22 Best WordPress Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Themes πŸ“± 2022

How do you pick the best WordPress template for Responsive & Mobile-Friendly sites for your site?

If you don’t have enough time or understanding of WordPress, we created a hand-picked list of the best WordPress themes that will save your time and energy. With these templates different from Responsive & Mobile-Friendly websites, you can stand out from the rest.

They can be used for creating Responsive & Mobile-Friendly sites. Using these themes for Mobile-Friendly WooCommerce, Mobile Ready, Customizable, Premium Responsive, Interactive, Blog, eCommerce, and Business is possible.

Best Responsive & Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes πŸ“±

Next, let’s look at the best WordPress themes for your Responsive and Mobile-Friendly site in 2022:

Mojado Theme

Mobile Friendly Hotel WordPress Theme

Mojado is a Mobile Friendly Hotel WordPress theme that is suitable for bed and breakfast, guesthouse, apartment, and cottage websites.

By using the Mojado theme, you can find a high-quality hotel website designed to run smoothly on various screen sizes and resolutions with Mojado.

This theme has an appealing design, and you will not be disappointed. One of its most attractive properties is how it adapts smoothly to various screen sizes and resolutions, among its many features.

In this theme, you can quickly build a powerful and flexible booking system for your business using the stand-alone Awebooking plugin, which comes with Visual Composer, so you can construct and maintain your website without any website development experience.

πŸ’΅ With the Mojado theme, you will receive automatic updates for your site and pay $89 per year.

Key Features:

  • An interface with a responsive design is available
  • There is a plugin for Visual Composer
  • The Revolution Slider plugin is available
  • You can customize your content using the Live Customizer
  • Fully compatible with WPML
  • There are an unlimited number of Google fonts available

Random Reviews:

  • The theme and plugin are very nice. It’s flexible and clean. If you know a bit about coding and have a little imagination, you can create a lot of cool stuff.
    I would also recommend the support – they help with quite a lot, not only bugs.

    jakubwojtowiczAug 2017

  • This website has had a lot of strange issues with the code, recently losing all of the backend admin stylings. Strangest thing ever. I would not recommend this theme.

    michaelteelApr 2020

uDesign Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme

uDesign is a Multipurpose Responsive WordPress theme that’s perfect for Restaurant, Travel, Portfolio, and Photography websites.

People with no programming experience can use the uDesign theme, and more experienced developers. This theme will allow you to create your website quickly and confidently.

By using this powerful theme, you will be able to transform your website quickly and efficiently, ensuring the timely delivery of your project. This theme places a high priority on search engine optimization, also known as SEO.

πŸ’΅ A publisher license costs $59 free support for 6 months.

Key Features:

  • The number of fonts available exceeds 2000
  • There is an unlimited number of color combinations
  • The widget area is divided into three parts
  • Pre-formatted fields are available for business contacts
  • There are full-width and sidebar single product pages
  • The layout options are four in number

Random Reviews:

  • I have used AndonDesign and uDesign for 8 years now, and they have never let me down. Unlike several other themes, I’ve used where the developer disappeared overnight, causing major hassles. AndonDesign and uDesign are the real deal. What’s not to love?

    immeemzMay 2021

Basel Theme

Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Basel is a Responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme featuring design and functionalities suitable for premium eCommerce, electronics, watches, and furniture websites.

You can create an e-Commerce site using the Basel theme regardless of screen resolution or device type. It includes a Drag & Drop page builder, many options, premium sliders, and WooCommerce to allow you to create an e-commerce site that is both functional and attractive.

Many types of stores can be adapted to this theme, including cloth stores, electronics stores, furniture stores, accessory stores, flower shops, and many other styles.

πŸ’΅ You can get 6 months of support time by purchasing the theme for just $48, however.

Key Features:

  • Includes WooCommerce integration
  • The WPBakery Drag & Drop Page Builder is available
  • Fully responsive and 100% customizable
  • Translations are available
  • You will have lifetime access to the updates
  • There is an Online Documentation available

Random Reviews:

  • This theme allows you to easily create any type of e-shop you like! My only complaint is that when you update the theme, the home page and a few other features broke up and I had to redesign them. Other than that, it is the best premium theme I’ve ever used.

    JokarasMay 2021

Enfold Theme

Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Enfold is a Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress theme that can be used for business, church, construction, and restaurant websites.

The Enfold theme can be used for any professional website, such as a business or shop website that displays tasks on a user’s profile page.

It is based on the exciting Avia framework, which comes with the WPML language preset, making theme installation straightforward.

The admin panel on your blog or website allows you to make changes to the layout, style, colors, and fonts of the theme. You may also create your own custom skin or choose from one of eighteen predefined skins.

πŸ’΅ A six-month free support period is included, at a price of $59.

Random Reviews:

  • A great product with great flexibility and excellent customer service.

    mjackson9720Apr 2022

  • Fantastic, flexible theme

    anthonywbrownApr 2022

Betheme Theme

Responsive Multipurpose WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Betheme is a Responsive Multipurpose WordPress theme designed for use with an agency, corporate, photography, blog, and websites.

In selecting Betheme, you will receive much more than simply a WordPress theme. Betheme includes advanced options such as the Muffin Builder, which allows you to create any type of theme you wish to make.

The theme has a wide range of pre-built websites, so you can easily import more demo websites with just one click. New websites are added regularly based on user requests, so you may use this theme as often.

πŸ’΅ $59. Get all the features plus 6 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • There is an impressive layout generator available
  • The number of layouts available on a page is unlimited
  • Unlimited menus are available
  • Customizable entry effects are available for scrolling
  • A custom font uploader is available
  • There are seven distinct versions of the header

Random Reviews:

  • Due to misinformation from Rank Math and a forum entry at Betheme that is no longer up to date in terms of content, the first bad review occurred. The problem is solved, the support was very fast and competent. Too bad that the lack of documentation led to my rating. Now I can change the pages to Rank math Seo.

    brodbdieMar 2022

Flatsome Theme

MultiPurpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome is a Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme that’s perfect for eCommerce, business, fashion, and kid’s websites.

The Flatsome theme is among the most popular WooCommerce themes, so you will be most secure when you use it on your project. Because this theme supports every version of WooCommerce, it is the most reliable choice.

In addition to being multi-purpose, responsive, and designed for businesses of any size, it has excellent functionality and a reliable user experience. The theme is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce, making it easy for you to update your website immediately.

πŸ’΅ The price of the Flatsome template is $59, which includes All Features + 6 Months of Support + All Offers Plugins + Free Lifetime Updates.

Key Features:

  • Free lifetime updates are available
  • WPML compatibility is available
  • Optimized for search engines
  • You can build pages by dragging and dropping
  • Compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8+
  • A Child Theme is included

Random Reviews:

  • There haven’t been any updates since I bought it

    CYCLERMay 2022

  • Support is unresponsive, and Flatsomestudio doesn’t work

    rabinovich101May 2022

MyMedi Theme

Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

MyMedi is a Responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme designed for use with furniture, medical, pharmacy, and RTL websites.

The theme is designed exclusively for online stores, including several pre-designed layouts for both the home page and product pages. They can be customized to suit your requirements.

Despite being built for the Medical websites, this theme is also suitable for use with other eCommerce themes such as fashion, electronics, organic, sneakers, shoes, glasses, accessories, grocery stores, etc.

πŸ’΅ The MyMedi template costs $59, as well as 6 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • A mega menu is included
  • There is an incredible slider revolution
  • Integration with WPBakery’s page builder is available
  • Support is available for boxed layouts
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • There is a quick view feature

Random Reviews:

  • Exceptional theme! Very easy to use and highly recommend

    tanakasiMay 2021

  • The theme is outstanding, clean, beautiful, and filled with useful features!

    NdovuSEOLabsAug 2021

Hub Theme

Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Hub is a Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress theme usable for an agency, blog, business, photography, and portfolio websites.

Using the Hub theme, you can utilize an intuitive visual editor to visually represent your ideas while editing or customizing your website and observing the changes immediately, without knowing anything about coding.

With this theme, you will have the resources to begin selling your products online. Let your customers enjoy all the premium features provided by WooCommerce.

The design of this theme is responsive. It has a simple-to-use editor. It can be customized in unlimited colors. It has several design styles that have won awards.

πŸ’΅ For $39, you can purchase the Hub theme.

Key Features:

  • There is a simple visual editor available for use
  • Gives you access to all the tools you need to sell online
  • Various sections can be built
  • An advanced carousel is available
  • Unique parallax animations can be found
  • The integration of your favorite social media platforms is possible

Random Reviews:

  • I think this is the most amazing theme ever. It has got everything! From classic to modern! !
    This is insane!!

    jaspreetsingh415Apr 2022

  • Excellent customer service, they reply within 24 hours and solve your problems.
    Specifically Frank, very good service.
    Thank you!

    rakkaus8Apr 2022

Total Theme

Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Total is a Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress theme featuring design and functionalities suitable for corporate, store, personal blogs, shops, and websites.

Using the Total theme, you will be able to use the WordPress Customizer, in conjunction with the WPBakery Page Builder, to build a website for almost every type of business or organization.

This theme was designed for corporations, small businesses, online stores, lawyers, agencies, wedding planners, hosting companies, non-profits, bloggers, etc.

πŸ’΅ The theme costs $59, however.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Built-in custom post types are available
  • Various filterable pages are available for the blog, portfolio, staff, and testimonials
  • Post Carousels and Masonry Grids are available
  • Hover effects are available
  • A simple Mega Menu is available

Random Reviews:

  • The quality, loading speed, and flexibility of this theme are amazing. If you want to build out a great blog or an eCommerce store, then Total is the theme for you.

    Elisha1889Jun 2021

  • There are few if any products out there that are as intuitive and flexible as this plugin. The customization is endless. It has hands down been the best purchase of all time for this kind of work.

    susansusanFeb 2022

Vellum Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme

Vellum is a Responsive WordPress theme for bbPress, business, photography, and wedding websites.

The Vellum theme has been developed to be completely responsive and SEO optimized, allowing you to generate any type of design, layout, or style using only one theme.

This product is more than just a theme. It is a collection of a thousand themes combined into one single design. The product is not just an eCommerce theme. It is an e-commerce theme, a real estate theme, a photography theme, and a wedding theme.

πŸ’΅ For $79, you get this exceptional theme, as well as free support for six months.

Key Features:

  • Multiple variations of the home page are available
  • There is no limit to the number of headers
  • There is an unlimited number of footers
  • There are endless layout options available
  • A wide range of colors is available
  • A wide variety of templates are available

Random Reviews:

  • It’s been my favorite theme for years. You can change it so much and there’s so much to choose from. Enjoy it!

    akhilasimoneFeb 2017

  • Multiple years of WP updates had broken the theme. A simple (free) download of the latest theme fixed the problems immediately. The well-maintained theme, great job!

    DigitalfixnlMay 2021

BoxShop Theme

Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

BoxShop is a Responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme that can be applied to creative blogs, shoes, organic, and furniture websites.

The BoxShop theme gives you excellent flexibility in customizing your online store. It includes various homepage layouts and product pages, allowing you to easily update your store.

The theme is suitable for various eCommerce websites, including supermarkets, furniture, glasses, shoes, fashion, electronics, household goods, organic products, and any other type of eCommerce website. This theme is a good WordPress theme, easy to use, powerful, excellent, and looks fantastic.

πŸ’΅ Don’t forget to check out this modern WordPress theme. It costs $59.

Key Features:

  • An integrated Mega Menu is available
  • An Amazing Slider Revolution is launched
  • Integration with WordPress Page Builder
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • A quick view of the product is available
  • There are a variety of product layouts

Random Reviews:

  • Stunning theme with lots of main pages. Great support too!

    leonardopidMay 2021

  • This theme is very responsive, with quick response times! Its support team is great too!

    smallfatwg2002May 2021

Movedo Theme

Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Movedo is a Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress theme that’s perfect for blog, business, portfolio, and corporate websites.

In addition to hyper-dynamic parallax, a safe button, super-crisp fonts, and an impeccably designed device style that transcends the usual limitations of desktop software, the Movedo theme incorporates several other features.

You can use this theme to create any type of website, whether a general-purpose or a specified purpose website, a company website, a freelance site, an agency website or any other website.

It breaks the mold, provides flexibility and customization, eliminates competition, and enables you to beat your competitors.

πŸ’΅ With $59, you’ll receive 6 months of free support and auto-updates for your theme.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Search Engine Results
  • There are various gallery options available
  • There are multiple navigation styles available
  • There are different top bar header elements
  • It is possible to have multiple custom page titles
  • An option is provided for defining the parallax performance

Random Reviews:

  • Great theme, impeccable functionality, and fantastic page builder. Support is also excellent

    cedzufreiApr 2020

  • An excellent theme to work with. It offers great flexibility.

    pravupJun 2020

Rosemary Theme

A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Rosemary is a Responsive Blog WordPress theme that can be applied to fashion, food, music, personal blog, and lifestyle websites.

The Rosemary theme features a timeless, stylish and effortless presentation of your content. Several features make this theme stand out.

Some of these include a full-width Instagram footer, an awesome featured section slider, and a wide variety of options for layouts and post options. The clean and contemporary design is sure to attract potential customers.

πŸ’΅ For $39. you can get this fully documented theme.

Key Features:

  • Provides support for WooCommerce
  • There are promotional boxes available
  • A responsive design is available
  • There is a beautiful featured slider
  • It is possible to use a shortcode for Post index
  • There are five different blog layouts available

Random Reviews:

  • This is an excellent design, well crafted, and easy to use.

    paulaphoenixbubbleAug 2019

  • It is very well laid out and intuitive as well.

    jganjiOct 2020

Corpus Theme

Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme

Corpus is a Responsive Corporate WordPress theme that can be applied to business, corporate, portfolio, and WooCommerce websites.

You may be searching for a page builder for some purpose or another. The Corpus theme was developed to provide a fresh new user-friendly atmosphere with a clean and impressive design that makes maintaining an online presence more comfortable.

In this theme, you can access many features that help you comply with GDPR regulations. Still, the most important one is that, as a website administrator, you must determine which cookies will appear on your website.

πŸ’΅ An advanced theme developed by a powerful author. Its price is $55.

Key Features:

  • There are both boxed and stretched layouts available
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Several headers are present
  • There is a hidden side navigation panel
  • It is possible to create dummy data with one click
  • There are several excellent imports available on demand

Random Reviews:

  • It is one of the best themes I have ever used!

    jocoberlinDec 2017

  • Stunning theme. Can’t be happier.

    logosbynickDec 2016

  • Overall the best WordPress theme. Excellent.

    whatworldOct 2020

Navian Theme

MultiPurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Navian is a Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress theme that is suitable for blog, eCommerce, freelancer, and magazine websites.

A beautiful theme for businesses, Navian allows you to create the website you want due to its charm and ability to make it appear professional. It can be used by small businesses, individuals as well as companies.

It is possible to customize the theme’s appearance by using the WPBakery Page Builder. You can even create some pretty cool websites with this theme, and you are free to customize the appearance however you want.

πŸ’΅ Get the Navian theme for $18 and make your site look like no one else’s. The theme comes with pure variants.

Key Features:

  • A Modular Element Design is available
  • Demos can be imported with a single click
  • There are more than 60 custom visual elements
  • A child-friendly theme is available
  • There is a White Label Admin Login Panel available
  • Free Lifetime Updates are available

Random Reviews:

  • Definitely a great theme. Other strengths include flexibility and code/design quality, but without a doubt, the one that stands out the most is your incredible support, without which many designers would not have been able to achieve their dreams. Congratulations!

    sinunsonidoMay 2021

Ave Theme

Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Ave is a Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress theme designed for use with an agency, business, photography, and portfolio websites.

The Ave theme has a wealth of excellent graphics. Before you add it to your shopping cart, you might consider using it as a designer to build unique brands.

In addition to this, you will also find a built-in visual editor, pre-built pages, mobile menu layouts, more than 200 demos, 13 blog themes, an ultra-administrative interface, and many other tools that can be utilized to build a website that is different from any other.

πŸ’΅ Get all features and possibilities listed plus 6 months of free support for just $39.

Key Features:

  • Coding and design skills are not required
  • Your conversion rate and sales can be increased
  • Installation can be performed with a single click
  • An extensive collection of templates is available
  • There is a powerful visual editor available
  • An advanced carousel is available

Random Reviews:

  • Support is outstanding, with quick response times, friendly staff, and willingness to help. They help with individual solutions, as well.

    syon_devApr 2022

  • definitely one of the cleanest builds out of these with more than enough flexibility to deploy as quick and seamless as possible

    pravindraOct 2021

Osmosis Theme

Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

The Osmosis is a Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress theme that is ideal for corporate, blog, corporate, WooCommerce, and websites.

In WordPress themes, Osmosis offers several advanced features and a superior aesthetic to allow you to become the designer you have always wanted to be and impress everyone with the work you produce.

If you use this theme, you will be able to fully customize your website without worrying about pixel-perfection, as you have complete control over every aspect of its appearance.

πŸ’΅ This easy template is only $59!

Key Features:

  • An option is available for transparent menus
  • Mega-menu options are available
  • Two different types of responsive menus exist
  • It is possible to have multiple custom page titles
  • A maintenance mode is available
  • It is possible to use the Coming Soon feature

Random Reviews:

  • It is absolutely my favorite theme author to date. I love all of their themes, but Osmosis is what brought me into their world. Simple to use, but packed with fantastic features and their customer service is out of this world.
    A++ / 10 stars / Bravo!

    chaseenvatoJan 2018

Bajaar Theme

Highly Customizable WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Bajaar is a Highly Customizable WooCommerce WordPress theme that can be applied to megastores, online shops, and Decor websites.

The Bajaar theme is compatible with WooCommerce. It offers not only the most stylish and up-to-date design but also provides intuitive functionality.

In addition to the elements and powerful features that this theme incorporates, it also includes several options that can be configured according to your preferences, such as the Shopengine WooCommerce Builder, which can design your own product pages, pages, etc.

πŸ’΅ A complete set of demos and features is available for $19.

Key Features:

  • Based on the Elementor page builder
  • Designed and built using ShopEngine
  • The DevMonsta framework is available
  • You can easily customize it
  • Powered by WooCommerce
  • Based on the Elementskit framework

Random Reviews:

  • A great theme for the price. The support is excellent, they help quickly with every issue, so I highly recommend it.

    DcdajansMar 2022

  • Easy to customize and provides a professional look to websites.

    fiveseven99Dec 2021

Soundboard Theme

a Premium Responsive Music WordPress Theme

Soundboard is a Premium Responsive Music WordPress theme that’s perfect for DJ, event, tour, and media websites.

The Soundboard theme can display tour dates, discographies, videos, images, and all other information bands may need.

You can offer your fans seven custom widgets to find all of the information they need right on the home page. These include upcoming tour dates, new albums, pictures, and video clips.

It does not require any coding knowledge, so it can be used by anyone who has no experience creating websites.

πŸ’΅ The price is $49. The support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Key Features:

  • Documentation is provided step-by-step
  • Prepared for translation
  • Stylesheets for RTL are included
  • You can receive free updates and email-to-email assistance
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • A background image is supported

Random Reviews:

  • Looks as good on a phone or tablet as on a computer. Easy to install and use.

    gvarlowMar 2018

  • A great theme, good for dark and light websites. Easy to customize. Great after-sales support. I use this theme for all of my websites, more than 10 so far. Highly recommended!

    historytoursaustraliaFeb 2017

Spoon Theme

a Premium Responsive Restaurant WordPress Theme

Spoon is a Premium Responsive Restaurant WordPress theme featuring design and functionalities suitable for blog, cafe, drinks, and food websites.

The Spoon theme can be used to create websites for business websites, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, clubs, catering businesses, food trucks, juice bars, etc.

This theme allows you to easily create menus, and current events, showcase your team, display photo galleries, create a blog, and sell your products online. Of course, all of these features are optional, and you may prefer a more basic website.

πŸ’΅ For $59, you can purchase this template.

Key Features:

  • A total of nine-page templates are available
  • A total of five custom post types are available
  • Compatible with most browsers
  • Documentation is available in a step-by-step format
  • It is possible to customize the CSS
  • There are two icon packs available

Random Reviews:

  • Customer Support is fast and friendly. A great design!

    BrandFrictionJun 2019

  • A sleek and eye-catching theme with impeccable responsiveness as well as top-notch customer service for companies with offices across the globe.

    threedoginkOct 2017

Qreatix Theme

Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme

The Qreatix is an Interactive Portfolio WordPress theme suitable for blog, corporate, digital, multipurpose, and similar websites.

The Qreatix theme provides you with the tools to implement great ideas with its intuitive visual editor, which allows you to customize and add content to your website visually and immediately view results. It does not require any type of coding or coding experience on your part.

This theme is simple to use and will add pages, posts, sliders, widgets, and theme settings to your website without requiring any coding knowledge.

πŸ’΅ With $49. you’ll get all the perfect features plus 6 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • There are no restrictions on the direction of language
  • Covers fans with a dark background
  • The translation of your website is easy
  • More than twenty custom Elementor widgets are available
  • It is possible to configure all options
  • Using a parallax background is possible

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you also for your fast support! A beautiful theme!

    NXiiteNov 2021

  • If you have a problem, they will deal with it immediately. They are friendly and listen to your concerns. They are worth more than the price. In addition to the awesome design, they offer excellent support as well.

    ripmusicOct 2021

Crocal Theme

Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Crocal is a Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress theme designed for business, freelancer, blogger, and agency websites.

With the Crocal theme, users can design stunning websites suitable for businesses – from small businesses to large enterprises to freelancers, designers, and webmasters.

Various options accommodate multiple needs, from corporate sites to e-commercial websites and portfolios to advertising projects and marketing agencies.

The theme includes Import on Demand and its preset designs, so you will not have to learn how to code.

πŸ’΅ Create a WordPress website with this theme for only $59!

Key Features:

  • Compatible with the WPBakery Page Builder
  • An advanced grid system exists
  • Maintains a clean and valid code base
  • Lazy loading of images exists
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Compatible with bbPress

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent theme with excellent support

    tricks28Dec 2019

  • Excellent theme with many options for customization. Easy to use, with great information on how to adjust any feature. Love it! Thanks for a great job!

    iurikdNov 2019

FAQs on Best WordPress Responsive & Mobile-Friendly themes.

You can find information about WordPress Responsive & Mobile-Friendly themes by looking at some of the most frequently asked questions below.

If you already know the answers to these questions, you can skip them. If you have any other questions, you can ask them in the comments section below.

Is a Responsive and Mobile-Friendly theme best?

Here is a list of the best Responsive & Mobile-Friendly WordPress templates, complete with a step-by-step description of each template.

Here are our favorite templates for any site, but we recommend the Publisher theme for its many features. Furthermore, the Astra template is recommended for making your website Responsive & Mobile-Friendly.

The best WordPress Responsive & Mobile-Friendly hosting for 2022?

Choosing a hosting provider for your responsive & mobile-friendly site can be a daunting task, so be sure to choose a good one. If you’re looking for a service optimized for WordPress performance, we suggest Bluehost.


We previously reviewed the best WordPress Responsive & Mobile-Friendly themes. The people who have their own websites can use these templates to build their own sites.

Those still uncertain about what to use can find examples on our list. Our recommendation is the Publisher theme. SEO and speed are two essential features of a site. TheΒ Publisher templateΒ is both high-performance and SEO-optimized.

This list of the best Responsive & Mobile-Friendly WordPress templates is my selection for you. I hope you found a suitable template for your website.

If you’ve used any of these themes, please let us know what you liked (or did not like) about them. If you’re interested in learning more about our fresh articles, please follow us onΒ FacebookΒ andΒ Twitter.

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