it an excellent option for anyone seeking a contemporary theme with a retro feel.

Including the Revolution Slider plugin in the theme bundle can create great-looking sliders for your website. This theme is also available in five preset skins; you can customize it with unlimited colors.

You can use this theme to build a portfolio website. You will find several options to design a portfolio page, including social media options, shortcodes, a contact form builder, and more.

πŸ’΅ Using a Retro template, you get automatic updates for your website. The template costs $59 per year.

Key Features:

  • An administration panel with powerful features is available
  • A PSD file with background patterns was included
  • The integration of the social environment
  • Information regarding the location of the files
  • The Revolution Slider plugin is available
  • A custom widget is available

Random Reviews:

  • My favorite theme – it’s so easy to use, it works, and it’s so pretty!

    thesourcepNov 2018

  • This theme is good, but I am disappointed with the lack of updates.

    pugsnpollyMay 2020

Vigor Theme

Vintage WordPress Theme

With Vigor, you can easily import, customize, and present this vintage theme to businesses and individuals of all sizes. Suppose you wish to blog, showcase your products online, or give your products online. In that case, Vigor has several creative multipurpose themes you can use.

It is perfect for any artist’s portfolio website since it does not require coding skills and works with several plugins, including WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, and WooCommerce.

You can create a website easily and sell products online whenever you want. No two websites are alike, so you can customize any element to suit your needs.

πŸ’΅ Vigor offers All Features + 6 Months of Support + All Plugins + Free Lifetime Updates for $79 only.

Key Features:

  • Maintenance Mode Functionality is available
  • Animated transitions between pages in Ajax are available
  • With support for images and videos, Edge Slider is available
  • Zoom animation is available on the Slider images
  • Various portfolio layouts are available
  • Getting the most out of your footer

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you very much for your theme. I have installed it on my website, and it works fine. However, your security warning keeps coming up on the page. I have managed to get it fixed, but I can’t stop it from happening again. Please let me know how to stop this from happening. I will never need your logo!!???

    woulierAug 2021

  • The theme is very well designed, and everything is perfect. The service team is amiable and promptly responds to any questions.

    C2networksJul 2019

VintWood Theme

Vintage, Retro WordPress Theme

VintWood can be customized to meet the needs and preferences of any website owner, whether you are creating a vintage-style website from scratch or transforming an existing website to offer a vintage look.

To create a website that meets your business’ and clients’ needs, WordPress themes are designed to meet both of these needs.

This theme offers a variety of page types, including comprehensive and boxed layouts, a variety of fonts, icons, widgets, and features that include a responsive design and retina graphics.

πŸ’΅ Buy the VintWood theme for $59, and you’ll be ready.

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive and boxed layout is available
  • There are a large number of layout options available
  • A visual composition tool is included
  • There are multiple custom widgets available
  • A selection of Google fonts is included
  • In this theme, the surface is touch-sensitive

Random Reviews:

  • It is incredible how fast the support is on ThemeForest! Keep up the excellent work.

    WikidCoolMar 2020

  • Thank you so much for your fantastic design, friendly manner, and easygoing attitude.

    mgiboFeb 2021

Vintage Retrolie Theme

Retro Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Vintage Retrolie is ideally suited to websites with a retro style, influenced by classic designs, classic decoration, retro photography, or any website using vintage design elements.

The designs of the banners, homepages, and sliders, in conjunction with the color scheme of the icons and typography of the text, contribute to the overall dreamy atmosphere.

Additionally, this theme includes more than 150 premade layouts, which can be customized in various formats. This makes it suitable for many websites, such as blog portfolios, news, and media websites, electronic magazines, business travel, lifestyle, or eCommerce websites.

πŸ’΅ Vintage Retrolie comes with All Features + 6 Months of Support Time + All Plugins + Free Lifetime Updates for $59 only.

Random Reviews:

  • A great template

    kontaxiskMay 2022

  • It has a lot of features, and its support is excellent. I had problems with the demo installation, and they helped me. I’d highly recommend it!

    rodeospotSep 2021

Retro Portfolio Theme

One Page Vintage WordPress Theme

Retro Portfolio is a fully-responsive one-page template with a fancy layout for showcasing your portfolio. It is available in both retina and standard resolutions.

The theme allows you to create a stunning one-page website that showcases any of your personal, professional, or work content. The tool has various features, including creative icons, a beautiful portfolio gallery, and color options from Google Fonts.

Retro Portfolio is fully translatable and provides instructions in multiple languages besides being optimized for fast-loading pages.

πŸ’΅ This phenomenal theme costs $39.

Key Features:

  • A custom home page can be created
  • Integration with Google Fonts
  • New icons are available
  • Slider launched with responsive design
  • A collection of portfolios
  • The notification is updated with the latest information

Extinct Theme

Retro Vintage Portfolio WordPress Theme

A WordPress Portfolio theme, Extinct is designed for creative agencies and businesses in a similar field. Its unique design elements are inspired by old-style designs commonly referred to as vintage and retro. Extinct celebrates the old-fashioned and retro era in its design.

Over twenty custom elements/widgets can be inserted and configured using the PageBuilder, which powers nearly half of all websites.

A popular SiteOrigin widget plugin is included with this theme plugin, and several custom widgets are tailored to the theme.

πŸ’΅ Working with this theme is relatively straightforward, and you can purchase it for $49.

Key Features:

  • A responsive design that is clean and simple
  • Sample data for the demonstration site is available
  • Sliders that can be touched and swiped
  • There are a large number of shortcodes available
  • The theme can be customized with over 200 options
  • PSD files that have been perfectly layered

Random Reviews:

  • The software was easy to load and work with, and it worked right away

    ALFONSO815Dec 2016

  • The design is excellent, but I need to find out how to use it

    TwinseoSep 2017

Cabin Theme

Beautiful Vintage WordPress Theme

The Cabin theme features a retro-inspired design that brings to mind old-fashioned automobiles. A wide variety of hipster motivational antique portfolio layouts is included in the package.

In addition to being fully responsive, this theme may be utilized to design a website that is inspiring for those who live a hipster lifestyle.

These layouts can be adapted for many purposes and tailored to meet your requirements. The Cabin is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys the hipster lifestyle with its predominantly green color scheme and vintage landing page.

πŸ’΅ In this template, you get all updates and six months of support. It costs $79 per year.

Key Features:

  • You can use custom animations to animate the content in the title area
  • There are no limitations to the layout of the header
  • Custom animations are available for elements in sections to an unlimited extent
  • Full-height Parallax Sections are available
  • A multi-portfolio list and single-portfolio layout are available
  • Features with animations at their borders are available

Random Reviews:

  • There are lots of excellent features in this theme. It’s very customizable, and it looks good. Support is great. I asked for a way to load translation files from the child theme, and within a day, they sent me a piece of code for it.

    DropveterSep 2017

  • Select themes have always been great, but I haven’t seen anything like this. It has so much versatility that it will be the only theme you will ever need.

    welistrationOct 2017

Wild Book Theme

Vintage & Elegant Blog WordPress Theme

The Wild Book is a stylish and creative WordPress theme that will assist you in establishing a blog or portfolio website that meets your needs for your blog or portfolio website.

This template is designed with a split-page layout, a vertical menu, and a customizable background. Wild Book is one of the most flexible layouts on the market and is also search engine optimized.

πŸ’΅ With the $35 plan of the theme, you’ll get six free months of support time. You can ask for help when you purchase the theme.

Key Features:

  • This method of pagination is based on numeric values
  • The logo and image in the header can be customized
  • Based on Gutenberg’s principles, this theme was developed
  • The installation and setup process is simple
  • An author description box is provided
  • A social media profile and sharing buttons are available

Random Reviews:

  • The design is good but needs more out-of-the-box features than third-party plugins (for example, portfolios). You should try to add more features. I think it will be friendly. Perhaps you should also add some stuff related to β€˜books’ since you are using the name.

    cs5000Apr 2018

The Lifestyle Theme

Vintage & Simple Blog WordPress Theme

The Lifestyle theme was designed with a beautiful hipster style and great typography for blogs and portfolios.

Lifestyle has no sidebars, a theme designed specifically for online magazines with a large header image and a flexible navigation menu. The theme is SEO-friendly and fully responsive, as well as retina ready.

Lifestyle now supports Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, German, and Portuguese fonts.

πŸ’΅ It’s only $17 for this exceptional and fully documented theme.

Key Features:

  • Focused on the content and easily readable
  • Suitable for localization
  • This is a system in which numbers are used to determine the pagination
  • An author description box is provided
  • The commentary is well-organized, and the code is clean
  • A social media profile and sharing buttons are available

Monaco Theme

Vintage Multi-Concept WordPress Theme

Monaco effortlessly blends simplicity with elegance with an elegant and straightforward WordPress theme with rich, vibrant graphics. It is designed to maintain a user-friendly approach without sacrificing style.

Along with the WordPress plugins included in Monaco, you will also have access to Revolution Slider, the #1 drag & drop website builder, WPBakery Page Builder, and everything else needed to run your WooCommerce business.

In addition to setting up your site quickly, Monaco offers detailed instructions to walk you through all the steps. Furthermore, we have a friendly support team ready to assist you whenever you need it.

πŸ’΅ With this theme, you can create an easy-to-use website. It costs $59.

Key Features:

  • Excellent attention to detail has been demonstrated
  • A white and a dark version of the menu bar is available
  • Sections with a parallax effect
  • The most potent shortcodes available
  • It is essential to have smooth animations
  • Posts of this type have five variants available to choose from

Random Reviews:

  • The theme is great, and the support is excellent!

    pdnthfJun 2019

  • This template is beautiful and has responsive support.

    yrgnikNov 2017

  • Support did an excellent job. Thanks!

    Digitale_AFeb 2018

FlowVin Theme

Vintage Flower Shop WordPress Theme

You may wish to consider the FlowVin theme for your website if you are looking for a classic vintage and tender theme.

With the WooCommerce integration of FlowVin, the company is ideally suited for websites that showcase fashion photography and flower shops.

With the WordPress Customizer, you can easily install FlowVin and take advantage of its vintage aesthetic.

πŸ’΅ $77 gets you all the features of the FlowVin theme.

Key Features:

  • Background images for YouTube videos
  • Shortcodes can be added to your website in several ways
  • This plugin customizes WordPress
  • A variety of custom effects and animations are available
  • A simple and easy-to-use application that can be customized
  • Providing the highest level of support

Random Reviews:

  • Great theme and excellent customer support!

    pendragSep 2019

  • There is no way to describe the worst theme I have ever purchased on Themeforest. I should have read all comments first!

    buyonics_supremeJun 2017

Abby Theme

Vintage Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Suppose you are interested in exploring a multipurpose WordPress theme in your free time and determining whether it would suit your requirements. In that case, Abby is the best choice for you.

Regardless of your industry, Abby was always able to meet the highest demand. Abby offered marketing, financing, blogging, news broadcasting, and any other industry you can imagine.

To make building a website with this theme as comfortable for any level of user as possible, the development team blurred all boundaries while still providing excellent support throughout the development process.

πŸ’΅ For $59, you can own this perfect theme.

Key Features:

  • This product is compatible with WooCommerce
  • A summary of essential information
  • Templatera is available
  • A selective reloading option is available
  • There are 8+ premade portfolio layouts available
  • The following six layouts are available for single portfolios

Random Reviews:

  • Customizability and customer support are excellent!

    brettrodliMay 2019

  • This theme has excellent design, customization, documentation, and ease of use. I’m thrilled with it!

    adianyeinJul 2020

Jack & Rose Theme

A Whimsical Wedding WordPress Theme

If you wish to set up a wedding website quickly and easily, a wedding website with Jack & Rose may be the perfect solution. This theme, a simple and user-friendly panel, allows you to set up your wedding website in just minutes and at an affordable price.

In Jack & Rose, you get a whimsical wedding theme that is quick, mobile-friendly, and packed with many features that will make your wedding memorable.

With this template, you can create a page in just a few clicks without the need to know any programming languages.

πŸ’΅ For $50, you will get six months of support.

Key Features:

  • The integration of Google Fonts
  • The background image for the footer is fancy
  • Plugins from most third parties are supported
  • An aesthetic that is both clean and modern
  • With Theme Customizer, you can configure your theme easily
  • An accurate visual preview is provided while you edit posts with the styled WYSIWYG editor

Random Reviews:

  • I like this theme. It’s beautiful and very well made. We found the setup to be easy and the support to be exceptional. Thank you, Richard.

    richardvankampenJan 2017

  • I liked how it was super easy to use, and I didn’t have to purchase any other plugins to make it work

    vun87Oct 2017

Hazel Theme

Creative Multi-Concept WordPress Theme

Hazel is an elegant and clean WordPress theme used for various purposes, such as portfolios, blogs, online stores, and personal websites.

A wide range of shortcodes and endless header layouts are available in Hazel, including fullscreen designs, title area layouts, mega menus, side menus, videos, and more.

A powerful and versatile theme is included with this theme that provides page builder tools that allow you to create beautiful websites and design an unlimited number of different page layouts.

πŸ’΅ Purchasing this excellent theme will cost you $79.

Key Features:

  • A centered logo and menu are displayed in the header
  • WordPress Page Builder Plugin by WPBakery included
  • A collection of interactive infographics are available
  • The demo content can be imported with one click
  • There is an integration of the WPML plugin for WordPress
  • The theme has been optimized for search engines

Random Reviews:

  • My first experience editing a site was played with Hazel, and now I can edit my website. I love the template, and it is straightforward to customize! Thanks to the support team, who are always available to answer questions!

    GomesOSep 2018

  • The theme is excellent! I bought it three years ago, and it still delivers! I created the website exactly how I wanted it to be because it’s easy to use and customize.

    RalucaCopilJan 2019

Read & Digest Theme

Newspaper WordPress Theme

Read & Digest allows you to easily create a magazine website by combining all the tools you may need to create a modern newspaper website.

Besides offering fourteen beautiful homepages, four slider types, and 12 layouts and blocks, Read and Digest also provides a variety of custom shortcodes for making your pages more customized.

Several layouts are designed in a vintage style, which may be compatible with your audience if you wish to appeal to them. The theme is responsive, retina-ready, and can also be adjusted to meet your needs.

πŸ’΅ The Read & Digest theme costs $79, and you get six months of free support.

Key Features:

  • A separate layout option for category pages is provided
  • A shortcode that can be applied to multiple post blocks
  • An anchor feature is available on the One-Page site
  • A multi-selectable mega menu that can be customized
  • There are two variations of the logo: dark and light
  • There are separate styling options for mobile headers

Hipster Theme

Retro Responsive WordPress Theme

Hipster is a responsive WordPress theme that anyone can use to create a personal or professional website. Hipster looks good on any device, whether a desktop, tablet, phone, laptop, etc.

The theme has over thirty background patterns, full-screen rotating background images, and two different layout styles. You can customize every aspect of your website to fit your needs.

This WordPress theme includes an incredible WOW Slider Revolution Slider, Twitter Feed, Instagram Feed, FancyBox Responsive Theme Options Panel Staff, and Portfolio Custom.

πŸ’΅ Purchasing this excellent theme will cost you $32.

Key Features:

  • An interactive Google Map with full-screen capabilities is available
  • This is a responsive Facebook Like Box
  • A custom staff layout and a custom post type are available
  • Several portfolio layout options and custom post types are available
  • A portfolio layout that can be sorted and filtered is available
  • A full-screen background image accompanied by a rotating background image in full-screen

Random Reviews:

  • I have been using this theme for almost a decade. It looks modern, is reliable, has been the least problematic of all the ThemeForest themes I’ve worked with, and is super easy to modify.

    existdigitalSep 2021

  • I can’t believe I had to pay for this! I’ve had free themes that were way better. The tagline isn’t editable (you can modify it in its settings, but the changes never get published). The logo isn’t editable.

    depruettMay 2022

Hares Theme

A Stylish WordPress Theme

The Hares theme for WordPress is a wood and vintage theme that is perfect for restaurants, tattoo shops, barber shops, pubs, motorcycle clubs, and more. Other uses include portfolios, photo galleries, resumes, and more.

The WPBakery Page Builder plugin and the Slider Revolution plugin allow users to design custom client websites.

You can create a professional website quickly and easily with the website’s attention to performance, detail, and flexibility.

πŸ’΅ The support team is ready to help you 365 days a year. With the $79 template plan, you will get six free months of support time when you purchase the template.

Key Features:

  • The home page layout can be customized in several ways
  • In this portfolio, you have the option of choosing from multiple layout options
  • It is possible to design a custom layout for single posts and many other layout options in this blog
  • Post formats are supported in all formats
  • Beautiful sliders, carousels, and galleries with layouts for different sizes are available
  • A one-click demo installation is available

Random Reviews:

  • Great theme, too. Great customer service. Thanks a lot! Every question is answered. They go the extra mile.

    dloverlyMay 2020

  • A balanced solution without any significant problems, and I can throw out everything I don’t want to use. I’d be happy to use it again!

    irisidee_Apr 2018

  • I love the theme, and the customer service is even better!

    Xalt2018Feb 2021

INKA Theme

Retro Responsive WordPress Theme

INKA gives you a wide variety of sliders to choose from, including Accordion Sliders, Revolution Sliders, and Flex Sliders, to make your website unique.

INKA’s β€œWorks” homepage is a customizable layout that lets you create an individual one-page site or landing page. Built on Bootstrap 3, it is responsive and easy to use even on small screens.

The page builder plugin from WPBakery makes it easy to create your pages. INKA is ideal for eCommerce stores that are integrated with WooCommerce. It provides a variety of portfolio layouts, making it a fantastic choice for photographers, artists, and designers.

πŸ’΅ Those features are included in the theme, and the price is $32.

Key Features:

  • Video production for Vimeo and YouTube that is responsive
  • There are multiple sortable portfolio layouts available
  • Portfolios can be displayed on a single page, which is easier to navigate
  • A multilingual version of the WPML plugin is available
  • Flex Slider is available
  • Owl Carousel is available

Random Reviews:

  • In terms of design, I think it’s fantastic, and I particularly like the mobile menu, with the word instead of hamburger menus. That gives an excellent feel, in my opinion, and what I’ve heard from clients.

    Capital15Dec 2020

  • My first thought was to return it since I just needed something quick and easy, and I am spending a great deal of time adding custom CSS. Instead, I should have just bought another theme.

    swrlygrlNov 2020

Borderland Theme

Multipurpose Vintage WordPress Theme

With twelve innovative demos and powerful features, The Borderland theme will help you effectively tell the story of your business.

In addition to the shortcodes and layouts included with the Borderline theme, you can easily publish blogs that share information about your brand or creative endeavors.

As well as some streamlined portfolio templates, some have been designed to be compatible with hover animations to give your work more impact. Client testimonials and a client carousel increase the credibility of your website.

πŸ’΅ You can buy the Borderland theme for $85.

Key Features:

  • Multiple layout options available for the passe-partout border
  • This template is used to create a page that contains all the full-screen sections
  • The following portfolio templates are available for single portfolios
  • Animations that transition from one page to another in Ajax
  • The following collection of hover animation effects is available
  • A variety of layouts for blog lists and single blogs are available

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks very much. This is an excellent template with incredible functionality for creating a great site. The templates are so diverse and open to creativity. The great finished product. Consistently updated and with great support.

    alyselouisaAug 2020

  • An elated theme provides outstanding design quality and flexibility. As an unseasoned WordPress user, I received friendly and prompt customer support on every occasion.

    domedorkaMay 2019

  • I am incredibly pleased with the theme. It is beautiful, it works as described, and I haven’t been disappointed. However, the customer service is excellent.

    alpineitalyFeb 2018

Swag Theme

One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme that includes one-page responsive parallax layouts, portfolios, staff services, and WooCommerce layouts, Swag is the most accessible and complete template available today for WordPress websites.

Drag-and-drop features allow users to design portfolios, online shops, and other websites easily. The theme also includes a QuickShop and custom sortable products feature to make finding what they are searching for easier.

In addition to the many features available on the site, you can create your dream website by utilizing a variety of options. There are multiple intro options available.

πŸ’΅ The theme was created by a professional author and costs $32.

Key Features:

  • This responsive slideshow has been designed to be mobile friendly
  • The full functionality of WooCommerce is supported
  • A comprehensive theme options panel is available
  • There are more than 200 patterns available
  • There is an option for a header and footer
  • The portfolio can be viewed on a single page

Random Reviews:

  • It’s not worth the money. I paid 59 when I bought it, but now it’s worth half of that. I then bought them, and it’s 100% easier with an integrated page builder. This is a waste of funds.

    brandearsOct 2020

F.A.Q. on WordPress Vintage & Retro themes.

Thousands of visitors have asked us about Vintage & Retro WordPress themes. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Comment if you still have difficulties if they haven’t been resolved.

Is there a top Vintage & Retro template?

Now that you’ve chosen WordPress as your CMS let me show you some of the best WordPress templates ready for Vintage & Retro websites.

We suggest using the Publisher theme, one of the best Vintage & Retro themes on the market with over 100 demos. Also, we recommend the Astra theme, which has lots of functions.

What is the best hosting company for WordPress Vintage & Retro sites?

The best option for your Vintage & Retro website is to use Bluehost as your hosting provider. Using Bluehost for the full functionality of your Vintage & Retro website is recommended.

Let’s sum it up by saying:

Here’s a list of your site’s most popular free WordPress themes. This will save you some time and help you build a stunning site.

To make your Vintage & Retro website run quickly and efficiently, we suggest you use the Publisher template. The publisher theme is a high-speed template with free plugins and SEO-optimized settings.

We hope this post helped you decide what template to use for your Vintage & Retro website.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Just leave a comment. And don’t forget to share this article on Facebook and Twitter if you enjoyed it.

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