24 Best Arabic Fonts 🧞 2023 (Free & Paid)

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect Arabic font for your design project? Or maybe you’re just curious about the best Arabic fonts out there? 

Well, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be showcasing the 24 best Arabic fonts that will take your designs to the next level.

Arabic calligraphy has a rich history and culture, with each font representing a unique style and personality. With over 420 million people speaking Arabic worldwide, it’s no wonder that there are countless Arabic fonts available.

However, not all fonts are created equal. Some are more suitable for headlines, while others are better for body text. In this article, we’ve done the research and narrowed down the top 24 Arabic fonts that designers should know about.

In this article, we’ll dive into the history of Arabic calligraphy and explore the different styles of Arabic fonts. We’ll also provide examples of each font in use, so you can see how they look in real-world designs. 

So whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration or just interested in the world of Arabic typography, this article is for you.

Best Premium Arabic Fonts

In this article, we have curated a list of the top premium Arabic fonts that will take your designs to the next level. Our selection includes some of the most popular and visually stunning Arabic fonts available, each with its unique style and personality.

Kaleem is a stunning Arabic (Right to Left) display font that comes with two weights, Regular and Bold. The name ‘Kaleem’ means unique talker in Arabic and signifies someone who has excellent communication skills. Also, Adobe Arabic Fonts can be useful for your projects.

This font perfectly captures the essence of its name with its solid geometric structure and distinctive writing style, making it ideal for titling and creative headings.

The unique design of Kaleem makes it an excellent choice for graphic designers looking for a font that stands out. The font features a solid geometric structure that creates a modern look and feels, perfect for creative projects.

Saihat is one of the Arabic Calligraphy Fonts that takes inspiration from Arabic and Middle Eastern styles. It has Latin characters, which makes it easy to read for those who don’t understand Arabic characters. This feature makes Saihat a versatile font that is perfect for designing materials related to the Middle East or Islamic culture.

One of the most significant advantages of Saihat is its decorative design concept, which means that it can be used for various creative projects beyond Middle Eastern or Muslim designs. The font’s elegant curves and fluid strokes give it a distinct character that can add depth and sophistication to any project.

Kaleel is an exceptional Arabic display font that draws inspiration from the 10th Century calligraphic slip-painted pottery. With four varying weights, including Light, Regular, Bold, and Black, alongside a stylish set, Kaleel is a customizable option for designers to explore.

It supports Arabic, Persian, and Urdu, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of creative applications for web and print.

The Kaleel font family is versatile and visually stimulating, providing a plethora of options thanks to its different weights and styles. The lightweight version is perfect for headings, while the regular weight can be used for text on websites or in books.

Basmala is a new Arabic-style display typeface that is perfect for any graphic design related to the Islamic style. This font is ideal for branding, product packaging, quotes, flyers, posters, logotypes, apparel, T-shirts, hoodies, book covers, movie titles, advertising, and much more.

One of the best features of Basmala is its ability to provide an Arabic feel to every text you type using this font. Made with Latin characters, it can be read internationally and does not have to be able to read by Arabic characters. This makes it accessible to everyone who wants to incorporate an Arabic style into their designs.

Additionally, Basmala is one of the arabic fancy Fonts which makes it perfect for designing graphics and art for the holy month of Ramadan. It adds a unique touch to your designs and gives them an authentic Islamic identity.

Laftah is a modern Arabic font that comes with unique thin stems and a contemporary look. It is the perfect choice for designers who want to add a touch of elegance to their design projects. This font can be used in all kinds of design work, including advertising, web design, mobile applications, and print.

Laftah features a clean and simple design that makes it easy to read and understand. The thin stems to give it a unique look that sets it apart from other Arabic fonts. The modern design of this font is perfect for designers who are looking to create a minimalist and sophisticated look in their projects.

Almalik is an Arabic font designed with a modern touch, perfect for a variety of purposes including fashion, food, logo, logotype, quotes, headlines, branding, and more. The font features fewer calligraphy shapes and a monoline shape that represents the Middle Eastern feel.

Almalik is based on original Arabic letters adapted into Latin typography, making it unique and distinctive. The font’s name itself means ‘The King’ in Arabic, signifying its royal and elegant nature that can add a touch of class to any design. It is ideal for Typography Arabic Fonts.

Falak is a stunning Arabic display font that draws inspiration from the vastness of astronomy and natural science. The rounded letterforms lend themselves beautifully to creative titling for web and print, making this font an excellent choice for graphic designers looking to add a touch of sophistication to their work.

Another great feature of Falak is its readability. Despite its intricate design, the font remains legible even at smaller sizes, making it ideal for use in body copy as well as headlines.

Arabic, a font product by Runsell, is an excellent choice for various projects. Whether you’re creating logos and branding, invitations, advertisements, or even special events, this font has got you covered.

One of the standout features of Arabic is its versatility. It can be used for so many different types of designs, from photography to product packaging. This makes it an ideal choice for designers who need a font that can adapt to any situation.

In addition to its versatility, Arabic also boasts a beautiful, elegant design. Its calligraphic style is visually stunning and adds a touch of sophistication to any project. Plus, its unique characteristics make it stand out from other fonts, ensuring that your designs will be memorable and eye-catching.

Rakan is a contemporary Arabic display font that takes inspiration from the Kufic script. It features modern letterform designs and is perfect for branding, advertising, and publication design. Plus, it is used for Google Arabic Fonts.

Rakan comes in two weights, Regular and Bold, making it versatile for various applications. Additionally, this typeface is compatible with Windows, Mac, and mobile devices, providing convenience and accessibility to designers on the go.

Furthermore, the compatibility of Rakan with multiple platforms allows designers to work on any device without worrying about software limitations. This feature adds convenience and flexibility to their workflow, enabling them to create stunning designs anytime, anywhere.

Jamillah is an Arabic typeface that exudes elegance with its smooth curves and beautiful ligatures. It’s a versatile font that works well in both large and small sizes, making it perfect for various projects such as invitations, logos, branding, magazines, photography, cards, product packaging, mugs, quotes, posters, labels, signatures, and more.

Jamillah can give your work a touch of attractiveness. This font is suitable for personal projects as well as for businesses in different sectors, including studios, corporations, creative agencies, industrial companies, and others.

Overall, Jamillah is a font that offers the perfect balance of design and functionality. Its smooth curves and beautiful ligatures will add a touch of visual elegance to any project while its versatility and readability make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Arabigram is a unique Arabic display font that takes inspiration from the Chinese Tangram. The font’s design employs triangles, squares, and parallelograms to create each letter while maintaining the essence of Arabic script. This font is perfect for various applications, including web and print designs, due to its grid-based structure.

Arabigram’s distinctive design makes it a great choice for creating geometrical compositions. The font’s clean lines and precise angles lend themselves well to modern designs that require sharp edges and bold shapes. Arabigram can be used in a variety of projects, from logos to headlines, posters, and more.

Sabana is a beautiful Arabic style typography that is sure to add a touch of elegance to any project. Perfect for Ramadan Kareem greeting cards or other Islamic-themed designs, this font truly captures the essence of Islamic characters. Also, Arabic Fonts are useful for Word.

One of the standout features of Sabana is its intricate design which is both bold and delicate. Each letter has been crafted with care, resulting in a stunning display of calligraphy that is sure to impress. Additionally, the font’s intricate details make it perfect for use in larger sizes, such as headlines or titles.

Zahey is a striking Arabic display font that blends geometric shapes with traditional penmanship. The name itself, which means ‘vivid’ in Arabic, aptly describes the lively and eye-catching nature of this font.

With its unique combination of modern and classic design elements, Zahey is an excellent choice for various design applications such as publication design, branding, and web design. It can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project while retaining its legibility and readability.

Sirajun is a versatile font product by Runsell that can elevate your creative projects. This font is suitable for various purposes, including logos, branding, photography, invitations, watermarks, advertisements, product designs, stationery, wedding designs, labels, product packaging, special events, and more.

This font product offers a wide range of features that make it stand out from other fonts. With its elegant and modern design, Sirajun can add a touch of sophistication to your projects. The font comes in a variety of styles, including regular, light, bold, and italic, allowing you to choose the perfect style for your project.

Lamhah is a sleek Arabic typeface that offers sharp letterforms with an active edge. This font style has widespread applications, including web, print, and mobile-related designs. Lamhah comes in three weights: Light, Regular, and Bold, making it a versatile choice for various design needs.

The Lamhah font’s sharp edges give it a modern look and feel, perfect for contemporary graphic design projects. Its active letterforms make it a dynamic choice for designers looking to inject energy into their work, while its clear lines make it easy to read.

The three different weights offered by Lamhah provide added flexibility to create the desired impact on viewers, irrespective of the medium of display.

Fulayuk is a fantastic font product that can cater to an array of projects, from branding and logos to product packaging and special events. Runsell’s Font Product creates Fulayuk, and it’s perfect for any occasion that needs an elegant touch.

One significant feature of Fulayuk is its versatility, making it the go-to option for many designers. It has an exceptional ability to add character and personality to any project, as it comes with a unique style that stands out from the rest.

Additionally, Fulayuk is perfect for creating designs that require elegance and sophistication, thanks to its traditional, timeless aesthetic. Also, Arabic Fonts are useful for Figma.

Best Free Arabic Fonts

In this article, we will present you with a carefully curated list of the top free Arabic fonts that can be used for various design purposes, such as branding, logo design, web design, and print materials.

We have gathered some stats and facts to help you understand the importance of choosing the right Arabic font for your project.

Sketsa Ramadhan is a faux Arabic font developed by Hendra Pratama, perfect for any graphic design related to Islamic culture. Inspired by the Naskhī script, this font features cursive letters with vertical extensions and geometric constructions. Plus, Arabic Fonts are useful for Canva.

One of the best things about Sketsa Ramadhan is its versatility. Whether you’re working on a project that requires an elegant or bold look, this font has got you covered. Its unique design allows for easy legibility while still maintaining its artistic flair.

Ramadhan Amazing is an excellent Arabic-styled display font that offers versatility and functionality for a wide range of design projects. This font is perfect for branding, logos, and apparel like T-shirts and hoodies. It can also enhance product packaging, quotes, flyers, posters, book covers, advertising, and more.

One standout feature of Ramadhan Amazing is its PUA encoding, which allows you to access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease. This feature means that you can create unique and eye-catching designs quickly.

Kahlil is an Arabic font that embodies the essence of the Middle East while still being simple enough to use in modern designs. With its stylistic set and creative titling, it’s perfect for both web and print projects. The well-balanced letters create readable blocks of copy or headings.

One of the standout features of Kahlil is its ability to evoke a sense of tradition while still feeling fresh and relevant. It’s a versatile font that can easily adapt to a range of styles and moods, making it an ideal choice for designers who want to capture the spirit of the region without sacrificing usability.

Awal Ramadhan is a font that boasts an amazing design for graphic designers seeking a unique and visually striking Arabic font. This font is an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of style and elegance to their projects.

With its modern yet timeless design, Awal Ramadhan is perfect for creating standout typography in branding, logos, and other digital or print media. The font’s intricate details and graceful curves make it an ideal choice for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other formal documents.

‘Bismillah’ font is an excellent choice for graphic designers who want to incorporate Arabic calligraphy into their designs. This font is versatile and can be used in a variety of design projects, from print to digital media. Also, Arabic Fonts are useful for Tattoos.

When it comes to features, the ‘Bismillah’ font has a unique and elegant style that captures the beauty of Arabic calligraphy. The font includes various ligatures and swashes, giving your designs an authentic and artistic feel. Additionally, the font supports both Arabic and Latin script, making it easy to incorporate into multilingual designs.

Hidayatullah is a display font that exudes boldness and uniqueness, with clear Arabic influences. If you’re looking to elevate your design projects, this font can take them to the next level.

Featuring expert design, Hidayatullah’s distinct form adds an otherworldly flair to any creative concept. Its bold curves and sharp edges make it perfect for attention-grabbing headlines or titles. The display font’s potential is limitless, and it can bring out the best in your ideas.

In terms of usability, Hidayatullah is highly versatile. Its distinct style makes it ideal for use in branding, advertising, and even social media posts that need to stand out. This font has the power to transform any design project into something truly exceptional.

‘Alladhina’ is a stunning Arabic font that channels the nostalgic memories of Baghdad and Alladin. It’s perfect for adding a touch of vintage style to your design, typography, logo, poster, or any other creative project you have in mind. Plus, Arabic Fonts are useful for Circuits.

The font features a beautiful set of uppercase and lowercase letters that flow together seamlessly, creating an effortless and elegant look. It also includes a range of multilingual symbols, numerals, and punctuation, allowing you to add character and personality to your text.

Allah Muhammad is an Arabic font that is an excellent choice for designers who are looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their designs. This font is perfect for creating beautiful calligraphy, logos, invitations, and other design projects that require a unique and stylish Arabic font.

One of the most striking features of Allah Muhammad is its intricate and ornate design, which exudes a sense of tradition and culture. The font’s flowing curves and sharp edges make it a joy to work with, and it can be used in a variety of different design applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Arabic fonts?

Arabic fonts are typefaces that are designed specifically for the Arabic script, which is written from right to left. They include different styles and variations, such as calligraphic, modern, and traditional.

Why are Arabic fonts important?

Arabic fonts are essential for anyone who wants to design or create content in Arabic. They help communicate the message effectively and enhance the visual appearance of the text. Choosing the right Arabic font can make a significant difference in how the content is perceived by the audience.

How do I choose the best Arabic font?

When choosing an Arabic font, consider the purpose, style, and readability of the text. If you’re designing a logo or a title, a decorative font may work well, but if you’re creating a body of text, a simpler, more legible font is usually preferable. Also, make sure to choose a font that supports all the necessary characters and diacritical marks.

Where can I find the 24 best Arabic fonts?

You can find the 24 best Arabic fonts in our blog post, where we have compiled a list of the most popular and versatile fonts available. We also provide information on each font’s style, features, and availability, making it easy for you to select the perfect font for your project.


In conclusion, we have shared with you the 24 best Arabic fonts that can be used for various purposes such as designing logos, posters, and websites. We discussed each font’s features and how they can be used to create a unique look for your design.

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