20+ Best Website Builder (Free & Paid 2022)

Updated: Oct 25, 2022 By: Dessign Team

best website builder reviewed Free & paid

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Over the years, we tested and used many free and premium website builders to help freelancers, small business owners, and bloggers maintain successful websites. Unfortunately, not all website builders are the same. Some are more complex than others, some are free to use, and some are paid.

Since there are many options for anyone from beginners to advanced users with no coding skills required to build a professional-looking online website, most website builders come with free templates and drag-and-drop builders to help you design a simple yet modern website.

We did extensive research into each website builder and signup. We tried to build a simple demo website to compare the ease of use, template design quality, customer support, and learning curve to see if this website builder is for beginners or more advanced users.

Since not all website builders are created equally, some have a more complex dashboard, some have the structure of a hard-to-understand template, and some have below-satisfaction support. Therefore, our research was conducted to help you decide which website builder will best fit your needs and learning curve with ease of use to get your website design to your standards.

We were very honest with our extensive research to give the best overall ratings of each website builder to save you time and money if we did not feel that it will help you in any way or that another website builder will be a better option for your needs and satisfaction. We even read other online reviews from current customers and how they felt using a particular website builder and their personal experiences.

Best website builders compared and reviewed

Before we go in-depth research of each website builder, here is a summary table with each builder’s review to give you a quick overview of their price, ease of use, ratings, and features.

Best for blogging and WordPress websites

WordPress best free website builder

WordPress.com is one of the best and most popular CMS platforms for freelancers, bloggers, and small businesses to run successful online websites. When you signup for the free plan, you will be assigned a free subdomain, so if you are on a budget, this is the best content management system to use, with free Jetpack features and many free Gutenberg themes

With the introduction of Gutenberg, WordPress is now focused on full site editing, so you can easily edit your website with blocks and patterns. With many free and premium templates to choose from, anyone can start a simple to advanced website or blog. WordPress.com might not be the easiest website builder available, but it will be the most beneficial for your website’s future and your online presence in the long term.

One of the best features of WordPress is that it has so many free plugins to add more value and resources to your website or blog. Powering over 40% of the internet website, we recommend it to anyone looking to build a solid website.

Signup process and building a simple website using WordPress.com

Once you signup for WordPress.com, you will pick your username and password, then it will prompt you for a domain name. You can either choose a premium domain name first year free then $18/year or go with always free subdomain example: mywebsite.wordpress.com. 

We pick the free subdomain for this demo, and then you will be asked to give your website a name and tagline. Then, on the next page, it asks you to pick a design which is to choose a free or premium theme. We decided to go with the free theme called “Appleton” and add your other pages to your website, such as Contact, About, Blog, Portfolio, etc..

It took us around 5 minutes to get everything set up, write your blog posts, or edit your website.

WordPress.com inside website builder
WordPress.com website builder overview

Now with WordPress.com Gutenberg front page editing, you can easily click on any image and replace it with your content, or click any text and replace it with yours. Very easy to use, it will take you no longer than 10 minutes to edit any page.

WordPress website builder summary:
Price: Free-$15/mo
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.9/5
Pros: Easy to use, free plan, beginner-friendly, huge community
Cons: free plan limited to only WordPress themes, no free domain
Best For: Bloggers & Website creators
Setup Time: ~10 minutes
Visit: WordPress

2. Weebly (Free-$26/mo)

Best for eCommerce and on budget

Weebly best free website builder

Weebly is a super easy-to-use website builder focused on drag-and-drop for a basic website. You can create a simple website with a free plan to start in under 10 minutes. The simplicity of Weebly will let anyone build their first website, and they have an excellent support center. 

Weebly is both for simple blogs or websites and has eCommerce capability if you want to sell online goods. It will connect to PayPal, Stripe or Square to accept online payments. Everything is nicely integrated and easy o use. If you are looking for a basic website builder without any coding knowledge or technical expertise, you are positively surplice how easy it is to use.

Signup process and building a simple website using Weebly

Weebly signup process is straightforward. You can pick from four price options. The free plan is the best to get you started, but if you want, you can use a personal plan for $6/mo or try the professional plan for $12/mo or even the performance plan for $20/mo the extra features. 

We decided to use the free plan to see how the process of signup and building your first website will go.

Once you click on select the plan, it will ask you for your name, email, and country of origin, and then you will have a choice of a custom domain name, use or transfer your current domain name you bought from domain registrar or use a subdomain name example: myfristwebsite.weebly.com if you want to be professional we suggest getting a domain name for around $18/mo 

Weebly website builder overview
Weebly website builder overview

We use a free subdomain name for this demo, and then you get to pick your template. They have different categories, for example, business, personal, portfolio, blog, or eCommerce. We choose a business template and begin editing and changing images and descriptions.

It took us about 10-15 minutes to edit the homage with the simple, easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. We recommend Weebly to any beginner website builder looking for a simple and responsive site.

Weebly website builder summary:
Price: Free-$26/mo
Ease of Use: Easy
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Pros: Easy to use, free plan, good SEO tools, many eCommerce templates
Cons: basic template design, no free domain
Best For: eCommerce and website on a budget
Setup Time: ~10-15 minutes
Visit: Weebly

Best for Designers and Creatives Shops

Squarespace best website builder

Squarespace is a well-known website builder for its simplicity and popularity among artists and creators. Beautiful and well-designed templates make Squarespace one of the most popular website builders on the market. Very similar to Weebly and Wix but more focused on portfolios and commerce stores for creatives.

If you are looking for a unique website with large images, oversized fonts, well-designed elements, and a more artsy look, Squarespace is your go-to website builder. Unfortunately, there is no free plan with Squarespace. Instead, you get a 14-day free trial to see if you like it. They have a well-built drag-and-drop builder and some of the most beautiful templates we have seen.

Squarespace is a reliable software for building beautiful websites using pre-design templates and a user-friendly interface with outstanding overall 24/7 customer support. We explain Squarespace pricing in more detail so you can decide if it’s affordable for your budget. Squarespace offers discounts on all their plans. If you want to use the Squarespace promo code, we have to help you save 10% OFF

Signup process and building a simple website using Squarespace

Singing up for Squarespace was a breeze. Super easy you can use your Google or Apple account to signup or if you prefer, just send a simple email. Once we sign up, it will ask you what kind of website, blog, or online store you want to build. You can skip this part or fill it out so they can recommend which template will be best for you.

Once you pick the template you like, its super easy to edit. Just click on any website page, then click on edit. Once you are in edit mode, just click on the image or text to edit or upload your photo or videos.

What’s excellent about Squarespace is that you always have a help editor to show you a quick overview video of using the sidebar widgets or adding or replacing images or videos. A handy feature if you are just starting using Squarespace builder. It will quickly walk you through everything you need to know to edit your template.

Squarespace website builder overview
Squarespace website builder overview

It honestly took 15 minutes to edit the homage. Click on the image and upload you are, click on the text, and edit the description—perfect and easy website builder for beginners to get their website or eCommerce store online in no time. You can easily preview your site on mobile to see how it looks and feels on mobile devices.

Squarespace has four plan options, once your 14-day free trial is over, you can pick the basic personal plan for $19/mo or $33/mo for business, or if you are looking to open an online store you will go with the personal e-commerce plan for $36/mo or e-commerce business for $65/mo once you understand your needs you can upgrade or downgrade your plan bases on your personal needs.

Squarespace website builder summary:
Price: $19-$65/mo
Ease of Use: Easy
Overall Rating: 4.7/5
Pros: Easy to use, greta for portfolios, huge creative community
Cons: No free plan, limited customizations
Best For: Designers and Creatives Shops
Setup Time: ~15 minutes
Visit: Squarespace

4. Wix (Free-$45/mo)

Best for Professional Website Builders

Fix best website builder for professionals

Wix is one of the most popular website builders on the market, and it’s the second biggest after WordPress. It’s a fully hosted platform with many pre-built templates to pick from. In addition, it has many professional build templates for small businesses, blogs, e-commerce, restaurants, or professional portfolios. 

Wix is not as user-friendly as Squarespace or Weebly, and we would say it’s more advanced with many options and features. We would compare Wix to WordPress as it’s for more power and prominent websites and not as simple sites.

Wix is a great website builder for more advanced users, with pre-build Google analytics and many other features you need to run an online business. It can also build your website for you, which is interesting. Once you provide all the images, text, etc… it can almost set up your fully functional website.

The drawback to the free Wix site is that you always will have the Wix-ads on your site, which don’t look very professional. If this is your site, you can leave it a free plan, but with business, we recommend upgrading to the premium plan.

Wix is a mighty website builder and very popular as you have probably seen many TV ads and YouTube ads advertising Wix as the best website solution for your business.

Signup process and building a simple website using Wix

The Wix signup process will come with many questions. After you signup with Google or Facebook or just plain email, it will ask you many questions about your website or online store, whichever you are interested in. 

You can skip the process and start to get your template set up, and the dashboard is much more advanced than WordPress, Weebly or Squarespace. There is more upselling for domain names or upgrading to a premium plan.

We got the free plan on subdomain name example: myfirstwebsite.wix.com. But, there are many more tools available for you, the SEO tools. Marketing Tools, promotional videos, social posts, and email marketing where you can create your first email campaign.

Yes, the Wix dashboard will look a bit overwhelming for the beginner. It took us some time to get around everything they threw at you at once. If you just want to build a simple site, you will be frustrated with all the other stuff.

Wix website builder overview
Wix website builder overview

Once we got to our template, it was reasonably easy o edit your homepage. With a drag-and-drop editor, click on the image or text and edit it or upload a new image from your computer.

It took us 20 minutes to set up the homepage and upload new images and text. Also, the dashboard is very overwhelming for first-time users, as it was hard to focus on what we needed to add or install to begin editing our site.

Wix has few premium plan options. If you don’t want Wix ads on every page of your site, then you can upgrade to a premium plan for $16/mo for a personal website without the Wix ads. $ 22/mo is the best plan for freelancers and entrepreneurs, with the pro plan for $27/mo the best value with personal branding. The VIP plan for $65/mo is your best choice if you need priority support.

Wix website builder summary:
Price: Free-$45/mo
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.7/5
Pros: Easy to use, good free plan, many marketing & SEO tutorials/tools
Cons: overwhelming interface, slow server time
Best For: Professional Website Builders
Setup Time: ~20 minutes
Visit: Wix

5. GoDaddy ($6.99-$14.99/mo)

Best for on budget website building

GoDaddy best website builder

GoDaddy has a great and very user-friendly website builder for creating professional websites. Most people know GoDaddy from cheap hosting or getting a domain name for cheap. Still, Godaddy has a fully functional, easy-to-use web builder with many professional-looking templates to get you started.

GoDaddy templates are not as beautiful and unique as Squarespace. Still, they have many more categories to pick from, such as Fashion, beauty, business, finances, blog, portfolios, photography, restaurant, music, real estate, travel, and more.. 

With so many templates to pick from and a straightforward and intuitive drag-and-drop site builder used by millions of people, you can try the GoDaddy website builder for 7-days free and see how you like it and if it’s up to your standards. With GoDaddy’s simple editor, you can pick any template in your preferred category, activate and begin customizing it to your needs.

Signup process and building a simple website using GoDaddy

With the 7-day free trial of the GoDaddy website builder, we tested the signup process and tried to build a simple homepage to see if it is user-friendly and if we would recommend it to a friend? 

You can signup with a Google account or use your email. Once we signup with email, it asks you a few questions about what kind of website or online store you want to open. As for this demo pick to build a Photography website, it recommended a nice and clean template for us to edit and customize. 

What invested us the most was how user-friendly the dashboard was compared to other website builders we reviewed. 

To our surplice, the GoDaddy website builder user experience was enjoyable. We started with the homepage, and they have the option “try a new look,” which gives you many other variations of your page, a large image with text, or slider with video, or half image and other half text, and many more variations. 

The editor is super easy to use. Adding or removing rows or sections is just a click away. Once we were happy with the look of our homepage, we designed other pages for the demo so we could share the experience with you.

GoDaddy website builder overview
GoDaddy website builder overview

Yes, we would recommend the GoDaddy website builder to anyone looking for an easy-to-use editor and get their site up and running without any coding or technical aspect required. Using the Bisque template, we took about 10 minutes to get our homepage design to our needs and likes.

GoDaddy website builder has four plan options, if you decide to use it to build your website you can start with the basic plan for $6.99/mo or standard plan for $10.49/mo or need more features with the premium plan for $13.99/mo and if you want to sell online the commerce plan for $14.99/mo will let you open your one e-commerce store.

GoDaddy website builder summary:
Price: $6.99-$14.99/mo
Ease of Use: Hard
Overall Rating: 4.4/5
Pros: 7-day free plan to try it, many free pre-made templates
Cons: No SEO/marketing tools, mostly for basic websites
Best For: on budget website building
Setup Time: ~10 minutes
Visit: GoDaddy

6. Bluehost ($2.95-$24.99/mo)

Best Drag-and-Drop Website Builder for Beginners

Bluehost best website builder for beginners

Bluehost has a super easy website builder, especially for beginners looking to design a simple yet effective website. You can pick your template from over 300+ examples, and easy with AI guides, just click on any element and edit it with just a simple click.

In real-time editing of your website without any coding, with the help of AI guides, your site will look great on all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Of course, like GoDaddy, you know Bluehost, from best WordPress hosting to domain names, but yes, they have their website builder for all their customers.

Bluehost templates are based on WordPress, which is excellent as we recommend using it because of its powerful content management system and security, followed by SEO optimization. Bluehost has one of the best hostings for beginners, and now you can use their website builder to create a stunning website for yourself or your clients. You can read our full Bluehost review or get a Bluehost Coupon, or if you are unsure who to use Bluehost or GoDaddy our review will guide you.

Signup process and building a simple website using Bluehost

The Bluehost signup process is straightforward. First, you pick and plan since there is no free plan, but you have a 30-day money-back guaranteed. We chose the basic plan for $2.95/mo to set up a simple demo site and tested the Bluehost website builder.

Once you set up the basic plan, you also get a free domain name for one year. In addition, you will get account login details. 

Bluehost website builder overview
Bluehost website builder overview

Once you log in to your Bluehost dashboard, you can pick from over 300+ pre-built templates for you to edit. Once you are ready to build your website, the Bluehost website builder will ask a few questions about your site? Or you can skip it and pick your desirable template.

With your new template, it’s super easy to edit your images or text, and adding new pages or removing sections is just a click away. It took us around 15 minutes to get our homepage the way we like it, and you can easily change the fonts and color size and even check how your website will look on mobile in real-time.
Bluehost did a fantastic job with their website builder pro, helping many non-technical people be able to create a simple or advanced website just by drag-and-drop components around.

Pricing plans are very straightforwards. We pick the basic plan for $2.95/mo. Since they don’t have a free plan, use the basic one and if you are not happy, ask for a full refund. If you need more features to go with the pro plan for $9.95/mo, or if you are looking to open an online store, the $24.95/mo plan will let you create a beautiful commerce site.

Bluehost website builder summary:
Price: $2.95-$24.99/mo
Ease of Use: Easy
Overall Rating: 4.8/5
Pros: Easy to use, 24/7 support, 300+ pre-made templates
Cons: No Free trial plan, mostly for basic websites
Best For: Drag-and-Drop Website Builder for Beginners
Setup Time: ~10 minutes
Visit: Bluehost

7. Webflow (Free-$45/mo)

Best for UI/UX Designers and Developers

Webflow best website builder for UI/UX designers

Webflow has a beautiful design interface and dashboard to help you build a complex website with a visual designer. However, this might not be the best option for beginners or someone looking to build a simple website. 

Webflow focuses more on UI/UX user interface and user experience designers or even developers looking to simplify their web design process. As this still falls into website builders but more for HTML/CSS designers who want to add their code and need more backend support.

You can still easily design a beautiful, fully responsive website even if you have never coded it before. The backend of Webflow is very detail-oriented with the pixel-perfect position of text on mobile or desktop. Therefore, we would say this web platform is more for medium to serious difficulty.

Many templates are well built and beautifully designed. You can choose free or premium template. The price range from $45/$75 per template, but if you find something that you like spending some money on the great-looking template will help you get the most out of your website.

Signup process and building a simple website using Webflow

The Webflow signup process is straightforward. You can use Google or email login; we used our Google login after your signup. After that, Webflow will ask a few questions about your background and skill level with CSS/HTML, or can you ever code a website. Yes, you can skip this and pick your template. We did that because we wanted to see how long and easy it is to build a simple site.

We picked the free template Velocity, which is pretty basic, and it should be easy to change and customize to our needs. We wanted to see how hard or easy it is to change photos, logos, social icons etc..

At first, the dashboard looks intimidated as there is navigation on the left and right, such as columns, sections, size, spacing, and positioning, which can be a bit overwhelming for anyone trying to build a simple site. However, after clicking around, you get to know the dashboard better. You just need to double-click on any comments and change them. 

We click on the image, and you get a popup to replace the image and add a specific height and width. Overall the editor is more detail-oriented than your average Squarespace, Weebly or Bluehost, where you just focus on design. Webflow is more for developers who need a quicker way to design and develop websites using a more complex website builder.

With all the extra details in the Webflow dashboard, we realized that this is a more complex site builder where you can design any object to a specific pixel and unit. It took us over 20 minutes to change and remove some sections or add new areas. But when you preview your homepage on mobile or tablet, you can see how specific it was.

Webflow website builder overview
Webflow website builder overview

If you are the type of person that every pixel matters and need your text to be very specific in particular places, Webflow will be the perfect site builder for you.

Webflow offers a free plan so you can test it and play with it. You will get a subdomain example: myfirstwebsite.webflow.io. You will probably need to watch tutorials online on best use Webflow features, so you don’t miss out on some essential factors that will make your website building easy.

Once you get o love Webflow, you can get their basic plan for $15/mo to launch your website or $20/mo for the more complex content-driven website. When your website gets high traffic and is more business focus, then a $45/mo plan will be your best option.

Webflow website builder summary:
Price: Free-$45/mo
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.8/5
Pros: Nice pre-build templates, very detail dashboard
Cons: Not for beginners, mostly for UI/UX websites
Best For: UI/UX Designers and Developers
Setup Time: ~20 minutes
Visit: Webflow

8. Divi ($89/year-$241/life)

Best for Freelancer website builders

Div best visually building website for freelancers

Divi by Elegantthemes is one of WordPress’s most popular website builders. With over 800K+ current customers, Divi lets you build any website you can imagine. It has unlimited possibilities to create a beautiful website for ourselves or clients. 

Divi, the flagship of Elegantthemes, comes with over 200+ pre-built templates and layouts for any website you want, from business, education, events, and portfolios to online store, technology, and much more. Once you pick the template you like, you can begin building your website. What’s great about the pre-design templates is that you can mix and match them from different categories to create a unique website. There are many best Divi plugins

Divi templates are well made and developed, so you can be sure your website will function and be well optimized for Google search with fully responsive mobile functionality. The price is very straightforward. You can buy the $89/year access to all the features and support or go with the lifetime access for $249/lifetime. It’s a one-time payment to all the current and future features and templates. 

Divi gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not 100% happy, they will refund your yearly or lifetime purchase. You get premium support. You can use it on as many websites as you like and get the updates to stay current with the code changes. Suppose you need more details about Divi review where you can learn why it’s used and recommended by so many website builders professionals. Also, take advantage of the Divi discount to save $25 from your purchase.

Signup process and building a simple website using Divi

The signup process is quite simple, and once you decide which plan to use, click on the signup button and fill out your account information, name, email, username, and password. Then it will take you to payments info to finish your signup process. 

Once done, you will receive an email notification with your account set up so you can log in, download Divi, and start building websites. Since Divi is a WordPress-based theme, you will need to install WordPress.org on your hosting, which is very easy if you use our recommended Bluehost hosting and how to install WordPress on Bluehost

Once you have set up your WordPress and uploaded the Divi website builder, you can pick from over 200+ templates to begin creating your homepage. For this demo, we picked the Divi Agency landing page template, which looks very easy to use and customize. 

Divi website builder inside look

After you pick the layout, you can click on any template part. For example, if you click on the image, you will get a popup to update your photo. If you click on the text, you can change your text. Divi has the best drag-and-drop website builder for beginners who need simple-to-use templates with visually pleasant front-page editing.

It took us about 10 minutes to change our logo and image and add demo text to our homepage layout. After you finish the homepage, you can choose another page to begin customizing to your needs. With Divi, you can also open your online store, which is excellent if you ever decide to take your product online and sell it. Our quick tutorial on how to install Divi will help you get started.

What’s excellent about Divi is that is both for developers and visual designers. If you want to make any code changes, you can open a code editor and code your HTML/CSS, but if you wish to design your site without any code, the Divi builder will make it super easy.

Divi website builder summary:
Price: $89/year-$241/life
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.9/5
Pros: Best drag-and-drop builder, WordPress CMS ready, 200+ pre-built templates
Cons: No free plan
Best For: Freelancer website builders
Setup Time: ~10 minutes
Visit: Divi

9. HubSpot (Free-$25/mo)

Best for marketers & DYI freelancers

Hubspot free website builder for marketers

HubSpot has a reasonably easy-to-use website builder for DIY marketers. If you want a landing page or website to collect emails or newsletter signups, HubSpot’s free website builder will give you all the necessary tools and drag-and-drop capabilities to get it started.

Suppose you are familiar with HubSpot CRM (customer relationship management) software. In that case, you can easily connect your CRM with your new website to collect contact forms, live chat or any other form of integration between customers.

HubSpot has many pre-build templates, from simple to more complex full website integrations. What we like about their templates is that they are easy to edit and customize. You will start with a free account to create your website, but if you want the HubSpot logo to be removed from your site, you will need to pay $25/mo for the starter plan.

Signup process and building a simple website using HubSpot

The signup process was straightforward as this website builder is free to use. You must sign up for a HubSpot account with your email or Google. We used Google signup, connecting your Google email account with HubSpot for an easy process. 

Once inside the HubSpot dashboard, you will have many free and paid templates. We picked the free template Focus it was easy and fun to customize. However, the backend is a bit overwhelming for the first time, with so many options to choose from. There are over 27 theme modules you can add to your current template, or you can begin editing your template. 

The drag-and-drop functionality is simple to use. You just click on any part of the template and edit the text or replace the image, you can change the high or the image, you can clone the module, and what we like about HubSpot is that you can connect to Canva for easy image finder and creative edits to your images.

HubSpot free website builder inside overview

With just one click, you can remove any section of your page or quickly clone any section if you like. It took us about 20 minutes to get the homepage how we liked it. After that, changing the logo, colors and images was a breeze. In addition, you can preview desktop and mobile views to see how your website looks on mobile vs desktop for the best mobile-first user experience.

For the best SEO experience, they have a build-in Optimize section that tells you if you were missing title tags, H1 tags, meta descriptions, crawling, and indexing. This is a great feature to double-check for beginners before you publish your website online. Also, with many templates and modules, you can easily use and add, this is a great website builder for marketers and advertisers looking for well build marketing hub.

HubSpot website builder summary:
Price: Free-$25/mo
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.6/5
Pros: Free plan to start, great for marketers, easy to customize templates
Cons: No free domain, limited SEO tools with free plan
Best For: marketers & DYI freelancers
Setup Time: ~20 minutes
Visit: HubSpot

10. Elementor (Free-$49/year)

Best for freelancers on limited budget

Elementor best free website builder on budget

Elementor is another fantastic free website builder for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or developers building custom websites for clients. Elementor is also based on WordPress.org, and you will need to get your hosting, install WordPress.org and then install the Elementor plugin to build beautiful and fully responsive WordPress sites efficiently.

Elementor has over 5 million-plus active users for their free plan, which is still amazing and lets you create beautiful websites with a simple drag-and-drop builder. Hundreds of pre-built templates exist in any niche, from business to portfolios. Picking one template is the most challenging part as they all are very well designed and developed. 

Elementor also has sections, so you can easily add or remove any section you like with just one click. The learning curve in Elementor builder is super easy. All you have to do is click on any part of your template and change it or clone it. Anyone with any experience in building websites will find this very useful and able to build complex websites quickly.

We have an extensive Elementor review if you want to learn in detail what makes this free website builder so popular and easy to use. Once you upgrade to the paid version, see our Elementor pro pricing explained in basic format. Also, check if they have any Elementor discount as they often do summer or holiday promos.

Signup process and building a simple website using Elementor

The Elementor signup process is super easy, as you mostly need to download the Elementor plugin and upload it to your website. This will be the free version with options to upgrade to a premium one, and the premium version is based on how many websites you want to build. For around $49/year, this will cover 1 website subscription where you will get an activation code to all the premium features and templates.

For this demo, we install the free Elementor version and use a free template to see how complex or easy the process is. Once you pick any template you like, you can start editing just by clicking on any part of your homepage, and you can change the number of boxes, images, and any text on that page. 

Elementor inside overview of free website builder

Deleting or adding elements is easy as you can clone and copy them. For example, we added a new logo, changed the background image, and added a few call-to-action buttons with links. We also added a few new sections as we copied them from the elements available for free. 

The process of getting your homepage done was around 10 minutes. So yes, if you want more details on your homepage, you will spend more time customizing and checking the mobile version.

Elementor lets anyone with no coding experience build full functions website on a budget, as you only need to get hosting and install WordPress.org on your site. Elementor has many great plugins from 3rd party developers to help you get the most from its already powerful website builder. If you can’t decide between Divi vs Elementor we have a great review to help you decide which site builder is best for you.

Elementor website builder summary:
Price: Free-$25/mo
Ease of Use: Easy
Overall Rating: 4.7/5
Pros: user-friendly, WordPress CMS based, beautiful pre-made templates
Cons: No free domain, free plan limited
Best For: freelancers on limited budget
Setup Time: ~10 minutes
Visit: Elementor

11. Web ($4.95-$19.95/mo)

Best fast drag & drop website building

Web best drag and drop website builder fast

Web.com is another drag-and-drop website builder very similar to Bluehost or GoDaddy. This is the best solution for anyone seeking website hosting and using their website builder to create and host your site. Web.com has over 150+ professionally designed templates and elements to help you quickly start and build the site you want without spending weeks on coding or developments.

Web.com has many pre-design content blocks that you can easily add to any part of your website, so if you are creating your homepage and need to add a nice call to action with text, there is a content block for this or if you need to add newsletter signup you can just use content block already pre-made for you.

With your plan, you also get 1 hour of free website design support, so if you are stuck creating your homepage, for example, you get to call one of the professionals and ask for their opinion and suggestions to make your site more professional.

The plans range from an essential website package of $4.95/mo to an Ecommerce premium plan for $19.95/mo. You can always upgrade your plan if you decide to open online stores. The basic essential plan is a great way to get your website live.

Signup process and building a simple website using Web.com

The signup process is very similar to Bluehost or GoDaddy, where you pick your plan. We went with the basic essential plan for $4.95/mo and got a free domain name. Next, you will add all your personal information, such as name, email, address, and credit card payment. Once you create your account, you will be ready to start building your new website.

Once inside the admin account, you can pick any pre-design template from over 150+ professionally built templates arranged in categories. So, if you want to create a business website, take a look at their business template to choose from. 

Web.com website builder inside overview

We picked a construction template for this demo and started building our homepage. You can easily change the font or add images with a simple drag-and-drop page builder. What we like about the design process is that it’s straightforward to change the colors throughout the site using simple click-in settings.

In addition, we could add contact form blocks and forms and map blocks to our homepage.
Our demo construction website took around 10 minutes to get sample images and text added, add a few content blocks and change the colors and fonts of the site just in settings alone.

Overall, building a simple website with web.com was super easy. However, we don’t think this website builder is very professional if you need a complex and customizable website. Still, if you are looking for a simple site to get your new business online, this will be a DIY website builder, especially for beginners.

Web website builder summary:
Price: $4.95-$19.95/mo
Ease of Use: Easy
Overall Rating: 4.7/5
Pros: user-friendly, WordPress CMS based, 150+ professional templates
Cons: no free plan
Best For: fast drag & drop website building
Setup Time: ~10 minutes
Visit: Web

12. Pixpa ($5-$25/mo)

Best for portfolio website

best website builder for portfolios

Pixpa is one of the best all-in-one DIY website builders explicitly designed for portfolios, photographers, and creatives looking for a simple website builder. It’s very similar to Squarespace but much simpler overall with less power than Squarespace. 

Pixpa has beautiful pre-build minimalistic templates. If you like this look, this will be a great site builder to get started, with very reasonable prices as the basic plan starts at $5/mo. In addition, you don’t need to look for hosting or install plugins; everything is in one place.

The pre-build template and modules are simple to use. You can add any section anywhere on your site, so it is a very effective way of building your site visually. They have the HTML option if you want to add your custom code, but this is primarily a drag-and-drop site builder for creatives.

You can open an online store and use SEO and marketing tools to help you get your site optimized for Ecommerce or just the best portfolio website. With a 15-day free trial, we were excited to test Pixpa and see how the builder compares to others in terms of features and ease of use, as everyone wants a simple solution to build their site.

Signup process and building a simple website using Pixpa

Like others, the signup process was easy to follow. You start with a 15-day free trial with no credit card required, so you can test all the features and see if you like it. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your site after the 30 days or if you found a better solution to build your online website.

We use Google signup with our email for the easiest and quickest way to get started. Once you are inside the account dashboard, you get to pick your pre-made template, most templates are minimal focus on creatives, architecture, portfolios, or photography, so this is more focused on the creative aspect of building your site than marketing or construction.

After closing one of the templates, we began changing the photos, text logo, and social icons. The process is easy to follow as you can select which part of the template you want to change or update. For example, if you change the header, you pick the header option, and you can change every part of the website header, from size to colors.

If you click on the menu option, you can change the menu size, font size, font placement, spacing, etc.. 

Pixpa website builder inside overview

Overall our experience was positive; it took us around 15 minutes to get our homepage the way we like it, add our photos, change the text, and add some new sections. If you want to build a simple portfolio site, this would be a great and easy way to do it. The templates are well designed with excellent aesthetics and visual appearance.

If you don’t like the template you choose, you can easily switch your templates with just one click and pick from other designs. If you have any knowledge of CSS and want to add your custom CSS, you can do so with any templates.

Pixpa is an excellent solution for $5/mo. You can’t go wrong if you want to build your online portfolio or photography business selling photos, as they have excellent build-in online eCommerce capability with friendly analytics.

Pixpa website builder summary:
Price: $5-$25/mo
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.6/5
Pros: user-friendly, 15-day free trial, add custom CSS/HTML
Cons: no free plan, mostly templates for portfolios
Best For: portfolio website
Setup Time: ~15 minutes
Visit: Pixpa

13. Duda ($19-$59/mo)

Best for professional agency & SaaS platforms

Duda best website builder for agency professionals

Duda is a feature-rich website builder focusing on agencies and freelancers building sites for clients. With their white label custom branding and client invitation, this is more than just a simple website builder with drag-and-drop functionality. Instead, Duda is a more complex site builder with team integration and business tools such as case studies and webinars.

Duda has great analytic integration for teams and clients looking to build a more complex website with more features at their fingertips. In addition, Duda offers a 14-day free trial with no required credit card, so we had time to look around all their features and offers.

We would compare Duda to Squarespace for more in-depth website-building tools. Duda has over 90+ pre-built templates where you can quickly build a simple or complex website. With team collaboration tools, you can make changes or recommendations. 

You can also build web apps with Duda, which Squarespace lacks to help you grow your business. You will have many resources, from business tools to great white label team collaboration to developers portal.

Signup process and building a simple website using Duda

With a 14-day free trial and no credit card required, we took the advantage to use and learn about the Duda backend website builder. For signup, you can use Google login or your email. Once you signup, you be inside your account, ready to pick your pre-made template to get you started.

For our demo purpose, we pick a digital agency template to see how the process goes updating text, images, logo, etc.. Duda is very similar to Elementor’s website builder drag-and-drop layout, as they have guides to tell you what part of the design you want to change. If you mouser text or image, it highlights all the options you can change or update.

Going from the homepage to the contact pages was super easy and smooth. Just click on contact, and the page will open up where you can start changing your content. The homepage changes and updates took around 15 minutes to get what we wanted, a simple demo site customized to our needs.

Duda website builder inside overview

The overall backend can get a little overwhelming as there is a lot to see. You have settings porins on the left and setting options up top. You can easily switch between mobile, tablet, and desktop view, which is an attractive option.

The changes to your layout show up very fast, so there is no loading or waiting time.
It will take you some time to get good using Duda, but the features and tools will let you create a professional-looking website for your clients or yourself.

However, the price might be a bit high for $19/mo or a monthly professional plan for $59/mo.
Compared to Squarespace, Duda’s price might be higher, but you will get more features and resources to use, especially if you do many websites for clients. We would recommend Duda.

Duda website builder summary:
Price: $19-$59/mo
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Pros: 14-day free trial, 90+ pre-build templates, build web apps
Cons: no free plan, more complex dashboard
Best For: professional agency & SaaS platforms
Setup Time: ~15 minutes
Visit: Duda

14. Mozello (Free-$18/mo)

Best for simple website or online store

Mozello best website builder for simple website or online store

With Mozello, anyone can create a website, blog, or online store for free with the simple to use rich features website builder. What is excellent about Mozello is that the free plan gives you many options, and you can have multiple websites. Compared to other website builders, they only offer one free site with a free plan.

They are based in Latvia, Europe, and the goal of this privately held company is to give everyone a chance to build an easy website, blog, or online store with the simple-to-use online website builder. You don’t need to buy hosting, and your domain will be on a subdomain. Only if you switch to a premium plan can you buy your domain name and use it.

Mozello has many pre-built templates you can use, they are not as modern looking as Squarespace or Wix, but this will be a good option for a simple, functional website or blog. Also, their website builder is not as complex or rich in features as others, but once again, some people want a simple website with a simple builder to get their site online as fast as possible.

Signup process and building a simple website using Morello

Signing up is simple and straight to the point. You just signup with an email and password. There is no credit card required. Pick the free plan and signup. 

Once you signup, you will have to pick one of the pre-build templates, those are not in any specific category, but you can scroll and preview each one. There are about 50 templates to choose from. Some are a bit outdated for our taste, but everyone’s taste is different, and they have some excellent templates with simple modern designs.

Once we picked the design template to build our simple demo site, changing the logo and text images was super easy. You can easily add sections. Just click the plus button to add a call to action section or pre-build grid, either text or images—overall simple to use and understand. We felt this is a basic website builder but very simple for any beginner. 

Mozello website builder inside overview

It took us about 10 minutes to create our homepage with images and dummy text. Integrating your Google analytics with just a simple tracking code was also easy.

Even for the free plan, you get to track your visitors via analytics which was a nice option.
For online stores, you can also add your Facebook pixel to track your ads, which is an excellent option even in the free plan.

Mozello website builder summary:
Price: Free-$18/mo
Ease of Use: Easy
Overall Rating: 4.6/5
Pros: Free plan to start, 50+ templates, Easy to use
Cons: no free domain, No SEO or marketing tools integrated
Best For: simple website or online store
Setup Time: ~10 minutes
Visit: Mozello

15. Zyro ($2.99-$15.99/mo)

Best for no coding required & best customizable templates

Zyro best no coding required website builder

Zyro beginner-friendly drag-and-drop website builder with very clean and modern templates. If you want to build a simple website or open an online store, Zyro has just enough power and features to help you get your site online in no time.

With Zyro, you can try the website builder with all the features for free, which is nice before you spend money. The basic plan is about $2.99/mo, and it comes with a free domain for 1 year, 24/7 customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is nice if you are not 100% happy with your site or performance.

Zyro is an all-in-one hosted platform, so you don’t need to worry about getting your hosting. You only focus on building your website or online store. You can easily integrate with Google analytics, Hotter, Facebook pixel, or Google AdSense. As for SEO, each page lets you add a page title and page description. Unfortunately, there is no more in-depth SEO keyword, or marketing integration like Wix or Weebly has.

This is a modern and easy-to-use website builder for eCommerce or fully responsive and functional websites with a clean editor and drag-and-drop capabilities. Not as rich in features as Weebly or WordPress but for a simple website and beautiful modern templates, this is a great overall builder.

Signup process and building a simple website using Zyro

Signup using our Google email, or you can use just your email. We signup for the free plan to test all the features and build our simple demo site. 

Once you signup and are ready to build your site, you will get over 140+ pre-made templates to pick from. There are different templates for online and for a regular websites. We chose a simple but elegant template for our website to test the website builder Zyro offered. 

Zyro website builder inside overview

Once inside the page builder, it is straightforward to click on any element and change your images, logo text, etc.. with just one click. If you want to change the color or font size, no problem, quickly done. Zyro has a nice desktop or mobile version preview, so you can easily switch between two to see your layout on mobile or desktop.

It took us about 15 minutes to get around the builder and create our demo homepage by adding different sections with one click, which is super friendly and convenient. The overall building process was smooth and beginner-friendly. The flow of changing elements around and adding or removing sections is easy enough for any beginner.

Once we are done with the homepage, click on the about us page and start editing the page or changing the layout. No coding is required; just pick different sections or remove the ones you don’t like.

Zyro website builder summary:
Price: $2.99-$15.99/mo
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.4/5
Pros: Free plan to start, 140+ templates, Easy to use, good drag-and-drop builder
Cons: Not as good as Squarespace or WordPress, No free plan
Best For: no coding required & best customizable templates
Setup Time: ~15 minutes
Visit: Zyro

16. Jimdo (Free-$14/mo)

Best for small online businesses

Jimdo best website builder for small businesses

Jimdo is a basic website builder focusing on getting your site online for free with their starter plan. After that, anyone can build a simple, functional, and fully responsive website or online store. Jimdo is a German-based company where you can create your site in many languages perfect choice for international users.

They have all the basic features to build a simple website with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder with a free domain for one year and a logo builder to help you brand your business online. In addition, Jimdo has nice integration with Facebook and Instagram, where you can sell your products online.

With the free plan, you get all the basic features to get started with the Jimdo subdomain, 500MB of space, and SSL encryption to help your visitor’s information stay safe. Their features and website builder are quite easy for a beginner with some design skills.

Signup process and building a simple website using JIMDO

JIMDO free plan has all the features to test their website builder and see what features and complexity it has to build any basic-looking website. Once you signup with the free plan, you will be asked a few questions about your project, so you can skip the questions or go through it and help JIMDO decide the best design for you.

We went through the questions and got the basic pre-built template that we can now edit and begin our process of building out our pages starting from the homepage. Very simple to use a website editor. Clicking on any image, text, or social icon will get you a popup to change it or delete it. You can easily add new blocks or sections to your pre-existing layout. 

Jimdo website builder inside overview

There is nothing special or complicated about the Jimdo website editor. You can design the simple site in under 30 minutes if you have all your images and text together. If you don’t mind getting your site on a subdomain, then it’s all free, but if you want a domain, you will need to upgrade to a premium plan for $9/mo billed annually or $14/mo billed monthly.

With a premium account, you get a free domain name, advanced SEO optimization, mobile optimization, and customer support, which is not the best since, for the basic plan of $9/mo, you will have to wait 1-2 days for a reply.

Overall, Jimdo is a middle-way website builder, an average website design technology, and more for a basic site with a simple building structure.

Jimdo website builder summary:
Price: Free-$14/mo
Ease of Use: Easy
Overall Rating: 4.7/5
Pros: Free plan, user-friendly, SSL encryption
Cons: Outdated templates, too basic, average website builder
Best For: small online businesses
Setup Time: ~30 minutes
Visit: Jimdo

17. Carrd (Free-$19/year)

Best for one page fully responsive websites

Carrd best website builder for one page

Carrd is a simple one-page website builder to build almost any website for free or $19/year for a premium plan with a custom domain, forms, no branding, and Google Analytics integration. With the free version, you can build up to three websites per account, fully responsive with payment options to sell or promote yourself. In addition, we have a selection of the best Card templates available to create your site.

Carrd is a basic and user-friendly website builder for one-page sites that are fully responsive. If a one-page website or store is what you need for your personal, portfolio, or business Card will deliver the best overall experience with a super-easy, no code required page builder.

You can pick and add your text, logo, and photos from your desktop with many beautiful pre-made templates for portfolio, business, personal, profile, or landing pages. You also have the option to choose a blank canvas if you prefer to build from scratch.

Signup process and building a simple website using Card

Once you signup with the free plan that has all the options, you get to pick one of the beautiful well design templates as your starting point. We chose a simple portfolio template for our demo to see how easy it would be to build that website.

If you have all your images, text, and content ready, it will take you under 5 minutes to create your website with no coding required and just a simple drag-and-drop editor. 

Carrd simple website builder overview dashboard

If a basic and user-friendly interface is your primary goal, Carrd is your one-page website builder. It was a pleasure to use something so basic but fully functional to create our one-page portfolio site with almost no complexity.

Carrd website builder summary:
Price: Free-$19/year
Ease of Use: Easy
Overall Rating: 4.7/5
Pros: Free plan, user-friendly, nice pre-build templates
Cons: No free domain, free plan limited
Best For: one page fully responsive websites
Setup Time: ~10 minutes
Visit: Carrd

18. Format ($3.5-$12.5/mo)

Best for professional photographers

Format best website builder for photographers

Format is a basic website builder focused on photographers and the portfolio community. Their software is based on helping creatives get their portfolio online with easy to optimize website builder.

You can build an online portfolio, open an e-commerce store and promote your business in one place. We like the simplicity of an all-in-one solution for inspiring designers or photographers. Format website builder and company are based on the community. You can try the builder with a 14-day free trial. No credit card is required. 

With over 50K creatives in 190 countries, you can build a simple modern portfolio and join the growing movement among creatives. Once the 14-days are up, you can upgrade to pro with $3.5/mo billed annually or $8.99/mo billed monthly plan. 

Format is for a no-code website builder, mostly uploading your images and changing your content. 

Signup process and building a simple website using Format

We started with the 14-day free trial and signup using Google email, but they have the option if you want to create your account using personal email. Both options have no credit card required until you are ready to upgrade after 14 days are up.

Once you signup, you will be asked to pick from a variety of categories Portfolio, Photography, Arts, etc.. we picked photography as our choice. We got about 10 different templates to choose from. Once you select your template, you can start changing the content and images.

In Format, you mostly get to upload your photos and add your text. This is not a regular website builder but is mainly done by loading your images, changing colors to header or text, and/or changing font style because the template is mostly built for you. So you only need to update your content, and all the work is done for you.

Format website builder inside review

For the basic plan, you get many features, including 24/7 support, a free mobile app, SEO optimized website, copyright protection, SSL security, and professional business tools.

Building a simple homepage was simple and basic; we just uploaded 10 photos, and they all show up on the homepage in a vertical scroll gallery. After that, we changed the text color and font style, and the homepage was mostly done in under 5 minutes.

Format website builder summary:
Price: $3.5-$12.5/mo
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.6/5
Pros: user-friendly, nice pre-build templates
Cons: No free plan, mostly focus on photographers
Best For: professional photographers
Setup Time: ~10 minutes
Visit: Format

19. Site123 (Free-$12.80/mo)

Best 100% free & easiest website builder

Site123 the best and easiest 100% free website builder

Site123 is a super user-friendly website builder with basic features to get your new site ready to launch in one day. This is the best site builder for no tech person looking to build a simple yet modern website on a budget. With a one-click install and money, pre-build template to pick from, creating your site will be a breeze.

Site123 is considered among the easiest and most free website builders around. With a free plan, you get a subdomain with 250MB of storage, enough for any small business site. In addition, they will guide you through the process of building your site with their amazing support live chat to answer any of your questions.

With Site123, you can build a regular website or online store, so if you are looking for a beginner-friendly website builder to create an eCommerce site, they have all the tools to help you get online and start selling your product to millions of people worldwide.

They might not have as many great features as the other builders, but sometimes all you need is simple and effective ways to build your site without any stress. 

Signup process and building a simple website using SITE123

We signup with the free plan using our Google email account. Once you create your account, you will be asked what kind of website you want to build. We selected business one, and then you will be pronto with a few pre-made templates to pick from.

Once you choose your template, you can start editing by clicking on any parts of your homepage. Site123 also has an overview video showing you how to use their website builder by watching the quick tutorial video, which is very useful.

However, we recommend spending a few minutes and following the instructions so you will be more familiar with the website builder interface.

site123 inside overview of website builder

The overall experience of building your homepage is easy to follow. Like most other page builders, you simply click on any layout part and change it. For example, if you need to remove any sections, just click on them and remove them, or if you want to add a new section or module, just click the plus sign and add a new section.

The templates are not the most appealing ones you saw compared to Squarespace or even Duda but are more basic website templates if you need a functional website with mobile capability. If you need more storage and your domain, just upgrading to a premium plan for $12.80/mo will get an even more professional look.

There is nothing innovative about Site123 builder besides the excellent customer support and live chat. The website builder itself is just basic with middle-the-line functionality. Still, it might be enough for a simple web designer to create their first website.

Site123 website builder summary:
Price: Free-$12.80/mo
Ease of Use: Easy
Overall Rating: 4.3/5
Pros: user-friendly, nice pre-build templates, free plan
Cons: mostly basic templates, simple website, No SEO/Marketing tools
Best For: 100% free & easiest website builder
Setup Time: ~10 minutes
Visit: Site123

Best for entrepreneurs and creatives

Strikingly free website builder for entrepreneurs and creatives

Strikingly is yet another beginner-friendly website builder focused on entrepreneurs and creatives with no coding skills required to build a simple website!

This website builder is not meant to build complex sites, but it’s perfect for a simple website and getting your business online as fast as possible. Their user-friendly website builder has many pre-built templates to help you get a head start. 

The free plan is incredible, with 5 GB Monthly Bandwidth, 500 MB total storage per site, and 24/7 support. If you are looking for more space, free SSL, and free domain, then upgrading to the basic premium plan for $12/mo billed monthly is a great option. 

Strikingly is hosting on its own platform, so you don’t need to get hosting. With the free plan, you get the subdomain. You must upgrade to a premium package if you need a regular personal domain.

Signup process and building a simple website using Strikingly

In the straightforward setup process, add your name, email, and password, and you are ready to create your first website. You can even signup with your Facebook credentials.

Once you register with the free plan, you will get a quick overview video. We recommend watching it, as it will guide you through all the design elements and where everything is once you ready to change and build your website content.

They have always-on chat help, so if you are ever in need, just ask quick questions. We found it very useful for any beginner getting a first inside look at the Strikingly website builder dashboard.

Strikingly website builder inside overview

As with many other website builders, this one is no different, a simple page builder with a drag-and-drop option. Once you click on any section or block, it will let you edit it or delete it. Changing colors, images, and text for social is very straightforward. You can add store functions like order or buy now to any pre-bold template.

Adding sections to any part of your website is very simple. They have many creative and practical features to make your website look modern and professional. It took us about 10 minutes or so to get our homepage ready.

Overall its user-friendly dashboard is built for first-time users with simple follow guides to change any part or section of your site.

Strikingly website builder summary:
Price: Free-$59/mo
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.3/5
Pros: free plan, user-friendly
Cons: mostly basic templates, No SEO tools
Best For: entrepreneurs and creatives
Setup Time: ~15 minutes
Visit: Strikingly

Best for landing pages & small business

pagecloud website builder review

PageCloud simple to use drag-and-drop website builder for eCommerce, websites, or landing pages. They offer a free plan, but you can only build one page if you need more. However, you can easily upgrade to the premium plan for $24/mo billed monthly, which is slightly overpriced compared to all established website builders.

With PageCloud, you can build any website, online store, or, as we tested, landing page with the no-code website editor with excellent drag-and-drop capability where you can drop a photo anywhere on the page and move it with your mouse.

Many pre-made templates have a modern look and feel, which is great to start creating your dream website. They are all mobile-friendly and SEO optimized. PageCloud is all in one website system where they host your site, so you don’t have to worry about getting hosting. It is similar to Squarespace because of its clean and modern look and feels.

Signup process and building a simple website using PageCloud

As we took advantage of the free plan to create a one-page website, the signup process was easy using our Google email and selecting one of the pre-built templates to get started.

Since you can only have one free page, we decided to demo the website builder with a landing page template and see the experience. Once the website builder opens for the first time, you are greeted with a quick dashboard overview tutorial. After that, we recommend going through all the steps to familiarize yourself with all the layout components.

Once we felt comfortable using their website builder, we added a new logo, updated text, and changed some of the layouts. PageCloud has the best drag-and-drop builder where we uploaded our photo and could place it anywhere on the pain page and move using our mouse to the position we wanted.

PageCloud website builder inside demo

PageCloud website builder is feature-rich in a way that you get a lot of great features. For example, when you want to change the image, you can add animation to it, or border or change the style or opacity of the picture. Very well-made and user-friendly page builder with many exciting features we liked and did not get with another website builder.

Going from desktop to mobile view just with one click helps you see your design on mobile devices and determine if it user friendly or not or if the text is large and clear to read.

Overall an enjoyable experience using a modern website builder with many rich features to make your web design process a positive experience.

PageCloud website builder summary:
Price: Free-$85/mo
Ease of Use: Medium
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Pros: free plan, user-friendly, best drag-and-drop page builder
Cons: free plan only for one page, no free domain
Best For: landing pages & small business
Setup Time: ~20 minutes
Visit: PageCloud

How to Pick the Best Website Builder?

Since there are over 20+ best website builders to choose from, anyone can get a little overwhelmed when you have to choose just one, and which one is perfect for you? So what you should consider when selecting the website builder?

1. Free vs Paid Website Builder

Ask yourself a question can you afford a website builder, or do you need a free one? Choosing a free website builder will save you money if you are on a budget. We recommend WordPress.com as the best free website builder because if you later decide you need more features, you can always upgrade to a paid plan.

2. Do you need support and updates?

Getting good support and regular updates might be challenging if you pick the free website builder. If you are the kind of person who will ask more questions, then we recommend getting a website builder that you can afford and still get good support.

Wix and WordPress.com are great solutions because you start with a free plan, and if you need support or help, you can upgrade to a premium one.

3. What kind of website are you looking to build?

The best route is to focus on what kind of website you want to build? Are you a creative person looking to build a portfolio or photography website? Then, we would recommend using Squarespace or Format. If you want to develop a more professional website, then WordPress.com, Weebly, Wix, or Webflow are great solutions.

4. Is this for personal or freelance websites?

If you want to build a simple personal website and this is just for yourself, then you can pick a simple solution such as Squarespace, which will let you create a small website.

However, to build a website for clients, you need to consider using a more advanced website builder such as Wix, WordPress.com, Bluehost, or Webflow to have more features and better development space.

Best Website Builders: Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best website builder, free and paid ones, and it helps you choose or narrow it down to the best one or few you will give a try. All the website builders come with a free trial, or some are 100% free if you are on a budget.

We put in-depth research to review each website builder so you can see how it functions and which one is for you. We even use each builder to create a quick basic website and write down the process that it took for us to create one.

If you are on a budget and need to start a free website, we strongly recommend WordPress.com as it’s the most widely used website builder that powers more the 40% of all the websites on the internet. In addition, it has a massive community of creators and supporters, so you will find many resources to help you create your website for free.

In our professional opinion, the best premium website builder is Bluehost, as it comes with over 300+ pre-made templates to choose from, and you get to host it on your own, so you be in charge of your content. Moreover, the Bluehost drag-and-drop website builder is very user-friendly and easy to create any website, even for a beginner, so we recommend it to our visitors.

What is the best free website builder for beginners?

Site123 is a super user-friendly website builder with basic features to get your new site ready to launch in one day. This is the best site builder for no tech person looking to build a simple yet modern website on a budget.

What is the best website builder for professionals?

Wix is one of the most popular and professional website builders on the market, and it’s the second biggest after WordPress.

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